Do NOT Buy Bitcoin...
Because THESE 3 “Next Gen Cryptos” Could Be Even Bigger

If You Missed the First Wave of Crypto Fortunes...
Then This Is Your Second Chance


Hey everyone, Andy Snyder here.

I want to start off with a little thought experiment today.

Think back to January 2013.

The holidays had just ended. Maybe you were making some New Year’s resolutions.

No doubt you were thinking about the new year and how you might improve your life.

Now I want you to imagine walking over to your computer, sitting down and making a single purchase.

Even back then, it would have taken only 10 minutes or so. Today, it’s even easier.

Imagine that when that simple purchase is complete, your life is forever changed.

Because you just bought Bitcoin at $25...

Now... why am I having you imagine this scenario?

After all, it’s not like you can go back and make it a reality, right?

Well, what if I told you that there are three coins today, including one that trades for less than $2, that I expect will someday become MORE valuable than Bitcoin and its $600 billion market cap?

Sounds unbelievable, I know...

But as I’m about to show you... these three tiny and virtually unknown “Next Gen Cryptos” are set up to radically improve our world.

The new technology behind them will revolutionize industries ranging from banking and finance to real estate and Big Tech.

As you’ll soon see, these cryptos are faster, more technologically advanced and on track to be bigger than Bitcoin or Ethereum.

And folks who buy them today may look back not with regret... but with amazement that a small decision could have such a big impact on their lives.

So stick with me over the next few minutes as I explain why you should NOT buy Bitcoin... and why these three Next Gen Cryptos could be the most important investment you ever make.

To start with, I want to explain why now is the perfect time for crypto...

People Are Finally Waking Up to the Real Value of Cryptocurrencies

A little more than a decade after the creation of the first Bitcoin, people are finally starting to realize that the crypto sector is not just about creating a digital currency.

The revolutionary blockchain technology behind cryptocurrencies continues to advance and is about to disrupt and replace some of the biggest industries in the world.

Harvard Business Review says that...

Blockchain has the power to transform whole business ecosystems.”

And according to ReportLinker, the global blockchain market size will jump from $3 billion in 2020 to $39.7 billion by 2025.


And the most powerful and well-connected investors are waking up to this fact.

The global head of digital assets for Goldman Sachs said, “We see this as a pivotal moment.”

Goldman, and other institutions like JPMorgan Chase, are beginning to adopt cryptocurrencies as a new asset class... They’ll soon be treated by these banks just like stocks, bonds and even gold.

That’s a huge turnaround.

It’s critical to understand.

Just two years after JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon stated that cryptocurrencies were “not a real thing” and “worse than tulip bulbs,” Dimon and his company have created their own JPM Coin.

And now, crypto is entering what is being referred to as the third generation of blockchain technology.

This is important...

And something you need to watch very carefully.

Traditionally, we have seen that the third generation is where investors have the biggest success.

Think of the internet.

AOL was first generation. Yahoo was second generation. But Google...

It was third generation.


And you know which generation made folks rich.

Google is up 4,500% since it went public in 2004... far more than either AOL or Yahoo... whose market shares completely collapsed.


So why do the companies that come later reward investors with profits that are so much bigger?

It’s because the third generation is where all the kinks get worked out... and the revolution truly takes place.

And that is what I see going on in crypto right now.

Right at this moment, there are new opportunities to get in on the ground floor of the cryptocurrencies that could someday be bigger than Bitcoin and the second-generation king, Ethereum.

But with thousands of so-called altcoins out there, how in the world do you pick the right one?

I know how. I’ll show you. 

Even better, I’m going to give you the details on the three most important third-generation cryptos to buy right now, before it’s too late.

Many of the same investors who bought Bitcoin in 2013 and Ethereum in 2017 are starting to buy into these three coins... and now is your chance to join them.

The three coins I am recommending to you are not just digital money. They all are positioned to be “Giant Killers” of different trillion-dollar industries, and I’ll explain how.

This could be like getting into Amazon right as it completely upended the retail industry... or getting into Apple just as it dislodged the music industry with its iPod.

When new technologies totally change the way industries work, fortunes are made.

But to understand why I believe these Next Gen Cryptos are the ones to buy right now, you need to understand a little bit about the technology behind them and why they will surpass early entries in the crypto world like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Why the Blockchain Technology Is So Revolutionary

In 2009, the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto created the technology that would become Bitcoin.

But a few years into the experiment, technology experts quickly realized the truly revolutionary element of Bitcoin was not the idea of digital money... it was the blockchain that powered it.

The blockchain is essentially a transparent digital ledger and data storage system. With each new transaction, it creates a new block “chained” to the previous block.

According to Forbes:

“The blockchain is poised to become the dial tone for the 21st-century global economy.”

In 2015, Nasdaq Chief Executive Bob Greifeld said:

“[Blockchain] is the biggest opportunity set we can think of over the next decade or so.”

And looking at the crypto market’s gains so far, it’s clear other smart folks agree...

Mark Cuban said that we’re “going to see the blockchain-ization” of virtually everything in the days ahead.

Now, the idea behind Bitcoin may sound complex. But it’s not.

Let me show you.

Each new Bitcoin is created by a series of decentralized computers solving complex math equations. When they solve the math problems, they receive Bitcoin as a reward.

This is the process called mining.

I’m sure you’ve heard of it.

Each Bitcoin that is created is stored on the blockchain, where it can later be traded and used to buy goods and services.

The genius of this is that the blockchain can be used to verify transactions, ensure ultimate security, and help make financial moves in mere seconds and at a fraction of current costs.

