“This is transformational for the planet. People will pay for that.”


Big Tech Is Secretly Funding a Breakthrough Technology That’s About to Blindside 5G...

And Give Early Investors the Chance to Earn the Retirement of Their Dreams...

andy snyder

Dear Reader,

Take a look at this box.

It contains a technology that’s about to blindside 5G, making it obsolete practically overnight...

Launch a BRAND-NEW market that’s expected to rocket to $1 TRILLION over the next two decades...

And give early investors in this opportunity a chance to multiply their money many times over as it does.

I call this breakthrough “6G.”

And it could trigger the greatest technological revolution of the century.

Unlike 5G, which works only in major metropolitan centers, Wired magazine reports that this new technology...

“Can connect to regular cell phones and provide high-bandwidth mobile data anywhere on earth.”

It DOESN’T require hundreds of thousands of cell towers...

Or risky radiation signals bombarding us day and night.

Former NASA Senior Advisor Charles Miller says 5G provided only an “incremental advance” and that 6G...

“Is a bigger deal than 5G.”

“It is transformational for the planet,” Miller says.

That’s because powerful names like Elon Musk... Tim Cook... and Jeff Bezos... are quietly rushing to get involved in this new 6G game-changing technology.

Musk’s company SpaceX is putting in as much as $10 BILLION...

While TechCrunch leaked news that Apple’s working on “an early-stage secret project” devoted to this technology as well.


And Jeff Bezos, one of the world’s richest men, just funded a wholly owned private research group focused 100% on 6G.

He sold $1 BILLION of his own Amazon stock to do so!

Smart move...

Morgan Stanley says 6G could, and I quote...

“Grow to more than $1 TRILLION over the next 20 years.”

But here’s the best news I have for you about today’s 6G opportunity.

While SpaceX, Apple and Amazon are all rushing to get a piece of this new technology...

One tiny company has lined up the key patents.

Amazon doesn’t have it. Apple doesn’t have it. Nor does Google, Microsoft or Elon Musk.

Mark my words: This small company is about to make a fortune as 6G comes online.

That’s because its breakthrough will allow nearly 1 BILLION people to bypass the big cellular carriers...

And access 6G directly.

Without a doubt, Verizon and AT&T are going to HATE 6G.

But there is nothing they can do to stop it.

You see, 6G is already starting to roll out all around the world...

planet earth

Successful tests of the technology’s effectiveness... even in far-flung locations... are coming in...

From everywhere from the Falkland Islands in the middle of the Atlantic...

To northern Canada...

To Australia and beyond.

This company’s new 6G technology is even being tested in commercial airplanes, including the Boeing 757.

Compared with current connections, it’s providing not twice the speed, not 10 times the speed...

But (get this) 50X the speed!

It’s like a fiber connection in the sky...

No matter if you’re over New Mexico, New York or the North Pole.

In short, 6G has the chance to make our cellular connections more powerful in just about any location on planet Earth.

And big partners – and I do mean BIG – are lining up to work with the one tiny company I’m telling you about today.

In 2019 alone, this company conducted demonstrations with the U.S. Department of Defense... the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)... and the Air Force Research Laboratory.


And it JUST signed another government deal that’s expected to generate more than $1.2 billion over the next decade.

And most importantly...

This company has secured FCC rights to the key frequency slots needed for 6G...

And a patent on the critical technology powering it all.


Bottom line: 6G is about to COMPLETELY alter the smartphone market.

In fact, it will completely alter the way the world communicates, trumping anything since the launch of the iPhone in 2007.

That’s now a $700 billion market.

And you know what?

Beyond all the dollars, this is a life-changing “people story” as well.

You see, I first tested this 6G technology back in its beta stages...

I literally went to the edges of the Earth to try it out for myself.

andy fishing

I was up in a remote area of Alaska... a favorite getaway spot for the ultra-wealthy.

There wasn’t a single cell tower within 50 miles...

No Wi-Fi, either...

Yet using the 6G technology, we had flawless reception. I was blown away then...

And now... I’m floored.

Because, finally, this technology has been perfected.

The market is primed to swarm on the 6G breakthrough... leapfrogging 5G entirely!

And one tiny company’s engineers have fulfilled the HUGE promise of 6G with their revolutionary technology.

The company is about to open up a whole new 6G world...

  • To the 750 million phone owners who, at any given time, have ZERO connectivity because of where they live, work or travel
  • To the 2.5 BILLION people who DON’T have phones, many because they lack access to affordable service
  • To the existing 5.2 BILLION mobile phone users, who pay more than $1 TRILLION a year for cellular service
  • And, as I’ll show later, to the growing number of people like me who worry that the powerful cell radiation used for 5G could do more harm than good.

