This is it. The stars have finally aligned...

Technical Trading Expert Andy Snyder Reveals

Three Coins to Profit From 2021: The Year of Crypto

A Powerful [Hidden] Force Was Discovered in Three Small Cryptos... Before They Went On to Become the Best-Performing Assets of 2020!

Now This Same Force Has Appeared in THREE NEW CRYPTOS, Pinpointing Them as the Biggest Potential Winners of 2021

Hi, I’m Andy Snyder.

I’m about to expose a cold, hard fact you’ll rarely hear spoken about in the media.

It should be shouted from the rooftops...

Over the past 12 months, Bitcoin beat the S&P 500... 18 TIMES OVER.

That’s insane! In a year defined by MASSIVE market moves, crypto was the single greatest-performing asset in 2020.

The world’s most famous crypto, Bitcoin, swelled from a market cap of $134 billion to more than $500 billion... a 275% jump in 12 months!

But what Bitcoin did was mere child’s play compared with the three biggest winners in crypto...

  • CEL jumped 3,593%!
  • KSM was up a stunning 5,518%
  • And AAVE went up 9,503%.

$1,000 in each would have turned into $189,140!

Even the most popular stocks on Wall Street couldn’t touch crypto’s top performers.

Just look at how the S&P’s three biggest gainers size up against the best crypto had to offer. These are full-year percentage gains, from January to December 2020...

It’s not even close.

Cryptos dominated once again – with gains 10 times bigger than those of stocks.

It’s a pattern we’ve seen over and over... year after year... since Bitcoin first hit the scene 10 years ago.

In 2019, for instance, the top three cryptos were up an average of 3,086%.

The top three stocks? They were up barely half that amount.

Even in 2018, the worst year on record for crypto... the top three coins produced an average gain of 975%... while the S&P actually lost 6%.

But listen. We all know that hindsight is worthless in the investment world. And I will remind you that past performance is no guarantee of future success.

So I’m not going to waste your time talking about what might have been.

I’m sharing these numbers with you only because I’ve discovered something VERY important.

Something I think could make you a lot of money.

You see, my research shows that a singular force appeared before EVERY big crypto move I just listed.

It appeared on August 24... just before CEL kicked off a bull run that sealed its spot as the third-best investment of 2020.

It appeared on May 14... just before KSM went on a 614% run in 111 days...

And on May 1... right before LEND started with a 1,688% gain, took a breather... and then KEPT going!

As of January, it was up more than 2,500%.

That’s quite impressive.

And it should go without saying, but I’ll say it now...

There is inherent risk in trading cryptos. That’s just a fact. You’re not going to see huge swings like these without having to deal with some volatility.

There were losers in the crypto market last year... just like there were losers in stocks... options... or anywhere else you might place a speculative trade.

But the winners?


As you’ve seen, there’s no other asset that can touch them.

If you want a shot at explosive plays like those, then you need to learn how to spot the force I’m here to tell you about.

It helps unlock the biggest profit opportunities... in what may be the best-performing asset class we’ve ever seen.

Here’s why that’s so important... and why I’m coming to you today...

The very same force that was seen in the lead-up to blockbuster crypto gains in 2020 is now appearing once again in three obscure coins.

And it indicates that they could soon catapult to all-time highs.

Better yet... I’m convinced the gains will be quicker and bigger than anything we’ve seen to date.

If you know what to look for (it’s actually quite easy to spot), you could land a windfall in 2021.

Because mark my words...

THIS will be the “Year of Crypto.”

Thanks to a few key factors, it’s clear the historic gains we saw in 2020 were just a preview... a tease of what’s to come.

But now the stars have fully aligned. And cryptocurrencies are taking their spot at the CENTER of the financial universe.

Just consider...

For the first time ever, we’ve got the biggest banks on Earth – Bank of America, Citigroup, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, UBS and more – pouring into cryptos and blockchain technology.

On its own, Bank of America has applied for or holds at least 82 blockchain-related patents.

Fidelity just launched its own Bitcoin fund...

Pension fund managers, insurance companies and public company treasurers are buying up Bitcoin...

Billionaires like Paul Tudor Jones, Alan Howard and Bill Miller – guys who once laughed at this trend – are suddenly embracing crypto... some even calling Bitcoin “undervalued.”

