Award-Winning Investment Expert Reveals...

“How My Technical Trading Strategy Could’ve Helped You Capture a 402% Profit in 35 Days!”

“I sold for a 960% gain at $24,000.”

Dick Tomlinson

“I made 556%. Keep up the good work!”

Mel Edmonds

“I turned $258 into $2,038. 690% gains!”

Sam Cowley

“Just banked $5,652. Big winner!”

Clark Campbell

“Because of you, I’m up 300%!”

Vance Rahman

“I just made 423%. Gotta love it.”

Derek Allen
Andy Snyder

Hi, I’m investment expert Andy Snyder and welcome to my office.

I decided to shoot this video here because I wanted to talk about a great honor I just received...

And explain how it could help you make a good deal of money in the coming year.

You see these three plaques behind me?

I received them at an award show last December.

Andy's Awards

They were given for the top stocks and options performance among my peers.

I have to say, it was almost embarrassing what happened at the event.

The award presenter called out my name not once...

Not twice...

But THREE times.

I had to keep walking up to the stage to receive my awards.

Now, this was somewhat uncomfortable for me.

I don’t really like the spotlight.

But it was also very gratifying.

After all, my rivals are no amateurs.

The nominees included a bestselling financial author... an ex-hedge fund manager... a multimillionaire trader... and even a Harvard-trained data scientist.

These guys play to win.

But I still managed to top them all.

So what’s my secret?

How on earth does an ordinary guy from a small town in Pennsylvania CRUSH Wall Street royalty?

You may be surprised to hear this.

But my award-winning technique is actually extremely simple...

And so straightforward that even a beginning investor can harness its power.

It’s all thanks to a technical indicator I call the "Money Flow Tripwire."

Money Flow Tripwire

You see that thick line in the middle of the chart? That’s the Tripwire.

If a stock goes below that line, it has negative money flow.

And if it goes above that line, it has positive money flow.

Let me show you the Tripwire in action so you can see what I’m talking about...

At 3:30 p.m. on December 3, biodiesel producer Renewable Energy Group went over the Money Flow Tripwire.

That meant money flow was positive, and shares were on track to climb higher.

I kept my eye on it for the next few days.

When I felt confident that this bullish trend would continue, I issued a recommendation to a small group of readers.

Those readers had the chance to capture a 272% profit in just 11 days.

That’s enough to turn a $2,500 stake into a $9,300 windfall.

Renewable Energy Group

It gets better.

At 4:30 p.m. on June 15, 2017, Gilead Sciences went over the Tripwire.

Gilead Sciences

That meant money flow was positive, a STRONG sign that shares were likely to go up.

Gilead Sciences

But Gilead is a biotech. And biotechs are notorious for volatility.

I had to be 100% certain Gilead would keep rising before I recommended it to my readers.

A week later, it was still above the Tripwire. So I sent out a buy alert.

Gilead Sciences

My readers had the opportunity to collect a 325% gain in less than 10 weeks.

You could’ve turned $2,500 into $10,625 with a gain like that.

I’ve saved the best for last.

This is the play that practically ensured my victory at the award show.


It was 5:30 p.m. on October 17, and Celgene had just jumped over the Tripwire.


Shares were primed to take off like a rocket.

I waited for the perfect entry point.

On November 29, I recommended Celgene to my readers.

Thirty-five days later, I told them to close out the trade, and we booked a 402% gain in my model portfolio...


Enough to cash out with $12,550, starting with a mere $2,500 stake.

The emails started pouring in, and – to my surprise – the gains they touted were even bigger than my paper profit.

The first email from reader Derek Allen wasn’t too far off.

He said,

“I just made 423%. Gotta love it!”

Derek Allen

Mel Edmonds’ email cranked up the gains another notch.

He said,

“I was very impressed by your trade on Celgene. I made 556%.”

Mel Edmonds

I thought that was the end of it, but the gains just kept going up, up, up!

Reader Sam Cowley emailed me to say,

“I turned $258 into $2,038. 690% gains!

Sam Cowley

And this email from Dick Tomlinson really took things over the top.

Dick said,

“Wow, I sold early this morning for a 960% gain at $24,000. Unbelievable, thank you!!!”

Dick Tomlinson

How Is This Possible?

Now, I know what you’re wondering...

How did my readers manage to collect gains ranging from 400% to 900% in just over a month?

Well, I’ll give it to you straight.

Every time I recommend a stock with the help of my Tripwire...

I also recommend a special type of supercharged option on the stock.

Placing this type of trade couldn’t be simpler. (It’s no more complicated than buying a stock.)

And when you do it, you’re basically placing a bet that the stock is going to soar.

If your prediction is right, you can make a lot of money.

Like this Reddit guy who turned $766 into more than $100,000 last October.

Reddit-Bloomberg Reddit-Business

Obviously a win of that size is very rare. If it weren’t, Bloomberg and Business Insider wouldn’t have printed it in large letters on their websites.

