“The ONE Electric Vehicle Stock That Could Help Fund Your Retirement”

Discover the new $25 startup that could dominate the upcoming $7 trillion EV market

Dear Reader,

Hi, I’m Andy Snyder, Founder of Manward Press.

And today we’re going to dig into a car... and the company behind it... that could disrupt the entire automotive industry.


Nasdaq reports this car could challenge Tesla’s hegemony.

The Wall Street Journal says it could be the next Tesla.

And Inc. magazine says it’s Tesla’s worst nightmare.

It’s easy to see why. This car has...

  • A 1,080-horsepower engine
  • A zero-to-60 time of 2.5 seconds
  • A top speed of nearly 170 miles per hour
  • A quarter-mile time of less than 10 seconds.

It’s faster than super-cars like Ferrari’s F8, McLaren’s 720S and Porsche’s 911 Turbo.


Yet it’s 100% electric.

And while it’s a marvel of American engineering...

The CEO wants it to be an everyman’s car... and plans to ship out 1 million per year.

But even though it’s made right here in the USA... few Americans have ever heard about this revolutionary car or the company behind it.

I estimate there’s not a 1-in-1,000 chance that you know the name of this company... let alone own its stock...

Despite the fact it could be the next blockbuster EV company.

We already saw Tesla rise from just $5 per share in 2012 to more than $700 today.

Now, I believe this company has the potential to be bigger AND grow faster than Tesla.

The company just went public.

That’s why now is the perfect time to get in cheap.

Because there is a real chance you could ride it to hundreds of dollars per share in the coming years... just like early investors did with Tesla.

So if you move quickly... this new stock could help hand you the kind of retirement most people only dream about.

You know... it’s almost like when Tesla first went public, back in 2010.

Most people had never heard of a Tesla car... Now we see them everywhere.

And we certainly know what its stock has done! It’s been on the tip of every investor’s tongue ever since the IPO.

If you’d bought Tesla after its IPO, you’d be sitting on a 17,400% gain today...

Enough to turn $10,000 into a massive $1.7 million fortune.


So this could be like a second chance if you missed out on Tesla.

But I believe this company is in a unique position to surpass Tesla as one of the world’s premier electric vehicle companies.

You see, one of the smartest things you can do when investing is to bet on true visionaries.

And this company’s CEO is just that: a true visionary.

He was the mastermind behind the Tesla Model S itself.

He and his team created the car that transformed Tesla from a little-known company to the giant it is today.

And this is his second act.

Already, demand for his company’s first production vehicle is through the roof...

Reservations have topped 10,000. In fact, they sold out.

The company forecasts deliveries of 20,000 vehicles in 2022, generating sales of $2.2 billion.

After that, it expects sales to more than DOUBLE to $5.5 billion the year after that... then to almost double again to $9.9 billion after that.

So this company meets every metric you could want in a perfect stock:

  1. A breakthrough product that’s far better than its competitors
  2. Huge growth potential over the next few years in one of the hottest sectors ($12.8 billion is flooding into the EV market.)
  3. An ultra-cheap price... for those who get in now.

But the unfortunate truth is...

I bet 99% of regular Americans have no idea about this company.

And most will miss out.

They’ll learn about this company in a few years... when the stock could be trading for hundreds of dollars per share.

But YOU will be ahead of the curve.

In the next few minutes, I’m going to show you exactly how you could position yourself now to cash in on this massive opportunity...

BEFORE the stock price soars.

And I’m also going to share with you today something most investors will never hear about.

There is a unique, potentially much more lucrative way to own this company... one with far more upside than buying the stock itself.

And it’s something that the traditional financial media has NO CLUE about.

So please: Do not miss this.

You have the chance to take a small amount of money and turn it into a sizeable sum over time – starting today.

If you’re looking for a future of financial growth for yourself and your family...

Then listen up!

Because this could be it.

I will break down why I think this car – and the company behind it – will rock the entire electric vehicle market.

You’ll find out why this company’s stock could be a top performer this year... and for many years to come.

You’ll learn about my special way to play it...

