Americans endured the Great Depression of 1929... the Great Recession of 2008... but NOTHING will compare to the battle that lies ahead:

The Great Devastation of 2021

“I thought the Great Recession was once in a lifetime, but this is much worse.” – S&P Global Chief U.S. Economist

WARNING: The following message contains shocking information that will be disturbing to some audiences. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.
You CAN protect your family and your wealth... but only if you take these five critical steps TODAY. Read more below.

Hi, I’m Andy Snyder.

I’m an author, economic analyst and former government insider. And I’m coming to you today with an urgent warning.

I’m going to reveal a grim truth about the real state of our union.

You will not hear this on prime-time television or the cable news networks.

But it’s the reality that every American... especially concerned investors and retirees... must face right now.

America is on its knees.

Even as many in power swear that the worst of the economic shutdown is behind us... I’m here to tell you that the consequences have only just begun.

The coronavirus crisis... along with the economic lockdown the government forced down our throats... has created a long-term disaster unlike anything we’ve faced before.

This isn’t a matter of opinion.

You can see it all around us...

Bankruptcies are soaring.

Some 100,000 small businesses have already gone under. And 72% of those still hanging on say the outbreak will have permanent effects...

Unemployment is out of control.

Some 46 million people have lost their jobs.

Debts are going unpaid.

Americans have stopped making payments on nearly 100 million accounts, including mortgages... credit cards... car payments... student loans... and more.

As the defaults stack up, the Fed confirms that banks could face at least $700 billion in loan losses.

Tax revenue for state and local governments is drying up as the economy tanks.

Soon we won’t have the money to fund schools... fire departments... police... or the basic functions of government.

Even our wealthiest cities are running out of money. At the same time, many are descending into lawless chaos like we’ve never seen before.

And in a matter of just a few weeks, the federal government added $3 TRILLION to our debt... more than twice the new debt created in all of 2019... with more and more piling up every day.

In the first three months of the crisis alone, Washington was close to spending as much money as it cost America to fight the Revolutionary War... the Civil War... and BOTH World Wars... combined.

And yes... that’s adjusted for inflation.

Here’s what Chris Rupkey, chief financial economist at Mitsubishi Financial Group, said when he analyzed our collapse...

“We have never seen economic data like this before in history.”

Yale School of Management senior lecturer Stephen Roach said...

“The economy is in the biggest hole it’s ever been in.”

And S&P Global’s chief U.S. economist stated, “I thought the Great Recession was once in a lifetime, but this is much worse.”

It’s all true.

But here’s the thing...

It’s all just the tip of the iceberg compared with what’s coming next.

What we are about to experience is infinitely worse.

Nouriel Roubini, the NYU economist who predicted the Great Recession back in 2006, says we’re headed for a decade of depression.

What we’re facing in the coming months and years is something truly unprecedented.

Textbooks won’t call it another Great Recession...

They won’t call it the second Great Depression...

It will go down as the worst economic disaster of all time...

The Great Devastation.

What the government recklessly attempted with the economic lockdown has never been done before.

And as I’m about to show you, it has set off a cascading effect that will devastate vast sectors of the U.S. economy for years to come.

Bloomberg is already calling it “a lost decade” for Latin America. And researchers warn that the U.S. may not be far behind.

Because make no mistake...

The events that will unfold have the power to undo a lifetime of hard work, savings and dreams...

Rob your family of its wealth and future...

And turn the American dream into a nightmare.

Some will face total financial ruin. Yet others will actually prosper like never before.

That’s why today, I’m on a mission to reveal the truth... and outline the five steps you must take RIGHT NOW to safeguard your family and your wealth.

If you want to survive the devastating events that I believe are about to unfold in the United States... and perhaps even reach new levels of financial freedom...

It’s critical that you read this controversial message in its entirety...

Before it gets censored, silenced or “canceled.”

As I said a moment ago, my name is Andy Snyder...

And as a former government insider, I’ve had my fair share of run-ins with Washington elites.

I’ve gone up against federal agencies in hearing rooms.

I’ve sat in closed-door meetings with senators and secretaries of commerce.

I’ve dined with presidential candidates.

I’ve gone fishing in Alaska with America’s largest private landowner, a close pal of Ted Turner.

Perhaps you’ve seen my appearances on networks like Fox News... or heard me on various radio programs.

Maybe you’ve read one of my popular books... or one of the thousands of financial columns I’ve penned in numerous outlets over the years.

I’ve made some bold financial predictions in the past.

And the thing is... I’m usually right.

I predicted the bankruptcy of GM back in 2009, four months before it went under.

Then, in 2010, I helped Americans through the Obamacare overhaul.

I recognized there would be big winners and losers... so I guided my people into UnitedHealth Group.

It was $31 a share back then. But it recently hit $303, reaching a big gain of 877%.

A year later, I said that the defense sector was set to surge... I told readers about Heico, a leading aerospace company that doesn’t get much mainstream attention.

It went from $18 per share to $104 per share... a massive 477% gain.

I’ve helped lead people just like you to potentially life-changing wealth... even as disaster struck. As you’ll see in just a few moments, that’s exactly what I plan to do today.

But my warnings aren’t limited to the financial market.

Far from it.

In 2018, I predicted Democrats would stop at nothing until they found a way to impeach President Trump.

And they did so, despite his record-high approval rating at the time.

I said China would be the biggest economic story of 2019... and that tensions with the Chinese would plant the seeds for the next Cold War.

I warned that politics would consume society and create a greater divide than ever before... perhaps even pushing us to what feels like the brink of a new civil war.

All of it came to pass.

You could say I have a knack for seeing how big-picture events like these will unfold, sometimes years in advance. 

And what I see coming next is unlike anything we’ve experienced before.

I first warned my readers about the coronavirus back on January 25, 2020.

There were only two confirmed cases in the U.S. at the time.

The World Health Organization hadn’t even declared it an emergency yet.

I knew it could cause some major problems if it got out of hand...

But I never thought they’d try something as crazy as shutting down the economy.

No matter what the mainstream media tells you, the REAL crisis wasn’t the virus. It was our unprecedented response to it.

As I’m about to prove to you... shutting down businesses in America and all over the world will haunt us for decades.

A devastating chain of events has begun that will not be resolved for years.

And the fallout will cripple Americans’ wealth in ways we’ve NEVER seen before in our country.