Jack Ma, the creator of Alibaba and one of the richest men in the world, stated that the blockchain is the “key that opens a treasure chest of effective new technological tools.”

This process makes each Bitcoin totally secure and transparent. Every Bitcoin that’s ever been mined can be viewed right now on the Bitcoin blockchain.

But Bitcoin’s design has one BIG flaw... a few flaws, truthfully, but this is the big one...

The bandwidth for transactions is a mere one megabyte. That means Bitcoin is capable of being used for only about 4.6 transactions per second, depending on those transactions’ sizes.

For some perspective, Visa alone is used for about 1,700 transactions per second.


If Bitcoin were ever adopted as a mainstream currency, buying a pack of gum could take days or even weeks.

That’s no good.

Even billionaire Mark Cuban, who says 60% of his crypto portfolio is in Bitcoin, said this about Bitcoin as a viable currency...

“It’s not going to work. It’s too hard. It’s too slow. There’s a limit on the transactions.” Mark Cuban

Due to this limitation, we have seen Bitcoin evolve from a potential currency into a way to store value.

Essentially, Bitcoin has become a digital version of gold.

Because of its limited supply – it will eventually cap out at 21 million coins, roughly 18.5 million of which are already in circulation – Bitcoin will hold and even grow its value over time.

However, beyond that inflation hedge, if you are looking to make 10 times your money or more...

Don’t buy Bitcoin!

The “smart money” already got into Bitcoin years ago.

The people who were first onto Bitcoin, who bought up hundreds of coins for just a few thousand dollars... and are now millionaires... well, they aren’t focused on Bitcoin anymore.

It’s one of the reasons we keep seeing big drops in Bitcoin.

The big money is exiting Bitcoin.

Instead, they are doing something else.

The Most Connected People in Crypto Are Loading Up on These 3 Next Gen Cryptos

Today, the most connected crypto investors are starting to quietly buy up three “Killer Coins” that are cheap now but that I predict will actually be MORE valuable than Bitcoin in the future.

Take, for example, Prakash Chand, an entrepreneur and businessman from Toronto. He’s not a household name in the regular world, but in the crypto world, he’s big-time.

After creating a residential cleaning service and building it into a multimillion-dollar business, Prakash heard about Bitcoin.

He saw the value and started buying it way back in 2011.

As his wealth grew, he transitioned from running his cleaning service and a medical web service to running a billion-dollar crypto fund called FD7.

And in the first half of this year, Prakash and the FD7 fund sold most of their Bitcoin to buy one of the Killer Coins I am going to tell you about today.

In May, Prakash and his fund bought $380 million of it.

That’s right. A “smart money” investor who bought Bitcoin in 2011 dumped his Bitcoin just a few months ago to buy one of the same coins I’m recommending to you today.

And it’s not too late for you to join him.

It’s like an early investor in Yahoo pulling their money out in late 2004... and putting it into Google.


In short, buying these three coins now could be just like buying Google in 2004 or Bitcoin back in 2013.

And that’s a recipe for big profit potential... for those who move quickly enough.

Because with crypto, the moves can happen very fast.


If you had bought $1,000 worth of Bitcoin in January 2013 when it was around $25, in 2021, that $1,000 stake would be worth $1.3 million.


And yet, if you had bought Bitcoin in early 2011, when it was around $1, you would have made more than 33,000 times your money.

Looking back on that, it’s hard not to wonder, “What if?”

“What if I had just put a couple hundred dollars into Bitcoin when it was less than $25?”

“Could I have ended up like 22-year-old Eddy Zillan?”

In 2012, Eddy received a $5,000 gift from his parents at his bar mitzvah to start an investment account.

Instead of traditional stocks, he invested it in a new thing he had heard about... Bitcoin.

And he kept investing. After every summer job he did, the money went into crypto... $7,000 in all.

Today, his initial $12,000 crypto portfolio is worth millions.

Or could you be like Peter Saddington in Atlanta, who first bought Bitcoin in 2011 for $3 per coin?

He was sold on the idea of the mining behind Bitcoin...

What solidified my confidence that this is worth investing in is that the code is based on math. It can’t really be turned off.Peter Saddington

In 2017, he cashed in 45 Bitcoin to buy a Lamborghini.

Or maybe you could’ve be like former Marine Jered Kenna, who started buying Bitcoin when it was a mere $0.20.

Jered is now worth more than $300 million and has stayed in San Francisco, where he’s used his money to follow one of his passions, opening a craft brewery.

Well, that’s the sort of opportunity I believe you have today.

And don’t get me wrong – investing in cryptocurrency carries risk. This sector is volatile. But I believe getting in early in the technologies working to solve the industry’s biggest problems offers the best chance for profits.

As you’re about to see, the three altcoins I’m going to talk about now have better technology than Bitcoin...

They are also faster...

And, best of all, they have the potential to totally disrupt and replace entire trillion-dollar industries.

In short, these three altcoins are the wave of the future.

And I believe investing in them now is as close as you’re going to get to a Bitcoin do-over.

Here’s why...

The Best Third-Generation Cryptos Are the Ones That Build Off the Technologies That Came Before Them

As I look for cryptos to invest in... I’m looking for a progression.

I want to see which new coins take the existing technology and raise it to the next level.

Think about how search engines progressed.

The first-generation search engines were ones like WebCrawler or Ask Jeeves or even AOL with their “keywords.”

Remember those?

Feels like a long time ago, right?

At the time, these were game-changing technologies.

But they had major flaws.

It seemed like it took hours to find what you were actually looking for back then.

Next came Yahoo, the second generation.