But even if you only score a fraction of that nearly 14,000% profit, it would still change your life forever.

And in the next few minutes, I’m going to show you...

  • Why this unique way of trading should be in every investor’s toolkit
  • How tracking options volume can maximize your profits
  • How to claim a special device that will help you take full advantage of this exciting strategy
  • Details on seven trades poised to skyrocket in the weeks ahead.

But there’s much more.

You see... I’ve actually found a new way to take the award-winning gains I’ve produced so far to the next level.

I’m about to launch an addition to my system and I believe it could help you radically increase your profits in the months ahead.

But to make you understand this change to my system... I have to start with a story.

I’m going to introduce you to a very interesting woman.

She is one of the most FEARED traders of all time.


She’s been on the trading floor of multibillion-dollar hedge funds...

Negotiated investment banking deals with tens of millions of dollars at stake...

And gone toe-to-toe with some of the biggest and best-known investors in America.

She’s the one who clued me in on the little-known aspect of options trading I’m about to reveal to you.

Once you know this, you will never look at investing the same way again.

But before I get into that, let me tell you a little bit more about myself.

The $100 Million Secret to My Success...

My name, again, is Andy Snyder.

Some time ago, I made a dangerous move.

I left my executive position as editor-in-chief of The Oxford Club, one of the oldest, most established investment research operations on the planet...

And founded a little startup called Manward Press.

Manward Winners

Our mission is simple...

We help men and women improve their lives by teaching them how to support their families... secure their retirement... and make a TON of money in the stock market.

In the past two years, we’ve grown from a scrappy underdog with ZERO revenue...

To perhaps the fastest-growing financial research firm in America.

Across our services, we’ve shown our readers a whopping 44 triple-digit winners.

Naturally, our work hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Some days I open my inbox to a FLOOD of emails singing our praises.

Like this one from Paul Yu, who captured a quick 100% gain on Gold Fields Limited...

 I just doubled my money last Friday. Nice trade!

Paul Yu

Or these ones from Vance Rahman, one of my “superfans.” He’s written to me MULTIPLE times about the success he’s had with my recommendations...

I have been following your work and, truly because of you, my 401(k) turned a corner. I appreciate all the hard work you do. I gained tremendously on WW International! I’m up 300%.

Vance Rahman

Today’s return auto-sold at 661% return. Good hunch!

Vance Rahmnan

Here are a few more. I mean, look at this:

I made a quick thousand bucks from Gold Fields!

Morty Jorgenson

I just made more than 3 grand! AMAZING!

Gerry Everett

I made $5,652 on that ShotSpotter play. Thanks for another big winner.

Clark Campbell

Obviously, our readers are making a lot of money. If they weren’t, we wouldn’t be here right now.

Of course, not every play is a winner.

All investing carries risk, so I never recommend investing more than you can afford to lose.

But when we do win, it’s a total blowout.

Our average winner delivers 124% gains.

But I’ve never been one to rest on my laurels...

If I believe there’s a better way to do something, I’ll always go after it.

That’s why I’ve just added a brand-new feature to my stock screening algorithm.

And now that I’ve added it to my system...

I expect our winners to become even bigger.

After all, in testing, this feature has identified some of the biggest profit opportunities of the last couple of years.

I’m going to show you those historical examples today to emphasize the raw profit potential of this newly upgraded system.

It’s like nothing we’ve ever done before, and it’s the best way to make money in the markets that I’ve ever seen.

So let me share with you how it works... and how I discovered it in the first place.

Beneath a Tiffany Glass Dome, the Genius Minds of Financial Research Had Assembled...

I learned about this technique at a private meeting of some of the most powerful financial players in the world.

This meeting was held in a mansion built by railroad tycoons at the turn of the 19th century.

A spiral staircase rose up from the carved wood vestibule.

The walls were covered with immaculate cabinets and priceless tapestries.

And a stunning Tiffany glass dome graced the ceiling.

We had all come together to share information that not 1 in 100,000 Americans knows...

Real financial secrets.

It was at this private meeting that I first crossed paths with HER...

The legendary trader everyone feared.


She’d worked with titans of the investment industry.

She’d rubbed elbows with people like Izzy Englander, the billionaire behind Millennium Management, a hedge fund with more than $38 billion in assets under management...

And Leon Cooperman, a man whom Forbes calls a “Wall Street Legend” – he’s famous for building up Goldman Sachs and founding his own HUGE hedge fund, Omega Advisors.

She’d had George Soros and David Einhorn’s head traders on speed dial...

And she’d hosted the managers of multibillion-dollar portfolios at exclusive “idea dinners.”

In other words, her résumé was BULLETPROOF.

And to top it all off, she was absolutely gorgeous.

I told her about my business...

How we used money flow algorithms to pinpoint winning stock and options trades...

The rapid readership growth we’d experienced...