I’m talking about massive bankruptcies, unemployment, debt, failing businesses and more.

Worse than the Great Recession.

And yes... even worse than the Great Depression.

Chief economist Chris Rupkey confirms...

“This isn’t a recession, and it cannot even really be called a depression . . . [It] defies everything economists have seen in the last century.”

As you’re about to see, the REAL numbers... the ones you’ll never hear reported in the mainstream media... are unlike any we’ve seen before.

I’m about to show you how this chain of events will lead to the Great Devastation.

Seeds of Devastation

It starts with jobs.

They were the “canary in the coal mine.”

The first thing to go when all of this started...

In April 2020 alone, 20.5 million Americans lost their jobs.

We’ve NEVER seen numbers like that.

The last time we even came close?

It was back in September 1945, just after World War II ended. The U.S. lost 1.96 million jobs that month.

That was bad.

But the staggering number we saw in April 2020 was more than 10 times that.

What about the Great Recession?

That was bad too.

In November 2008, the worst month of the Great Recession, we lost 533,000 jobs.

At the time, it was considered catastrophic.

But the April 2020 number – 20.5 million – is 38 times bigger!

It’s why The New York Times called the April 2020 jobs report a “portrait of devastation.”

But it was even worse than the Times reported...

I’ve confirmed that there’s one shocking detail buried in the April 2020 jobs report.

The Department of Labor put 8.1 million people in the wrong category!

The data shows these folks should have been in the “unemployed or on temporary layoff” category. But instead, they ended up in the “employed but not at work” category.

Maybe it was a sneaky attempt at damage control.

Or maybe it was good old-fashioned incompetence.

It doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that when you account for this error, it shows that the real unemployment rate was actually as high as 20%.

That’s 1 in 5 Americans out of a job.

It’s a devastating figure.

But even that turned out to be a lowball number.

At the time, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said in an interview with Fox News that the true unemployment rate “could be” closer to 25%.

In other words, when you look at the real numbers...

The first 70 days of lockdown put us on par with the absolute WORST of the Great Depression, when the peak unemployment rate hit 24.9%.

And things have only gotten worse since April.

Month after month, we have seen millions more jobs lost.

That’s why Bloomberg reported that the coronavirus crisis has the ingredients to surpass the worst economic disaster in America’s history.

Goldman Sachs predicts the real jobless rate will reach 35% – a number we’ve NEVER come close to.

Yet some reports show we are already there.

An independent analysis by a government watchdog group revealed that the actual jobless rate in the U.S. was 34%.

That’s 1 in 3 Americans out of work.

And here’s the REALLY scary part...

Those jobs aren’t going to simply come back.

Politicians, who like to pretend they know how businesses work, think that they can just press pause for months... and that the jobs will suddenly return with a snap of their fingers.

But people like us know it doesn’t work like that.

As a business, you can try to cut hours or even furlough your superstar employees.

But when sales dry up and you run out of cash... you don’t have the money to just hire those workers back.

And all of the other laid-off workers who don’t have any money coming in? They can’t buy your products.

Many can hardly keep a roof over their heads and food on the table.

The fact is... job losses take years to recover.

In the Great Recession, which, again, had a tiny fraction of the job losses we’re seeing now, it took five years just to rebound.

But with job losses more than 38 times higher? It might take decades!

That’s why Roubini says that the coming devastation is “not about 2020, but the decade of the 2020s.”

That’s exactly what makes the five steps I’m about to tell you about so important. What’s about to unfold will change life in America as we know it forever.

Here’s the cold, hard truth... Many of these jobs will never come back.

Economists at the University of Chicago report that even though 80% of Americans believe their job loss is only temporary, 42% of the jobs lost as of April 2020 will be permanent.

In other words, almost 1 out of every 2 jobs lost will be gone forever.

When it comes to unemployment, Moody’s Analytics’ chief economist, Mark Zandi, warns...

“The real tsunami is coming.”

And businesses everywhere are moving to alternatives to replace employees.

Just look at my home state of Pennsylvania.

With millions ordered to stay home, the Pennsylvania Turnpike looked like a ghost highway. Toll revenue fell by more than $100 million from the previous year.

So what did they do? 

They laid off 500 toll workers... and replaced them with robots.

It’s not happening just in my backyard, either.

According to research out of Oxford University, automation was already on track to replace millions of jobs in the next 15 years, including...

  • 86% of restaurant jobs
  • 76% of retail jobs
  • 59% of recreation jobs.

The coronavirus panic is fast-tracking the shift.

And worse yet... everything I’ve mentioned so far is only in the United States.

According to one U.N. report, 1.6 BILLION people could lose income worldwide.

That’s about half the global workforce.

The travel industry alone is set to lose at least 50 million jobs.

Struggling businesses will have no choice but to trim all of their fat to survive.

Yet all of these lost jobs are just the seeds of everything that will follow.

Because when people don’t have work... they don’t have money.

And when they don’t have money... they can’t pay rent. They can’t go shopping. They don’t hire repairmen. They can’t buy new cars or go on vacations.

And they don’t pay taxes, either.

In short, the entire economy soon falls apart.

There are five simple but powerful steps that can protect your family from this disaster. As you’ll see, each has the potential to secure and grow your wealth for generations to come.

But you need to take action today...

We are about to witness a series of economic dominoes knock each other down one by one until our whole system collapses.

My research shows that real estate will be the first domino to fall... and that the cascading effects will continue from there.

Truth be told, it’s already happening.

The Biggest Real Estate Crisis in American History

We are staring into the face of the biggest real estate crisis in American history.

And here’s why...

All of these people who lost their jobs... they hung on for a while.

But the longer things go, the more rents and mortgages there are that can’t be paid.

Mortgage delinquencies surged by 1.6 million in April alone.

Just one month into the mess, we saw the biggest jump in our nation’s history... a number that it took us more than 18 months to hit during the Great Recession.

Imagine what it will look like as more and more savings run dry.

In July, almost 12 million Americans lived in households that had missed their last rent payment.

Data from the Census Bureau showed that 23 million people have little or no confidence that they can make their next payment.

And when people can’t pay rent, evictions begin.

In cities like Milwaukee, evictions skyrocketed by as much as 22-fold in just one month.

And according to The Washington Post, in July 2020, a backlog of evictions was forming. It put more than 20 million people at risk of losing their homes.