Miller allocated HALF of his MVP 1 hedge fund to Bitcoin back in 2017. Today the fund is worth more than $40 million.

According to Miller, “The Bitcoin story is very easy. It's supply and demand. Bitcoin's supply is growing at around 2.5% a year, and the demand is growing faster than that, and there's going to be a fixed number of them.”

PayPal and Square just made it easier than ever for their hundreds of millions of customers to buy and exchange cryptocurrencies...

They’re buying up every new Bitcoin that hits the market... and sending prices soaring!

It may be the most bullish sign for Bitcoin we’ve ever seen.

Even JPMorgan Chase – the world’s most valuable bank – is getting in on the action with its own “JPM Coin” digital currency.

Now, a lot of this activity would’ve been unthinkable a couple of years ago.

But thanks to macro factors like our soaring national debt... a declining dollar... and the rise of central bank digital currencies...

The floodgates have finally opened.

As hedge fund manager Eric Peters recently told Bloomberg...

“There is going to be a generational allocation to this new asset class...

“The flows have only just begun.”

In other words... crypto is going mainstream.

Soon a wave of cash unlike anything we’ve ever seen will hit digital currencies... and a select few will shoot to the moon.

But the key is... figuring out which cryptos will be the top performers.

That’s what you need to be focused on.

And I’m convinced the biggest gains will go to the folks who know how to harness the hidden force I’m about to show you.

The same force that showed up on Bitcoin’s chart back on March 18, 2020... before it went on a run of more than 425% over the next nine months.

It appeared on Kyber’s chart on June 8... before it quickly doubled, peaking at 129% less than a month after the force first appeared...

And on Waves’ chart on November 4... right before this crypto took off, at its peak nearly tripling in only 33 days!

So stick with me. Over the next few minutes, I’ll show you the simple trick I use to uncover this force before cryptos start soaring...

And I’ll tell you about the THREE NEW COINS that could go sky-high in the days ahead. Based on what I’ve just seen in their charts, I think they could very well be the top cryptos of 2021.

Pay close attention to what follows... and be prepared to jot down some important notes.

I don’t think you’ll get another shot this cheap and with this much upside potential again.

How a Single Force Is Driving Tiny Cryptos Sky-High

So let’s get right to it.

What exactly is this force and how does it work?

Let me show you with some more top examples we found looking back at the market.

You can see it here in OMG Network’s chart. Notice that red and green section at the bottom?

It’s a simple measure of the buying and selling pressure on cryptos.

When it’s red... that means there is more selling pressure driving the crypto down.

When it’s green... that means buying pressure is driving the crypto higher.

Simple enough, right?

But it’s deadly effective.

And with OMG Network, when it flipped from negative to positive on August 1, that would’ve suggested to you that OMG was just days away from taking investors on a ride.

And boy did it...

As you can see, over the 21 days that followed, OMG’s price soared a whopping 508%!

If you had timed the market perfectly, my research shows that every $10,000 invested would’ve turned into more than $60,000... in only three weeks.

If you’ve been investing a while, you know... there are hardly any stock opportunities that offer this kind of upside.

You might score a huge gain like that now and again from an options trade.

But crypto is a whole different ballgame. Plus, unlike options, most coins don’t expire worthlessly each month.

In exchange for an added bit of volatility, the potential gains with crypto are MUCH higher.

Ready for another example?

You can see the force at work here in Chainlink’s chart...

Again, we flip from negative to positive territory around the start of April...

Then this fast-growing crypto shifts into overdrive...

An investment made on April 10 would’ve doubled by July 12...

And tripled by August 4...

Before ultimately peaking at a near-500% gain on August 15.

Here’s another...

Again, we flip from negative to positive here in EKT’s chart...

When it was all said and done, this virtually unknown coin was up to peaks of more than 1,100% in less than a year.

Just 246 days.

How many 10X winners did YOU bag last year?

Think about how it would feel if you could capture just one or two gains like this in 2021...

Even if you invested just a few bucks, it could totally alter your wealth-building strategy.

That’s why it’s so critical for you to follow closely. If you’re interested in getting the chance to score a big crypto win, then you need to understand how this incredible force works.