So take a seat for just the next seven minutes of this exposé...

After that, I’ll open the box sitting on the table here and reveal what’s inside.

I’ll tell you about the company behind it...

And how it holds the key to this new market projected to reach $1 TRILLION over the next two decades.

Oddly, you won’t find this little-known company’s name on any stock exchange today.

But I’ll also show you how to easily take a stake in this business... from any regular brokerage account... in less than a minute.

That means you will be able to access pre-IPO shares... BEFORE this company becomes publicly traded for the first time ever... most likely within the next few months.

Then, not long from now, I predict you’ll be sitting back in your recliner...

Amazed but not surprised...

When the 6G revolution is suddenly all over the financial news...

When this company’s revenues have rocketed by 19X...

And when you could have had a shot at a life-changing fortune by getting a piece of this business yourself...

Starting with as little as $20.

So let’s get right into the full details.

A Knack for Finding the Next Big Tech Story...
Before It’s a Story...

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Authored popular books...

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I suppose you could say I’ve developed a knack for finding the next big story... before it’s a story.

It’s been my passion for nearly two decades. And I’ve helped lots of folks already.

One of my readers, Mark Greely, wrote in to say...

“As a newbie to investing, I really appreciate your terrific insight into what’s really going on in space, technology and communications.”

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You can be a part of my next big recommendation just a few minutes from now.

It all starts with the device that’s inside this little box...

andy snyder

And the company that’s behind this 6G revolution.

I’m convinced the opportunity I’ve discovered today could hand investors very significant gains in the short term, as you’ll see.

The smartest investors in the world KNOW this is happening.

They aren’t saying anything yet.

But the big tech players are quietly moving to put 6G in place and wipe out 5G as we know it.

The Four Major Players Lining Up for a Slice of a $1 Trillion Pie

It starts with Apple, the world’s #1 tech company. It brings in annual revenue of $262 billion.

Globally, it’s #1 in smartphone sales...

But it’s always had a problem that’s held it back.

While Apple makes so many of the phones people use, it has been Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and others that receive all the recurring monthly revenue those phones generate.

It’s got to annoy Tim Cook that Apple builds these amazing pieces of equipment and then other companies get to scoop up the monthly profits.

Well, Apple is ready to change that.

TechCrunch reports that Apple has deployed a top-secret team to work on “new technology” that will eliminate the need for partnerships with the big cellular carriers...

And allow it to capture that revenue for itself!

Okay, to show you exactly what this 6G technology is...

Let me go ahead and open up the box.

andy snyder

The device here?

It’s actually a standard smartphone... but with a $1 trillion twist!

This iPhone, instead of requiring a cellular connection...

Can actually connect to a new satellite-based network that will be both faster and more widely accessible than any network on Earth.

That’s the power of the technology I call “6G”...

And it’s going to be a revolutionary, historic turning point on a scale that we’ve rarely seen.

Now, in a minute I’ll show you why I believe one small company – “the 6G Superstar” – is going to benefit massively from this development.

But first, let me explain exactly what Apple is preparing as we speak... and why.

Apple’s Rumored Plan to “Beam Data to Users’ Devices”

Apple’s put together a strategic plan to bring this 6G satellite technology to the masses ASAP.

It’s poached executives and engineers from the aerospace and satellite industries...

As well as “key personnel from the wireless networking industry.”

A Bloomberg report hints at Apple’s motivation...

“Apple’s work on next-generation wireless technology means the aim is likely to beam data [directly] to a user’s device.”

Popular Mechanics backed that up in its February 2020 exposé.

The magazine revealed that while Apple hasn’t yet confirmed any of its plans, a 6G satellite network could...

“Make it possible for the company to bypass ties with internet service providers, doling out its own services along with its devices.”

Once in place, Apple could potentially control much more of the smartphone market...

And also provide a cheap and fast service to every corner of the globe.

Apple could even bundle 6G service with the 200 million-plus iPhones it sells each year.

It’s a MASSIVE market.

AST & Science reports...

“The cellular market is in excess of $1 trillion, with over 5 billion people constantly moving in and out of coverage. Additionally, approximately 1 billion people are out of normal cellular range and remain unconnected.”

That means they could all soon be cutting a check to Apple each month.

The new 6G breakthrough will give them all access... and we’re talking about 5 billion customers.

BUT – here’s the thing...

Apple can’t make 6G happen all on its own.

But guess what?

The company has a VERY long history of partnering with – or buying out – small tech companies.

Tim Cook himself recently said that Apple “acquires a company every two to three weeks on average.”

That’s why I believe Apple could soon turn to key technology from the 6G Superstar with the patents, as you’ll see.

