Legendary Investor Shah Gilani Reveals New Breakthrough:

Bigger Than Stocks and Crypto

Bob Paff

Welcome to The Generational Wealth Event.

Today, you have the chance to get in on the ground floor of the biggest investment revolution since the rise of cryptocurrencies...

For less than $5.

The Wall Street Journal says it will be a...

“once-in-a-generation opportunity.”

Yahoo Finance says it’s...

“a new world.”

And The Economist claims it...

“could transform finance.”

But let me be clear: I’m not talking about cryptocurrencies.

I’m talking about a NEW type of investment... completely unrelated to Bitcoin, Ethereum or the hundreds of coins listed out there.

This new market just soared past the $1 billion mark...

But by 2027, global bank HSBC estimates this market could be worth as much as $24 trillion.

That’s 2.4 million percent growth in the next few years...

And that’s more than 10X bigger than the ENTIRE cryptocurrency market today.

crypto chart

Simply put...

This is the biggest trend since Bitcoin came on the scene in 2010.


Bitcoin traded for a nickel back then...

And every $5,000 invested would be worth $3.9 billion today.

bitcoin chart

Same with Ethereum...

It traded for $0.42 back in 2015.

Every $5,000 invested would be worth $32 million today.

ethereum chart

$32 million in less than a decade.

$3.9 billion in less than 15 years.

This is the type of wealth that doesn’t just set you up for life...

But also your children.

And even your grandchildren.

Today, you have a rare opportunity to create generational wealth...

With a completely new type of investment that could grow 10X bigger than Bitcoin...


And ALL the other cryptocurrencies...


Mark my words...

You will look back on today as the turning point in your life.

Because you made the right decision to watch this broadcast.

So sit back. Relax. And pay attention...

Right now, you’re one of the privileged few in the world to have a chance to get in on the ground floor of this revolution.

My guest today is about to hand you the key.

You may recognize him from his regular weekly appearances on Fox Business news’ Varney & Company show and Making Money With Charles Payne... or from his appearances on Bloomberg and CNBC...

He’s one of the most successful alternative investment experts in the country...

And in the next few minutes, he’ll show you exactly how to play this trend, free of charge.

He’s going to give you the name and symbol of an investment that you can get in right now for less than $5.

So let’s welcome him...

Shah Gilani.

You Hold the Power to Become a Millionaire

Shah Gilani

Thanks for the introduction, Bob.

It’s incredibly rare to find a completely new type of investment.

So of course I’m very excited to reveal my top pick in this new space today.

And Bob, I’m going to address our audience quickly.

Folks, the power to change your life is right in front of you.

You just have to grasp it.

Consider, just $1,000 invested in Bitcoin in 2010...

Would’ve turned into almost $303 MILLION today.

All you would’ve needed was the right symbol, a modest stake and a couple of clicks of your mouse.

That’s it.

And your financial life would have been changed forever.

You could’ve bought a mountain home in Tahoe or Aspen...

Become the largest donor to your favorite charity or your church...

Or taken your family on a vacation anywhere in the world... every year... for the rest of your lives... on a private jet!

Or even paid for your grandkids’... and great-grandkids’ college tuitions without batting an eye.

With just a few simple keystrokes.

You just had to act.

And now, you have another chance.

In a moment, I’m going to share exactly what this new investment opportunity is... I’ll break down one play you can get in for less than $5...

And I’ll prove to you why I believe this is the most important wealth creation event you’ll see this decade.

As you mentioned, Bob, it could be 10X bigger than the entire cryptocurrency market is today.

But I predict this new asset class could be even bigger than the U.S. stock market itself.

That’s because a coming catalyst, which I’ll reveal in a moment, is going to propel this new set of investments higher.


That’s a big prediction, Shah.

But you’re known for being on the cutting edge.

For those of you who don’t know Shah Gilani...

He boasts a financial pedigree unlike any other.

He ran his first hedge fund in 1982 from his seat on the floor of the Chicago Board Options Exchange.

When options first began trading on the Standard & Poor’s 100 on March 11, 1983, Shah was there in the pit as a market maker in this completely new asset. Talk about price discovery... He was it.

He was one of the individuals responsible for the creation of the CBOE Volatility Index – commonly known as the VIX – which is used as the main indicator for judging the volatility of the market.

