The World’s Most Popular Asset Could Soon Be...


Why You Should Move Your Money by December 14, 2022

Dear Reader,

Starting just days from now, a select but highly powerful group virtually hand-picked by the new Biden administration will lay the groundwork for an audacious new law...

It will have a longer-lasting financial and personal impact than the crisis of 2008 or even the Great Depression.

It will make the plunge we saw in 2020 – which took 30% off the S&P 500 in a month – look like child’s play.

And it will bring sweeping changes to our investments and our way of life.

For most Americans, it will mark the end of a long and prosperous era.

That’s because, starting just days from now, a historic event could transform our money supply.

I expect that you will experience this frightening and volatile event up close and personal by early 2022.

The stakes could not be higher for our wealth and our families.

When it happens... America’s economic legacy will be destroyed. Our markets will be shaken. And Big Government will have more power than ever before.

But folks who are paying attention – folks who can see the writing on the wall and follow the five simple steps I outline today – will totally avoid the economic chaos that lies ahead.

When Washington makes its move... you must be set to pounce. Your freedom depends on it.

That’s why I’ve created this urgent presentation.

What I'm about to tell you over the next few minutes has the potential to change your life forever.

Let me warn you, though: We’ve never witnessed an event quite like the one that’s coming...

I’ve Seen It All... but Never Anything Like This

I’m Andy Snyder. If you’re one of the tens of thousands of folks who read what we publish at Manward Press each week, you know me well. I’ve certainly never been accused of keeping my thoughts to myself.

But even if you’re not one of the quarter of a million subscribers that read Manward every day, you’ve probably seen or heard my name before.

I’ve been featured on networks like Fox News and CNBC... and in outlets like U.S. News & World Report...

I’ve been interviewed on countless radio programs and podcasts... I’ve written popular books... and I’ve penned thousands of financial columns in numerous outlets.

I’ve spoken in Senate hearing rooms... and even been invited to exclusive closed-door meetings with some of the most powerful names in Washington (including John McCain, Dick Durbin and George Bush’s commerce secretary, just to name a few).

But in all my years writing about, researching and studying the markets... I’ve never witnessed an event quite like this – one powerful enough to transform our economy... the American way of life... and the very basis of human civilization.

And as usual, it’s a sinister, shadowy group of Washington’s slimiest insiders – many who first came into power during the Obama administration – pushing this radical agenda.

Combined with other forces, an audacious new law could radically disrupt the supply of physical money in America.

It’s going to change the balance of economic power in this nation like nothing that has come before.

To be clear... I’m not talking about hyperinflation, defaulting on debt, the U.S. dollar losing its status as the world’s reserve currency, or anything you’ve likely heard before.

If you own gold or Bitcoin... if you invest in stocks... if you depend on a fixed income (oh boy)... you must hear what I’m about to say.

Every American deserves to know what’s coming.

As you’ll see in a moment, this event could greatly extend the reach of Big Government. It will punish ordinary law-abiding Americans who refuse to adopt the new rules or, worse, are simply ignorant of them because the mainstream media refuses to report on this situation.

That’s why I sent you this message. I want you to be aware of what’s happening.

More importantly, I want to share my simple five-step solution to what could be the gravest threat to our money... in our lifetime.

It’s a way for anyone – of any means – to actually prosper as this dangerous situation unfolds.

Things are spiraling out of control fast.

As I’ll reveal in a minute, I expect it to be fully underway by early 2022.

In fact, we could be days away from a major announcement.

That means you need to start preparing today. Every minute you wait could cost you big money.

As you’ll see in just a moment... there’s a very lucrative upside for the few folks who know what history says could come next.

There’s little doubt that this movement will ruin American families... but those who take a few carefully planned steps today could end up coming out of this in a far better financial position than they ever dreamed.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Before I get into the five steps you must take today and the way to claim your Prosperity Kit, you first need to know the full story of what’s going on.

To understand what will start happening in the next few weeks, we need to start at the beginning...

The Strange History of American Money

The root cause of the coming event goes all the way back to the founding of our once-great nation.

It didn’t take long for the United States to get a lesson in the dangers of currency manipulation.

On May 10, 1775, the upstart American revolutionaries issued their first currency, the Continental.

In dire need of cash to fight the British, they issued Continentals to pay for the war effort.

And at first, it worked.

The Continental was equal to the value of one Spanish milled dollar, the most common coin in the Colonies. And as such, people accepted the Continental for trade and banking, just as we use dollars today.

But as the Revolutionary War went on and the bills piled up, the new United States government did what all governments do.

It printed more.

This is going to be a recurring theme.

By 1779, just four years after creating the Continental, the bill had depreciated by 3,900%. George Washington complained that “a wagonload of money will scarcely purchase a wagonload of provisions.”