And, besides, Apple’s just one cog in the 6G satellite technology revolution.

The next company behind this revolution has some of the deepest pockets of all time...

Amazon Is Well Positioned to Succeed

With a trillion dollars on the table, Amazon, the world’s most valuable brand, is getting involved in this revolutionary technology too.

The company is calling Jeff Bezos’ newest technology arm of the business “Project Kuiper.”

It’s named after the famed astronomer Gerard Kuiper.

The team just opened up a 200,000-square-foot R&D lab in Redmond, Washington, to start pushing into 6G satellite communications technology.

They’re hiring nearly 100 engineers and scientists right now.

A separate new division, Blue Origin, is dedicated to actually deploying more than 3,200 satellites into space, all to help bring 6G online.

As GeekWire reports...

“The Seattle-based company is likely to spend billions of dollars on the project, and could conceivably reap billions of dollars in revenue once the satellites go into commercial service.”

The company’s certainly well positioned to do so.

In short, as telecommunications economist Jeff Johnston recently wrote...

“Amazon is well positioned to succeed given its access to capital and bundling opportunities.”

Okay, so now two of the world’s most powerful companies – Apple and Amazon – are both involved in building out this new 6G technology.

But to truly make it work, another company is getting in on the breakthrough as well.

“What Were Those 13 Weird Lights Over the Desert Last Night?”

It should come as no surprise that Elon Musk is also involved.

His company SpaceX just launched another cluster of 60 satellites into space atop its Falcon 9 rocket.

Astronomers and everyday folks are capturing their trails of light as they cross the sky.

It’s all part of Musk’s plan to send 30,000 of SpaceX’s Starlink satellites into orbit.

Like Apple and Amazon, the company is working to connect the world using satellites in space rather than clunky old telephone or fiber lines.

rocket launch

Right now, it’s already got more than 500 satellites in orbit, and each launch adds about 50 more.

According to SpaceX Chief Operating Officer Gwynne Shotwell, the company will “need 24 launches to get global coverage,” and “every launch after that gives [it] more capacity.”

I have little doubt it’s going to be successful.

Now, you could buy Apple, Amazon and SpaceX (when it goes public).

I’m quite certain that they will all do quite well as 6G gets rolled out to the world.

But they’re already huge companies. And I think we can all agree that Apple won’t be doubling in size overnight anytime soon.

So if you really want to make a bundle on this situation, I believe there’s one company you should focus on.

Because in order for 6G to work, I’m expecting that at least one... if not ALL... of these tech giants will soon decide to turn to the 6G Superstar.

It is small, but I believe it has, by far, the most upside potential for the $1 trillion 6G revolution...

And best of all, I’ve uncovered a way you can access pre-IPO shares in it... BEFORE this company goes public on the Nasdaq within the coming months.

Here, let me show you why it’s in a unique and VERY enviable position...

The Two “Physics Problems” That’ve Been Holding Back This Revolution

Until recently, satellite dominance has been held back from the mass markets by two HUGE problems...

Coverage and speed.

The coverage problem stems from how traditional satellites work.

In the past, they’ve all been launched into what’s called “geosynchronous orbit.”

It’s a big word, but a simple idea.


The “geo” part means these satellites ALL circle right above the equator, at a fixed point in the sky.

It’s exactly 22,236 miles above Earth.

The “synchronous” part means they stay fixed in that same spot by orbiting at the same speed as the Earth’s rotation.

So these satellites are, in a sense, “stuck” right above the equator.

And that means the signals get weaker as you move farther north or south.

So big chunks of the Earth end up with lousy coverage.

The other HUGE flaw that’s traditionally plagued satellite communications has been speed.

Communications engineers call this “latency.”

Latency is the time it takes for a signal on the ground to go 22,000 miles up to the satellite and then bounce back.

With the old geosynchronous satellites, the round trip takes about 600 milliseconds – more than half a second.

That’s why direct-to-satellite phones have never worked particularly well in the past.

Poor coverage and slow, choppy signals.

But that’s all changing right now, thanks to the company I’m calling “the 6G Superstar”...

Why This 6G Superstar Is the #1 Best Way to Win the Space Race

This small company is leading the charge in rolling out a new, better type of satellite.

It’s called an “LEO satellite.”

LEO stands for “low Earth orbit.”

These satellites are WAY closer to Earth than the old geosynchronous ones.


Instead of orbiting 22,000 miles away, high above Earth’s most distant exosphere...

They’re just a stone’s throw of 650 miles away...

Further, instead of staying at a fixed point above the equator, LEO satellites can orbit anywhere over the entire surface of the Earth.