Even NPR, a champion of the economic lockdown, admitted that a “tidal wave of defaults” was coming.

Well... by September, the number of evictions rose to as high as an estimated 34 million people. Moody’s Analytics now estimates that there will be about $70 billion in past-due rent by January.

Tens of millions of Americans could be affected. That’s far more than the 3.8 million foreclosures of the Great Recession.

It’s why many Americans fear they will lose their homes.

Of course, some will say that these mean old landlords ought to just let people stay in their homes.

But the thing is... the landlords and the banks backing these mortgages are risking going belly up too... just as in the financial crisis in 2008.

The Mortgage Bankers Association reports that if just 1 out of 4 homeowners default, it could bankrupt the entire mortgage finance system.

This is the sort of fire we’re playing with.

When property after property goes into foreclosure, we’ll see a massive glut of real estate for sale. It will instantly depress the values of everyone’s homes across the country.

In other words, even if you are one of the lucky ones to keep your home... it’s going to be worth a lot less.

Prices dropped 30% during the Great Recession. Millions lost their homes.

This time, CNBC reports that as many as 40 million Americans could lose their homes – four times more than during the Great Recession.

Imagine what happens when all those homes suddenly go on the market at once in foreclosure.

We’re looking at a complete collapse of real estate prices.

This will happen in both residential and commercial real estate.

In New York City, sales of commercial real estate have already dropped 54%. Landlords report that up to 80% of businesses can’t pay their rent.

Or look at Airbnb.

Most people don’t realize this, but many Airbnb properties are run by “Superhosts.” These folks often own 25 properties or more.

There are 392,000 Superhosts. They collectively own millions of properties around the world.

Rental income pays the mortgage on their properties, which normally works fine.

But not when their entire customer base disappears in the blink of an eye.

These hosts in the U.S. have already slashed their rates by up to 80%. Yet they still can’t fill their properties.

Many of these cash-strapped hosts will go bankrupt or be forced to try to sell their properties.

One industry expert calls it a “recipe for disaster.”

Others speculate that Airbnb could be bankrupt by year’s end.

Airbnb has already let 25% of its workforce go... with more layoffs likely to come.

As people stop paying their mortgages... as businesses vacate buildings... and as Airbnb Superhosts put thousands of properties up for sale...

Real estate prices WILL collapse.

It’s the inevitable conclusion.

But that doesn’t mean it has to threaten YOUR hard-earned wealth in the process.

Each of the five steps I’m going to show you today has the power to help you not just survive the coming devastation... but actually prosper during it.

Before I reveal details on these steps, it’s important that I make something clear.

What’s happening in real estate is taking place across dozens of industries all over the world.

Unemployed people can’t pay rent. But they also can’t go out and shop... or take vacations... or buy new cars.

And when customers can’t buy new products... the businesses that need those customers go under.

Yelp reports that 163,735 U.S. businesses have closed. At least 60% of them will NOT reopen.

This economic shutdown didn’t just put a staggering 1 in 3 Americans out of work...

It threatened entire industries with total collapse.

Industries Face Extinction

There are dozens of industries that have been hit so hard, they might never recover.

As Chris Rupkey told Reuters, “The economy cannot carry on for long if it has to drag almost 32 million unemployed workers with it.”

But like I showed you a moment ago, the REAL unemployment number could actually be much higher than 32 million.

That’s why we are going to see hundreds – perhaps thousands – of major businesses go under.

And they will take millions of jobs along with them.

Due to the economic shutdown...

  • Global air traffic fell by 90%. The CEO of Dubai Airports called the lockdown “ruinous for the travel and tourism industry.” The airline industry is burning through $300,000 per minute. It will continue to lose $5 billion to $6 billion per month through 2021. And despite billions of dollars in federal aid, United and American Airlines have furloughed at least 32,000 employees. And more will come.
    Delta lost $5.7 BILLION in the second quarter alone. Southwest is asking employees to take early retirement and buyouts, knowing its business won’t be coming back. And with 10.4 million American jobs supported by commercial aviation... the rot may spread.
  • Shipping industry projections dropped 25%. The CEO of the world’s largest shipping company called it “the biggest drop in demand on record.”
  • Retail sales collapsed 89% from the previous year. Household names like J.C. Penney, Neiman Marcus, Lord & Taylor, J. Crew, Pier 1, GNC, Men’s Wearhouse, Loft and Ann Taylor went bankrupt. Brooks Brothers, creators of the button-down collar shirt, went under after 202 years!
  • Half of restaurant workers were laid off. An estimated 7 million workers – almost half of the industry – lost their jobs as restaurants took a $225 billion hit. In states like Oregon, up to 81% of restaurant workers were let go.
  • Hotel revenue plummeted by 90%. Many hotels were forced to lay off or furlough more than 90% of their staff. Marriott’s CEO called the pandemic’s impact on business worse than 9/11 and the financial crisis combined.
  • The tourism industry was left in ruins. Las Vegas will need the better part of a decade to start looking normal again. Orlando theme parks like Disney World will continue to look like ghost towns for years to come... if they ever fully reopen.
  • Museums became relics. Some 90% of museums closed because of the pandemic. One in 8 of them may never reopen.
  • The film industry will never fully recover. Hollywood shut down. AMC, the world’s largest movie theater chain, lost $2.4 billion just in the first quarter of 2020. The company has “substantial doubt” that it can remain in business.
  • Sports are on life support. The NFL and NBA are looking at more than $5 billion in losses between them as they scramble to slash payrolls and salaries.
  • Colleges may never recover. Up to 20% of the 1,000 private liberal arts colleges may close for good. Tuition revenues will decline by at least $45 billion across the board this year alone.
  • Gyms are going bankrupt. Gold’s Gym and 24 Hour Fitness already went belly up. And more bankruptcies are coming.
  • Cruise ships were docked. Carnival alone is burning through $650 million a month. The New York Times reports that even if companies like Carnival and Royal Caribbean can manage to stay afloat, it will take years for them to fully recover.
  • Ride-hailing services were hit hard. In April, Uber’s business fell 80% from the previous year. It closed 45 offices and fired almost 3,000 employees. In a memo to staff, its chief executive wrote, “I will not make any claims with absolute certainty regarding our future.”

Everything I’ve told you led to the worst GDP report in history... a 32.9% drop in a single quarter.