But did the government give up and recognize its mistake – that you can’t print wealth?

Of course not. As we know, it still hasn’t learned its lesson.

Instead, it made it a crime not to accept Continentals. Congress declared citizens “evil-minded” if they refused them.

In Virginia, if you declined Continentals, the debt you were owed would be instantly canceled. In North Carolina, if you even spoke negatively about the Continental, you were declared “an enemy of the state.”

Sound familiar?

It should... especially if you own any of the cryptocurrencies recently targeted by Washington.

Predictably, the Continental – like all currencies eventually do – went belly up.

It dropped in value by 1,000-fold in just five years... until, surprise, nobody would accept it.

That’s when the Founding Fathers did something peculiar...

They added an important line to the Constitution that would change the course of American history.

The line declared that “no state shall make any thing but gold and silver coin a tender in payments of debts.”

In short, our savvy Founding Fathers recognized that money holds its worth only if there is something of real value backing it up – like gold and silver.

This ushered in the next phase of American money – the hard-asset period.

The Hard-Asset Period

For nearly 100 years, physical gold and silver coins such as the Morgan silver dollar, the $20 Liberty gold piece and the $10 Indian coin were the standard.

It wasn’t until 1875 that the United States began printing paper money again.

Instead of backing the money with nothing but empty promises, each bill came with a legal contract printed on its front. You can see it here on this old $100 bill.

It says this note is “redeemable in gold on demand at the United States Treasury.”

And because of this legal guarantee, the dollar became the most valuable currency in the world... the American economy boomed... and the United States became the one true global superpower.

But Washington didn’t like it... the ties to gold limited its size and scope. It hacked away at the power of Big Government.

That’s why, in 1971, one of the most corrupt presidents in American history did something that many economists today still regret.

It’s when President Richard Nixon stunned the world and removed this “legal contract” that the dollar could be exchanged for gold.

Known as “the Nixon Shock,” this ushered in the pure “fiat money” phase of American currency. It opened the door for a great decline... and the rise of our enemies.

Today’s bills say nothing of gold but instead are backed merely by the word of our political leaders (which isn’t worth much, I think you’ll agree).

If you take it to the Treasury or a bank and ask for gold in exchange, you’ll get a quick laugh before they show you the door.

And this simple change to no longer back our currency with gold allowed the government to completely transform the way it does business.

No longer did it need to restrict its spending, borrowing and money-printing to what gold it had stored in the Treasury... Now it had access to virtually unlimited credit and money.

The power of Big Government could no longer be contained. Money literally means nothing in Washington.

After the Nixon Shock, both the amount of money printed and the amount of money borrowed spiraled out of control.

Debt exploded.

And the value of the dollar collapsed.

And that’s led us to where we are today... where once again Big Government and the economy it created is desperately struggling to survive.

We’re a nation with a government that’s deeply in debt, with a rapidly depreciating currency and a national economy that depends on printed money to keep it alive.

Thanks to Washington’s manipulation, the American economy sits balanced on the edge of a cliff.

And Jay Powell and his unelected cronies at the Fed (almost all of them leftovers from the Obama administration) know it.

They recognize that despite a booming stock market, we’re still $806,160 in debt per U.S. family.

They see that the number of Americans willing to work is stuck near a 38-year low... and that 94 million Americans are not in the labor force.

They understand that stocks are overvalued by a wide margin by almost every fundamental measure. They’re at their highest valuations at any time in history except for the dot-com collapse.

The central bankers know this situation cannot last, which is why they are on the verge of doing something radical.

It all hinges on a big announcement from Washington that I expect in the next few weeks.

Our money supply could undergo a complete transformation... a stunning transformation the likes of which few Americans are prepared for.  

This will be a worldwide shift that brings many more – and even larger – waves of disruption to our economy and our culture.

I’ll show you the five steps that every smart American should take immediately to ensure that their wealth is protected.

Plus, as I’ll reveal nowhere else but here, that there are several ways to make a great deal of money because of this coming event.

I’m talking several opportunities to potentially double your money or more over the next 12 months.

When this news eventually breaks, things will move fast... as in overnight fast.

That means the time to prepare is now.

Here’s why...

Overturning 2,699 Years of World Monetary History

Since ancient times, physical money has afforded people a measure of security – and freedom – unlike anything else.

But for the first time in human history, our money supply is about to leave physical reality.

We will no longer have a hard-asset currency or even a fiat paper currency...

Just days from now, our economy could begin a radical shift away from cash – and toward an all-electronic money supply.

Just like when the U.S. government criminalized anyone who refused to accept the Continental... or when FDR criminalized the ownership of gold with Executive Order 6102 in 1933... I believe central bankers are set to eliminate and criminalize the use of physical cash.

In this new world, paper money will become illegal.