It drove out the WebCrawlers and AOLs of the world and created a more centralized search.

It improved things.

But again, Yahoo had big flaws.

The search results you got through Yahoo all came from human indexing that was time-consuming and often not all that accurate.

The results still often weren’t what you were looking for.

Then came the third generation... Google.

Yahoo famously had the chance to buy Google’s technology and passed.

Big mistake.

Google had learned from the mistakes of the first two generations.

And it had built a superior search engine that destroyed Yahoo and took over the world.

In short, you wanted to buy the third generation when it came to search engines.

After all, Google has produced a 4,561% return since it went public in 2004.


Yahoo, on the other hand, doesn’t even trade on the stock exchange anymore!

And guess what?

The same thing is happening now in the crypto space.

Bitcoin was the first generation.

It had major flaws.

Then Ethereum came along and improved on what Bitcoin had done.

Just like we saw in the internet space, it took an existing technology to the next level.

It saw the blockchain as a way to create new, decentralized industries like crypto banking and trading. It popularized a fascinating new concept known as smart contracts, which allow the blocks on the blockchain to be given instructions on how and where to move money.

The smart money in 2015 and 2016 saw the potential and bought up Ethereum.

Many investors were people who followed the technology closely, like twins James and Julian Spediacci, who bought Ethereum at $0.30. They both are now multimillionaires.

James keeps a screenshot of the post on his Facebook account in 2014 where he told people to buy Ethereum.

It got one Facebook like.


Most of the twins’ closest friends ignored it...

But those who didn’t have been rewarded in a big way.

Every $100 put into Ethereum in 2015 when it was trading for $1 is now worth around $200,000.


But like with Bitcoin, as the Ethereum network quickly gained popularity... another design flaw was discovered.

Ethereum’s process, which involves making a copy of its blockchain on every server in the system, worked fine until network usage exploded over the last couple of years.

Turns out, Ethereum does not scale well.

This lack of scalability slows transaction speeds and, even worse, increases the cost of using the network.

It’s made Ethereum’s network slow and clunky.

But let me tell you... slow and clunky is actually great news for us and for the folks who see the third generation of crypto speeding toward us.

Ethereum’s shortfalls mean people will soon turn to the better, more efficient Next Gen Cryptos I’m going to tell you about today.

The scalability issue with Ethereum has actually led to several new coins developing technology to solve the problem.

In fact, the first of my coins is the one I believe will directly overtake Ethereum.

How My First Coin Could End Up More Valuable Than Ethereum

I call it the “Ethereum Killer Coin”... or “EKCoin” for short.


This Ethereum-killing altcoin was actually developed by one of the original founders of Ethereum.

He left Ethereum early on when he saw the flaws in its design.

His name is Charles Hoskinson, and he is a brilliant mathematician and entrepreneur who started creating the EKCoin in 2017.

His main focus was to solve the scalability and speed issues of Ethereum while maintaining the smart contracts and decentralized financial services it offers.

And he’s succeeding!

The result will be a fully scalable, fast network which operates for pennies on the dollar compared with the Ethereum network.

While people are minting and trading NFTs on the Ethereum network for hundreds of dollars, the first NFTs were recently minted on the EKCoin network for about $3.

These advantages could eventually lead to the EKCoin replacing the Ethereum network outright.

People will have to decide... “Do I want to pay hundreds of dollars to use the Ethereum network or a couple of dollars to use a better one with faster, more refined technology?”

The answer is obvious.

Remember Prakash Chand and his billion-dollar crypto fund, FD7? The guy who recently sold most of his Bitcoin to buy third-generation coins?

The EKCoin is the one he put $380 million into in March.

And while the EKCoin is moving up in value very quickly, it is still incredibly cheap.

While Ethereum costs nearly $2,000, the EKCoin is still trading for less than $2.

But the EKCoin’s goal is not simply to replace Ethereum. It has its sights set on something much bigger and much more helpful...

And this is why I am so excited about this Next Gen Crypto.

The EKCoin Is Expected to Permanently Alter the $22.5 Trillion Financial Services Industry

Its mission is to create a fully decentralized financial services industry.

That’s right, the EKCoin network is set to disrupt and possibly replace the entire $22.5 trillion financial services industry.

Here’s how it works.

Currently, the EKCoin network has about $16 billion in liquidity.

And it is using that liquidity like a financial system.

On top of the EKCoin network, developers are creating smart contracts which could allow people to borrow or lend money, transfer cash, or even automate payroll.

So rather than go to the bank for a personal loan, you could go to the EKCoin network and find a selection of loans with a selection of rates.

The transactions would all be recorded securely on the blockchain.

And things like buying insurance, engaging in futures trading, and even handling car loans or mortgages through smart contracts are all in the works.

Plus, the efficiency of the blockchain would make these services cheaper than traditional banking.

But the most obvious financial service, which has been available for some time, is money transfers.

The EKCoin network allows money to be sent around the world more cheaply, quickly and efficiently than ever before.

For example... consider how money is currently transferred around the globe.

Much of it, believe it or not, is still done through Western Union.

And before we continue, let me just say... if you own Western Union... I recommend dumping it, fast!

Once these cryptocurrencies take over, it will be the end for companies that make money by price gouging on transfers around the world.

However, for the moment, Western Union is making tons of money as the primary way for immigrants working in Western countries, on cruise ships and elsewhere around the globe to move money.

When these workers send money back home to Central America, Africa or Southeast Asia, they are usually using Western Union, which charges an average remittance fee of $0.15 on the dollar.

That’s 15%, people.

Imagine losing 15% of your money simply on a transaction fee to send it home.