It’s absolutely shocking to me that somebody could see all of this... and still believe we’ll just bounce right back.

In fact, things will only get worse.

The New York Times reports that a “tidal wave of bankruptcies is coming.”

One consumer and retail investment banking expert predicts we will see more companies go bankrupt than we have in several previous years combined:

“It’s far more than we have seen over the last several years combined. We will see some major chains go away and not come back.”

This won’t just affect businesses, either.

Churches and other houses of worship will be forced to close their doors for good.

More than 20 U.S. church districts have already applied for bankruptcy protection.

As the devastation continues, even more will follow.

The executive director of a major Christian ministry research group said, “It would not surprise me at all if [about 20,000] churches close over the next year.”

Tens of millions of Americans will be out of work.

Towns will be on the verge of total collapse.

And with houses of worship closing across the country, untold numbers of people will have no support when they need it most.

Let me be crystal clear on this point...

Nothing like this has EVER happened before.

The fact is... you MUST take action now to protect your family.

They’re going to need a hero.

In a moment, you’ll discover the five steps to take today if you want to be that hero.

Because here’s the bitter truth...

Everything I’ve described so far is only the beginning.

It will all start with the losses of jobs and income... the collapse of real estate... and the bankruptcies of major businesses.

But as all of this unfolds, it will trigger the next stage in this cascade of devastation...

An all-time debt crisis.

The Coming Devastation

Before the pandemic began, times were good.

Really good.

All-time-low unemployment. Record-high revenue. Record-high wealth.

And when times are good, people are confident. They take risks.

They take on debt.

Americans took on record amounts of auto loans, credit card debt and student loans.

Corporations borrowed to expand operations.

Homeowners built new houses.

But what happens when you try to stop a speeding race car by placing a brick wall in front of it?

It doesn’t end well.

Medical bills... car leases... student loans... credit card bills... utilities... mortgages... rent... personal loans...

As mounting bills come due, millions without jobs will have no choice but to default.

The magnitude will be unprecedented.

It’s going to overwhelm our courts... and our financial institutions.

Banks will be hit hard. And they know it.

They simply have no way to determine who is creditworthy anymore.

Michael Abbott, head of banking for a major consulting firm, told The Wall Street Journal...

“Banks don’t know who is going to pay and who isn’t. It’s like flying blind into a credit storm.”

The Federal Reserve estimates that the biggest U.S. banks could be left with $700 billion in loan losses.

But it will be much more than that.

That’s why these banks are battening down the hatches.

In just the first few months of the crisis, Bank of America was forced to squirrel away more than $5.12 billion for potential credit losses.

Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase and Citigroup did the same.

In the second quarter of 2020 alone, the six biggest banks stockpiled a total of $35 billion.

JPMorgan’s chief executive declared, “This is not a normal recession.”

These banks are preparing for what some are calling an “extended downturn.”

But I can tell you now, it won’t be enough.

The entire financial system nearly collapsed during the Great Recession. But just consider how much worse things are right now...

After years of economic trauma, bankruptcies resulting from the Great Recession hit 1.6 million at their peak.

With the devastation we’re about to see, the Fed warns we could hit a million by the end of this year.

But it will be even more than that... the Fed’s estimate doesn’t factor in surging medical bills.

Bankruptcy lawyers predict we will reach millions of personal bankruptcies in the next two years.

One prominent Miami attorney says it will be a “bloodbath.”

And what about mortgage defaults?

The Fed estimates that there were 3.8 million foreclosures between 2007 and 2010. That includes the months leading up to – and right after – the Great Recession.

But this devastation will be worse.

We are about to see historic defaults on debt.

And it will create a new kind of crisis.

The Great Recession was driven by subprime mortgages.

But something even more dangerous will drive the Great Devastation...

Defaults on corporate debt.

Businesses will continue to go bankrupt. And banks that bought up their debt will be hit with a surge of defaults.

So far, many businesses have avoided bankruptcies by doing one thing...

Borrowing even more money.

For example...

  • After first asking for $60 billion in federal aid, Boeing raised $25 billion in debt back in May.
  • With its amusement parks around the world closed and its fleet of cruise ships docked, Disney had to take on $11 billion in debt that same month.
  • Hilton and Wynn Resorts raised a combined $2.5 billion in just the first month of the crisis.

As Business Insider reports...

“Companies are maxing out credit lines as they race to stockpile cash.”

This is a huge red flag.

Because what do you suppose will happen when these companies use up all of that cash?

You guessed it... They’ll go bust.

And with no way to pay their debts... so will the banks that lent them the money.

The longer this devastation goes on... and the worse it gets... the harder it will be to stop the bleeding.

Eventually, it will become impossible. 

But as I’m about to show you...

You CAN be the hero your family will need.

You CAN safeguard – and even supercharge – your wealth during this devastation.

I’ll show you the five simple steps you must take today to make this possible.

But before I go any further, let’s recap what’s going on here...

Millions of Americans have lost their jobs... real estate is collapsing as people can’t pay their rents and mortgages... entire industries are going bankrupt... and the banking system backing it all up is teetering on the edge of disaster.

So what in the world is keeping so many Americans from absolute panic?

Well, it’s faith that the government will get us through.

That’s the one hope so many people are clinging to.

But I can tell you... the government will be in the worst shape out of everyone involved!

State and local governments in particular are in serious trouble.

States Will Go Bankrupt as Local Governments Collapse

Not only are they doling out more money than ever before in unemployment benefits and disaster relief...

At the same time, they’re also seeing the single worst revenue shortage... maybe ever.

Because all those people who are out of work?

They won’t pay income tax.

And all those retail shops that can’t find any customers?

They won’t pay sales tax.

And all those property owners who are going into foreclosure?

They won’t pay their property taxes.

As The Atlantic points out...

The coronavirus pandemic has eviscerated state and local finances.”

Almost HALF of all state revenue will disappear.

Because of the lockdown, one government comptroller wrote, “We hit the brakes so quickly on the economy that we went through the windshield.”

Less than two months into this crisis, states were already running out of money to pay for unemployment.

During that time, nine states asked for a total of $38 billion in help from the federal government.

That’s more than half of the funds in the federal unemployment account.

To make matters worse, states like Colorado and Ohio overpaid thousands of laid-off workers.

Now some folks are being told they owe the state almost $10,000. And the state is docking their remaining payments to recoup its losses.