My team and I have pored over half a decade’s worth of data... and studied hundreds of cryptos.

What we’ve found is nothing short of amazing.

We’re talking about triple-digit moves in as little as seven days...

And one exceptional peak gain of 17,223% in a single year!

That’s crazy, I know. Way above the norm – for cryptos or any other market on the planet.

And it's easy to spot these peak gains looking back.

I’m simply sharing these examples with you to illustrate how this force works... and how powerful it can be when spotted in cryptos.

I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t appreciate an edge in crypto.

This market is explosive right now.

But, by nature, cryptos can be volatile. Many are small – smaller, even, than penny stocks. So it’s a good idea to spread your risk around among several coins at once.

While it's always possible to lose money – which is true with any investment – we’re looking to hit enough home runs to overshadow any losses.

As I said... you need an edge.

That’s why spotting this force is so crucial.

Once it appears in a crypto’s chart... it’s like an alarm bell screaming “Buy! Buy! Buy!”

And the reason is simple.

It’s an indisputable law of nature...

An Absolute in Nature... and Investing

Have you ever seen a river during a drought?

It’s a sad sight. Without those precious inflows of water, a miles-wide river can shrivel to practically nothing.

Throughout history, there have been periods when even the Mighty Mississippi has shrunk down to a mere trickle.

Some rivers dry up permanently... and move.

But there is a flip side...

We all know what happens when it rains...

You’ve seen what a river can look like during a wet season... when it POURS for days on end.

When huge volumes of water spill into a riverbed – even a dry one – for a sustained period of time, the results are astounding...

All of a sudden, what once was dry, cracked earth is transformed into an explosive force of nature!

It can’t be stopped.

It’s as reliable as it is powerful.

And the forces of nature hold true in investing as well.

When investors only trickle into an investment, it goes nowhere.

But when a gushing river of investors pours in, the power is unstoppable.

The whole game of investing boils down to figuring out where investor money is flowing now.

And we track that by looking at volume, which is my specialty.

Especially crypto volume.

Massive volume is the force that sent cryptos surging to unthinkable heights over the past several years...

And pushed Bitcoin to a record-breaking high.

In nature, a sudden surge in volume can create epic floods...

And in the financial world, the energy a surge creates can lead to huge profits.

The powerful role volume plays is unquestionable.

And in my 20 years of analyzing financial markets – whether I’m looking at stocks, gold or crypto – I’ve found that when a specific type of volume appears, it’s THE No. 1 PREDICTOR of a sudden run-up in price.

Knowing how to spot it is a game changer.

It has completely changed the way I trade stocks and options.

And it’s very effective in stocks.

Let’s look at Stitch Fix, for example.

I recommended this stock to my subscribers on May 15, 2020. A big surge in volume had alerted me that interest in Stitch Fix was mounting.

I told my readers that a “fresh surge of buying activity” could send shares climbing any day. And boy was I right.

As you can see, volume continued to build throughout the summer. And almost in lockstep, the stock price pushed higher and higher.

By November, our recommended position had doubled...

And on December 29, we closed out the play for a 212% return in 228 days.

We saw the same kind of thing when we looked at Covanta, another one of my premium picks from last year...

A rush in volume created a volume spike on April 22. When I saw THIS...

It suggested that something BIG was about to happen to this unremarkable waste management stock.

And volume doesn’t lie...

Just 51 days later, we closed our position for a near-40% gain. The options did even better – up 116%.

That’s great...

But it still doesn’t touch crypto.

Looking back at the markets, the peaks I’ve seen in crypto have been otherworldly...

The gains generated by using volume-tracking are on a whole nother level.

For example, going back to the end of 2017...

If you had spotted this special type of volume when it appeared in Loopring’s chart, you could’ve gotten in before this tiny crypto rocketed 849% in 39 days!

Or how about an even quicker surge in price...

Historical analysis shows SwissBorg saw the same type of volume on June 4, 2020.

It blew up more than 400% over the next 14 days.

Then there was MonaCoin, a little-known coin that saw this special type of volume appear in its chart on April 2, 2019...

And then jumped 96% in 18 days... and went on to soar 517% over the 60 days that followed.

Tally them all up. We’re talking 849%... 433%... and 517% gains...