That’s huge. It means they can reach the northernmost and southernmost parts of Earth... and everywhere in between.

No more coverage problems!

But it’s the second factor that’s the most exciting 6G breakthrough scientists and engineers have been waiting for.

Imagine “Speed of Light” Connections Anywhere on Earth

Remember, the old geosynchronous satellites took more than half a second to send a signal back and forth.

There’s no way you could ever mass-market a communications system with latency that high.

But the MUCH closer range of LEO satellites to the Earth means the signal...

Which travels at the speed of light...

Can go back and forth in just 32 milliseconds.

In other words, pretty much instantly.

Finally, the world will have a satellite connection that can match the speed and sound of the very best landline services... without dead spots or delays.

In fact, it’s even better!

Signals actually travel 30% faster through space than through fiber optic cables – the backbone of ALL current communications systems, including 5G.

These new LEO satellites are finally making it possible to create a phone and internet network that can cover the entire face of the Earth...

And will be faster than a network dependent on wires or cell towers could EVER be.

That’s why Musk, Cook and Bezos are pouring BILLIONS of dollars into this new type of 6G technology.

And that’s why a recent Bloomberg headline confirms...

“Low Earth Orbit Satellites Are the New Space Race”

SpaceX is now sending up LEO satellites nearly every week.

Apple and Amazon are spending billions to catch up fast.

And customers are practically begging them to hurry up so they can finally ditch their expensive cellphone contracts.

Nearly 700,000 people recently signed up in a matter of just a few days to beta-test a 6G network...

In short: This is a major technological disruption happening before our very eyes.

But again, I believe the 6G Superstar will prove to be crucial to what Apple, Amazon and SpaceX are planning.

Let me show you why...

® Now Patented by the 6G Superstar: “An Optimal Method of Global Connectivity”

This company has perfected three powerful advantages that combine to put it at the forefront of the 6G technology race.

First, it’s locked up priority rights to the Ka transmission band with the International Telecommunication Union.

In plain English, here’s why that’s not just important...

But also absolutely groundbreaking.

Satellite transmissions are divided up into special ranges, or “bands,” as they’re called.

Most of the old geosynchronous satellites operate in what’s called the Ku-band.

Problem is, this Ku-band is getting very crowded. That can cause major interference problems.

Exactly what you do NOT need for a new telecom network!

But the guys behind the 6G Superstar are smart.

These rocket scientists knew in advance that trouble was brewing for the old Ku-band.

So they secured global rights to instead use the Ka-band for their LEO satellites.

This gives them a massive benefit.

This company essentially “owns” a little slice of the prime location in the new space race.

But that’s just one advantage.

Second, the 6G Superstar has an ingenious patent-pending design for the cluster of LEO satellites it’s launching.

mesh network

Its scientists call it “beamforming technology,” and it’s like something out of Star Wars.

Rather than each satellite acting independently, the satellites form a “smart mesh” in space.

This means that their combined power can be sent wherever traffic is highest at any given time.

It allows for much faster speeds overall and far more capacity.

As the company’s patent itself says...


Third, it’s overcome one of satellite communications’ biggest issues.

It sounds almost silly...

But something as simple as Mother Nature’s “rain fade” has long been a fatal flaw in earlier satellite systems.

This is something I personally experienced while testing the first generation of 6G technology.

It was a huge downfall.

If you’ve ever watched Dish or DirecTV during a thunderstorm, you know the signal can go out during heavy weather.

For a global communications network, that’s a deal breaker.

The 6G Superstar has developed an ingenious solution.

It’s added an advanced “Rain Fade Eliminator” to its satellites’ power systems.

This automatically detects when there’s a storm in the spot it is beaming to on Earth.

It then increases the signal strength to blast the signal through even the thickest cloud cover.

Combined, this company’s three breakthroughs give it an unbeatable edge.

Strong, clean signals...

High-capacity bandwidth...

And coverage everywhere on Earth.

That’s the holy grail, the game changer we’ve been waiting for.

And I’m 100% confident these three advantages will propel the 6G Superstar into the pole position of this $1 trillion opportunity for years to come.

Of course, nothing is guaranteed when it comes to investing. This is a speculative opportunity in an increasingly competitive sector.

But I believe that as Apple, Amazon and SpaceX launch their plans to establish the first 6G satellite networks, this company will be the one tiny stock likely to rise in share price most.

Yet here’s the thing. I don’t want you to overlook this important idea.

This technology works with regular cellphones... like the kind you can buy in a store right now.

And it’s headed to the market quickly.

In other words, if you want the very best shot at getting the very most from this $20 opportunity... you’d better get in now.

This new technology is gearing up to roll out as I speak.

And the early results have been out of this world...