One Ohio attorney reports, “I’m seeing complete panic.”

And just so you have an idea of how bad things REALLY are right now...

During the Great Recession, the government paid out a total of $40.2 billion in unemployment assistance across all of the states.

Yet we rocketed past that number in just the first couple of months of the pandemic.

And it’s only getting worse.

The projections for the 2020 fiscal year are terrible at best:

  • Arkansas is looking at $113 million in lost revenues.
  • Kansas estimates an $816 million drop in revenues.
  • Arizona expects to lose $864 million.

These are just early projections. The actual numbers will be much bigger.

And the next couple of years will look even worse...

Colorado expects to lose $5.6 BILLION between 2021 and 2022.

California is bracing for a $32 billion drop in 2021.

Moody’s Analytics warns that states could be short $434 billion by the end of 2022.

According to New Jersey’s treasurer, “There is no real model for a crisis like this. It’s going to be a rough couple of years.”

What about New York?

One former hedge fund manager recently declared, “New York City is dead forever.”

The state’s tax revenues are on pace to fall by $28 billion between 2021 and 2022.

New York would have to permanently eliminate almost HALF of all state jobs just to recoup those losses.

And here’s something nobody wants to talk about... especially those who think you can always just soak the rich to pay for whatever you want.

New York City is overwhelmingly dependent on its wealthiest citizens.

The typical high-earning New Yorker pays 196 times more tax than the average New Yorker.

In fact, the top 2% of earners account for half of the state’s tax revenue.

That’s a huge deal because when you lose the people who pay taxes, you have no choice but to cut services like schools, infrastructure and police and fire departments.

The effects of that can be devastating.

Caving to mobs of overeducated and underemployed protestors, Mayor Bill de Blasio recently promised to slash the NYPD’s budget by $1 billion.

Soon after, shootings jumped by 130%, including one incident in which a 1-year-old boy was shot dead in a park.

Call me crazy... but I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

It’s insane.

To be clear, there is hope. Not only can you avoid the impact of this devastation, but you can also reach new levels of wealth as it unfolds.

No matter how bad things get.

Before I show you the five key steps to take today, I need to make something very clear...

State and local governments are going broke.

The National Governors Association said that states need at least another $500 billion.

And we all know where state and local governments will turn.

The same place everyone else will be turning...

No Revenue? No Problem.

Their only path forward is a major bailout from the federal government.

They will line up right alongside millions of out-of-work Americans... millions of small-business owners... gigantic corporations... universities... and everyone else.

The Fed will keep handing out trillions and trillions with no end in sight.

It took 205 years for the U.S. to reach $1 trillion in debt. Yet the government took on $1 trillion in debt per month between April and June alone.

That puts us on pace to add $5 trillion just by the end of 2020... and about $2 trillion a year for the next decade.

The Treasury Department confirms that we’ve run up almost six times the record quarterly debt of the Great Recession just in the third quarter of 2020.

Digging a little deeper, the U.S. budget deficit hit a record-high $864 billion in June... more than 100 times higher than the previous June’s deficit.

Federal spending reached $1.1 trillion.

That’s more than double what the government spends in a typical month.

At the same time, it collected just $240 billion in taxes.

According to the research director at one major financial outlet...

“Big government deficits are the only thing keeping the U.S. economy on life support... The alternative is mass defaults, evictions and bankruptcies, which will devastate the United States.”

But in the coming Great Devastation, we will see both.

The outstretched hands will be everywhere.

States and cities... businesses and consumers... banks and borrowers... employers and the unemployed...

Entire industries will continue to get handout after handout just to stay afloat.

And the government’s only option will be to pay these ransoms over and over again.

Money for Nothing

How will we pay for it all?


By printing money out of thin air.

Need $300 billion for stimulus checks?

Print it.

Need $61 billion to keep airlines alive... and another $17 billion to anonymous private companies with top-secret government clearance?

Print some more.

The Fed will keep its presses firing on all cylinders.

With unemployment reaching unthinkable levels, everyone will get free money.

States will get handout after handout.

They were handed $1 trillion in the first few months of the pandemic. And they will get trillions more.

Entire industries will be propped up by the Fed’s “money for nothing” policy too:

  • Lobbyists for hotels, military contractors and banks want their piece of the next trillion-dollar bailout.
  • Hollywood unions, Broadway actors and even the Motion Picture Association want Washington to help cover their losses.
  • Government payments to America’s farms were at historic highs before the crisis began. Now they will be even higher as they try to recoup some $50 billion in lockdown losses.
  • The U.S. Postal Service needs a $25 billion rescue to perform basic functions just in New York City.
  • Public school districts have asked for $305 billion in federal aid.
  • Colleges are lobbying for $132 billion to cover their massive losses in tuition and donations.

They all want their piece of the pie.

And they’ll get it.

There will be unbelievable pressure for the Fed to deliver...

The Great Devastation

The Fed is already on pace to inject some $10 trillion in life support into the U.S. economy. That’s why many in Washington say the deficit will top $5 trillion just this year.

When you adjust for inflation... that’s almost 34 times the debt we created after WWII ended.

Yet few in Washington see this as a problem.

Many of them think it’s a good thing!

They worship at the altar of modern monetary theory... which, ironically, is far from modern these days. It’s the dangerous notion that debt does not matter.

The way they see it, the Fed can print unlimited money out of thin air.

But there will be consequences.

Surely there will.

And they will bring us to the ultimate, devastating conclusion...

The dollar is going to crash in a wave of unprecedented inflation.

Yale economist Stephen Roach predicts a 35% drop in the dollar will happen at “warp speed.”

It’s a dire prediction. But here’s the thing... It’s already happening.

As Forbes points out, compared with last year, there’s a 33% inflation rate hiding in plain sight. That’s according to the Fed’s own numbers.

And if you compare just the first three months of the pandemic with the previous year, the rate was a massive 105%.

Thanks to the Fed’s printing press, we are about to see unimaginable inflation.

And it won’t be limited to numbers on a chart.

I predict it won’t be long before the dollar is barely worth the paper it’s printed on.

If you think things are bad now... think again.

Because when an unemployment check can’t buy enough food to feed a hungry family...

When cities can’t fund first responders and decent people are afraid to leave their homes...

When forgotten seniors can’t afford the medications they need to survive...