They’re exceptional. But these are the sort of rare returns that – if you captured just one a year – could be life-altering.

$300,000 Bitcoin... This Year?

The money you could earn from these kinds of crypto trades doesn’t just buy stuff.

It buys FREEDOM.

Freedom from worrying about when that next check will arrive... or whether you can afford to go on the big family vacation this year.

But in order to get to that level, you have to make the CHOICE to do things differently. To find a new approach that can deliver for you.

As I’ve already said... I think the most exciting opportunities – the big rushes of water – are still around the bend.

We’ve got analysts calling for $300,000 Bitcoin... this year!

That’s crazy.

And hey, if it happens, I won’t be mad about it. But the point is this...

Crypto’s future has never been brighter.

If you haven’t bought in already... you need to do so now, before the biggest gains are behind us.

I’ll tell you about the THREE SMALL COINS I think could outperform Bitcoin to become the top plays of 2021 in just a minute.

I just want to make sure you understand something crucial about how I found them.

What Few Folks Know

I need to be clear about this...

Spotting the unique type of volume I’ve been telling you about isn’t as simple as sticking out your hand out and “feeling for rain.”

If it were, everyone would do this.

As you’ve seen, I don’t measure volume with the red and green bars that appear at the bottom of most stock charts.

That’s what your average investor uses.

And it doesn’t work very well.

After all, take a look at it...

Would you be able to look at that volume chart and know when the time to buy is?

Is it when the lines are tallest? When they are getting bigger? When they are green?

It’s confusing.

My special volume chart – what I call the Liberty Indicator – is simple, though.

When there’s a crossover from red to green, it means buying pressure has just overtaken selling pressure.

The higher the indicator goes into the green, the stronger the buying pressure.

This tells me there’s a significant and – more importantly – sustained inflow of cash hitting a potential investment.

Using this indicator has worked for me in stocks. And now, for the first time, it’s become available in cryptos.

Just this past year, I started applying it to cryptos. And after a few early successes, I decided to do a deeper historical dive into crypto volume data.

Across hundreds of cryptos... and going back as far as the numbers allowed... I’ve seen that my powerful Liberty Indicator could have performed incredibly well with digital currencies.

Looking back, we see it at work in this chart of the crypto Celsius. Once again, let’s zoom in on that line that represents the Liberty Indicator. You can think of it as a sort of “tripwire.”

When the line crosses over from negative to positive, it means that, on average, there has been positive money flow for at least 20 days... and sometimes as many as 50 days.

It’s an extremely bullish signal.

When I see it, it alerts me that a big move could be coming up.

And in the case of Celsius, “big” would have been an understatement...

It crossed over on August 24 and stayed above the line for days and days.

And within 30 days, its price DOUBLED. But that was only the beginning...

By late December, this once-tiny crypto was up 1,443%!

TFUEL had an even more rapid ascent last May...

13 days after my Liberty Indicator flipped from red to green, it was up a whopping 900%...

These are some of the best examples we could find when looking back at the crypto markets. But just imagine 10X’ing your money in two weeks’ time.

One more...

You can see here in VeChain’s chart that the Liberty Indicator could have been “tripped” on May 16.

By early August, we were looking at a 400% gain.

Throughout our historical analysis, we saw it happen again and again.

That’s what happens when the explosive force of crypto meets the power of my Liberty Indicator.

The Next Big Thing(s)

What many folks don’t realize is that cryptos aren’t all that different from stocks. Each has its own unique story... and backing investors who think it’s the next big thing.

For example, last year’s top-performing crypto, Aave, is disrupting the lending space. Its specialized technology enables users to borrow from and loan to each other without any middlemen. The blockchain keeps everyone honest.

It’s like Bitcoin. As you probably know, it began its life as the first decentralized online payment network.

And Ethereum is based around the idea of totally secure smart contracts. The applications of its technology are practically limitless.

Now, whether or not you’re interested in what these cryptos actually do, the point is this...

These amazing innovations have clearly gotten investors excited.

Very excited.

You don’t need to understand how the iPhone works to invest in Apple. All you need to know is that 100 million people around the world want one.

They think what Apple’s producing is the best of the best.