“You look like you are in the next room. Reception is excellent.”

Engineers recently completed a massively successful test at a remote location in the Falkland Islands.

In March of 2020, for the first time in HISTORY...

A satellite signal was successfully received on Earth...

By a standard, off-the-shelf cellphone.

No wires.

No towers.

Just a satellite...

A regular cellphone in the middle of the ocean...

And a message received on a crystal-clear connection.

Meanwhile, at about the same time, a commercial jet was flying 37,000 feet over eastern Canada.

On board the 757, a team of engineers was running ultra-high-definition video conferences...

They had 4K videos streaming from YouTube...

And 18 different passengers were running apps simultaneously.

Our ONE little company’s satellites were receiving and sending ALL that data.

The researchers even fired up a video call from the 757 to the home office of Alan Gottlieb, editor of Satellite Mobility World magazine.

He said of the connection...

“You look like you are in the next room. It is excellent.”

That’s huge.

To be able to deliver crisp video conferencing... while on a jet at 500 mph... at 37,000 feet... is unheard-of with cellular technology.

But it’s the type of thing that’s possible with this new 6G satellite technology.

And more and more research is coming out proving that the 6G Superstar is the big winner in this race to 6G.

In fact, MIT did a study of the different satellite technologies available today.

And here’s what it found out.


The 6G Superstar...

“is the most efficient system in terms of average gigabytes per second, per satellite, with more than FOUR TIMES...”

The average of a top competitor.

The research paper went on to call it...

“The most effective system in terms of gigabytes per second.”

More studies are backing up the great news.

In another recent test, the 6G Superstar teamed up with University of Surrey scientists.

They pushed the system beyond voice or simple web pages, instead streaming ultra-high-resolution 8K videos.

Test results confirmed an incredibly fast round-trip latency of 18 to 40 milliseconds, among the lowest ever recorded.

So what’s all this mean for the market – and investors – in practical terms, right now?

Everyone Wants a Piece of This Pie

If the new 6G satellite technology required everyone to get new satellite-capable phones, it would never work.

You can’t get billions of people to all go out and buy new phones.

But my research shows this company’s patent-pending satellite technology will soon allow it to be used with regular phones that already exist.

That means that if Apple, Amazon and SpaceX cut a check to this company, as I predict they will...

They can instantly ramp up their products and services...

And bring new 6G technology to billions of existing customers.

This is a true game changer.

High-speed connections from space... to a regular cellphone on Earth.

The publication Advanced Television nailed it in a May 2020 white paper...

“Without question, the ‘Holy Grail’ for these low-orbit satellites is low-latency broadband connectivity and delivering that bandwidth to anywhere on the planet.”

And this company now is one of the few that has this “Holy Grail” in its hands...

With patents set to lock up its breakthrough for the next 20 years!

No wonder it’s just asked U.S. regulators to approve a huge expansion of its planned network...

To a massive 1,671 satellites!

And why not.

Remember, today’s cellphone users pay more than $1 TRILLION a year for service.

The 6G Superstar is perfectly positioned to lead the charge into this new market.

Even if this company captures a mere 1% of that...

Its revenues would soar 10 times...

But I have evidence that makes me think it could go even higher.

Let’s dive in for a moment.

Teaming Up With Amazon... Google... DARPA... and the U.S. Army...

The 6G Superstar is already one of the world’s leading satellite operators.

And I love its ingenious plan to roll out its newest technology.

Rather than selling 6G to individual consumers... a logistical nightmare for a smaller company...

It will simply sell huge chunks of its network bandwidth to other companies.

As those big companies move into this space, I predict the company I’m talking about will be the one selling them fast, crisp and clear access...

And making its owners and shareholders rich in the process.

In fact...

It’s already booking high-profit partnerships with deep-pocketed government agencies, as well as some of the world’s leading enterprises.

Like Amazon.

The 6G Superstar recently inked a strategic partnership with Jeff Bezos’ satellite startup, Blue Origin.

Blue Origin’s CEO Bob Smith says...

“We are excited to be partnering with this industry leader on their disruptive satellite network architecture.”

And Amazon’s not the only world-class company amped up about working with the 6G Superstar.

A secretive division of Google parent company Alphabet just inked a deal with it too.

At the signing, the CEO mentioned that the 6G Superstar “has an outstanding record of innovation in commercial space communications. We’re excited to work with a global leader.”

Governments around the world are getting involved with our 6G Superstar too...

The Canadian Space Agency says the 6G Superstar’s network will provide “access to high-speed broadband internet globally.”.

As a result, the company was recently highlighted in the nation’s long-awaited space strategy plan.

The U.S. military is also a big player, dying to get on board with the new 6G technology.