When a lifetime’s worth of savings suddenly vanishes for millions of Americans... and takes any hope of retirement with them...

Then you’ll see how desperate society can really get.

This devastation will make America look more like Weimar Germany or even Zimbabwe than the country we know and love.

It could be just a matter of time before people like YOU are forced to make life-or-death decisions at the cash register.

Don’t count on Social Security to help you, either. It will be gone before you know it.

Before the pandemic, experts projected it would run out by 2036.

Not running low or getting harder to collect...


Yet in a matter of weeks, the economic lockdown erased four years from that projection.

And I believe it will happen even faster than that.

That’s why you MUST take action today... and follow the five critical steps I’m about to lay out for you.

Because here’s the scariest part of all...

This is what we’re in for if the Fed stops printing money TODAY... and the inflation rate stays exactly the same.

But that won’t happen.

As you’ve seen for yourself...

We’re headed down a path of devastation:

  • Jobs will NOT come back. No matter how the mainstream media tries to spin it, up to 1 in 3 Americans will remain unemployed. Even in October... when the worst was supposed to be behind us... more than 800,000 jobless Americans a week were filing new unemployment claims. And millions more will lose their jobs every quarter.
  • Businesses will NOT survive. Struggling businesses of all sizes will have no choice but to pull the plug as consumer spending continues to plummet. Just by the end of June, about a third of small businesses had less than a month of cash reserves left.
  • Industries will NOT recover. Air travel revenue will remain at half – or less – of 2019 levels for the foreseeable future, according to United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby. The cruise industry will fare even worse. Hotels, amusement parks, restaurants and even retail stores will remain on life support.
  • Bills will NOT be paid. Protection and forgiveness programs will expire. When they do, millions of desperate Americans will have to make devastating choices... Pay their mortgages, or feed their children?
  • Debts will NOT be settled. Banks know a storm is coming. But even with billions put aside each quarter... debts will go unpaid. A giant wave of defaults will create a credit crisis many times worse than 2008.

Our economy and our currency will both crash... and our society will be on the verge of collapse because of it.

And as we saw in cities across America and Europe... lawmakers can pull the trigger on a NEW round of lockdown at any time.

No matter how much better things may start to look... these so-called necessary rewinds will happen over and over again.

It will make the coming devastation even WORSE than what I’ve warned you about today.

Even the World Health Organization is warning against them!

According to Mike Ryan, executive director of the WHO’s health emergencies program...

“What we want to try to avoid are these massive lockdowns that are so punishing to communities, to societies and everything else.”

Now... some people might dismiss my analysis.

They think...

“Hey, a vaccine is on the way. It hasn’t been so bad so far. And we’ll get through this even faster than we think.”

I honestly hope those people are right.

But with everything I’ve shown you today... I just don’t see how it’s possible.

Many people are pinning their hopes on a vaccine.

Yet a vaccine alone will NOT stop the devastation.

There’s simply no telling when – or if – we’ll have enough vaccine doses for everyone.

So when the chief executive of a major bank like Citigroup says that the pandemic’s stranglehold on our economy “doesn’t seem likely to loosen until vaccines are widely available”...

That means you need to take action to protect your family TODAY.

Because no matter what you read in the papers, this recovery won’t be quick.

It won’t take a “V” or a “U” shape.

And it won’t be a “swoosh” or a “W” shape, either.

According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, the recovery will look more like Japan’s lost decade of the 1990s... an “L” shape, at best.

Bottom line: You MUST take action now or risk seeing your wealth – and everything you’ve worked hard for your entire life – wiped away.

I’m about to reveal the five steps you MUST take to protect your family and your wealth today.

Once you see exactly what they are, you will have the power to not just survive this devastation...

You’ll see how your family could have the chance to actually prosper like never before.

But in order for that to happen, you must first know how to avoid the single biggest mistake you can make with your money today...

Avoid This Wealth-Killing Mistake...

If there’s just one thing you remember from this presentation today, it should be this...

Sitting on cash right now is the single best way to KILL your wealth.

Now is NOT the time to stuff money under your mattress.

Or dump your money into a savings account and hope for the best.

The national average on savings interest is just 0.05%.

And bonds aren’t any better.

For many Americans, it used to be that bonds were “a sure thing.”

But thanks to the lockdown, there’s no such thing anymore.

In July, the Treasury market was forecasting a 10-year real yield of -0.85%.

And just imagine that combined with the increase in inflation I expect!

Not good.

Just a few days later, real yields on 10-year bonds officially hit -1%.

I don’t know about you... but losing money doesn’t work for me.

So what should YOU do?

Well, let me tell you one thing that might surprise you...

I don’t think the stock market is going to crash along with the economy.

Quite the opposite in fact.

The Fed is going to pump trillions of dollars into the economy to prop everything up.

This won’t be real growth.

It will cause major inflation.

But that inflation is likely to occur primarily in one place...

The stock market.

We’re already seeing it.

Bad news means more free money from the Fed.

So in this topsy-turvy world, investors actually cheer every time bad news comes out.

It drives stocks higher.

Consider this...

By the end of August, stocks had rallied by up to 60% since the worst weeks of the lockdown.

On April 9, the U.S. Department of Labor confirmed that 6.6 million Americans lost their jobs the previous week.

That same day, the Dow gained 779 points.

About a month later, the worst monthly jobs report in American history came out.

But the market didn’t care.

The Dow rose another 455 points in response.

On June 8, the National Bureau of Economic Research announced that we were officially in a recession.

How did the market respond?

The next day, the Nasdaq hit 10,000 for the first time.

Tech stocks like Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft reached all-time highs.

By the middle of August, Reuters declared a bull market.

It’s crazy.

But the message is clear...

As things get worse and worse, only those who invest in the RIGHT stocks are going to be saved.

Now, investing does always carry risk! That’s why you should never bet the farm on any trade.

But I believe that people who avoid stocks and stick to cash... or pick the WRONG stocks... are going to be punished mightily.

As all of this chaos unfolds, the market will actually rally higher and higher.

It will all be thanks to trillions of dollars in funny money flying off the Fed’s printing presses.

Fidelity saw a record 1.2 million new accounts opened in the early weeks of the crisis.

Stock trading increased by up to 90% the week after the first stimulus checks went out.

Even broke millennials are flipping their $1,200 stimulus into $10,000.

All of this points to potentially life-changing returns.