The fee on the EKCoin network will be a tiny fraction of that.

For many, the transaction fee to send hundreds or even thousands of dollars on the EKCoin network will be less than a dollar.

Not only that... it will be fast too.

We’re talking about transactions that take a matter of seconds, rather than the days it can take to send money by traditional methods.

Remember, the currency markets are the biggest markets in the world.

$5 trillion moves internationally on a daily basis.

$5 trillion.

The New York Stock Exchange, by comparison, moves only $10 billion daily. Currency markets are up to 500 times bigger!

And yet this coin, which has the potential to totally revolutionize the currency markets, trades for two measly bucks.

The technology to move those trillions of dollars cheaper and faster is so valuable it’s almost impossible to contemplate.

And yet, it’s just one of the ways this coin could reshape the world.

A second way is by automating payroll.

The EKCoin network, like the Ethereum network, is being designed to allow for smart contracts.

In simple terms, a smart contract is an automatic financial agreement between two parties written into lines of code.

Normally you need a third party to make regular contracted transactions.

For example, paying an employee through a payroll services company.

But with a smart contract between an employer and employee, the payroll is automatically deposited at the end of the pay period.

The millions of dollars that companies spend on payroll services around the world could be eliminated simply by designing a smart contract through the EKCoin network that would allow employees to be paid automatically.

Hours worked and paid time off can be automatically tabulated, and money transfers can be set to include things like payroll taxes and withholding.

And there are so many other industries that smart contract technology will disrupt.

Wills and inheritances? Automated by smart contracts on the blockchain.

Everything from gift cards and loyalty programs to insurance and estate planning will be able to be done more securely through smart contracts.

The blockchain technology behind EKCoin could even replace title searches on homes.

Imagine not having to pay all those fees at closing... It would be a godsend!

And these smart contracts – which have the potential to reshape so many industries – are set to go live in the next couple of months.

Bottom line: This new coin took everything Ethereum made possible and is refining it into a technology that will improve dozens of major industries.

It is poised to take over Ethereum’s place in the market.

And yet it’s available now for just $2.

But here’s the thing...

This coin is very unlikely to stay this cheap.

Because something big is happening in the coming months... something that could speed up the transition from Ethereum to this new coin.

The Next 3 Months Could Send This Next Gen Crypto Soaring

Another weakness in the Ethereum network has been discovered in the coding of its smart contracts.

The coding weakness has allowed hackers to get into those Ethereum smart contracts.

Consequently, with the EKCoin, Hoskinson has developed some of the most secure, virtually unhackable smart contracts yet to be seen on any network.

And they’re scheduled to go live within the next three months.

So investing now means there could be a “good news bump” built in on the horizon.

And once they go live, I expect the EKCoin will move up much faster.

The timing to get into the EKCoin couldn’t be better.

There’s almost nothing this altcoin cannot do.

It’s cheaper, faster and more efficient in just about every way.

Charles Hoskinson, in his 2014 TED Talk, said that because the blockchain is so secure, it is...

“The perfect place to store property rights, credentials, identities and agreements.” Charles Hoskinson

The potential to disrupt so many industries is what makes the EKCoin one of my top Next Gen Cryptos.

No smart crypto investor is selling all of their EKCoins.

The smart money recognizes this is the coin of the future.

And it could take off again at any moment.

But we still have only scratched the surface of blockchain’s potential here.

My second Next Gen Crypto may be even more ambitious than the first.

Could This Next Gen Crypto Actually Replace the Internet As We Know It?

We will call it the “Internet Killer Coin,” or the “IKCoin.”


A fully decentralized internet is the dream of many web developers.

Enter Dominic Williams, famed crypto theoretician and internet expert.

In October 2016, he began the project that would eventually become the IKCoin: a decentralized internet that runs on a blockchain instead of traditional service providers and traditional IP addresses.

He and his massive team of experts spent years working on bringing web speeds and unlimited scalability to their blockchain network.

The foundation Williams created is based in Zurich, Switzerland, and boasts more than 190 of the industry’s top scientists and cryptographers. Although some of these names may be new to you, they are big names in the crypto world.

They are people like Ben Lynn, a world-renowned cryptographer and former Google engineer. He is the “L” in BLS cryptography, the key signature system being used in Ethereum 2.0.

And Jan Camenisch, another world-renowned cryptographer and privacy researcher who led IBM’s cryptography research department for 19 years.

And Andreas Rossberg, the co-creator of WebAssembly and former team lead for the Google Chrome V8 engine.

There are so many more. There simply isn’t time to list them all here.

We are talking about the smartest people in the world.

And they are the ones behind this crypto.

It took them four years, but they were able to create a blockchain that is fully scalable and has unlimited data storage potential... all at lightning-fast web speeds.

But what does it do?

It allows developers to upload websites to the IKCoin network. Those websites then live inside a blockchain ecosystem instead of on web servers with IP addresses.

And with the blockchain, the websites are totally secure, meaning developers don’t have to put up firewalls, saving them time and money.

Why is this so revolutionary?

And why is it a developer’s dream?

Right now, 56% of the internet exists on the servers of just three companies: Amazon – which is the largest web hosting service – Google and Microsoft.

This centralizes the internet, giving large amounts of control to a handful of powerful tech companies. These companies can collude to overcharge. They can censor and remove any websites they don’t like.

And they can AND DO take your data and sell it to advertisers.

Even Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of the original World Wide Web, has stated the need to...

“Decentralize the web and take back power from the forces that have profited from centralizing it.” Tim Berners-Lee

According to my research, the IKCoin is going to be that disrupter to Big Tech and its monopolistic hold on our data and our lives.