And if that’s not enough, you’ll also learn about four more ways to potentially profit in the coming months on the explosive EV market.

I’ve NEVER Seen a Bigger Growth Story

It’s safe to say that right now, no industry in the world has more excitement behind it... and bigger potential profits... than electric vehicles – EVs for short.

In my 20-year career as an investment expert, I’ve never seen a bigger growth story.

Virtually no EVs were on the road a decade ago... now there are more than TEN MILLION.


I’ve already mentioned Tesla’s incredible 17,400% rise since 2010.


But it’s just one of many EV success stories.

Workhorse Group jumped more than 6,000% in two years...


Arcimoto shot up more than 2,500% in 10 months.


And Nio launched up by an incredible 4,000% in 14 months.


But I believe the gains from my No. 1 EV stock could be much bigger.

As I mentioned, it’s run by the former chief engineer at Tesla.

He brought some of the smartest minds from Tesla with him.

And they’re taking the exact same path as Tesla... but doing it better.

In 2022, the company projects to sell more than 20,000 vehicles.

Remember, the company just went public...

Tesla sold just 2,650 of its Model S in 2012 after it went public!

But this company plans to deliver 20,000 of its car.

That’s a growth rate 9X faster than Tesla’s.


Think about what that means...

Investors who get in now – today – could see similar gains to early Tesla investors... in a fraction of the time.

And that could mean big money.

“An Army of Millionaires”

The BBC says that Tesla’s wildly profitable stock “created an army of millionaires.”

The so-called Teslanaires include people like...

  • Jason D. from Los Angeles. After Tesla released the Model S in 2012, he invested $19,000 to buy 2,500 shares in 2013... and continued buying until he reached 15,000 shares. Those shares are now worth $10 million.
  • Scott T. from New York. He also invested in Tesla after it released the Model S in 2012. He started buying shares in 2013. Those shares are now worth $2.8 million.
  • Bruce B. He used to clip coupons and look for deals before his investment in Tesla. Incredibly, his $23,000 investment paid out almost $2 million in one year!
  • And Basel T. He is 60 years old and lives in Pittsburgh. He invested in Tesla after its IPO in 2010 and says his investment is now worth $2.5 million.

For them, one stock did it all.


Just $6,000 invested in Tesla in 2010 would be worth more than $1 million today.


It’s a fact: If you find one great company like this, you can become a millionaire faster than you ever could have imagined.

It’s what you ought to be looking for every day as an investor.

Nothing could change your life more dramatically than a huge individual winner. Now, Tesla is an exceptional example. You should never put every penny you have on a single stock.

Rather, what makes the most sense is finding companies with big upside potential... and at least getting a small amount in a few of them.

This spreads out your risk but still gives you the chance at a life-changer.

Just a modest investment in Tesla made those folks millionaires.

Now you have a second chance. This new electric car company could grow at a rate 9X FASTER than Tesla...

And just like those who made millions from Tesla, you have a chance to get in EARLY.

The company behind this car just IPO’d in 2021.

So the time to act is NOW.

Because the bottom line is...

Early investors could have the chance to make an absolute windfall from a small stake.

And you don’t have to bet the farm, either. Just a small sum could make your dreams a reality.

There couldn’t be a better time for this company.

The growth of the electric vehicle market is on fire.

EV companies have outperformed the S&P 500 by a staggering 159%.


And this is just the beginning.

Except the average person on the street hasn’t realized it yet!

That’s why the EV market is such an incredible opportunity right now.

But don’t just take my word for it.

Barron’s reports that...

“Electric vehicles are taking over everything.”

And Forbes says that...

“This market just hit its tipping point.”

And The Wall Street Journal says...

“An accelerating shift away from internal-combustion cars will drive the electric-vehicle sector’s winners to billions of dollars in annual revenue at a faster pace than the previous generation of powerhouse tech companies such as Amazon, Facebook and Alphabet.”

It’s no wonder the world’s richest people are jumping on board.

Jeff Bezos made a $700 million investment through Amazon. He says...

“I’m very excited about that whole industry.”