And by holding or trying to use cash for simple, everyday things like paying to get your lawn mowed, placing a few bucks onto the collection plate at church or even giving a birthday gift to a grandchild, you’ll be committing a crime.

I’m calling this unusual event...

The Death of Cash.

Here in the United States, I believe this legislation will be fully underway by December 14, 2022, the date of the Fed's key December meeting.

In fact, the banking industry’s academic propaganda wing has already started promoting the elimination of the $50 and $100 bills.

Kenneth Rogoff, the former chief economist of the International Monetary Fund, published an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal declaring that “the U.S. should get rid of the $100 bill and other large notes.”

Meanwhile, the central bankers in Europe and Asia are moving ahead with the plan to eliminate cash at a breakneck pace.

Charles Goodhart, former member of the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee, has stated his plan outright: “Let’s get rid of all high-denomination notes as a starter.”

Mario Draghi, the former president of the European Central Bank, made waves when he pushed to eliminate its highest-denomination bills.

Worse yet... his successor Christine Lagarde, in a speech entitled “The Case for New Digital Currency,” said that when it comes to cash, “A new wind is blowing, that of digitalization.”

Christine Lagarde onstage at an Albright Institute event at Wellesley College
Source: Brinacor.

Lagarde said that when it comes, “An all-digital currency would be good for users, bad for criminals, and better for the state, relative to cash.”

Better for the state... scary, right?

German newspapers confirm the ECB council has discussed ways to move forward with the idea to eliminate high-denomination bills.

If these folks get their way, using these forms of physical cash for any transaction could be considered a crime punishable by major fines and possible jail time.

From there, banks across the globe would move to destroy the use of all physical cash worldwide. Time reports that Sweden, Norway and Denmark are all moving away from cash.

Former Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti already banned any cash transactions of more than 1,000 euros.

In India, the government recently banned the 500- and 1,000-rupee notes.

If you too have seen signs like this one... you know this is just the beginning of what will soon be a worldwide war on cash.

So why are unelected central bankers and ivory tower academics across the world calling for the death of cash?

These shills for the banking industry inside the Fed claim that physical cash, especially high-denomination bills, is a danger to the global financial system.

They’re pushing the false narrative that cash is only used by criminals, terrorists and tax cheats.

And the mainstream media is complicit or simply too stupid to see what’s really going on.

But I suspect the real reason the Fed and every one of the big banks want to eliminate and criminalize the use of cash is that it gives them total and complete control of the money supply.

As you’ll see in a minute, the shift to all-electronic money will allow them to alter the monetary system in ways that give them massive advantages.

Plus, this sinister move will allow the folks who truly run this country to track (and profit from) your financial transactions like never before.

Just as Facebook, Amazon and Google have learned to track your buying habits... your hobbies... and even the route you take to work... an all-electronic currency will let Washington’s chosen corporate “partners” track every penny you spend.

It’s a massive power grab for the government and the select companies that it lets in on the game.

Clearly, the coming event will require smart, quick action on your part to avoid the fallout... or you risk losing a huge chunk of your net worth.

Cash you hold in the bank is at risk... as are the bills in your safe at home.

What’s happening will forever change the ideals of individuality and freedom in America.

Total Control Over Your Life and Finances

Again, it’s the end of privacy as we know it.

Cash is anonymous.

If you buy something with cash from your neighbor, you don’t have to report it to the government.

It’s between you and your neighbor.

Nobody else.

But that all could soon change.

In fact, thanks to state bill R.S. 37:1866, you can already be arrested in Louisiana for trying to exchange cash for precious metals.

Shockingly, this bill mandates, “A secondhand dealer shall not enter into any cash transactions in payment for the purchase of any precious metal object.”

This is how Big Government wants it. This is how it’s preparing for what’s ahead.

If there is no cash, all payments must go through an electronic system that can be tracked, monitored and, most importantly, TAXED at all times.

In the future, if the folks in charge don’t like how you’re spending your money – like, say, donating to a political group it doesn’t support – you better believe they will pay you a visit.

If you don’t believe the elimination of physical cash is coming, try this...

Walk into your local bank and try to take out more than $1,000 in cash.

Radio host Dave Hodges recently attempted to do just that.

Here’s the transcript of his experience...

Scary, isn’t it?

He can’t even get his own money out of the bank.

They treat him like a criminal just for trying!

And after the events of the past year, things are going from bad to worse.

The fact is... in today’s world, not only will the bankers reject your request, but these days, you’re also likely to end up in hot water.

Are you aware that banks are required to file a report on you with the government if you pull out any more than $10,000 of your own cash?

This is called a “cash transaction report.”

Most folks would assume that if they withdraw less than $10,000, they’re in the clear.