That is why I’m so excited about this IKCoin. It has massive potential to solve many of the problems that have slowly crept into web development and to challenge the power structure that controls it.

Another problem that developers have dealt with is the shortage of original IP addresses. Due to the incorrect assumption that billions of IP addresses would be enough to maintain the internet, service providers have actually started to run out of them!

A Band-Aid was applied a few years back in the form of Internet Protocol version 6, or IPv6. But there are still only a finite number of addresses available.

This could be a big problem in the years ahead... like many thought Y2K would be... but real this time.

The IKCoin network does away with IP addresses and replaces them with identifiable, yet anonymous, blockchain addresses. It allows unlimited addresses to be created in the future.

Let me repeat... unlimited!

But how does it work?

The IKCoin network uses a system where people buy the IKCoin and use that coin to pay for their websites.

And, of course, as developers begin using the IKCoin network, you will see demand for these coins go up.

And that means huge upside potential on the IKCoin, if you get in now.

The more that internet developers move their websites from the old internet to the new IKCoin decentralized internet, the more important IKCoins become...

And the more valuable.

And the amazing thing is that the IKCoin just began selling a few months ago.

I told folks about it nearly immediately.

It’s already quickly moved into the top 24 cryptocurrencies by market cap, and I expect it will slowly move up to the top 10 to join the EKCoin I am also recommending to you.

The fact is... the decentralized internet this group is creating is just better than what we have today.

It’s easier to create websites. It will be cheaper by a wide margin. There will be an infinite number of IP addresses available.

And most of all, it CANNOT be controlled by Big Tech.

Bottom line: It’s just a better technology than the current internet, plain and simple.

When all the money for website hosting that is currently flowing into the coffers of Amazon and Google begins to flow into the IKCoin... the value of this coin will move higher rapidly.

And consider this... right now Bitcoin costs almost 1,000 times more per coin than the IKCoin.

This coin is remarkably cheap in comparison.

There is no question folks should hold at least a few hundred dollars’ worth in their portfolios.

Just a couple hundred dollars could turn into tens of thousands in the future, just like it did for people who bought Bitcoin several years back. I’m seeing the same sort of gains... if not even bigger ones... over the same sort of time frame... about 10 to 15 years.

If this pans out like I expect it will, those who invest in IKCoin now will be able to sit back and watch their portfolios move up right along with it.

And at such a great price today, it’s a far lower-risk option compared with most cryptos, and it has higher reward potential.

There is no question in my mind that people who put a couple hundred or even a few thousand dollars into the EKCoin and IKCoin today... are going to be the same type of people who bought Bitcoin back in 2013 or Ethereum in 2016... or who bought Google as early as they could. Again, I expect gains just as big – if not bigger – in the same amount of time it took for these dominators to take over their industries.

People will talk about those who got in on EKCoin early at $2... and they’ll say, “Wow, I wish I had been smart enough to do that.”

Now, there are no guarantees with investing. And, of course, with any of these coins, you should invest only with money you’re not afraid to lose. Investing always carries risk, and even more so with cryptocurrencies.

But if you want the shot at this type of life-changing profit potential, I believe now is the crucial time to get in.

So how do you get full instructions on how to buy my first two Killer Coins?


I’ve put together a special report called “2 Killer Crypto Coins That Will Be Bigger Than Bitcoin.”


In it, I’ll give you even more details on why I believe these first two Next Gen Cryptos have some of the highest upside potential of any cheap cryptos you can buy today.

I’ll show you the simple way to buy them... and I’ll show you how to deal with any risk... Basically, I will do everything to ensure you have all the knowledge you need to make a smart speculation on these two coins.

However, I also have one more really cool coin that I want to tell you about.

It’s a little different but very exciting.

Keep in mind... I am a big fan of the EKCoin and the IKCoin for all the reasons I’ve mentioned. But there are many more coins I expect to see do well in both the near term and long term.

The world of cryptocurrency is very exciting right now.

Blockchain technology could solve many new problems...

From verifying supply chains to taking on the entire financial industry and even replacing the backbone of the internet.

But one of my favorite things coming out of the crypto world right now actually isn’t some giant industry killer.

It’s something even the most die-hard crypto believers would probably never expect.

In short, it could help solve the income crisis facing millions of Americans.

This is huge.

Due to our Fed’s seemingly permanent zero percent interest rate policy, the days of putting your money in a savings account and earning even 3% are long gone.

Bonds, CDs and Treasury notes have all seen their interest rates dwindle as easy money policies around the world have pushed yields to new lows.

At the same time, inflation is making everything far more expensive.

This is creating a major crisis.

Investors no longer have a source for significant income yields.

But crypto is changing the game here as well.

Right now, in the crypto space, there are solutions where users can earn 10% or more on their money... and in some cases, much more.

Crypto Just Solved a Major Problem for Savers

I call this final coin the “Income Coin” or the “ICoin.”


With all the various cryptocurrencies in a major growth pattern right now, liquidity is very important as they expand and advance the technologies of their blockchains.

Rather than turn to traditional banks, these altcoins have come up with a unique solution.

In short, they are offering to pay yields to those who use their coins so that circulation expands.

There are about seven major options, all paying different yields to people who deposit their coins with them.

Here’s how the process works.

Let’s say a user wants to earn high interest on a $1,000 investment.

First, the user would convert the $1,000 into the coin of their choice.

Then they’d transfer it to the network of their choice.

The network would lend that $1,000 out to those who need it.

And when the money is withdrawn, the user is paid back their principal... plus whatever interest the network offered initially.