The 6G Superstar has been selected for DARPA’s secretive Blackjack program...

As well as an Air Force Research Laboratory study.

It’s also partnered with leading defense firms like Ball Aerospace...

And General Dynamics Mission Systems... in tests for the Air Force’s Space and Missile Systems Center.

As one CNBC analyst points out...

“It’s like a gold rush because people see there are trillions of dollars to be made with space-based services.”

In short, I believe this company is set up to be a tremendous winner as 6G comes online for businesses and governments around the world.

And it gets better.

The Biggest Game-Changing Business Opportunity of the 2020s

Most of the time when you are betting on a small company, you have to accept that current finances are in what I call “startup shape.”

You are hoping that future sales will move higher.

And you are willing to take on more risk for the higher upside.

But that’s NOT the case here.

The 6G Superstar is already in great shape financially.

Because of its in-demand technology, it raked in $687 million in revenue in 2019.

And for some proof of what the future holds and how quickly this could grow... it built a $3.3 BILLION backlog going into this year...

And it’s sitting on $770 million in cash.

The government agreement it just signed will generate a whopping $1 billion in revenue over 10 years.

A recent SpaceQ insider newsletter sums up the 6G Superstar’s situation quite well...

SpaceQ reported that the company was in perfect shape because of “its stable financial position, support from government and years of experience.”

Going forward, the sky’s the limit.

So how much could it make, specifically?

I dug into all the numbers.

My research shows that the company’s 1,670 satellites could support some 22 million users at any given moment...

Enough to generate a new revenue stream of $13.4 billion per year.

Not an unreasonable number at all, given the estimated $1 TRILLION market projection for 6G over the next 20 years.

With sales projected to rocket to more than $13 billion...

That’s as much as a 1,850% increase on its sales of $687 million last year.

Oh, and by the way, McKinsey predicts consumer demand for 6G to grow by as much as 32% per year in the disruptive scenario... for at least the next 10 years!

And that’s why I’m extremely confident my 19X revenue projection is, if anything, a huge understatement!

But before I continue, I should stop and tell you why you’ve likely never heard of this opportunity before...

Get TWO Winners for the Price of One

Most folks have no clue about this opportunity because you can’t buy this company’s shares directly on the New York Stock Exchange or the Nasdaq.


If you punch ticker symbols into your brokerage account, the 6G Superstar won’t show up under any name.

Even if you told a stockbroker the name of this secretive company...

They still could NOT purchase its shares for you.

That’s because it is a privately owned company.

But... and this is a news flash... it will not be private for long!

You see, right now, there’s just one backdoor way to invest in its technology from your computer… essentially, it’s a secret ticker.

It involves purchasing shares in a parent company which owns nearly two-thirds of the 6G Superstar.

It’s a booming high-tech business that I’d recommend even without this breaking news.

But in a deal so little talked about that I almost missed it, the publicly traded parent company is about to get swallowed up by its private 6G Superstar enterprise...

And they’ll be bundled together in an upcoming IPO.

To be clear, the arrangement has to pass muster with the usual government watchdogs, as well as the parent company’s shareholders.

But I don’t foresee any complaints. As Bloomberg just reported, “there has virtually never been a better time to sell a private business to public shareholders.”

So... thanks to this breaking situation, if investors buy the pre-IPO shares right now, they can get in before this private company makes its headlining public debut!

If you follow the simple steps I’m about to outline, you can become one of the few fortunate people in America with an opportunity to profit from this situation.

And now I believe the 6G Superstar is about to become a tech winner of historic proportions.

History Absolutely DOES Repeat Itself...

This situation reminds me of one of the most extraordinary tech events of our lifetimes...

It was back when fiber optic cables took the internet to the next level in the 1990s...

A gentleman named Vinod Khosla recognized that the up-and-coming internet had a problem.

There wasn’t enough bandwidth to handle all the traffic surging on the new web.

So Khosla raised $8 million to invest in a new company, Cerent.

With it, his team created a device that rocketed fiber optic speeds 20X faster.

And the real beauty of the Cerent 454 box, as it was called...

Was that it ran without having to replace ANY existing infrastructure.

One year later, when Cisco bought Cerent out, that $8 million stake turned into $2.1 BILLION!

That’s the power of a major telecommunications breakthrough.

These guys made 262 times their money in 12 months!

Another great example is Zayo, a small tech company that started out in a storefront behind a Boulder, Colorado, pizzeria.

Its founders KNEW that the insane growth of the internet would in turn create massive growth in fiber optic demand.

So they went all-in on fiber infrastructure and bandwidth.

From a $225 million seed investment in 2007, they grew the company to a $4.5 billion valuation in 2014.