BUT, and this is important, banks can also report you for pulling out as little as $1,000 because they believe you are trying to skirt the rules.

This is called a “Suspicious Activity Report.”

Think only a few are filed each year? Think again.

In 2019, the last year the government has reported its data, 1.1 million reports were filed.

That’s more than a million reports... filled out by regular banks like the one you use... and sent to the government...

Because they didn’t like the way everyday Americans were handling their own money.

As a recent investigation found, any person found making regular cash withdrawals or deposits of LESS THAN $10,000 in order to avoid being monitored “despite having no intention of using the money for an illegal purpose, is committing a crime.”

Withdraw any amount of more than $1,000 in cash, and it’s likely the bank will report you. From there, your sin of taking your own money out of the bank will go into your permanent government file.

Once on a government watch list, you’re an easy target for IRS audits... investigations into your business dealings and relationships... scrutiny of your political and religious beliefs. Your every financial move could be questioned...

Once it starts, it never stops.

We’re hearing story after story of people who committed no crime but are having funds frozen or seized by the government just because they were doing business in cash.

The so-called “cash crimes” are creating a whole new class of criminals across America.

A North Carolina convenience store owner recently got into trouble for simply taking his cash from the store to the bank.

The bank reported he was making large transactions in cash – about $8,000 each, not that much for a business – and the government swooped in and cleared out his entire $107,000 bank account.

When the man complained, the government sent him a letter stating a “take it or leave it” offer to give him back “50% of the money” with a strict deadline.

In another example... during a routine traffic stop, a 40-year-old carpenter from New Jersey had $18,000 for a used car seized simply because Big Government deemed it too much cash for one man to carry.

A 35-year-old barbeque restaurant owner had $17,500 taken that was meant to pay his employees and overhead.

All of these folks faced long legal battles to get their rightful property back.

The Washington Post noted in its “Stop and Seize” investigation that the U.S. government is already taking “hundreds of millions of dollars” from people not charged with crimes.

Another report found that when the government can subject you to scrutiny without charging you with a crime, “everyone’s privacy and freedom from unjust arrest is undermined.”

If the central bankers have their way and eliminate the use of cash, Big Government could soon have the right to criminalize and jail anyone who disobeys the new laws.

It’s one of the key reasons you MUST take the five steps that I’m about to reveal. It’s the only way to make certain your money is secure going forward.

The hard truth is... the war on cash is already happening all over the country.

For example...

Businesses and State Governments Already Banning Cash

Chase, the largest bank in the U.S., recently put out a new policy that restricts borrowers from using cash to make payments on credit cards, mortgages, equity lines and auto loans.

Even worse, you can’t store physical cash at its banks. In an “Updated Safe Deposit Lease Agreement” for customers, a new item reads, “You agree not to store any cash or coins other than those found to have collectible value.”


Again, welcome to the system. Leave your freedom at the door.

Chase, sadly, isn’t alone.

Barclays bank has given its branches the authority to create a secret “cash withdrawal limit” that can restrict customers to pulling out as little as $1,500.

In 2015, Wisconsin banned patients paying for trips to medical clinics in cash in Assembly Bill 366.

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons wrote that “a law outlawing the payment of cash for a legal product would seem unthinkable in the United States, yet the Wisconsin Assembly Committee on Health has already [...] unanimously recommended AB 366 for passage.”

The Comptroller of Maryland outlawed all cash payments at 11 of the 12 branch offices statewide. Whether you’re paying taxes, traffic tickets or zoning fines... your cash is no longer accepted.

It’s proof that there are few places to hide.

And it’s going global...

Canada outlawed paying taxes in cash, while Spain and Italy made it illegal to make any large transactions in cash.

Perhaps scariest, the biggest company in America – and the one with maybe the most to gain thanks to its technology – has also gotten on board.

During a recent iPad product launch, Apple – one of the private proponents of a cashless society – quietly instituted a new policy. It would ban cash for all purchases of the new gadgets.

Dina Cartwright, a woman with disabilities on a fixed income, saved up $600 in cash for her purchase. When she got to the counter of the company’s flagship store in Palo Alto, California, they turned her away cold.

The difficulties a growing number of Americans are now experiencing will soon come crashing down on all of us... including you.

But the few people who recognize what’s happening now and take the five easy steps I’m about to outline will end up protecting their hard-earned savings... and even growing them... in the face of all this.

It’s an opportunity for you to take control of your wealth and tell the government “Hell no!” when it comes to take it.

From what I’ve uncovered over the last few months, the transition to a cashless economy has been a long time coming.

The real question is... why now?

What just happened that made central bankers so damned anxious to rush to eliminate physical cash?

Here’s the answer... It’s one of the most fascinating events in economic history...

The Death of Interest Rates

Since the U.S. officially left the gold standard in 1971, we’ve done a lot of screwy things.