That’s why I’ve told my readers over and over that Dow 100K isn’t just possible... I believe it’s on the way within a decade.

Over the long term, things will go bad. Inflation will be rampant. The dollar will implode.

America as we know it will face widespread devastation.

But in the process... many fortunes will be made in stocks.

The Fed and its Wall Street financiers will ensure it.

The proof is in the numbers.

Take a look at this chart...

The green line is the money supply. The black line is the stock market.

Notice that the stock market has moved up exactly alongside the money supply.

It’s not that investors were confident in the economy, or even the companies they were investing in...

Plain and simple, it’s just the Fed’s funny money driving the artificial inflation of the stock market.

And guess where all of that funny money is going to end up...

I’ll tell you where... in smart investors’ pockets.

But it’s critical to understand that there will be winners and losers here.

The gap between them will be the size of the Grand Canyon.

The Five Steps You Must Take TODAY

The best thing you can do today to protect your wealth and your family’s future is to take control.

To be the hero that your family will need in what could be America’s darkest hour.

And to do that, you must follow the five critical steps I outline below...

As you’ll see in a moment, you can get the full details – and much more – by subscribing to my elite research newsletter Manward Letter.

Step 1: Buy These 3 “Devastation-Proof” Stocks

Knowing that a bull market is coming is one thing. But knowing how to play it is another.

Some stocks are going to do extremely well in this new “free money” environment.

But others will crash and burn.

We’ve already seen that.

That’s why I’ve spent countless hours of research pinpointing the three BEST “devastation-proof” stocks on the market today.

You won’t hear about them on CNBC or Bloomberg...

But as people invest their stimulus checks, these companies will essentially get cash pumped in by the Fed... sending stock prices higher and higher:

  • The Google of the Finance World? It’s a critical gathering point for investors. One major outlet called it “the most powerful company you’ve never heard of.” They even compared it to blue chips like Apple and ExxonMobil. It touches just about every major commodities trade. And it doesn’t matter how the market moves. You could win either way.
  • The New Face of Unlimited Tech Growth. Like Apple, Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway and Google parent company Alphabet... this company recently announced a massive buyback plan. These are like superchargers that make good stocks great. It’s stock market magic.
    You simply won’t find another Big Tech stock that has the potential to not only double your money in 18 months during this devastation... but also increase its dividend payout by double digits – at a time when others are slashing theirs.
  • The Deal(maker) of the Decade. Data is the future of banking. Without it, banks can’t know who is creditworthy. And this company is set to become the leading data provider for the banking sector. It recently launched a unique software that spots and evaluates potential risks for banks in real time.
    In plain English, that means helping financial institutions see things like bad loans a mile away. It’s the type of advantage “old money” banks can – and will – pay for.

If you simply throw up your hands and go to cash, you are going to be left behind in the new world of unlimited free money.

And make no mistake... the stock market is the primary place all of this free money is going to flow. We are about to see the biggest stock price inflation ever in a very short period of time.

That’s why I reveal everything you need to know about these urgent picks in my special report “3 Perfect Stocks for ‘Devastation-Proof’ Wealth.”

It gives you all the details on the three companies primed to soar in the months and years ahead.

In a moment, I’ll show you exactly how to claim this report... and everything you need to know about these picks, including their ticker symbols... for FREE today.

I’ll even show you how my newsletter can help guarantee you don’t miss any other critical information about protecting your wealth during the devastation.

That includes having instant access to every new “devastation-proof” stock pick I make in the coming months.

But before I do, you need to know the next important step you need to take today if you want to protect your family... and be the hero they deserve.

Step 2: Discover the NEW Gold Standard

As I’ve mentioned, the coming devastation is going to wreck the dollar.

If you hope to grow your wealth... then you need to know how to protect it. And there’s a simple way to do both: move your money into hard assets.

And in times of extreme risk, dysfunction and uncertainty...

When the economy is shut off and the dollar is on the verge of total collapse...

You can’t beat gold.

Supply is tightening. Demand is growing.

And now gold has become more valuable than ever before.

As the dollar hit its lowest point of the lockdown...

Gold hit a record high... a whopping 34.5% increase from the start of the pandemic.

That’s why some of my readers are already sitting on insane gold profits. And we’re just getting started...

Bank of America publicly declared in August that gold is on its way to $3,000 an ounce over the next 18 months.

But I predict it will go much higher.

Investor demand has increased 45% since the lockdown began... and more people are buying gold every day.

Yet at the same time... because of the economic shutdown... supply is dwindling.

As MarketWatch reports...

“Talk of a shortage of physical gold supplies has been growing, as concerns about the economic impact of COVID-19 have fueled demand for the precious metal, which is often seen as a haven investment.”

Three of the world’s largest gold refineries have suspended production in Switzerland at least once.

And there may be more shutdowns coming.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Mint has stopped minting new gold entirely.

And it put out a statement saying that “many other mints worldwide have stopped producing bullion.”

This is a perfect storm for gold investors.

As the Fed creates trillions in fake money, investor demand for real hold-in-your-hand money grows. That’s why gold-backed ETFs have increased their holdings by 28%, even as the lockdown devastates our economy.

And just as with stocks... the more fake money the Fed injects into the economy, the higher gold soars.

But here’s the thing... many investors make a big mistake in how they buy and invest in gold... from bars and bullion to rare coins.

That’s why I’ve put together what I believe is the most comprehensive blueprint for protecting – and building – your wealth with gold.

I call it “Manward’s Guide to Owning and Profiting From Gold.

In it, you’ll discover...

  • The No. 1 way to profit from gold – without owning a single ounce. Warren Buffett sees the writing on the wall. He got out of banks and into gold... but he didn’t buy one bar. Instead, he put $563 million into my favorite gold play – the No. 1 gold miner on the planet. And now its stock could soar. I’ll reveal the exact ticker symbol... and how you can use it to generate automatic wealth no matter how long the devastation lasts.
  • How to use your gold for ANY purchase. If you can use a credit card, you can pay for gas and even groceries with your gold. Don’t wait for the dollar to plummet. This dead-simple trick takes 10 minutes or less... yet it makes your gold more useful – and accessible – than ever before.
  • The BIGGEST rip-off to avoid when buying gold. You don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to get into gold. I’ll show you the safest, easiest and cheapest way to own the highest-quality gold today. I’ll even reveal my personally vetted industry-leading contact for buying – and safeguarding – your gold.