And the same can be said about the three small coins my Liberty Indicator just pointed me to.

The first crypto I want you to learn about today launched in 2019. It was developed by a well-regarded computer scientist with some big corporate backing.

Its powerful technology has applications in 5G... artificial intelligence... and even copyright management.

The possibilities are truly limitless. But I won't bog us down in technobabble. Like I said, what’s important here is the surging demand for the coin itself.

Because that’s where the profits come from.

And I can tell you, this coin JUST crossed the line and triggered my Liberty Indicator.

Buying pressure is mounting. That means a sudden run-up is likely already on its way.

Right now it’s priced at less than a dollar. But I don’t think things will stay this way for long.

Based on the type of volume I’m seeing – not to mention the buzz surrounding this hot up-and-comer – I think we could be in for a significant jump indeed...  

Next we have another tech-focused crypto – this time with an emphasis on the Internet of Things (IoT).

This unique coin is changing the way folks think about the blockchain. Its core technology makes it possible for IoT devices to safely conduct transactions.

Again, we won’t get caught up in the details here. The point is: This coin is HOT.

It’s garnered some big fans (and investors) in big tech and big auto – including one well-known firm with an $80 billion market cap.

Like our previous coin, it crossed the Liberty Indicator just days ago. That means it’s primed for takeoff.

I think its future is very bright. But with buying volume swelling like it is... it doesn’t really matter what I think.

All that matters is that investors are targeting it and pouring cash in.

Again, that’s what actually moves these things.

The data strongly suggests that this small crypto – currently trading for pennies on the dollar – is headed skyward.

And that brings us to our third coin...

It has the smallest market capitalization of any of the coins we’ve looked at. But as the saying goes, sometimes good things come in small packages...

It’s currently working alongside Google, IBM and Microsoft, among others.

I especially like it because its technology is “cross-chain,” meaning it can be used across multiple blockchains.

Whether that means anything to you or not, it’s a HUGE deal for folks both in and outside the crypto space.

Its mission has brought it to the forefront of tech... putting it shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Oracle and the other giants that dominate the space.

And those high-profile projects mean this tiny crypto won’t stay tiny for long.

In fact, our Liberty Indicator shows the news has already begun to filter out...

This little-known coin – trading right now for just under $10 – just crossed the Liberty Indicator.

It’s on the verge of breaking out... and soon.

Blasting Off in 2021

I couldn’t be more excited about the potential of these coins.

As I said, I’m confident they’ll not only overtake Bitcoin... but could also very well be the top three assets of 2021.

The potential is HUGE.

Don’t forget how last year’s best cryptos performed...

  • AAVE – 9,503%
  • KSM – 5,518%
  • CEL – 3,593%.

Just $1,000 in each would be worth more than $189,000 today.

And that was while the crypto frenzy was still heating up in the last couple of months of the year!

As I said earlier... 2021 will be the Year of Crypto.

It isn’t like that’s some kind of “bold” prediction, either.

Reuters is already reporting record volume among crypto exchanges in 2021.

Daily trading volumes hit $68.3 billion – up 421% from last year’s average!

At least 30 coins were up by double or triple digits within the first five days of the new year...

And Ether and Bitcoin have already blown past the records they set last year.

It’s clear that 2021 is shaping up to deliver crypto profits unlike anything we’ve ever seen. The time to get in... is NOW.

In fact, this might just be the PERFECT time to get into crypto.

Perfect Timing

Get this.

Forbes recently published a list of 26 institutional investors – some with more than $5 billion in assets under management – that took big positions in Bitcoin last year.

The institutions are going absolutely crypto-crazy right now.

Hedge fund One River just announced that it had quietly bought a whopping $600 million worth of Bitcoin and other cryptos.

The fund pledged to grow its stake significantly more in 2021.

MicroStrategy, a publicly traded tech leader, is another one that’s loading up.

Over the past 12 months, it’s invested more than one billion dollars of its reserves in Bitcoin.

Let me say that again... ONE BILLION DOLLARS!

According to CEO Michael Saylor, the decision was a no-brainer. He calls Bitcoin “superior to cash.”

Just imagine what will happen when even more companies – mega-corporations like Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook – start throwing their weight around.

Prices will EXPLODE.