We’ve printed money wildly... run up trillions in debt... committed ourselves to debt obligations that can never be repaid.

But perhaps nothing is screwier than what we’ve done to interest rates.

Interest rates should be controlled by the free market.

Traditionally, they were. I’ve studied them intensively.

But somewhere along the way, the geniuses in charge decided rates ought to be controlled by the central bankers, with no accountability to the rest of us.

And so they decided to start artificially lowering interest rates to try to boost the economy.

This worked at first, but it also created a dangerous cycle.

As you can see in this chart, every time we hit a crisis, the Fed lowered rates dramatically, but the rates would never quite return to normal levels.

As each crisis hit, it would take interest rates lower and lower... and still lower.

Until, after the 2008 financial crisis, we finally hit bottom at essentially zero. We’ve been bouncing off it ever since.

But here’s the real problem...

With the next crisis, they’ll need to go below zero.

That’s where the death of cash comes in.

And again, it’s not just here in the U.S.

Nearly every major developed nation worldwide is also close to or at 0% interest rates.

Their only choice is to eliminate and criminalize the use of physical cash.

It’s their best solution to what they call the “zero-bound problem.”

The Zero-Bound Problem

In short, central banks and governments around the globe have a serious problem... They know their economies face a nasty storm that’s just beyond the horizon.

They all want the ability to go to negative interest rates.

They know that after the mess they’ve created, it will soon be their only option.

The commercial banks they serve love the idea because they can borrow an infinite amount of money and never pay interest on it.

And government bureaucrats love it too.

Negative interest rates mean Big Government can continue running up as much debt as it likes, all while pumping cash into the coffers of its friends at the banks.

But there is a practical reason they can’t go negative yet.

Again, it’s the zero-bound problem.

Time summed up the problem this way: “If interest rates dip below zero, meaning banks effectively charge savers, customers can simply withdraw their cash and sidestep the policy entirely.”

This means governments and banks can’t offer negative interest rates, because customers can always go to cash.

Think about it...

What would happen if banks across the country suddenly declared that all deposits would now be charged a negative 5% interest rate?

People everywhere – you, your friends and your neighbors – would storm into the banks and demand cash!

If everyone did this at once, banks would collapse. The economy would come crashing down, and it would be a complete disaster.

Look at what happened in Switzerland.

It dipped its toe into negative interest rates in 2015 – at just negative 0.75%.

And the public backlash was immediate.

The Wall Street Journal reported that demand for the Swiss 1,000-franc note “rose sharply” as customers began “cash hoarding” to avoid their money getting stolen by the banks.

Bloomberg reports that companies built up physical cash stockpiles in Switzerland worth up to 500 million francs!

This is the reason interest rates can’t go below zero.

The existence of physical cash is a natural check on the power of banks and governments.

It’s the last thing keeping them from taking complete control of everyone’s money.

And as we know, the banks and Big Government do not like the people to have any power.

That’s why...

1) They refuse to talk about this idea in fear of creating a panic.

2) They’re quietly implementing new rules that will make it difficult to do business in cash.

It’s their way of preparing for the next big storm... which I predict could come suddenly and without any official warning.

It’s why if you hate the idea of Big Government getting even bigger, you must take five steps today to secure your financial freedom.

You simply cannot wait on this.

The moment physical cash is eliminated, it will bring immediate chaos.

How do we know?

The Chaos in India Shows Exactly What Life Will Be Like in the Months After the Ban on Cash

We’ve already seen it in India.

On November 9, 2016, the Indian government issued a shocking overnight decree that made high-denomination notes worthless.

The 500- and 1,000-rupee notes – which made up 90% of India’s legal tender – were eliminated in 24 hours.

“The great task that the country wants to accomplish today is the realization of our dream of a cashless society,” the prime minister said in a radio address.

Some dream.

As The Wall Street Journal reported, “The disruption has been significant.”

Banks and ATMs were shut down immediately.

Home sales flatlined. Laborers found themselves unable to get work. Some businesses started paying workers in groceries.

The value of the currency collapsed...

Citizens rushed to the banks to try to protect their meager savings.

A run on the bank ensued. Here’s a video of one of the longest bank lines I’ve seen in my life.


Journalists reported that “crowds at many branches grew so large that battalions of security guards were needed to keep order.” 


But it wasn’t all bad news.

Retail gold in India shot up to $2,294 an ounce within a day – almost twice the price everywhere else in the world.

As The New York Times reported, “Merchants saw the price for 10 ounces of gold nearly double.”

Shops selling gold jewelry were slammed with customers.

Meanwhile, the companies that enable cashless payments made a fortune.

One of them, MobiKwik, recorded transactions at 18 times normal levels.