If the yield were 10%, the user would make an easy $100. Make sense?

Like I said, there are roughly half a dozen networks currently making this possible.

But by far the BEST is the one behind my ICoin...

Because its unique platform gives users the chance to supplement their retirement income by collecting the highest yields available.

Unlike its competitors, it automatically moves a user’s investment to whoever is paying the highest yield. (Imagine a traditional bank doing that!)

If another group starts to pay a higher yield, the ICoin network immediately transfers the user’s money to that new group... so they ALWAYS get the highest possible yields at all times.

And when I say “high,” I do mean HIGH. Remember, right now, the national average interest rate for traditional savings accounts is 0.06%.

Meanwhile, on the network behind my ICoin, I’m seeing yields of 12% and even 20% on deposits.

Let me repeat that.

Up to 20% interest... at a time when real Treasury yields are actually negative.

In other words, this is like an oasis in the desert for yield-parched savers.

So you can see why users are flocking to this cutting-edge platform... and driving investors to the coin behind it.

Think about it...

With real interest rates turning negative – not just here in the U.S. but in countries all over the world – we’re in a full-on income crisis.

Tech-savvy investors are rushing to crypto to solve it...

And my ICoin has a real shot at capturing the lion’s share of this growing market... because of the significant yields it can offer users.

I believe you could profit handsomely from the growth of this special crypto.

Think of it like investing in a cutting-edge bank that’s making a name for itself by offering exclusive services – not to mention great yields – to its customers, or in this case, users.

I want to tell you all about it. And I promise, it’s not that complex.

It’s actually very easy to understand why this new market is booming... and why my ICoin is so well-positioned... if you have a guide.

This is why I have created a special report called “The Crypto Income Solution: Profiting From the Hottest Play in DeFi.”


In this report, I will walk you through exactly why I think ICoin is the “best in show” when it comes to the DeFi – or decentralized finance – revolution.

I’ll show you what makes this coin such a disrupter... and why more and more investors are flocking to it.

I believe this is essential information for anyone interested in playing crypto NOW.

Because even with all the hype surrounding cryptocurrencies, if you act quickly, you can still get in at the beginning of this revolution.

There’s still a lot to iron out in this experimental new market. And it won’t be long before the regulators come for their piece. But I believe the team behind this exciting crypto will keep innovating... and that it will remain among the top DeFi platforms around. 

Most importantly... as institutional money moves in, the upside of getting in early will be shrinking by the day.

With each passing year, institutional investors are putting more and more money into crypto.

They have trillions of dollars between them to invest.

Goldman Sachs’ head of digital assets, Mary Rich, stated a couple of months ago...

“We are working closely with teams across the firm to explore ways to offer thoughtful and appropriate access to the ecosystem for private wealth clients, and that is something we expect to offer in the near term.” Mary Rich,
Global Head of Digital Assets,
Goldman Sachs

When you hear that one of the largest and most respected financial companies in the world is preparing to offer cryptocurrencies to their “private wealth clients”...

Well, I don’t have to tell you that you need to beat that money into these coins.

And Goldman Sachs isn’t the only one.

JPMorgan Chase announced recently that it plans on putting clients into Bitcoin funds THIS YEAR.

But according to a recent CNBC article, it is limiting those funds to high net worth clients who have at least $2 million in assets with the company.

That means it is limiting itself to its top clients, who have greater risk tolerance. It’s very typical. It’s no wonder that some of the smartest folks in money are working to create an entirely new system.

With my special reports, you can jump the line, armed with the knowledge of how to get fully invested before all this institutional money starts bidding up the price of these Next Gen Cryptos.

And don’t forget, in the last year, PayPal and Square have added crypto as a payment option and storage method.

Heck, my friend just bought some Bitcoin with his Venmo account.

The revolution is coming. Are you going to be at the front or the back?

Now is the time to act.

So what I want to do today is get you both of my reports as soon as possible.

In just a moment, I’ll show you how to get both “2 Killer Crypto Coins That Will Be Bigger Than Bitcoin” and “The Crypto Income Solution: Profiting From the Hottest Play in DeFi.”


These two reports contain everything you need to know to get in on the three crypto opportunities I believe are the equivalent of buying Bitcoin or Ethereum years ago... or buying Google when it traded for just a few bucks.

Of course, there’s no guarantee this opportunity will deliver the same gains as Google...

But these are the moments that get me excited as an outspoken market analyzer.

And let me tell you, I’ve seen a lot during my career. But this is perhaps the best opportunity I’ve ever seen for regular people to have a shot at changing their lives.

Some of the Best Opportunities I’ve Seen in More Than Two DECADES

When I managed money at a $100 billion financial fund, I was always amazed at how the system seemed to favor the super-wealthy...

Just like we are seeing with JPMorgan Chase’s announcement of limiting its Bitcoin funds to its wealthiest clients.

When I left, I decided I would bring to everyday folks the kind of analysis and techniques that the big Wall Street firms use.

That’s how I founded Manward Press and developed our proprietary Modern Asset Portfolio (MAP), which is at the core of our investment recommendations.

With the Modern Asset Portfolio, we don’t just use the same old mix of bonds, stocks, gold and cash anymore.

What we’ve come to realize is that new ideas, like those we are seeing in cryptocurrencies, can have a bigger impact on future wealth than virtually anything.

They’re the reason as many as 100,000 people have become millionaires thanks to Bitcoin alone.

And the great thing is... it doesn’t require a gigantic investment to totally transform your portfolio.