And Warren Buffett’s investment through Berkshire Hathaway in EVs now totals more than $5 billion. He says...

“Electric cars are very much in America’s future.”

I think we’re just getting started...

EVs account for 10% of the automotive market today.

But by 2030, Deloitte reports EVs will account for almost HALF of all cars sold in the world.

That’s a 500% growth rate.


So let me tell you: It’s coming.

You’ll soon see the roads filled with electric cars...

Your kids, your relatives, your friends...

Riding in an EV will become commonplace to them!

Getting in early on a big trend like this can be very rewarding for investors.

And I’ve found the No. 1 EV stock to cash in on as electric vehicle sales quadruple in the next few years...

The company that created this incredible car.

This Is the Greatest Stock I’ve Ever Found

Before I tell you why this single company could help fund your retirement, I think it’s important for me to tell you a little bit more about who I am... and why I’m speaking with you today.

manward logo

I’m the founder and investment expert at Manward Press, an independent financial publisher with one mission: to make our readers better, smarter investors.

Manward achieves this by finding unique investment recommendations that help our members earn exceptional returns on their money.

I started it with just a few subscribers.

Now we have more than 100,000 members from all walks of life. 

They’re united in their pursuit of financial freedom.

And that’s my ultimate goal for my subscribers... to live a free life.

Free to do what they want... when they want... without anyone telling them otherwise.

Our publications have led to stock market gains as high as...

  • 293% on TerraForm Power in 128 days
  • 325% on Gilead Sciences in 69 days
  • 385% on Zillow in 54 days
  • 448% on Canadian Solar in 47 days
  • 690% on SailPoint Technologies in 118 days...

And many, many more.

Since I started my investment newsletter, Manward Letter, in 2017, my open and closed positions are up around 6% in 305 days. And my average open position right now is up 23% in 233 days.

And while I’m a big advocate of diversification...

The truth is...

Every once in a while, I’ve found a stock so innovative, so brilliant in concept... that it’s like a bright beacon of profits.

Look at Netflix.

When I found its stock 12 years ago, it was still mailing DVDs and trading for just $6 per share.

Remember, that was back when Blockbuster was the king of Friday night.

You could find one on every street corner.

Everyone went to Blockbuster back then.

So the idea that a small upstart could take on a monopoly like Blockbuster sounded crazy!

But when I read about Netflix’s business model, I saw its potential to overthrow the industry.

Because it got RID of the one thing everyone HATED about Blockbuster...

The late fees! Remember those?

With no late fees, insanely low pricing and subscribers flocking to it... I saw Netflix was the real deal.

And I went public about its potential.

I called Netflix back when it was only $6 in 2009... saying it could destroy Blockbuster.

It’s more than $510 today!

And anyone who listened to me could be sitting on a 7,000% gain in 2021.


The fact is, my specialty is finding small, under-the-radar companies that are about to strike it big.

I also found Advanced Micro Devices when it traded for just $6 in 2008...

Now we’re seeing graphics cards hardly staying in stock... chip shortages... and these companies making out like bandits!

Advanced Micro Devices now trades for more than $80...


More recently, I found Novavax when it traded for $7 per share in February 2020. It traded as high as $280 by January 2021... a 3,800% return.


And in May 2020, I found another electric vehicle company, Nio, shortly after it IPO’d.

After I released a public video on the opportunity, Nio soared 1,600% by January 2021.


Now, keep in mind past performance does not always guarantee future results...

But here’s a fact...

When you hear about a stock on the media or from friends, you’ve already missed the biggest gains.

That’s why I specialize in contrarian investments... ideas that go against the mainstream.

Because when you find a truly special investment BEFORE it goes mainstream, it could help fund your future retirement.

The best investors in the world agree...

Warren Buffett points out...

“Most people get interested in stocks when everyone else is. The time to get interested is when no one else is. You can’t buy what is popular and do well.”

Sir John Templeton says...

“If you want to have a better performance than the crowd, you must do things differently from the crowd.”

And that brings me to the electric car company we’re talking about today.

You might be thinking, “How can an electric car startup take on a giant like Tesla?