After leaving Chicago to run the futures and options division for the Treasury of the British banking giant Lloyds TSB, Shah moved up to Roosevelt & Cross, a boutique New York investment firm that was founded by the son of President Theodore Roosevelt.

There, he started and ran the company’s unit investment trust market-making desk and its first listed and OTC trading desks.

He’s run two successful hedge funds, including one of the very first in the industry.

It’s clear... Shah has been at the forefront of many of the biggest innovations in finance.

And Shah is once again ahead of the game...

Today, he’s revealing something completely different from anything you’ve likely seen before.

Something completely new.

It’s an asset that most people have never heard of.


That’s right. 

I bet 99% of our viewers don’t know about this new investment class.

Just like most folks didn’t know about Bitcoin in 2010... Ethereum in 2015... or even Solana in 2021.

But let me stress something...

This isn’t an investment you should get into a week from now...

Even a single day could cost you millions.


Come on, Shah. Millions?

People Made Millions in Weeks


Bob, the top gains are out of this world.

One man turned $6,630 into $1.8 million in just 19 days.

That’s a 27,049% gain.

He said...

“This might be the best investment of my life.”

Might be? For most people, that might be the ONLY investment they’d ever need to make before retiring! 


Another investor turned a small amount – just $707 – into $1.3 million in just 10 months.

That’s a 184,720% gain!

And here’s a big one...

You won’t believe this, Bob...


Okay, let’s see it. I’m already blown away.


One investor turned $1,400 into $3.3 million in just two months!

That’s a 235,614% gain.


Shah, this can’t be real. These are just too crazy.

A 235,000% gain in 60 days?


I know, it sounds insane.

And these are certainly rare, once-in-a-lifetime type gains...

But that’s how big this new trend is.

Business Insider reports that some investors are comparing this to...

“the dawn of the internet.”

Okay, so let’s get right to it then.

Let’s cover the three things you’ve come here to reveal.

FIRST, let’s talk about what this new investment class is... and why it could be 10X bigger than the entire cryptocurrency market is now.

SECOND, you’ll show how anyone – no matter their net worth or financial situation – can invest in this new market to potentially build generational wealth...

And THIRD, we’ll wrap it all up with your free recommendation in this new market... one that trades for less than $5.


There’s also an important date that’s fast approaching. It’ll serve as a catalyst to jolt this investment higher.

I believe everyone watching is going to want to make their move today in order to get ahead of the catalyst.


So, Shah...

Let’s talk about this new type of investment.

You say it could be 10X bigger than cryptocurrencies are today...

Tell me about it.

Shah Reveals Why This Is the Biggest Investment Opportunity of Our Generation


Bob, this is the biggest story of our generation.

And this might sound strange, but to understand what I’m talking about, we need to take a short trip down to an orange grove in rural Florida.

William Howey

In the 1940s, a man named William Howey owned a large citrus grove in central Florida.

howey in the hills

Now, Howey was smart.

He decided to split up his grove into small plots and sell them to investors all over the country.

He basically said, “I’ll do all the work... harvest the oranges... sell the juice... and you’ll get your portion of the profits.”


Basic economics.

I give you cash to grow... and in return, you give me a portion of that growth.


Right, this sounds simple now...

But what Howey did was revolutionary for the time.

He created one of the first fractional ownership programs for a private enterprise.

And his investors reaped the rewards.

They got paid whenever somebody bought an orange or some orange juice.

In short, Howey found a unique way for regular folks to become owners in a great business... and they were rewarded.

Now, something similar is happening again.

A new fractional ownership opportunity is emerging in technologies, art, real estate and more.

But this time, we’re seeing the next generation of fractional ownership through digital tokens.


Well, Shah, you’re in good company on these tokens...

Nasdaq reports that they’ll be the...

“next millionaire makers.”

The next millionaire makers.

Shah, break it down for me.

What are tokens? Are they the same as cryptocurrencies?


Bob, both tokens and cryptocurrencies are built on a technology called blockchain.

But they’re very different.

Cryptocurrencies are essentially digital currencies, with one idea being that you can use them to make or receive payments.

The best-known example of that cryptocurrency use case is Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is essentially a peer-to-peer version of electronic cash.

Cryptocurrencies are sometimes thought of as a store of value, though that’s debatable... and some crypto promoters say they have performed well as an inflation hedge – that’s debatable too.