Clearly, we’re not the only ones who see the writing on the wall.

Demand from institutions and big businesses has helped send Bitcoin skyrocketing to record heights.

It’s a simmering trend that will boil over in 2021.

Anthony Pompliano, a fund manager and founder of Pomp Investments, recently told Forbes...

“I think that we will see very, very, very large companies – Fortune 100-, Fortune 500-type companies – putting Bitcoin on their balance sheets in 2021.”

He’s right.

And it’s already happening.

PayPal – No. 182 on the Fortune 500 – recently made a landmark move and jumped headfirst into Bitcoin. Last December, it was reported that the company was buying all new Bitcoin that hits the market.

But Bitcoin isn’t the only crypto feeling the love.

Ether – the second-largest crypto and another big winner last year – has seen a huge influx of institutional dollars.

Bloomberg reports that the Grayscale Ethereum Trust – a fund that tracks Ether’s price – saw quarterly investments jump from $20 million in 2019 to $204 million in 2020.

That’s a 900% increase!

Litecoin’s story is even crazier...

At one point last summer, demand for Litecoin became SO HEATED that the big fish were willing to pay a 1,200% premium just to get a piece of Litecoin!

Imagine wanting something so bad that you’re willing to pay 12 times the price!

The data makes it perfectly clear: Big investors can’t get enough crypto.

Just look at what all this demand did to the price of Bitcoin, Ether and Litecoin last year:

These three cryptos smoked every index imaginable, ending the year up a respective 277%... 215%... and 466%.

But here’s the real secret...

Certain smaller altcoins did even better!

They rode the momentum created by their larger counterparts and captured new investors’ attention along the way.

And as a result... 

  • CHSB went up 2,727%
  • ZIL went up 1,689%
  • REN went up 918%
  • And THETA went up 1,641%!

And yes, before they took off, every single one of those coins – not to mention their bigger brethren like Bitcoin – were hit by the same force I’ve told you about today.

I think there’s no better place to start than with the three small coins I’ve just uncovered. After all...

I’m quite confident that my research – with the help of my Liberty Indicator – will nail these kinds of moves in 2021.

When the Liberty Indicator goes off, it tells me buying pressure has been mounting for some time. Volume is steadily building... and prices are likely to follow suit.

At this exact moment, I’m seeing a huge jump in volume for these three cryptos...

Don’t Miss Out on the Year’s Top Plays

I have every reason to believe they could soon be the hottest plays of 2021.

That’s why I’ve just published my brand-new crypto action report with all the important details. It’s called “Stars Aligned: Three Must-Own Coins in the Year of Crypto.”

In it, you’ll discover the names of my three favorite cryptos... the fascinating stories and people behind them... and what my Liberty Indicator is saying about them right now.

Most importantly, I’ll give you step-by-step instructions on how to buy all three. Don’t worry, it’s not complicated. It should take you less than 20 minutes, total, to read.

Just 20 minutes and you’ll be tapped into what I predict will be three of the top-performing assets in the world this year.  

It’s all in my just-published crypto action report, “Stars Aligned: Three Must-Own Coins in the Year of Crypto.”

It’s free to anybody who’s part of my premium trading research service Andy Snyder’s Alpha Money Flow.

Let me tell you... If you’re excited about Bitcoin, crypto and everything else you’ve heard about today, you will LOVE Alpha Money Flow.

It’s the award-winning service where I use my Liberty Indicator to help me spot the biggest opportunities in stocks... options... and – new in 2021 – crypto!

That’s right... now that I’ve seen just how powerful the results can be, I’ve made cryptos a permanent fixture of Alpha Money Flow.

My subscribers have been asking for it. And now that I’ve taken a look at how my favorite indicator would have performed in the past, one thing is perfectly clear...

The Liberty Indicator isn’t just capable of signaling the best stocks and options trades... it works like gangbusters on crypto too!

Let me quickly show you once more...

Look at this chart for Seele-N. This tiny altcoin could have tripped the Liberty Indicator on September 8, 2019. You don’t have to guess what happened next...

An 853% return in less than three months!

Or what about ADA? It could’ve crossed the Liberty Indicator on March 17, 2020...

Just before this tiny crypto jumped 550% in 119 days.