Well, if you look back at many of the best-performing companies... every one of them succeeded not by being the first mover...

But rather by taking on established companies.

Traditionally, that’s where investors have the biggest success.

Consider Google.

During the ‘90s, Yahoo was the titan of the web – a leader in email, online news and search.

Google took on Yahoo in the early 2000s...

And went from having a tiny market share...

To dominating the market in just a few years.


It did it by doing something pretty simple... offering a better product!

Google’s search engine was run by a better algorithm that delivered what people were looking for.

Yahoo’s often didn’t.

And so customers did what they always do. They switched to the better product.

I don’t know anyone who uses Yahoo’s search engine nowadays.

And Yahoo doesn’t even trade on the stock exchange anymore!

But Google...

It’s returned more than 4,500% since it went public in 2004!


Or think of computers.

IBM – the largest company in the world at the time – was the dominant player in the computer market... controlling almost 70% of the market.

But then Apple came along with a product that was faster, easier to use and better-designed...

If you bought Apple after its IPO in 1980, you’d be looking at an 81,000% gain today.


Or consider Monster Beverage.

The soft drink sector is one of the most competitive in the market.

You’re going against heavyweights like Coca-Cola and Pepsi.

But Monster Beverage challenged them with a new energy drink.

It quickly became popular with athletes...

And folks who wanted to be like them.

And investors who got in after it went public in 1997 would’ve seen a 611,000% return...

Turning every $500 into $3 million!


So the folks who went against the crowd saw a small stake turn into millions of dollars.

That’s why...

I want to find the under-the-radar companies today that become the market leaders of tomorrow.

Now, it’s obvious that not every company that takes on established industries will be a winner and that all investments carry risk.

You’ve got to find rare and exceptional companies like the ones I just showed you.

And today, I believe that’s what I’ve found.

I’m convinced this is the next great breakthrough electric vehicle company.

I’ve never seen a firm better suited to surpass Tesla... and possibly take over the industry.

It’s virtually unknown to investors.

Sales could go to more than $5 billion next year... then double that to $10 billion the year after...

And it could lead us into a new Golden Age of American automotive manufacturing.

This Company Is Reviving the American Automotive Industry

The engineers working on the original Mustang, GT40, Corvette and Camaro could NEVER, in their wildest dreams, have imagined 1,080 horsepower or zero to 60 in 2.5 seconds in a production vehicle.

Let alone an electric vehicle.

And look, I have a deep reverence for that era, just like any gearhead.

Who doesn’t love the story of Le Mans and the GT40?

Or the unique history of a split-window ‘63 Corvette...

Or Steve McQueen’s Mustang in Bullitt?

car collage

I grew up loving these iconic cars... like, I’m sure, many of you did.

I’ve restored several classics, including a ‘66 Mustang convertible. Right before college, I even worked at a classic restoration shop.

And listen, I’ve always believed that everyone has the right to buy and drive whatever car they like.

Nobody should be forced by mandate into owning an electric car if they don’t want to.

But remember earlier, when I talked about better products winning out?

Well, the electric cars I’m talking about today are just simply incredible.

Fast, stylish and technologically advanced.

This is how businesses should succeed.

Not by government mandate, but by offering great products people actually want.

These electric vehicles could actually lead to the next Golden Age of muscle cars.

And the company I’m talking about today is leading the revival in American automotive manufacturing.

Remember, the CEO of this company was key to Tesla’s early engineering and success.

Now he’s taking it to the next level.

He says his No. 1 goal is to...


And he’s putting his money where his mouth is...

He’s quietly built up one of the world’s largest automotive factories in rural Arizona, about 50 miles southwest of Phoenix.

lucid factory

This factory is set to produce 50,000 all-American cars here each year starting in 2023... then ramp that up to 360,000 cars per year.

And the company is on track to rake in billions of dollars as it aims to become the leading electric car company in America.

But the company didn’t start like a normal car company...

The ONE Company That Could Take On Tesla

The company initially made only high-end electric motor batteries for the world’s fastest electric race cars.

It designed, developed and manufactured high-density batteries for ALL the Formula E racing teams.