Our mission of teaching the average American how to build immense wealth...

And the praise we’d received from inside and outside our industry.

I can’t deny it – I was trying to impress her.

But What She Did NEXT Really Surprised Me...

She said, “If you like options, you’re going to LOVE this.”

She said that while studying money flow is a great way to predict stock movements...

There’s an even better way to get ahead of MAJOR stock rallies and take returns to the next level.

She called it the “Alpha Code.”

And she told me to study it closely...

Because it can help you capture anywhere from 100% to – in rare cases – 1,000% gains in a matter of weeks.

18.9 Million Trades a Day (HIDDEN in Plain Sight)

Philly Hub Boston Hub Chicago Hub

I was astonished. I begged her to tell me how it worked.

She said that this Alpha Code shows you trading activity in six discreet locations across Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago and New York.

They all look like ordinary office buildings, right?

They’re all options exchanges.

And behind these walls, powerful supercomputers execute 18.9 MILLION trades every single day.

Meanwhile, the big-name brokerages spend BILLIONS of dollars to harness their moneymaking power.

E-Trade recently closed a $725 million deal...

Charles Schwab invested $1 billion...

And TD Ameritrade has made two acquisitions valued at $4.6 billion...

And while you can’t go inside these buildings without some SERIOUS security clearances...

You can track the public trading activity within using the Alpha Code.


Why would you want to do that?

Simple: You’re essentially wiretapping professional options traders.

Remember how I told you that when you buy an option, you’re basically placing a bet that the stock is going to soar?

Well, when you see a huge surge in options volume on a given stock...

That means a lot of big-name traders are betting MILLIONS of dollars that the stock will skyrocket.

The reason for the spike could be anything...

  • A SPECTACULAR earnings report
  • An FDA approval on a major new cancer treatment
  • A product launch that’ll CREAM the competition
  • A game-changing acquisition (like we saw with Celgene)
  • A promising update on the U.S.-China trade talks
  • A major analyst upgrade
  • A HUGE insider stock purchase.

The fact of the matter is, trading firms can analyze more information much faster than the typical investor.

If they’re piling into a company’s options, I bet they have a pretty good idea that good news is coming down the pike.

You might be wondering: Why wouldn’t they just buy the stock? There are a number of reasons...

  • Options are often far cheaper than stocks.
  • They can hand you up to 22X more money.
  • They can deliver massive profits in a fraction of the time.
  • They provide cheap insurance on big stock positions.
  • And you can trade them over and over again.

When tracking these calls using the Alpha Code...

You Can Basically Ride the Tailcoats of the Smartest Money in the World.

And when my mystery woman, a Wall Street turncoat, told me about it, I didn’t believe it at first...

But when the event came to an end and I started driving home...

My mind kept returning to the Alpha Code.

Every rational bone in my body wanted to reject the idea that this simple concept could translate into so much money.

But I couldn’t stop replaying the code in my head.

I finally couldn’t take it anymore.

I Called My Wife and Told Her I Wasn’t Coming Home.

I had to get to the bottom of this equation before I could even THINK of going home.

I had to test out the Alpha Code for myself.

Andy's Control Center

As soon as I got to my command center, I typed the Alpha Code into my proprietary trading research software and set to work.

It was a quarter past four in the morning when I finally released the keyboard, sat back in my chair and took in the fruits of my labor.

It was impressive.

I tested the formula against historical data to see what kinds of opportunities it could’ve identified. The first big winner I found was on retail giant Urban Outfitters.

Urban Outfitters

The Alpha Code showed me that on August 20, the options volume surpassed 1,000, the metric I set in my screener.

The very next day, Urban Outfitters crushed Q2 earnings estimates.

Had you gotten ahead of this financial filing, you could’ve bought an option that produced 347% gains over the next 24 days.

Had you placed $2,500 in the trade, you’d have ended up with $11,175.

The next winner? A Chinese search engine company called Baidu.


On September 24, the Alpha Code would’ve shown a 1,000-plus surge in call volume.


A little more than a month later, Baidu reported earnings. Q3 profit and revenue had handily beat estimates.

Did professional traders sense what was coming?

It’s impossible to know, but the reality is this...

Had you bought a supercharged option on Baidu on September 24, you could’ve captured a 519% gain when the news hit.

That’s certainly an easy way to turn $2,500 into $15,475!


But the next example took it up a notch.

The stock is a chipmaker called ON Semiconductor.


On October 8, the Alpha Code would’ve shown option volume surpassing 1,000.


A few weeks later, ON Semiconductor published earnings. It posted a revenue beat.

Were some of the top-tier trading firms in tune with this wave of good publicity?

I don’t know for sure, but I do know this...

With the right call, you could’ve banked a 550% profit.

That’s enough to end up with $16,250.


I couldn’t believe I had just pinpointed a way to turn just $2,500 in each stock into...