But one thing that’s not debatable is... they don’t give you ownership in a cash-producing business.

Digital tokens, on the other hand, do.

These tokens are digital contracts... often for a fraction of an asset or service, like new technologies, music, books, real estate, artwork or even skyscrapers. Think of them as equity chips.

These contracts are built on blockchain technology and are used to confer ownership.

Some can pay royalties to those who hold them.

Others offer sole ownership of an asset... or access to new innovations.

The technology behind this new market makes many different types of investments possible... investments that have never been available in the past...

And I believe this creates a huge opportunity.


Okay, so while cryptocurrencies don’t have any real asset behind them...

Every digital token is tied to an investable asset or service.

This sounds like a big change.

I know a lot of folks can’t believe that a single Bitcoin could be worth tens of thousands of dollars... even though it’s nothing but code.


Look, the value of typical cryptocurrencies is based on people’s perception of money.

Bitcoin is really worth only what someone else is willing to pay for it.

Same with any currency...

Gold... wampum shells... the U.S. dollar...

Money is worth only what people agree it’s worth. And by that I mean what they’re willing to pay for it.


It’s one of the reasons many people don’t invest in cryptocurrencies.


Which is fine.

But that’s why I’m so excited about tokens.’

They are NOT cryptocurrencies.

They are NOT currencies.

Instead, tokens give regular people the freedom to invest in anything.

We’re seeing what The Wall Street Journal calls...

“the emergence of a blockchain-based token economy.”

And here’s what has me really excited about it... and where the biggest opportunity lies...

For the first time ever, you can own technology itself – perhaps the most valuable asset in the world.

THIS is where fortunes will be made.

I believe tokens tied to technology will be by far the biggest gainers in this new market.


Explain that. How can you invest in a technology?


Okay, look at some of the biggest tech companies...

Take Google for example.

When the internet started gaining mainstream adoption, there was an explosion of new information.

Websites, blogs and tools came online every day.

But it was impossible for the average user to easily find them.

The internet was a random mass of websites.

That’s where Google came in.

It created a new technology that indexed information on websites...

This allowed internet users to find exactly what they were looking for.

It became one of the world’s first search engines. It’s now the biggest one by some crazy factor.

This made the World Wide Web much more practical. 

And people flocked to use Google’s technology.

Now, imagine if you could have gotten partial ownership in their search technology... and this partial ownership gave you rights to collect royalties whenever that technology was used.


Sounds amazing. I’d be getting paid every time somebody completed a Google search!


That’s right. It would have been one of the greatest investments ever made.

But now, you can actually obtain token ownership in the next Google-like technologies that are taking over this new market.

For example, there’s a new project called The Graph that’s doing the same thing Google did for the internet...

But this time it’s for the blockchain – yes, blockchain, the technology that Bitcoin, Ethereum and all of crypto is built on.

Right now, the Blockchain of Things – like the Internet of Things, if you will – is a random mess of apps, data and tools.

But The Graph has a new technology that indexes all that information on the blockchain.

This allows users to search for what they’re looking for.

And here’s what’s really important to us...

You can buy Graph tokens that allow you to invest directly in this technology.

So buying these tokens could be like getting pre-IPO shares of Google in 1998...

Which gave early investors a 20,000% return...

But here’s the thing...

In the past, you had to be a venture capital firm or an ultra-high net worth person to get into Google that early.

That’s not the case with tokens.

You can invest in The Graph TODAY for less than $1.


So if I bought this token today, I’d get direct access to this technology’s growth?


That’s right.

Now let’s take a look at another technology – streaming.

By far, the leader in the streaming business is Netflix.

Before Netflix came along, there was no easy way to access your favorite movies or shows.

Sure, you could go to Blockbuster to get a movie, but that involved getting in your car... finding what you wanted – if they had it – and then paying a pretty big price.

Netflix brought all that content to ONE PLACE...

A place anyone could easily access through the company’s streaming technology.

Just like with Google, people flocked to use Netflix’s technology.


Let me guess... there’s blockchain technology doing the same thing?


Right. It’s called Theta. And it’s really cool.

It’s addressing a huge problem for companies like Amazon, Disney, YouTube and Netflix.

You see, every time someone uploads a video to YouTube... or Netflix releases a new show... all that content has to be stored.