Next to stocks, which will see the most price inflation, gold is the single most important asset you can own to face the coming devastation.

As with stocks, there is always some risk. But gold often offers more protection as a safe haven than stocks in general.

That’s why you need this guide right away... especially if you want to avoid costly mistakes while setting yourself up for potentially massive profits.

But these are just the first two critical steps you must take to protect your family.

There is a third... and I believe this one provides some very big upside.

Step 3: Use “LibertyCoin” to Secure Your Wealth and Privacy

I think it’s pretty clear that the government is using this pandemic as an opportunity to ban cash.

By making money fully digital, they’ll be able to track your every move and stop you from making any transactions they can’t see.

But there is a way to take control of your money and maintain your privacy.

There’s a new digital currency designed for this very purpose.

Perhaps you’ve seen that cryptocurrencies are red-hot again...

Demand is soaring. Some have seen their value surge by as much as 330% in the first few months of the pandemic.

Well, there is one digital currency you must own during this devastation.

I call it “LibertyCoin.”

It’s a great inflation hedge... it protects your privacy... it is easy to store and transfer...

And it is rocketing higher in value.

It was up by 160% even during the worst of the lockdown from March to August.

If you want to protect and grow your wealth during the coming devastation, the time to buy LibertyCoin is NOW.

I’ve put all the details into a report I call “LibertyCoin: The Perfect Crypto for Building Wealth and Liberty.”

In it, I’ll show you...

  • The fastest, safest way to secure your supply of LibertyCoin. Forget tracking down a special ATM or buying from a shady private seller. I’ll show you how to get LibertyCoin from the comfort of your home today in three simple steps.
  • The “easy money hack” with virtually UNLIMITED earning potential. There’s an easy way to turn your home computer into a virtual LibertyCoin mine. It takes about 10 seconds. It doesn’t require any special equipment. And the faster you get up and running, the more you could profit.
  • The five BEST ways to protect your LibertyCoin. It’s already the most private digital currency you can own, but I’ll show you how to make LibertyCoin even safer, no matter what the government – or the coming devastation – throws at you. I’ll also show you the strange “freezer secret” that protects your money better than even the best cybersecurity software.

With some LibertyCoin and a little bit of Know-How, you could see the chance to grow your wealth even as the economy crumbles and the dollar plummets.

It may be the most overlooked measure you can take to protect your savings as digital currency use skyrockets in the years ahead.

But there’s a fourth step you must take if you want to be the hero your family needs... and it could be the most important one of all.

Step 4: Don’t Fall for These “American Icons”

As the devastation continues, even more companies will be ruined. And just as we saw during the Great Recession, some of them will be American icons.

Only this time it will be much worse.

Forget Washington Mutual and General Motors. These will be even bigger household names – the kind of companies that were once a “sure thing” for Main Street investors.

The bigger they are, the harder they will fall. And if you don’t know which ones to avoid... you could lose everything.

That’s why you need to see my controversial new report, “The Bankruptcy Watch List: Six American Icons on Suicide Watch.”

The companies I reveal may shock you... from one of America’s most powerful titans of industry... to one of the BIGGEST names in all of Hollywood... and even the nation’s most beloved family brand.

They’d be FURIOUS with me if they saw this report...

But that’s exactly why you need it.

Without my critical intel, you might risk going broke on what most folks – even the pros – consider a “sure thing.”

Now, before I get you all of these materials, there’s one more step I want you to take.

And I’ve saved it for last because I believe it could have the biggest impact on your wealth out of anything you do.

Step 5: Own the No. 1 Tech Stock of the Decade

There is ONE single tech stock that needs to be the cornerstone of your retirement.

I believe it has the power to supercharge your investment account in the year ahead and beyond... no matter what the economy – or our country – looks like.

Here’s why...

As lockdowns have tanked the economy in recent months, more people are online than ever before. Home internet bandwidth usage has skyrocketed.

When the lockdown began, internet activity shot up by 25% in a matter of days. Total traffic surged by up to 70%. Demand for videoconferencing was up by 240% in a matter of weeks.

And experts say this trend is going to continue in the years ahead.

That’s why I believe one small Arizona-based company is poised to become the “gatekeeper of the entire internet.”

It will be the most important tech company of the coming decade.

Its products provide the internal workings that make blazing-fast and crystal-clear internet connections possible. 

In other words, all of the stuff that will be a necessity – not a luxury – in the coming years.

Think about it... The demand for faster, BETTER home internet performance is just getting started.

Google is letting employees work from home until July 2021. Twitter says its staff can work remotely indefinitely.

And those are just Silicon Valley tech giants. Countless other companies will follow suit.

Demand for fast, reliable connections will be at an all-time high. And this company will be leading the charge.

It’s already doing it for a who’s who of the digital entertainment world.

  • Roku
  • DirecTV
  • BBC
  • Marvel
  • HBO
  • NBC
  • Disney
  • Fox

That last one is important... because I don’t rule out the possibility of Amazon buying this company.

And a buyout by Amazon could be a HUGE win for investors.

Keep in mind, the company’s financial position is incredibly strong.

Its revenue has surged tenfold, from $21 million in 2005 to $201 million in 2019. And it posted record fourth quarter revenue of $60.1 million in 2019... a 37% increase year over year.

The smart money, like institutional investors and hedge funds, sees a massive opportunity. They own almost 80% of this company’s outstanding shares.

The company’s own executives are buying massive blocks of stock. They believe shares are set to skyrocket soon.

And with an average price hovering around just $5 and change this year...

I agree with them.

This stock could be the single best tech play of the next decade, especially as the country endures the devastation headed our way.

All the details are in my exclusive new report, “The #1 Tech Stock of the Decade.”

I’d like to send you a copy today, along with the other four urgent reports I just showed you, for FREE.

I want you to be more than prepared for what’s to come.

But you NEED to take action right now.

I’ve already made many of these critical reports available to a small group of my readers – people just like you – who closely follow my work.

They’re preparing for the Great Devastation.

It will be like NOTHING we’ve faced before.

But... it’s also going to be something we deal with long term.

I can’t simply give you these reports and send you on your way to face it alone.

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The Manward mission is simple...

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Look, things are about to get bad in America.

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There is a way around what lies ahead.

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November 2020