India’s largest mobile payment company, Paytm, brought on 500,000 new customers per day.

The government’s move has given the company “an unexpected record windfall.”

Investors in these companies are undoubtedly collecting massive gains.

The point is... if you prepare well – right now – for the inevitable death of cash in America, you can set yourself up to avoid the pain and collect a hefty sum of money.

Very soon, I expect the Federal Reserve will make the historic move away from cash and toward electronic money. It will accelerate the shift to a cashless America at light speed.

 Some investors will get wiped out; some will get very rich.

Five Steps for Surviving the Death of Cash

I’ve developed a simple five-step plan you can start using today. It will help you protect your family and profit handsomely as this event unfolds.

Let’s take a closer look at it now...

It all starts, of course, with the currency of currencies...

STEP NO. 1: Buy Gold... the RIGHT Way

Of all the solutions to the problems we’ll face from the death of cash, one stands above all the rest. This investment can protect you from market volatility... inflation... lack of privacy... and the dangerous confiscation of cash.

We’re talking, of course, about gold.

India’s cash ban proved gold would profit mightily in a cashless society.

In fact, using the technology I’m about to tell you about, victims of this government-initiated crime could’ve doubled their purchasing power overnight.

Imagine that...

Suddenly, instead of buying a 2,000-square-foot home, you could afford a 4,000-square-foot palace. If you were in the market for a luxury SUV, you could now buy one for you – and one for your sweetheart.

But here’s the problem...

Most folks don’t know this opportunity even exists.

More than 85% of investors are going about gold investing all wrong.

There’s a good chance that if you own gold the wrong way... you could end up with NOTHING when the ban on cash hits.

Most folks are stuck in what I call the “old world” of gold investing. They buy a chunk of gold and hold on to it, expecting it to someday soar in value.

When the death of cash comes, it very well could soar.

But then what? Is it realistic to expect the world’s largest economy to suddenly start using gold as its currency? Will we suddenly start handing the cashier at the grocery store a sliver of gold to pay for our chicken dinner?


But here’s what will happen.

When the government outlaws cash and moves to an all-digital, fully trackable system, most folks won’t have a choice but to stick with the dollar.

After all, the all-electronic system created by the government was developed by the government to trap folks and give them no way out.

They’re forced to spend devalued dollars.

But I recently found a rather secret solution. It allows you to own gold... and remain in the government’s all-electronic systems.

It’s ingenious.

Nobody but you will know that you aren’t spending increasingly worthless dollars each time you swipe your card. You’ll be spending gold.

In other words, while everybody else’s purchasing power is plunging... you’re getting richer and richer by the day thanks to gold’s unprecedented ability to hold its value.

Call a cab... pay for it in gold.

Buy groceries... use gold.

Get paid... immediately convert those dollars to gold – the currency of currencies.

Thanks to the technology I’ve recently uncovered, gold has become money once again.

It’s the ultimate armor against the death of cash.

It’s why I’ve recently created a brand-new guide called “Owning Gold in the Digital Age: Use New Technology to Keep What’s Yours.” It contains all the details on this must-have technology... plus a whole lot more.

This full-length manual outlines a precise plan for owning and profiting from gold. You’ll discover...

  • My proven strategy for investing in the yellow metal
  • What percentage of your portfolio should be in gold for maximum safety and profits
  • The best gold investments to own now, as the death of cash takes hold
  • And how to harness the digital age to blend into the financial background.

The gold-as-a-currency technology I’ve just discovered is an absolute must-have.

The timing has never been better.

What’s more, “Owning Gold in the Digital Age: How to Use Technology to Keep What’s Yours” will reveal to you the most common mistakes gold investors make and how to avoid them.

Fact is, gold can save a portfolio – or destroy it. It all depends on how you invest and what you do with your gold after you own it. This guide lays out a simple game plan – right down to specific investments and systems you must have in place – to slash your risk, double your potential gains and secretly use gold to preserve your buying power.

And I’d like to send you a copy of this blockbuster guide today.

STEP NO. 2: Forget the Digital Dollar – Get Ready For Million-Dollar Bitcoin

Let’s face it. When the dollar goes all digital... many Americans are going to revolt.

We just saw it in 2020.

As the Fed created trillions of dollars’ worth of digital money, Bitcoin’s price doubled not once... not twice... but three times in 2020.

The crypto space is only going to get hotter from here. 

The folks wise enough to pay attention to the dangerous consequences of what Washington is doing poured into a host of electronic dollar alternatives.

But I’m convinced that we haven’t seen anything yet... and that today’s low prices are the ultimate buying opportunity.

It’s no secret that crypto was the hottest asset on the planet in 2020.

It was flat-out one of the strongest millionaire-makers ever.

Bitcoin beat the S&P 500... 18 times over.