These streaming services use a few centralized servers to do this.

The problem is this: It’s very expensive to store all that data.

That’s where Theta comes in.

It provides an infrastructure for video streaming services...

And this gives companies using Theta two huge benefits.

  1. It makes storing data much cheaper.
  2. It makes sending data much faster.

So it’s a win-win for these streaming services.

Already, Theta is partnering with companies like Google, Sony and Samsung.

And as more and more big names sign on and pay for the service, token holders – who own a fraction of the network – could see huge profits as the technology grows.

And you can invest in the Theta token TODAY for just $1.


Only $1?


Only $1.

That’s the great thing about these tokens...

They are still CHEAP. I mean really cheap.

So the profit runway is massive on them.


And there are examples of tokens going up in value dramatically just like cryptocurrencies?


Oh, absolutely.

Take Flux.

It created a new type of cloud technology that’s an alternative to Amazon Web Services, which is Amazon’s most profitable business.

This has huge potential.

If you own the token, you could profit from this technology’s growth.

In just one year, it gained 12,303%!

flux chart

Multichain is another top example.

It uses a new financial technology that makes it easy to swap one cryptocurrency for another.

If you had owned Multichain in 2021, you’d have made 11,264% in one year.

multichain chart


  1. Tokens let you invest directly into new technology.
  2. Anyone can invest in them for just a few dollars.

That’s right.

Just a few bucks into these tokens could produce generational wealth for our viewers.

Here’s one more example of a technology I think is just getting started...

And getting into this one could be like investing in Microsoft all the way back in the 1990s.

Microsoft grew because it helped bring a life-changing technology to mainstream America... the internet.

We’re seeing the next step in this connection with artificial intelligence.


Shah, AI is all over the news.

Microsoft invested $10 BILLION into ChatGPT, the breakout artificial intelligence chat tool.

Google has spent $120 billion since 2016 building its AI technologies.

And companies like Amazon, Nvidia, and Meta are all racing to get ahead.

When you have the world’s most powerful companies fixing their eyes on one technology...

You know it’s going to be big.


Bob, we’re in the first innings of the revolution... like the internet was back in 1994.

But I believe AI will be bigger than the computer revolution... and bigger than the internet.

It will be the greatest generator of new wealth in the history of humanity.

PricewaterhouseCoopers says AI is expected to add $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030. That’s more than the GDPs of China and India combined.

AI is already one of the fastest-growing sectors of the economy – and it’s just warming up.

Economist Robert Hanson says AI will speed up the world economy by as much as 250 times its normal rate.

The world economy – which now doubles every 15 years or so – will soon double in somewhere between a week and a month, he says... which to me sounds like a Jedi mind trick. But who knows...

A professor from MIT said AI could...

“Cure all diseases, stabilize our climate and eliminate poverty. It could be the greatest empowerment moment in human history.”

While the Government Accountability Office said AI is expected to “transform all sectors of society.”

Now, here’s the deal...

You can own a piece of this technology through tokens.

For example, one of these tokens is called SingularityNET.

SingularityNET enables anyone to build, share and monetize AI services.

In early 2023, SingularityNET returned investors over 850% in just two months!

singularitynet chart

Yet today, you can still own a piece of this technology – and its future growth – for under $1.

These examples are just the start, Bob.

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink claims...

“The next generation for markets, the next generation for securities, will be tokenization.”

Franklin Templeton CEO Jenny Johnson says digital tokens are...

“Securitization done on steroids... [Tokens are] enabling other very interesting companies that will disrupt the traditional business models that we have today.” 

And Jay Clayton, the former chairman of the SEC, says that even the $90 trillion stock market could become tokenized.

“It may be very well the case that [stocks] all become tokenized.”

Why would a company issue tokens instead of shares on a stock exchange?


Because the process of going public on the New York Stock Exchange or Nasdaq is now outdated.

It’s filled with red tape... it’s time-consuming... and it’s expensive.

It doesn’t make sense for a company to go public on the stock market when they could get funding by issuing tokens.

Simply put...

Investing in tokens is like investing in the internet back in the early 1990s.

Billionaire Mark Cuban says...

“This is like the early internet days all over again. I think it’s going to be huge.”

The dawn of the internet economy made thousands of people millionaires.