Every single battery on the Formula E racetrack was made by this company.

The company created the world’s greatest electric battery for race cars.

So the logical question is...

Why not use that expertise to create the ultimate electric vehicle for consumers?

That’s exactly what it did.

To do this, it brought on the world leader in car design and engineering as CEO.

He was the chief engineer at Lotus... a James Bond favorite...

The lead engineer at Jaguar...


And he built Tesla’s flagship Model S.

Forbes reports his name is on roughly 70% of the patents on the Tesla Model S.

He gained a reputation as one of the greatest car engineers in the world. Period.

And he believed that he could create a new all-electric car that could not only do it again, but take it to another level.

To achieve this, he compiled a world-class team of designers, engineers and executives...

From companies like Waymo, Google’s driverless car project...

And Apple... where he hired a man who played a huge role in developing the iPhone.

And many of the former top leaders at Tesla came to work for him.

I’m talking about the company’s chief engineer, general counsel, supply chain manager and manufacturing manager!

All these guys came from Tesla!

And what this world-class team built...

Is absolutely transformative.

My No. 1 EV Stock Is Set to Dominate the Field

You see, there are two things that held back electric vehicles in the past:

  1. Range – how far the car can go on a single charge
  2. Charging speed – how quickly the car can be charged.

The median range for electric vehicles right now is around only 250 miles.

This car is blowing that number out of the water.

On a single charge, its range is 517 miles!


That’s more than double the average electric car!

It’s also more than the most popular car the U.S., the Honda Accord...

The Accord’s range is 488 miles on a single tank of gas.

So this car does 29 miles more!

Let’s put that into perspective.

This car can take you on a seven-hour drive from Atlanta, Georgia, to Orlando, Florida, on a single charge.

You and the family could be at Disney World without needing to plug in to get there.

With miles to spare!

So this company addresses the No. 1 concern people have about electric cars...

And it’s the first step to mass adoption.

The second concern is charging.

It doesn’t disappoint here, either...

Kelley Blue Book just ranked it the fastest-charging electric vehicle in world...

With a record charging rate of 20 miles per minute.

10 minutes gets you an extra 200 miles.

So not only does it boast the longest range, but it also boasts the fastest charging rate out of ALL electric vehicles.

It addresses the two main holdups keeping electric vehicles back from mass adoption.

So this car’s technology is a generation ahead of its competitors’.

It’s loaded with state-of-the-art features.

  • Its dual engines produce more than 1,000 horsepower, yet each engine has only 32 moving parts, weighs 163 pounds... and is small enough to fit in a carry-on bag. Compare that with the average gas engine, which has thousands of moving parts!
  • It has a coefficient of drag of 0.21, making it one of the world’s most aerodynamic cars.
  • It has 32 sensors that surround the car, giving it full self-driving capability.
  • It’s equipped with Lidar, a type of laser light that generates a highly accurate 3D map of the world around the car.
  • It’s the very first car to feature Dolby Atmos, the same audio technology found in high-end recording studios.
  • It has blind-spot detection warnings that alert the driver of where they need to look.
  • It features noise cancellation technology that will silence road, engine and wind noise... It can even silence loud passengers in the back seat!

And these advantages are protected by 322 ironclad patents.

These include patents on the company’s...

  • 1,080-horsepower, 32-part motor
  • Proprietary drivetrain
  • Quick-charge, long-range battery
  • Automated driving sensors
  • Motor cooling system
  • Dual-speed gearbox
  • Climate control system
  • Hundreds of other features!

That’s why I’m so excited about my No. 1 EV company.

Not only is this company taking electric vehicles mainstream... but it also has built-in patents to ensure it leads the pack.

Now, I know not everyone watching is a “car person,” but the fact is, this car is by far the most advanced electric vehicle in existence.

You can see why I believe sales won’t just be big...

They will be ENORMOUS.

The CEO’s No. 1 goal for the company is to bring high-quality electric vehicles to the mass market.

He says he wants to make “a million cars a year.”

Yet shares of this totally under-the-radar company are still cheap.