  • $11,175 from Urban Outfitters
  • $15,475 from Baidu
  • $16,250 from ON Semiconductor.

That’s $42,900 in cold hard cash... from just three trades!

Alpha Gains

When you’re making that kind of money, you can...

  • Buy a luxury car
  • Take a cruise to Key West
  • Or pay your grandkid’s tuition.

And here’s the thing... these were some of the smaller winners from my back test.

I would soon find rare opportunities to make $29,150... $38,750... and $41,150...

All starting with a mere $2,500 stake!

Of course, not all the trades in the back test were winners.

No strategy is perfect.

But based on the results I saw...

THIS is the type of strategy elite traders take to the grave...

And I just happened to learn it from one of the fiercest players in the game.

It Was 4:30 in the Morning, but My Work Wasn’t Done Yet...

The clock had just struck 4:30 a.m. But my work wasn’t done yet.

I put on another pot of coffee, cracked my knuckles and took a hard look at the Alpha Code.

I wanted to see if the size of the gains would go up... if I combined the Alpha Code with my Money Flow Tripwire.

These Two Indicators Combined Are the Closest Thing to a Magic Eight Ball in the World of Finance...

I was FLOORED by the results.

To quickly remind you of how it works, the Tripwire is the thick line in the middle of the chart.

If a stock goes above that line, it has positive money flow.

If it goes below the line, the money flow is negative. 

Money Flow Tripwire

I’ve personally used this indicator to pinpoint gains like...

  • 237% on ShotSpotter
  • 310% on WW International
  • 316% on Steve Madden
  • 362% on TerraForm Power
  • And 400% on Costamare.
Tripwire Gains

I already knew the Tripwire worked. My real-time recommendations had an average gain of 15%.

Now I just needed to see what would happen if I modified it to work with the Alpha Code...

And immediately, when I applied it to historical analysis, it started finding one GIGANTIC winner after another.

I’d never seen anything like it.

PBF Energy was one of the top winners.

On August 29, this petroleum company would’ve activated the Alpha Code.

At the very same time, it went over the Tripwire.

That means high options volume and positive money flow.

Shortly after that, the analysts at major trading house Cowen upgraded PBF to an outperform rating and raised its price target.

The stock took off. But here’s where the real money is made...

Buying an option when PBF would’ve set off the Alpha Code and Tripwire could’ve handed you a 700% gain in 75 days.

A mere $2,500 grubstake would have transformed into $20,000.

PBF Energy

It gets even better.

I found this Texas biotech called Lexicon Pharmaceuticals. It’s a big player in the world of gene science.

On August 28, it would’ve triggered the Alpha Code.

Simultaneously, it would’ve set off the Tripwire.

Two weeks later, Lexicon revealed that it had just received a $260 million settlement payment related to one of its diabetes drug candidates.

Good news for the stock. Even better news for the option.

If you had bought an option when my two indicators would’ve signaled, you would’ve captured a 714% gain.

That’s a $20,350 jackpot... just like that!


Eros International, the next winner I turned up, threw me for a loop.

It’s an Indian movie studio that trades for about 2 bucks on the New York Stock Exchange.

Weird stock, for sure.

But not only would it have NAILED the Alpha Code last August...

It would have also, as you can see here, triggered the Tripwire.

Its money flow and option volume were spectacular.

And sure enough, Eros published a major press release a few days later.

It turned out Eros had just inked a strategic partnership with global technology brand OnePlus.

Did some of the traders flooding into the stock know the scoop before it hit the presses?

It’s possible. One option soared 900%... in just 21 days!

A small stake would’ve turned into a $25,000 windfall.

Eros Media

But this next one takes the cake.

Funny enough, it’s another Texas biotech: Reata Pharmaceuticals.

On September 4, it would’ve surpassed 1,000 in options volume. And the Tripwire would’ve shown positive money flow.

Perhaps someone knew about a big development involving the pharma firm.

Because a few weeks later, Reata’s experimental drug omaveloxolone met the main goal of a mid-stage study to treat the genetic disease Friedreich’s ataxia.

This is the kind of strong data that makes for biotech blockbusters.

Baird upped its price to $162. And Citigroup went even higher, raising its price target to $194.

Had you bought an option on Reata on September 4, you could’ve captured a 997% gain in 44 days. You’d be taking home $27,425.

Reata Pharmaceuticals

Of course, Reata is an extremely rare case.

But the fact that it would’ve matched my new system in back testing shows just how powerful it can be in a best-case scenario.

Collecting $27,000 in 44 days is a true life-changer.

It proves...

The Alpha Code is the real deal.

It took my already powerful Money Flow Tripwire... and made it even better.

After I combined the Alpha Code and the Money Flow Tripwire to create a completely new system...

I discovered that, starting with a $2,500 stake, it would’ve been possible to turn it into...