With the Modern Asset Portfolio, I recommend simply having a small portion of your money in the most exciting cryptocurrencies in the world. You never want to invest more than you can afford to lose, and in such a volatile sector, a little can go a long way!

The result has been exceptional gain opportunities for subscribers to my Manward Letter.

Like my recommendation on Monero coin less than a year ago.

Those who followed my recommendation sold a quarter of the position for a 311% gain in 210 days. And then they had the chance to close another small fraction of the position for a 109% gain in 266 days.


And in my Alpha Money Flow research service, subscribers who bought into our Iota coin recommendation could have captured a 196% gain on half of the position in 45 days and a 45% gain on the other half in 185 days.


Those who bought the Kyber Network Crystal Legacy coin we recommended could have made 40%...

In just four days.



Now, some of those cryptos I still like, so I’ll probably continue to recommend them to subscribers...

But the three coins I’m recommending today – and the technology they represent – are the ones that I feel are going to be bigger than Bitcoin in the years ahead.

That’s why I’m so excited about these new recommendations.

Manward Press has introduced thousands of new people to crypto in the past six months alone.

And across our services, the results for them have been spectacular.

One of my readers, named Pat, recently left the following message with my team...

“Thanks, Andy. I began reading Manward to protect the nest egg I have accumulated. I have used the money to invest in crypto and seen marvelous returns. Keep it up.” Pat

Uma wrote to let us know...

“I like Andy’s style and approach. Whereas others keep trying to sell the same service over and over again, Andy takes a lower-key approach and his series on crypto is really a public service effort.” Uma

Another subscriber, J.D., may have said it best...

“Andy’s news and views have helped to increase my net worth considerably. Wish I could pass a lifetime subscription down to my kids when I’m ‘no longer available.’” J.D.

I love knowing that I’m helping my readers get closer to financial independence. And I’m proud of all that Manward has accomplished so far.

But in the next 10 to 15 years, I see far bigger gain potential in these Killer Coins I’m recommending.


I believe I can show you how to navigate these new waters and potentially profit from these coins.

Already this year, I’ve helped subscribers across my services close out partial positions for average crypto gains of 96% in 227 days... 144% in 195 days... and 311% in 210 days on one quarter of a play and 110% on just over another third of that play with the remaining portion still open. These are exceptional gains that we sure hope will continue.

We’re closing our recommendations for gains as we continue to ride these cryptos higher.

And this, right now, is your chance to join us. (I’ll explain how in just a moment.)

I know it can be tough to get into cryptocurrencies.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Crypto can be simple.

I’ve seen this firsthand through the experiences of the people I just mentioned.

They certainly weren’t experts when they started... and yet my research and recommendations led them to success.

That’s why I’ve put together the perfect guide to help anyone understand how to navigate crypto.

The Ultimate EASY Guide to Buying Crypto

I know a lot of people who feel the only thing that has stopped them from entering the crypto space is that they don’t understand the process. They have questions like...

“Which exchange should I use?”

“What’s a digital wallet?”

“What does a blockchain address look like?”

Many others have felt the same way about crypto in the past. The most common question I hear is...

“Where do I begin?”

Yet people just like you have found that investing in crypto is easier – and more lucrative – than they had ever imagined.

That’s why I created my special report, “How to Go From a Crypto Zero to a Crypto Hero: A Step-by-Step Guide to Buying Your First Crypto.”


In this report, I will show you how to set up an account on the most reputable exchange, how to connect your bank account and transfer money, and ultimately...

How to buy some of the best new cryptos with the biggest upside potential.

I’ll tell you what to expect, like having to get your account verified and needing to provide certain documentation.

And most importantly, I will explain to you how it all works.

I’ll help you figure out where your money is being stored on the blockchain... how to identify your wallet address... and how you can use that address to make transfers, sell crypto and put gains back into your bank account.

In short, once you’ve gone through the process and understand it, you’ll ask yourself why you hadn’t done it all earlier.

Plus, you can brag to all your friends about how you figured out what the next Bitcoin and Ethereum were years before most people had any clue what was going on.

But you need all three of my reports to get started.


Fortunately, I can send you every one of them right now.

Not only that – I’m also offering you a chance to have my research and analysis guide you risk-free.

I want to do that with a special newsletter I publish called Manward Letter.


Manward Letter is my flagship publication, in which I give my subscribers my very best research and investment opportunities every month.

It’s where I highlight stocks with exciting new products that are breaking sales records and crushing competitors.

It’s where I share new crypto opportunities with my subscribers... including chances to find life-changing gains on plays that cost just a few dollars.

It’s also where I highlight what’s going on with our economy and what you can do to help protect yourself from any dangers in the market.

Best of all... those who join me at Manward Letter risk-free today... will receive all three of my brand-new crypto reports absolutely free.

Here’s Everything You’re Going to Get as a New Manward Letter Subscriber

Every Manward Letter subscription comes with...

  • 12 months of Manward Letter, with in-depth research and commentary on stocks, options and the cryptocurrency market ($199 value)
  • Our proprietary model stock portfolio, updated daily with current “Buy”/“Hold”/“Sell” ratings, so you always know precisely what’s happening with my recommended plays
  • My special report: “2 Killer Crypto Coins That Will Be Bigger Than Bitcoin” ($399 value)
  • My BONUS step-by-step crypto income guide: “The Crypto Income Solution: Profiting From the Hottest Play in DeFi” ($299 value)
  • A BONUS guide for beginners: “How to Go From a Crypto Zero to a Crypto Hero: A Step-by-Step Guide to Buying Your First Crypto” ($199 value)
  • Access to my entire library of premium investment research and training videos, including dozens of reports with bonus picks and ideas to build your wealth, plus new benefits that are being added all the time
  • Access to the full Manward Letter archives – including more than 50 issues of Manward Letter from the last few years
  • Weekly alerts with position updates, plus additional commentary on the markets and what moves them
  • Invitations to live video calls and online “town hall” meetings with me, plus other subscriber events designed to keep Manward Letter readers informed on what’s happening and how it affects their wealth
  • And a whole lot more!