But remember, it just went public...

So it won’t stay under the radar for long.

And once it ramps up production, revenue could shoot sky-high... blowing EV competitors out of the water.


It Could Grow Faster Than Tesla, Facebook, AND Amazon... COMBINED

When Tesla went public in 2010, its revenues were only $117 million...

But it grew to $4 billion by 2015.


But the company I’m talking about today...

Could reach that $4 billion mark in less than 24 months...

And revenues could surge to $22 BILLION by 2026.

That’s an incredible 925% growth in five years.


So not only could it bring in billions more than Tesla did after it IPO’d...

It could grow revenue MUCH faster...

Faster than the revenue growth of Facebook, which trades for $350...

Faster than the growth of Tesla, which trades for more than $600...

And faster than the growth of Amazon... which trades for more than $3,000!

Based on its revenue growth, the company could generate $36 BILLION by 2027... and then keep increasing from there.

And remember, this is a brand-new company. That kind of growth potential is almost unheard of.

Even if it just traded up to Tesla’s current price, it would be a 2,600% gain!

That’s why I believe this is a stock that everyone should know today.

But you’ll have to move quickly.

Unlike Tesla, the company has remained anonymous... quietly building the perfect car.

But that’s about to change in a big way.

The company just went public.

So I believe it will start getting major attention in the days ahead.

Magazine features... news site headlines... stock upgrades... the works.

And that’s very good news for us.

Because new, innovative companies going up against industry leaders often show the fastest and biggest gains.

Newly Public Stocks Give the HIGHEST Gains

Take Twilio.

It IPO’d in 2016. It took on Microsoft’s $46 billion productivity and business software monopoly...

And returned 1,383% by 2021...

Compared with only 462% for Microsoft.


Or look at Square.

It IPO’d in 2015 and took on the near-monopoly Intuit...

And today it’s up 1,857%... versus 430% for Intuit.


Or consider Shopify.

It took on the biggest of the big... Amazon.

Since its IPO in 2015, Shopify has returned a staggering 5,250%... versus 760% for Amazon.


The lesson is clear: When you get into a great company EARLY, the gains can be truly spectacular.

Now, it takes hundreds and sometimes thousands of hours of due diligence to uncover these rare stocks.

But based on my research, you have another chance to get in a new high-flying IPO today... Once again, it’s a company taking on an industry leader.

I believe it will soon be making massive headlines on every major news outlet as its share price soars.

But in order to get in on the payday, you need to know the name of the stock and how to buy it.

However, I should warn you now...

I don’t think this stock will stay ultra-cheap for long.

The Big Launch

Right now, the company has 10,000 pre-orders on its very first production vehicles.

These will be shipped out in the next few weeks.

Once these hit the road, the company could go into overdrive.

The next step for this company is expanding its Arizona-based manufacturing facility to support this massive growth.

And it’s in the process of doing so right now.

We’re looking at thousands of new American jobs.

The company is planning on hiring 4,800 workers in its facility by 2029...

And I forecast that number could go up to tens of thousands to meet the CEO’s 100,000-cars-per-year goal. 

One thing is for sure...

Investors everywhere will soon be talking about this company.

That’s why the time is now.

The company just went public.

If you bought Tesla after it went public in 2010, you’d be sitting on a 17,400% gain today...

Enough to turn $10,000 into a massive $1.7 million fortune.


I think this company has that same type of potential if everything plays out perfectly.

Now, it’s impossible to predict exactly how high stocks will go, and I advise you to never invest more than you can afford to lose.

But I will say this.

I believe companies succeed largely because of two main factors...

1. The people running them
2. The product they produce.

And I can say with certainty... the people running this company are best in class. They are engineering geniuses.

And the product they have produced is the single best electric vehicle I’ve ever seen.

So I sure wouldn’t bet against them.

And I think it is well worth it for you to at least own some shares.

But only those who move today will have the chance to enjoy the ride.

That’s why I’m ready to send you a report with all the information you need to jump on board so you can get in TODAY.

fulfillment report

The report is titled “This Single EV Stock Could Help Fund Your Retirement.”