  • $20,000 from PBF Energy in 75 days
  • $20,350 from Lexicon Pharmaceuticals in 21 days
  • $25,000 from Eros International in 21 days
  • $27,425 from Reata Pharmaceuticals in 44 days.

That’s $92,775 in total.

And you’d have to put only $2,500 in each position.

Alpha and Tripwire Gains

Keep in mind, this does not involve day trading.

It’s as simple as entering a trade...

And watching your position grow bigger and bigger...

Until it’s time to exit the trade and take any profits.

It’s the simplest thing in the world.

It’s also the biggest accomplishment in my investing career.

I felt like Paul Tudor Jones after he predicted Black Monday in 1987 and walked away with $100 million in profits.

These Three Steps Are CRUCIAL to Collecting Big Gains in the Stock Market

And when I finally left my command center and returned home...

I knew I had done something great.

The only thing left to do was identify more opportunities...

Which is exactly what I’ve done.

I call these Alpha Trades...

Let me show you on my computer so you can see what I’m talking about.

I’ve never shown this to ANYONE until now.

There are a whopping 630,000 stocks trading in the world right now.

It takes three steps to narrow them down to the very best trade opportunities in the market.

Here’s Step No. 1: typing in the Alpha Code I received from my “inside woman” on Wall Street.

Remember, this code measures volume in the options market.

It tells me which stocks are seeing the most action.

Because the more options are being executed on an individual stock... the more likely it is that we can profit.

That narrows down the list quite a bit. But it’s still far too many stocks.

This brings me to Step No. 2: inputting my Tripwire.

This helps us target the stocks with positive money flow.

Watch what happens next.

It eliminates all but a few stocks.

Stock Tickers

Now it’s time for Step No. 3: performing my due diligence.

This is where I check the stock’s fundamentals to confirm the daily money flow will continue.

I look at what the company does...

I check out its latest earnings report to get a sense of business sentiment and momentum...

And then I dive into new initiatives and products on the horizon.

I’m on the hunt for catalysts that could drive the share price higher.

As you’ll soon see, this three-step process gives you the best shot at success.

Here, let me prove it. I’m going to show you more examples from my historical tests.

If you’ve ever needed to sign a document electronically, you’ve probably used DocuSign’s eSignature technology.

On August 30, DocuSign saw a flood of options, which would’ve signaled the Alpha Code...

Positive money flow would’ve caused it to set off my Tripwire...

AND my analysis would’ve confirmed that there would be a lot of cash coming in.

One week later, DocuSign SMASHED sales forecasts. It beat analyst estimates by $15 million.

Of course, hindsight is 20/20.

But had you bought a call when DocuSign would’ve triggered my system, you could’ve captured a 1,066% gain.

That would’ve turned $2,500 into $29,150 in 21 days.


Now check out this company called Craft Brew Alliance.

You may know a few of their popular beer brands like Redhook Ale and Widmer Brothers.

On October 4, Craft Brew saw a 1,000-plus surge in option volume. That would’ve set off the Alpha Code.

It also had positive money flow. That would’ve set off my Money Flow Tripwire.

And my analysis likely would’ve shown that money flow would remain consistent.

A month later, Anheuser-Busch announced its plans to buy out Craft Brew Alliance in a $321 million deal.

Had you bought an option when the smart money moved in on the action...

You could’ve captured a 1,450% gain in 40 days.

That’s one of the fastest ways to end up with $38,750 that I’ve ever seen.

Craft Brew Alliance

But wait until you see this next example.

It’s Fitbit, the company behind those watches that keep track of your steps.

On September 12, Fitbit experienced a surge of option volume that would’ve activated my Alpha Code...

It also would’ve triggered my Tripwire, indicating positive money flow.

And its fundamentals would’ve likely given me no cause for concern.

Were whispers of a major acquisition impacting the stock?

Here’s what we know... On November 1, Google agreed to buy Fitbit for $2.1 billion.

Had you bought an option when Fitbit would’ve set off my system, you could’ve secured a 1,546% profit.

That profit would’ve turned a small stake into a $41,150 fortune in 50 days.


Of course, not every trade will be a winner.

The examples you’ve seen were some of the top-performing trades from my system back test. This performance doesn’t guarantee future success.

But score a few gains like these, and you could line your walls with fine art.

What’s more, I’m not going to handcuff you to your computer and force you to pore over trading data all day.

That’s MY job. All YOU have to do is read my analysis, decide whether the opportunity is right for you, and, if it is, enter the trade and watch the money roll in.

You could even paper trade for all I care.

Seven Red-Hot Stocks – This Is UNPRECEDENTED

Now, listen closely, because this is really important...

I’ve been filtering the markets through my new three-step process for the past couple of months now.

My system spits out one, maybe two, great stocks every week.

But this week, something weird happened.

Seven Stocks

It produced seven – count ’em, SEVEN – great stocks that check every single box.

These stocks have seen a TIDAL WAVE of volume on the options exchanges.