It nearly doubled in 2019. It soared close to 2,000% in 2017. It was up 126% in 2016. And that was after a whopping 5,429% surge in 2013.

It’s easy to see why at any given moment, there’s likely to be some section of the crypto market popping off.

Even in 2018, the worst year on record for crypto... the top three coins produced an average gain of 975%... while the S&P actually lost 6%.

It was all in anticipation of what’s to come... the death of cash.

It’s why I’m convinced that even bigger gains are on the way... especially now that some of the biggest institutions on the planet are jumping into crypto.

Hedge funds, insurance companies and even Ivy League endowments are quickly stashing billions of dollars in crypto.

Investment banks are installing permanent crypto trading desks.

Corporate treasurers are putting their businesses’ free cash into Bitcoin.

“What we’re trying to do is preserve our treasury,” one CEO said. “The purchasing power of the cash is debasing rapidly.”

Like us, they all see what’s coming.

That’s why you must own this revolutionary currency before news of the death of cash spreads further.

Cryptos are moving fast!

What’s happened over the last 18 months in the world of cryptocurrencies is flat-out fascinating. It’s revolutionized the idea of money.

And it’s coming at exactly the right time.

But with dozens of options – offering wildly different ideas – how are you to know which cryptos to trust and which to avoid from here on out?

Some will soar when Washington makes its move... Others will fall.

Millionaire-makers... and deal breakers.

I’ve got it figured out. I’ve done the research.

And I’ve detailed everything in a special report. It’s called “Crypto-Profits: Everything You Need to Know to Win With Digital Currencies.”

In this guide, I detail the hottest coins. I show you exactly how to buy them and what exchanges I personally use to track and trade crypto. And I’ll show you the No. 1 coin to own right now to ensure your money remains safe... and private.

Big Government will hate this report. It outlines a simple way that allows ordinary Americans to not only get rich, but also to jump out of the rigged system and into a currency that’s entirely concealed and virtually untraceable.

All the details are in my new report “Crypto-Profits: Everything You Need to Know to Win With Digital Currencies.”

I’ll show you how to get a copy of it in a minute.

But first...

STEP NO. 3: Collect Your Share of Billions of Cashless Payments

Like it or not, as the world’s money supply leaves physical reality, it will require a whole new financial system. I’m talking about the vast global networks that will process trillions of annual cashless payments.

When India banned high-denomination notes, we saw business at its global payments companies rocket as much as 1,300% overnight.

In Europe and the U.S., this industry could see even bigger growth.

And we don’t even have to wait. The amount of money in the cashless transaction space is already increasing at a record pace... especially as these firms are – for the first time ever – now accepting crypto.

Our research has pinpointed one company poised to cash in the most. It’s constructing electronic payment systems for consumers and companies all over the globe.

One of the fastest-growing businesses in the world involves coming up with new ways to transfer money electronically.

Look at a company like Square. It represents a tiny, microscopic sliver of the market, and yet the company grew from $40 million to $6 billion at its peak.

That’s an increase of 149-fold over just five years!

Of course, all investments come with at least some risk. And past performance doesn’t necessarily guarantee what’s going to happen in the future.

If that were the case, the folks in Washington would have a much easier job. This issue of eradicating cash wouldn’t even be on the table.

But this economy-rattling event is about something entirely new... unlike anything in history. 

That’s why I’m convinced what we’ve seen is nothing compared with the potential growth of the one company I’m looking at.

In the coming years, when most Americans shop for groceries, clothes, cars or even a new home, chances are this company will quietly be at the center of it...

Taking a cut of the transaction.

And it’s not Visa, Mastercard or any of those “old-school” companies we associate with things like this.

No... this company is much newer and is shaking up the market in a huge way.

Bank Innovation reports that it’s “growing fast – really fast!

In 2017, it hit more than $34 billion in payments processed... but it’s just getting started.

It’s hitting the early stages of what I call the “parabola” phase in an extreme growth business.

This is the moment when a young business hits hypergrowth and rewards shareholders with the biggest increase in value.

Taking this simple step and investing just a few bucks into this little-understood company could be one of the most profitable trades in the history of the stock market.

And that’s why this company features in another new report I’d like to send you today. It’s called “Cashing In on the Cashless Payments Revolution.”

Inside, you’ll find my in-depth research on this company, plus several more we expect to be huge winners in the coming months.

Remember, this is one of the biggest markets in the world. The majority of all money transactions will soon be conducted through these systems. And the companies behind them are going to make a fortune. Even a tiny $1,000 investment in the company we recommend could turn into a $100,000 windfall or more over a decade.

My report will show you exactly how to do it.

STEP NO. 4: Get a Yield of Up to 24% Annually in a Zero Interest Rate World

One of the hardest things about the record-shattering low-interest-rate environment we’ve had since the financial crisis is that it’s almost impossible to earn any income on your savings.