You can get a copy right now, and I’ll show you how to get it in just a moment.

Inside the report you’ll get the ticker symbol...

You’ll get a more in-depth breakdown of the company...

Plus, you’ll get a specific way to play it that could maximize your upside and strictly limit your downside risk.

In short: You’ll get EVERYTHING you need to inform yourself on how to profit from this company immediately.

But that’s not all...

I also want to send you another report... one that could help boost your retirement funds.

As you probably realize, a trend as big as the EV revolution will create a lot of huge stock market winners.

So, I want to give you the details on FOUR more EV companies that could explode higher in the weeks ahead.

Each one could make huge, life-changing gains from a modest stake...

Starting with the leader of the autonomous driving revolution.


This Company Is THE Leader of the Self-Driving Car Revolution

I predict full self-driving capability will soon be standard on cars... just like cruise control.

Right now, autonomous and semi-autonomous cars account for about 2 million of the cars sold each year.

But by 2025, J.P. Morgan expects they will account for more than 14 million.

That’s a 600% increase!


And it’s all thanks to one company.

This company invented the AI hardware that runs self-driving vehicles.

And this technology will be in almost every new electric vehicle produced worldwide.

Already, this company has 370 partnerships within the automotive sector...

Including Tesla, Mercedes, Audi, Toyota, Hyundai and Volvo.

But this company isn’t relying solely on self-driving vehicles...

Google, Microsoft, Facebook, IBM, Amazon...

They’re all clients.

The company’s AI technology is used in...

  • Cryptocurrency mining
  • Robotics
  • 5G
  • Cloud computing
  • Many more new and exciting industries.

So even if you don’t believe self-driving vehicles will be “the next big thing,” this company could still be a great investment.


The New Electric Heir to Standard Oil

I’m just as excited about this second EV stock contained in the report.

Because it solves one of the BIGGEST problems facing the EV market today.

It holds the final piece of the puzzle... something you’ve probably noticed popping up more in your town...

Charging stations.

This one company boasts the largest network of EV charging stations IN THE WORLD.

It has an incredible 73% market share of the charging stations in the U.S.

It counts 62% of Fortune 50 companies as customers – including Facebook, Netflix and Microsoft.

New York, Boston, Washington D.C. and many other major cities all use this company to manage their charging networks.

And biggest of all...

The new U.S. infrastructure plan calls for 500,000 new electric charging stations by 2030.

To put that into context, the U.S. has about 150,000 gas stations. So this is huge!


I remember when charging stations were inconveniently placed. Now we have one right outside our offices.

And I believe this company is the only candidate with the experience, market share and resources to handle this massive, 500,000-unit order.

Even if this company built just half of these proposed 500,000 charging stations...

Its revenue would rise more than 700%!

In short: The profits here could be astronomical.

So get on this one quick while you still can.

That brings us to our third stock...


This Company Discovered the Next Battery Breakthrough

This company manufactures a completely new type of battery... one that could revolutionize anything that runs on electricity.

You see, most batteries in phones, laptops or electric cars today are lithium-ion batteries.

These have one problem: a liquid core.

Just like saltwater rusts metal, this liquid core corrodes batteries from the inside.

Meaning the battery life is only about two to three years.

Liquid is also inefficient in that it takes up far more volume and stores less energy.

But this company discovered how to replace the liquid core with a solid, stable core.

This solid-state battery...

  1. Is smaller, yet 10 times more powerful
  2. Cuts the charging time down to 15 minutes
  3. Lasts up to 10 years longer
  4. Costs much less!

So this company’s solid-state battery is FAR superior to the old lithium-ion batteries.

What’s more, it’s protected by about 200 patents!

CNBC reports...

“[This battery is] revolutionary.”

Fortune reports it...

“Could replace lithium-ion batteries used by companies like Tesla.”

Bloomberg reported...

“[This battery will] change the world.”

This is the future of ALL batteries.

We’re talking laptops... smartphones... trucks... everything!

And I’m not alone in thinking this....

Some of the richest men in the world have poured millions into this tiny startup, including...

Jeff Bezos...