Report Image

They have positive money flow.

And their fundamentals are PHENOMENAL.

If it all plays out as I expect, the profits could be huge.

You can find their names, ticker symbols and EVERYTHING I love about them in my brand-new briefing, “Seven Alpha Trades Set to Skyrocket!

You can claim a FREE copy of this briefing today when you sign up for my critically acclaimed research service...

Alpha Money Flow

Alpha Money Flow Newsletter

This research service is my pride and joy, the culmination of fifteen years in financial publishing.

For the past two years, my original system has helped me deliver explosive gain opportunities to a small and elite group of readers.

X-43A jet

But now that I’ve installed this new code that tracks the options market...

I expect my new recommendations to take off like an X-43A jet, going at supersonic speeds into the stratosphere and beyond.

If you take me up on this offer, you can expect to find all of my research and a new Alpha Trade recommendation in your inbox every single week.

That’s 52 trades with major upside over the next year.

Most so-called gurus would stop there.

But I go above and beyond to make my readers feel like they know me...

And – more importantly – like I know them.

That’s why I host a LIVE monthly video call.

Monthly Video Calls

I love these calls. They’re a great way for me to connect with the hardworking, hopeful and curious folks who read my work every week.

Outside of personalized financial advice, nothing is off-limits on these calls.

It’s why Manward Press has come to feel like a family, honestly.

You can even write in during the calls so I can answer your most pressing questions.

I will be there with you through EVERYTHING during our lucrative year together.

But I know this is a new frontier for you.

Just picking up this strategy is easy enough.

But I want you to master it.

So I got in touch with a professional video team to do something extra special for you.

Video Team

These folks are absolutely top-notch.

They’ve worked with Bill O’Reilly, Newt Gingrich, Steve Forbes and many other world-renowned experts.

I told them that I didn’t want to make some boring trading tutorial...

Instead, I want to create an immersive, 360-degree experience.

I want it to feel like you’re in the room with me as I analyze the markets.

These guys did a heck of a job.

I just saw the final cut, and let me tell you...


We call it...

The Alpha Money Flow Master Class

Video Master Class

And it is completely unlike any of the shoddy “how-to” videos you’ve probably seen... and been frustrated by.

I spent A LOT of money on this six-video series, and it’s all up there on the screen.

You’re going to love it. We dig into...

  • The Major Moneymakers: These six **MUST-KNOW** chart patterns show you if a stock’s coiled up and ready to spring.
  • The Undercover Day Trader: This obscure “loophole” enables you to day trade WITHOUT the minimum $25K account balance. There’s no minimum at all if you go this route, which is (of course) BURIED in FINRA’s fine print.
  • The Two-Finger Discount: With just two keystrokes, you can buy and sell expensive stocks like Apple and Amazon at a fraction of the price. This is a bargain hunter’s DREAM.
  • The Magic Hour: Discover the least volatile and most opportunity-packed hour of trading. This is – bar none – my favorite time to trade. And if you like to make things easy for yourself, you should really be trading only during this time.
  • The Perfect Score: Most traders agonize over entry strategies, only to see their gains wiped out by a lousy exit. This exit strategy is your ticket to a clean getaway with all of your profits intact.
  • The Golden Ratio: The No. 1 reason most Main Street investors lose money on stocks is not knowing this “magic” ratio.
  • The Portfolio Autopilot: Just because you take a day off doesn’t mean your portfolio has to. This is how the tech-savvy make their money work for them.

If you’re just getting started with investing, we’ll also go over how to pick a broker, how to make your first trade, how to set exit strategies and more.

Because whether you’re a beginner, an expert or somewhere in the middle...

There’s something for EVERYONE in The Alpha Money Flow Master Class.

I also want to send you...

“The Alpha Money Flow Handbook”


If you like to keep a cheat sheet handy, this next resource is a one-size-fits-all guidebook.

That’s why I’ve taken everything from the Master Class and put it into this full-color guide...

So you can access this info at the drop of a hat just by flipping a page!

When I was cutting my teeth as a financial advisor at Waddell & Reed...

I would have KILLED for a guide like this.

It contains answers to every question you could have about making money.

And it’s free with your subscription to Alpha Money Flow.

I’m also giving you...

A Tablet PRELOADED With Everything You’ll Need to Get Started


The Master Class, the handbook and a few other fun bonuses are all locked and loaded on this state-of-the art tablet.

If you want, you can use it to make trades, listen to the markets and perform due diligence.

And frankly, this tablet is so much more than a trading device.

You can also use it to browse the internet at lightning-fast speeds...

Watch HD movies and TV shows on an airplane...

And keep in touch with your friends and family.

The capabilities of this thing are virtually limitless.

I got one of them last Christmas, and I’m STILL discovering new features.

Once you have the Master Class, the handbook and the tablet...

NOTHING will stand between you and your financial goals.