Then there’s ICX.

If you had been watching when it crossed the Liberty Indicator on January 25, 2020, you could’ve had the chance to more than triple your money... in just over a week!

Amazing. I only wish I had applied my Liberty Indicator to crypto sooner!

As I said, it’s my way to get an edge on this explosive but volatile market.

Because cryptos can move fast in both directions, they’re best reserved for your gambling money – not your retirement portfolio.

But there’s no denying that with that risk comes massive reward potential.

That’s why I’m making crypto a top focus in 2021.

Just consider what my historical analysis turned up last year...

In 2020, I found 51 top examples where cryptos would have crossed my Liberty Indicator...

They could have led to outsized gains of 648%...  344%... and even as high as 1,443%.

And in 2021, I believe we’re going to have dozens of chances to hit up big crypto moves for profit opportunities.

We’re going to start by tapping into the three coins detailed in my report, “Stars Aligned: Three Must-Own Coins in the Year of Crypto.”

As you’ll learn, these small coins have more upside potential than any investment you’re likely to find this year.

I could see them easily overtaking last year’s top-yielding cryptos.

With the Liberty Indicator already triggered, the ride to the top could start any minute, so I’m urging you to get all the details now.

I want to rush you a copy of my special crypto action report today. Once you have it, I’m confident you’ll be up and running in minutes.

So here’s what I propose...

I’ll Send You Everything You Need to Get Started

Sign up for a one-year subscription to Alpha Money Flow and I’ll send you “Stars Aligned: Three Must-Own Coins in the Year of Crypto” right away.

I’ll have it in your inbox just as soon as your order processes.

From there, I’ll be finding you new cryptos that trigger the Liberty Indicator every month. The way markets are exploding right now, I expect to deliver between 18 and 24 new crypto recommendations over the coming year... along with weekly stocks and options plays, also uncovered with the help of my trusty Liberty Indicator.

I’m anticipating a lot of big winners over the course of the year.

And not only that...

You’ll receive immediate access to every elite benefit you’re entitled to as a new Alpha Money Flow subscriber, including...

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But we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention some of last year’s big options wins. Like...

  • Zillow – up 384% in 54 days
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I’m proud of those gains. I’m excited to bring my subscribers plenty more of them in 2021.

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387% in 77 days... 550% in 119 days... 1,107% in less than a year...

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2021 will be the Year of Crypto...

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Right now, my Liberty Indicator is telling me that those three cryptos are gobbling up more than their fair share of that huge inflow of money...

They could start to take off any day now.

I’d hate for you to miss out.

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With any other asset, that might sound crazy. I have not recommended a gain of that size in the past. Our biggest return last year was 450% in 47 days – from an options play on Canadian Solar. But given the volume action I’m seeing in the crypto markets... not to mention all of the macro trends pushing cryptos to the center of the financial universe... I’m more than confident I can deliver.

If I fail... I’ll give you another complete year of Alpha Money Flow on the house.

That’s a $4,000 value, absolutely FREE.

Got that?

If I don’t give you the opportunity to 10X your money with crypto – I will personally pay for your second year of Alpha Money Flow.

But I highly doubt that will happen.

As I said... last year was just a preview of what’s to come for cryptos.

By the end of 2020, more than 50 coins were up by triple or quadruple digits. The top 10 performers were up by a combined 30,600%!

You’re still with me at this point. You’ve seen the strength of my Liberty Indicator. So I’m sure you can understand why I have no qualms making such a guarantee.

But with all that said...

Given the incredible value of the offer I’m making you today, including...

The urgent crypto research I’m prepared to send you...

The ironclad guarantee...

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It wouldn’t be fair to my other subscribers... and it’s certainly not fair to me or my team.

Should you decide crypto is not right for you, I will happily issue you a credit that can be applied toward one of my other popular stock trading research services.

But if you’re serious about seeing the chance at capturing big crypto gains over the next 12 months, then I am absolutely thrilled to be your guide.

My Liberty Indicator has given me a strong signal that the three cryptos in my report “Stars Aligned: Three Must-Own Coins in the Year of Crypto” are on the verge of taking off.

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The rest is up to YOU.

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You’ll be glad you did.

Be well,

Andy Snyder
January 2021



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