Now we’re on the precipice of the next big breakthrough in global connectivity.

Of course, investing in emerging markets can be risky, and not every company in this new industry is going to see gains like this.

But here’s something that gets me really excited about the 6G Superstar.

The people involved with it are literally geniuses!

A Superstar Group of Rocket Scientist Geniuses

The president and CEO is a graduate of the University of Virginia and Harvard Law School.

The company’s senior vice president graduated magna cum laude from Harvard in physics AND graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law School. I like that he also has a recent background with both AT&T and Sprint.

There’s also quite an impressive lineup of investors getting involved with the 6G Superstar, with big names like BlackRock and Vanguard among the lead investors.

Obviously, a lot of very clever businesses and investors are taking note and getting involved with this company.

They know it’s going to be extremely valuable in the very near future.

Now’s the time for Main Street investors to get in too.

But the time for action truly is NOW.

Just weeks ago, the 6G Superstar wrapped up testing with Telefónica Group, one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies.

Check out what Telefónica’s satellite business director had to say...

“Across every application tested, their LEO delivered an outstanding performance, with significant improvements over what we can achieve today.”

Looking ahead, based on my research, I see new satellite launches from Kennedy Space Center...

Scheduled nearly every week for the foreseeable future!

I’m urging you to get involved with the 6G revolution now, while the excitement (and profit potential) is still just warming up.

That’s why I want to send you all the details on how you could profit right away thanks to this company.

“The Most Lucrative Technology in America – and How It’s About to Capture a $1 Trillion Market”

It’s all spelled out in my brand-new research report, “The Most Lucrative Technology in America – and How It’s About to Capture a $1 Trillion Market.”


In it, I give you everything you need to know about this revolutionary company...

Including its name and the ticker symbol for the special way to invest in it. (Remember, the company is privately owned, so until the coming IPO, you can buy its shares ONLY through this special strategy.)

It’s simple as can be – you just need to know the key, which I’ll show you.

Right now, you can get in for less than $20.

But I’d be shocked if it’s not soaring far, far higher within the year.

A Wired magazine headline just announced...

“Your phone may soon receive service from space.”

The World Economic Forum says...

“As we enter the 2020s, we find ourselves at the dawn of a space internet race.”

And I believe my $20 opportunity is leading it...

But there’s actually more than one way you can profit from this satellite communications revolution.

So here’s what I’m recommending next.

“Own ‘Stellar’ Real Estate in This Final Frontier”

That you own some “stellar” real estate in this “final frontier”!

You see…

Since the launch of Sputnik 1 in 1957, we’ve witnessed about 2,200 satellite launches.

My projections show that in the next five years, no less than 45,000 new satellites will be launched into space.


Or about 20 times more over the NEXT five years...

Than in the PAST 63 years.



It’s a MASSIVE undertaking... involving a lot of new ideas, a lot of new technology and a lot of new opportunities.

Companies getting involved in new space innovations will be in great positions to do very well for themselves.

There’s no reason you shouldn’t be as well...

With that said, here are three of my favorites right now...

Stellar Satellite Play #1:
“Picture THIS $1 Billion Business”

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Well, this satellite company’s pictures are worth $1.1 billion!

It owns and operates a cluster of private satellites already orbiting the Earth.

And like all good real estate plays... it’s spinning off huge amounts of income.

You see, this Colorado-based company sells ultra-high-res imagery from its satellites to government and commercial clients.

Customers use these detailed images for state-of-the-art AI... machine learning... navigation... and virtual reality modeling and graphics.

It just landed a $200 million-plus contract to build an advanced network of satellites for a private customer...

And a $375 million contract with NASA... for its new mission to send men back to the moon!

Yet shares today are a ridiculous bargain at less than $30.

My guess is they’re headed above $100 in the next 24 to 36 months.

I’d strongly suggest picking some up now while they’re still trading at a discount.

Stellar Satellite Play #2:
“The Tesla of Space”

While our first play is helping send astronauts to the moon...

My second pick is helping send regular folks into space.

Yes, this is a speculative play. But just consider...

The FAA just issued this futuristic company a Reusable Launch Vehicle License.

The company has also signed a Space Act Agreement with NASA’s Johnson Space Center.

And it is now testing its prototype spaceships. Here’s a shot of one flying over New Mexico.


Small wonder that Investor’s Business Daily calls it...

“the Tesla of Space.”

Even though it’s got NOTHING to do with Elon Musk or SpaceX!

Right now, you’d need to shell out $500,000 for the right to take yourself and a guest for a ride sometime in the future.

Yet more than 8,000 customers have paid hefty deposits!

Wall Street always looks for growth, uniqueness and vision.