Savings accounts pay as little as 0.1%. Treasurys and CDs barely top 1%.

More risky corporate bonds often pay only 2%.

If interest rates eventually go negative, it will only get worse.

The question is... how will you make income off your savings once the news I expect on December 14 hits the headlines?

I just detailed the perfect answer. It’s something I call a “private savings note.”

In short, a private savings note is a little-known way to get an annual yield of up to 24% paid in income directly to you... outside of the “traditional” banking sector.

This is something that’s becoming very popular among financial analysts looking to help their wealthy clients find much higher retirement income.

For example, Joseph Holler, a noted CFA with a big following, said private savings notes offer “investors the chance to boost their returns and reduce risk.”

He said he’s continually “surprised that more investors are not in the new asset class.”

That’s what most folks don’t understand. You don’t have to be rich to take advantage of this opportunity.

You can start earning monthly payments with just a few bucks.

That’s why I’ve created another new research report called “How to Get a Yield of Up to 24% in a Zero Interest Rate World.”

In it, you’ll discover how you can start collecting these very high yields with private savings notes.

24% is nothing to sneeze at.

At that rate, reinvesting your payout, you double your money every three years.

And you multiply it by ninefold every 10 years.

Visualize that for a second. If you started with a hundred grand, you’d be nearing millionaire status within a decade. With no work... no nail-biting... just a simple one-time investment.

I’d like to send you a copy of this report right away and show you exactly which steps to take. But there’s something else I’d like to send you too.

There’s one final step in our strategy for playing the death of cash.

STEP NO. 5: Create Your Own Bank

This report will be perhaps the most important leading up to the elimination of cash in America.

It will show you how you can get your money out of the banking system so it’s safe, and so you won’t be forced to stand by as the value of your money disappears.

I’ll show you how to secretly store your wealth – fully protected – in safe assets that can be conveniently stored anywhere in the world... and moved at a moment’s notice..

There’s little doubt that as the banks work to kill cash, other means of transaction will take hold.

Gold, silver and platinum, sure... but other assets will also become much more valuable as instruments of private exchange.

My final report will show you how you can get your hands on those assets now... store them safely, legally (and secretly)... and profit heavily when all of this goes down.

I call this report “Create Your Own Bank: How to Acquire and Store the Physical Money of the Future.”

You can get this report – and all the others mentioned above – as part of something I’m calling the Death of Cash Prosperity Kit. I’d like to send you the entire kit today.

All I ask is that you join me and my cadre of 30,000 freedom-lovers in our fight for the truth.

Here’s what I mean...

How to Claim Your Death of Cash Prosperity Kit

The death of cash is not coming – in many ways, it’s already begun.

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You’ll join 30,000 proud contrarians who understand there’s a lot more going on than is being reported...

And that ignorance and weakness have costly consequences.

With each monthly issue of Manward Letter, I flip the script... showing readers how just a bit of knowledge can lead to tremendous opportunity.

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  • How a “Global Money-Printing Orgy” Leads to a True 10X Opportunity
  • How to Double Your Money (or More!) as a Tiny Tech Startup Rewrites the Rules of Finance
  • America Has Gone to Hell: So Why Are Stocks Set to Grow 6X?
  • The World’s New Space Race... How It Could Save Your Life, Double Your Money and Change the Way We Talk... All in the Next 12 Months
  • Why You Can Now Get Richer Than You Ever Thought Possible

If you were captivated by what you read today, you can bet you’ll like each jam-packed issue of Manward Letter.

Again, I’m on a quest to lead my readers – there are tens of thousands of them just like you – to the financial truth. I want to show them that there are easier ways to make money... smarter ways to invest in our modern times... and safer ways to protect ourselves from a market that’s addicted to free-money stimulus.

Most people get their information from the news.

It’s been dumbed down and turned into 20-second sound bites.

They turn on the TV and naively accept whatever they hear as reality.

But not me... not Manward subscribers... and, I have a feeling, not you either.

That’s exactly why I’ve sent this message to you today.

People like us question the so-called facts. We study, we do our own research... and we find our own truth – especially these days.

But Manward is about more than peeking behind the curtain... or finding your freedom by investing in the stocks I recommend each month.

It’s about surviving in an increasingly dangerous world.

That’s why with each monthly issue of Manward Letter, you’ll receive valuable information – as well as 24/7 access to a library of powerful reports, just like those in my Death of Cash Prosperity Kit – that will help you protect yourself and your family...

No matter what.

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So how much does a Manward Letter subscription cost?

The normal price for first-year subscribers is $249.

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Thanks for your time, and welcome to Manward.

Andy Snyder
Founder, Manward Press
February 2021

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