And while the special reports I’m giving you are valued at nearly $900...

You won’t pay anything near that to join Manward Letter.

By itself, the retail price of Manward Letter is only $249.

And at that price, it’s an incredible deal.

Look at a subscriber like Larry M.

He recently attended a crypto training event I put on for Manward Letter subscribers. He said:

“I know 100% more about crypto from the past 30 minutes than [I knew in] the last year. Keep it coming.” Larry M.

Or how about Jerry P.? He wrote:

“Thank you, sir. I’ve been a subscriber to your Manward Letter for a few years. I bought a lifetime subscription and thought it would be a sweet deal. Man oh man, you have proved me right.” Jerry P.

Or Kevin H., who joined last year. He said:

“I have bought and sold the investment twice and doubled my initial investment. Thanks so much, Andy. Keep it going.” Kevin H.

What would a hedge fund charge to hand you a double in less than a year?

A whole lot more than $249, I can tell you that. What would it be worth to double your total investment following my Manward recommendations?

Of course, not every recommendation is a winner. No one’s perfect, after all!

But here’s the thing...

I’m not charging the full retail price to join today.

Instead... because I know how big it is for regular people to get into crypto at this moment... I’m giving it all to you today, risk-free, for just $49.

Not only that... but I’m backing everything up with my full 365-day money-back guarantee.


If, at the end of your year of access to all this research and these potential moneymaking techniques, you are unsatisfied, you can have a full refund.

Why would I do this?

Because I’m willing to take a chance to gain your trust. 

I think you’ll love what Manward Letter has in store for you. We pride ourselves on thinking differently about how to build and protect wealth.

We have a policy of cutting underperforming stocks quickly and letting our winners ride. This means that our closed positions tend to be small losses and our open winners tend to be much bigger winners.

For example, our average closed position is down just 0.55% in an average of 323 days. But our average open position right now is up 25.4% in an average of 245 days. Overall, our track record has an average gain of 5.9% in an average of 308 days. In short, we always want our winners to be much bigger than our losers. And we’ve been very successful doing that.

This is a no-brainer considering the opportunities I’m offering.

There’s nothing to lose with my refund guarantee, but there’s so much to gain.

I want you to be satisfied, happy and, most importantly, wealthy!

Cryptocurrencies are finally being seen for what they are...

Not a replacement for the dollar, but simply the biggest technological advance since the adoption of the internet in the 1990s.

And don’t forget, there hasn’t been a fourth generation in the development of the internet.

No one has come along and killed Google.

There is no question in my mind that the third-generation cryptos are going to be the ones that stick around forever.

I believe they will have immense value and that investors who buy them now will end up in better financial positions than they could have imagined.

I want you to think back to the thought exercise I gave you at the start of this video.

I asked you to imagine a moment where you could have simply walked over to your computer and, in 10 minutes, changed your life forever.

That opportunity is in front of you again now.

I am convinced the three Killer Cryptos I’ve told you about could be bigger than Bitcoin and Ethereum.

At the very least, promise me this.

Sign up... get my reports... and check out what I have in them.

If it doesn’t live up to your expectations, then heck, go ahead and claim a refund and I’ll happily send your money back.

But don’t do nothing.

This is too big a moment to pass up.

That’s why I encourage you to take the opportunity now, before it’s too late.

Simply click on the button below to go to a secure order form right now so you can review everything you’ll get.

Clicking doesn’t obligate you to buy. You’ll have a chance to see it all laid out for you.

And don’t forget, if you are unsatisfied, you can cancel at any time, and guess what... 

You can keep the special reports.

That is how confident I am that once you see my analysis, step-by-step guides and bonus reports, you will want more.

You will see that my insights and recommendations go well beyond paying for themselves.

In fact, the cost of Manward Letter will be a drop in the bucket.

With all the upside – and the lack of downside – to subscribing today, I think the choice is simple. I look forward to welcoming you to the Manward Letter family.

And if you take away one thing from what I’ve said today, it should be this...

The blockchain is a truly game-changing technology.

And the third generation will undoubtedly be the best time to invest.

Act now!

So that someday in the future, you don’t look back and say, “If only...”

“If only I had bought Bitcoin at a penny... a dollar... or even $1,000.”

“If only I’d bought 100 shares of Amazon when it was $18.”

“If only I’d bought Apple in 1998.”

Turn that “If only” into an “I’m so glad...”

“I’m so glad I took a chance.”

“I’m so glad I took the time to learn about these investments.”

“I’m so glad I didn’t wait until it was too late.”

“I’m so glad I clicked that button and gave Manward Letter and Andy Snyder a chance to prove they were the real deal.”

Just like Nick F. did...

He bought one of my recommendations in December 2020.

He invested right around $6,000... and by mid-January, his position had more than doubled to more than $12,500.

Amazing,” he wrote.

Since then, Nick tells me he invests more than half of his investable funds in my recommendations. “I am already up $22,000” since October, he reports.

I love that. Hearing from happy subscribers makes my day.

I think you’ll be so glad you joined us too. Just click that button below to get started.

Thanks for listening, and let’s make money...

Thank you,


Andy Snyder
August 2021


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