And guess what?

This company has ALL of these qualities.

Shares soared from $11 to more than $42 just before 2020’s “COVID Crash.” But if you buy today... you can get in for about half that price.

That means this one could go up 100% by the end of 2021... and still be cheaper than what folks were happy to pay for the stock in February of 2020.

Stellar Satellite Play #3:
“Pick and Shovels for the Space Race”

My third company is the perfect complement to my 6G Superstar.

Owning shares of it is like owning a pick-and-shovel play for space, if you can imagine that.

That’s because this rock-solid company provides infrastructure and services to a host of other satellite businesses.

And this company’s management REALLY stands out.

The CEO was one of the original engineers behind Dish Network.

Another exec holds numerous patents and has been inducted into the National Academy of Engineering.

And a third gentleman, the chief financial officer, previously served as a senior VP at Time Warner Telecom.

With those men at the helm, I’m convinced this one’s an easy double within the next 12 months.

Now, it’s important to note that these are speculative opportunities. You should never risk more than you can afford to lose on any investment.

That being said, I’ve written up the full details on all three picks, including when I think you’ll be able to lock in your first set of profits (it’s quite soon).

It’s all in my new report, “Own ‘Stellar’ Real Estate in This Final Frontier.”


I’d consider it easily a $179 value.

But I’ll show you how to get it as a gift in just a moment.

You see, at Manward Press, we’ve become quite famous for our deeply researched investment reports and unique takes on the financial world.

For example, today, I’ve shown how America is clearly engaged in a fresh space race.

You’ve seen many of the companies and stocks I believe will lead the charge.

Yet when it comes to technology...

I’ve seen one thing over and over in my 20-plus years in the financial industry.

The military ALWAYS leads the way... whether we know it or not at the time.


Nuclear technology...

Jet engines...

Even duct tape...

They all came from the military.

And there are a TON of exciting 6G opportunities coming up right now.

These 6G Companies Provide Americans Protection (and Profits Too)

I’ve assembled a list of stocks that are leading the charge...

My first company here is a 30-year “satcom” (satellite communications) leader in the defense and security sectors.

Soldiers in the field need fast, secure communications.

They need INSTANT access to breaking intel. This company’s products give armies secure, jam-resistant communications at ANY location on Earth.

It was recently named one of Fast Company’s 2020 “World Changing Ideas” honorees.

Get in now and you could collect a fast double over the next 12 months.

The second company makes rockets that launch secret government satellites into space. It’s got another secret too.

These satellites can also blast enemy missiles clear out of the sky!

The last time I recommended this stock, shares surged by 50% in two years. I expect the gains to be even BIGGER this time.

The third company has a remarkable American story. I used to see its main product in old-timey prepared-food markets. You probably know the name as well. BUT... here’s what you probably don’t know.

It’s now in charge of some of the Pentagon’s most secretive spy satellites! And it’s making billions in the process. It’s a crazy story... It’s almost like its old business is now a front company for the Department of Defense. You definitely want to look into this one.

Shares are cheap and could easily double.

The fourth company checks all our boxes for exciting defense and satellite opportunities. It’s an admired leader in developing military aircraft... launch systems... advanced communication systems... and logistics.

I love that the CEO is both a tech guy (having served at General Electric) and an investment guy (with six years at Blackstone).

Now he’s looking toward the remarkable new growth in space and satellite markets as well.


The fifth company is in “special operations” and reconnaissance. And no one does it better. It holds more than 3,000 patents and employs 20,000-plus scientists and engineers.

The company’s now working with NASA on a next generation “space wave” phenomenon first identified by Albert Einstein. If you’re looking to the future, this is a “must buy” opportunity.

All five of these cutting-edge “BUY NOW” firms are detailed in my third report, “Five Companies Protecting America (and Gushing 6G Profits Too).”

I’d like to send you this report, along with everything we’ve talked about so far, including...

  • “The Most Lucrative Technology in America – and How It’s About to Capture a $1 Trillion Market” (Value: $179)
  • “Own ‘Stellar’ Real Estate in This Final Frontier” (Value: $179)
  • And, of course, “Five Companies Protecting America (and Gushing 6G Profits Too)” (Value: $179).

In total, that’s three reports with a $537 value.

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But I want to send you each and every one today.

To do it, I’ve created a simple “kit” that gives you everything you need to get started.

I’m calling it The Ultimate 6G Profits Plan.

And I’d like to mail the whole shebang to you in the next few minutes.

All that I ask in exchange is that you try a trial subscription to my monthly communiqué...

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And speaking of global exposure...

Third but not least is an Israel-based company I uncovered in a niche market: portable satellite antennas and signal amplifiers.

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