But first, I want to clear the air and answer the big question on everybody’s mind...

Do I Have to Trade Options to Use This Strategy?

That, my friend, is completely up to you.

Trading options is a powerful, exciting and quick way to build a fortune.

But investing always carries risk, and that is no different with options.

That said, if you don’t want to trade them, you can still get great results from trading regular stocks.

So don’t feel discouraged if you want to stick with what you know!

You can still make a TON of money with my recommendations.

By simply buying and selling the stocks I’ve recommended, you could’ve captured gains of...

Alpha Money Flow Recommendations
  • 46% on Broadridge Financial Solutions
  • 64% on Usana Health Sciences
  • 93% on Aerojet Rocketdyne
  • 238% on ShotSpotter
  • 310% on WW International.

In fact, at the time of this writing, all but one of the stocks in my open Alpha Money Flow model portfolio are up.

Just know that you can approach this however you want... at whatever speed you want... and get the chance to make a lot of money.

Putting $5,000 into each of the stocks I just mentioned would have turned into $62,550.

And I plan to give Alpha Money Flow readers 52 picks in the year ahead.

Now, here’s another question I get all the time...

Do I Need to Day Trade to See Any Real Benefit?

Absolutely not. You do not need to be glued to your computer to set yourself up to rake in big profits.

I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love the outdoors.

I grew up in the country, and I live on a farm in rural Pennsylvania.

I would never ask anyone to run out their time on earth in front of a glowing computer screen.

My mission is to help my readers live better lives.

That’s why I make sure you can act on all of my recommendations with a tablet or smartphone.

Whether you’re hiking in the woods or fishing off a dock...

You can make a trade as soon as the alert hits your inbox.

In less than five minutes, you’ll have placed your trade...

And you can go back to living and loving life.

But now it’s time for you to ask yourself a question.

That question is...

Do I Have What It Takes to Be an Alpha?

Don’t block your own path to financial freedom.

You should take your subscription to Alpha Money Flow very seriously.

Nothing would make me more disappointed than to see you waste these lucrative resources.

Every week, you’re going to see an “Alpha Transmission” in your inbox.

Alpha Transmission

As soon as you see that email, you’d better click on it.

It contains information that could turbocharge your portfolio.

In these emails, you’ll find everything you need to take action...

The name of the stock...

All of my analysis...

Its ticker symbol...

And a corresponding options trade.

If you decide to execute the trade, it’s time to watch for the big jump and potentially start making money.

You shouldn’t have to wait very long – I’ve closed out MASSIVE GAINS in as little as five days.

When that moment comes, you can count on me to promptly blast out a “Cash-Out Notice.”

Cashout Notice

This personally addressed email will lay out “no b.s.” instructions on how to close out your trade and collect any cash.

You can also elect to receive text message alerts whenever I publish an Alpha Transmission or Cash-Out Notice.

That way, you can ensure that this information reaches you as quickly as possible.

And if you ever miss an email, you can always find them securely stored on the Alpha Money Flow website.

I employ a crack team of highly skilled programmers, coders and developers to keep this website updated 24/7.

Alpha Money Flow Wesbite

To Recap, Here’s EVERYTHING You’ll Receive When You Sign Up for Alpha Money Flow Today...

Alpha Money Flow Bundle
  • 12 months of my Alpha Money Flow Trading Research Service (a $4,000 value)
  • My special briefing: “Seven Alpha Trades Set to Skyrocket!” (a $149 value)
  • The Alpha Money Flow Master Class (a $569 value)
  • “The Alpha Money Flow Handbook” (a $329 value)
  • A preloaded state-of-the-art tablet (a $199 value)
  • 12 LIVE video calls (a $499 value)
  • 52 Alpha Transmissions (a $799 value)
  • And a SECRET initiation gift (a $149 value).

I know you’re probably curious about that initiation gift.

You see that big button above?

If you click it now, you’ll find all the details on this high-reward proposal.

Don’t worry – clicking doesn’t obligate you to make a purchase.

After all, I know a lot of readers won’t be able to afford Alpha Money Flow...

Even with the guarantee I offer to every new reader.

It’s a truly elite investment research product. Those who CAN afford it will treasure it.

Because here’s the thing about this product...

Even If You Want to Stake Only $1,000... You Could STILL Capture a Fortune

A $1,000 grubstake – that’s it!

Based on the historical data for my new system, you still could have made $11,664 from DocuSign in 21 days.


With $1,000 down, you could’ve netted $15,500 from Craft Brew Alliance in 40 days...

Craft Brew

Or you could’ve plunked that $1,000 in Fitbit...

And walked away with $16,461 in just 50 days.


Can you imagine checking your brokerage account and finding an extra $16,000 in there?

One big win like that could pay for your subscription several times over!

These are the types of home runs I swing for with Alpha Money Flow.

And these top-performing back test examples show the incredible potential of this newly updated strategy.