Bill Gates...

Jack Ma...

And Sir Richard Branson...

Best of all... YOU can get in right along with them!

This company is still a startup... so those who get in now could make incredible profits.

And I have one more to share with our viewers.

This last company is really special...


The Netflix of Cars

It’s doing exactly what Netflix did with the movie industry... but in the automotive industry.

It’s no secret that most people HATE going to a car dealership.

  1. You’ve got to deal with pushy salespeople.
  2. It takes hours to research cars, go on test drives and visit different dealerships.
  3. Dealers want to add every fee, add-on and hidden charge to your final cost.
  4. More often than not, you never get exactly what you want.

Well, this company is changing all of that.

It’s taking a subscription model like that of Netflix... and applying it to cars.

For one monthly fee, you can access ANY car in its fleet.

You have zero mileage restrictions...

So you can drive as much as you want!

No contracts or hidden fees. You can pause or cancel anytime.

You never have to set foot in a dealership... A few clicks of a button and your car is delivered right to your house.

That includes cars from Toyota, Tesla, Porsche, Jaguar, BMW, Audi and Chevrolet!

But here’s why this company is truly going to disrupt the EV industry...

Its entire fleet is either electric or hybrid.

So this company will ride the wave of demand for EVs.

The stock trades for only around $10 now... but I believe it could trade for $100... $200... even $300 in the coming years.

Take a look back at Netflix. Literally nobody thought of the idea of renting something for as long as you wanted... and returning it.

It’s blasted off 43,000% since 2003.


Think of all the dream cars that guys will want to rent and drive, then send back and drive another! This is like every kid’s fantasy... including mine!

And that’s why this company is the fourth stock in my report.

fulfillment report

The report is titled “Four Stocks to Profit From an Electric Future.”

And it’s yours today FREE if I hear from you.

By the way, that makes two bonus reports at no extra cost.

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Our unique outlook for the markets and the economy has quickly grown into a full-on “Manward Movement,” with hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic followers.

They’re all united in the goal for financial freedom.

With Manward Letter, we help our subscribers discover what’s really moving the economy... we discuss the latest opportunities and technology...

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So if you’re interested in the sort of fast-moving, industry-changing ideas I’ve covered today, then I’m certain you’ll like Manward Letter.

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I’m talking about a single investment out of the entire market...

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Each stock fits with my proprietary Modern Asset Portfolio (MAP), which is the core of our investment system.

fulfillment portfolio

With the Modern Asset Portfolio, I don’t just use the same old mix of bonds, stocks, gold and cash anymore.

I believe new ideas can have a bigger impact on future wealth than virtually anything.

I’m talking about new technology, cryptocurrencies and alternative asset classes.

I simply go where the profit potential is biggest.

In fact, I look at the entire universe of investable assets each month to locate the hottest sectors on the market.

This is based on current interest rates, macroeconomic conditions, trend momentum and dozens of other factors.

It all boils down to one simple idea: putting your money where it will be treated BEST.

I focus on sectors that could explode WAY higher over the days, months and years ahead...

Yet I don’t stop there.

My research team and I select the single best investment each month.

It could be an incredible new company like my No. 1 EV stock...

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fulfillment alerts

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And then there’s Pat B., who is protecting his hard-earned money...

He wrote to me saying...

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People are realizing it’s time for a new way to make money in the stock market.

Fact is, it’s dangerous to hand all your money over to Wall Street and have them invest it for you.

Standard & Poor’s found that 92% of mutual funds underperform the S&P 500.

With Manward Letter, you now have a different option.

A BETTER option.

You can see my top insight, including my model portfolio and trade alerts. YOU take control of YOUR investments. I’m simply a guide.

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Bonus Gift No. 3:

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This exclusive video reveals EVERYTHING I look for in a tech company...

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Just under $6,000 invested in Tesla in 2010 would be worth more than $1 million today.


It’s a fact: If you find one great company like this, you can become a millionaire.

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Simply click the button to review everything that comes with your subscription to Manward Letter today.

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Andy Snyder
Founder, Manward Press
August 2021


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