My readers know I have the work ethic, integrity and true grit to deliver on these promises.

Let me show you a few of the emails I’ve received recently.

Readers Are RAVING About Alpha Money Flow

I appreciate all the hard work you are doing. I have been following your work and, truly because of you, my 401(k) turned a corner. I gained tremendously on WW International! I’m up 300%.

Vance Rahman

So many of your recommendations hit 100%, I’ve adopted the following habit: Whenever you send out a recommendation, I set an automated sell order at whatever price comes out to a 100% gain! That’s how I booked a 100% gain on GFI!

Bert Rollins

God bless you for WW International. Options are going crazy. I cashed in half the position for a huge gain.

Daryl Rixby

I made $5,652 on that ShotSpotter play. Thanks for another big winner.

Clark Campbell

I got a cool $1,260 profit for selling two contracts of WW. Great pick, my friend! Keep it up!

Doug Miller

I was very impressed by your trade on Celgene. I made 556%. Keep up the good work!

Mel Edmonds

Howdy, Andy! Just a quick note to tell you Celgene turned $258 into $2,038! A 690% GAIN! Thank you!

Sam Cowley

Wow, I sold early this morning for a 960% gain at $24,000. Unbelievable; thank you!!!!

Dick Tomlinson

You’re Only as Good as Your Next Win – and My Next Win Could Be My Biggest One EVER!

I love getting these emails.

But in this business, you’re only as good your next win.

And I know better than to rest on my laurels.

But if the test results I’m seeing from combining the Alpha Code with the Money Flow Tripwire are ANY indication...

This is setting up to be a record-breaking year.

Just look at these gains I’ve shown you today...

Record-Breaking Year
  • $20,000 from PBF Energy in 75 days
  • $20,350 from Lexicon Pharmaceuticals in 21 days
  • $25,000 from Eros International in 21 days
  • $27,425 from Reata Pharmaceuticals in 44 days
  • $29,150 from DocuSign in 21 days
  • $38,750 from Craft Brew Alliance in 40 days
  • $41,150 from Fitbit in 50 days.

There’s really nothing else like Alpha Money Flow in the world.

And I’m extremely protective of this competitive edge.

That’s Why I’m Limiting Alpha Money Flow to ONLY 150 Subscribers Today

I know that’s not very many.

But I like to keep our group tight-knit, and I like to be able to commit to EVERY SINGLE PERSON’S satisfaction.

And because these spots are going to be sought after by tens of thousands of viewers today... I have to make one thing clear...

These Alpha Money Flow subscriptions are final.

I can’t allow anyone to take up a space in this highly coveted trading research service if they don’t plan to keep it.

I want everyone who joins me today to have the chance to profit handsomely.

And we have to keep it small to make sure it maintains maximum effectiveness.

The Alpha Code is my most valuable secret.

If everyone knows about it, it will no longer be an advantage.

Out of respect for my loyal subscribers, I REFUSE to let that happen to Alpha Money Flow.

So my limit will be strictly enforced.

I’m letting in 150 people today. Not 160. Not even 151.

I want to keep OUR group small so YOUR profits can be gigantic.

And I’m so committed to your success that I’ll do what no financial guru would ever DREAM of doing...

My “Double the Doubles” Guarantee...

Andy's Guarantee

If you follow my model portfolio, I guarantee that you will receive 22 chances to double your money in the coming year.

That’s twice the number of 100% gains I delivered last year.

Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if I blew right past that number. That’s how FIRED UP I am about the Alpha Code.

And if I don’t deliver 22 doubles in the next twelve months, feel free to call up my Member Services Team.

They’ll give you a full credit on your subscription.

That’s another year of Alpha Money Flow... on me.

This research service is the result of thousands of hours of manpower...

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If you want to discover how to make REAL MONEY in the stock market...

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Your Future Self Will Thank You

This is your big chance to completely change your financial situation.

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It’s time to make a move.

Go ahead and click that “I Want to Be an Alpha” button below.

It’ll redirect you to a page detailing your Alpha Money Flow subscription and the initiation gift I mentioned earlier.

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As a refresher, if you join me today, you’ll receive...

Alpha Money Flow Bundle
  • 12 months of Alpha Money Flow (a $4,000 value)
  • My special briefing: “Seven Alpha Trades Set to Skyrocket!” (a $149 value)
  • The Alpha Money Flow Master Class (a $569 value)
  • “The Alpha Money Flow Handbook” (a $329 value)
  • A preloaded state-of-the-art tablet (a $199 value)
  • 12 video calls (a $499 value)
  • 52 Alpha Transmissions (a $799 value)
  • And a SECRET initiation gift (a $149 value).

That’s nearly $7,000 in total value.

I’ve made this service as accessible as possible to everyday folks.

The only thing standing in your way now... is YOU.

Be well,

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Andrew Snyder
Founder, Manward Press
February 2020