The dawn of the token economy will do the same thing.

It’s happening RIGHT NOW.

In 2023, people saw extraordinary profits from tokens...

Like Ocean Protocol.

This is a token that helps businesses monetize their data.

It gained 199% in under a month.

ocean protocol chart

Or Render. This is a token that gives businesses remote access to high-performance computer processors, which they can use to run advanced AI programs.

It rose 530% in seven months.

render chart

And Conflux, a token that helps tech companies build applications...

It jumped an incredible 1,979% in just three months!

conflux chart

Nearly 2,000%. Incredible.


Of course, not every token will be such a big winner. These are speculative investments, so you should never invest more than you can afford to lose.

But the earlier you get in, the bigger the profits could be.


And the less you have to risk because prices are so low.


That’s right.

Simply put, tokens will transform our economy... opening up a market for a completely new class of investments.

I believe the coming months will be even bigger for this trend thanks to a single upcoming catalyst that could drive tokens MUCH HIGHER.

And many of the smartest investors are making moves now.

Like Sequoia Capital.


That’s the firm famous for funding Apple when it was a small business, right?


Right, it bought Apple back in 1978... two years after it was founded.

But that was just one of the first in a long string of massive successes...

It bought a stake in Google way back in 1999, when Google was a $125 million company.

By 2004, that stake was worth $4.3 BILLION – an unprecedented 344X return!

google chart

The fund also invested $1 million in Yahoo when it was a small business... and in ONE YEAR, that investment grew to $125 million.

That’s a 12,400% return in a single year.

yahoo chart

In 2005, Sequoia invested in a small video-sharing website – YouTube.

Within less than a year, YouTube was bought out by Google and Sequoia had made a 43X return.

youtube chart

So that’s Apple... Google... and YouTube... all financed by this company when they were small businesses?


Bob, those are just a few of the multibillion-dollar businesses Sequoia Capital helped start.

Along with Apple, Google and YouTube, Sequoia invested in PayPal, Stripe, Bird, Instagram and WhatsApp.

logo collage

That’s incredible. So this company funded the biggest names in tech when they were just small businesses...


Well, it has an amazing ability to find the biggest trends just as they’re taking off.

Sequoia wants companies that...

exploit existing markets early.”

And guess what?


Sequoia’s getting into tokens.



In February 2022, they created a brand-new $600 million fund to invest in tokens.


So it seems like they, too, believe that tokens could be the next big technology.

After all, they found Google and Apple when they were startups.


But they’re not the only ones.

marc andreessen

Marc Andreessen is also jumping in.

He’s one of the most prominent investors in upcoming trends.

He made early bets on companies like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

And he was one of the earliest investors to catch on to the significance of crypto.

His firm invested $20 million in Coinbase all the way back in 2013.

Now he’s partnering with the Winklevoss twins...

winklevoss twins

The first Bitcoin billionaires.


Right, they saw the light before nearly anyone else.

Together, these investors are putting $100 million into tokens.

gary vayerchuk

And Gary Vaynerchuk also believes tokens are the next big thing. He was an early investor in Facebook, Uber and Coinbase.

He bought $25,000 worth of Bitcoin back in 2014.

And he bought Ethereum when it traded for just $0.06.


Quite an investment. Ethereum trades around $1,500 today.


Right, that’s about a 2.5 million percent gain.

Just $500 would be worth about $13 million!




That’s what happens when you’ve done your due diligence and you get into the right investment early.

But get this...

Now he’s putting his money into tokens.

He says...

“Normal people don’t know yet. But this is going to be massive.”

Normal people don’t know yet.

That’s a big statement.

So let’s recap...

These are venture capitalists who see the biggest investment opportunities BEFORE anyone else.

Google. Apple. YouTube. Facebook. Coinbase.

They saw the light... and got in when these companies were just startups...

They got into Bitcoin and Ethereum when they traded for just a few dollars...

Instead of the thousands or tens of thousands they trade for today.

Now they’ve found the next megatrend... in tokens.


Here’s the thing, Bob...

These Silicon Valley venture capitalists play a different game from Main Street investors.

They invest their money early...

BEFORE the trend takes off.

It’s the opposite for Main Street investors.

Most ordinary folks are the LAST to buy. They get in after all the truly life-changing gains are gone.

But today, everyone watching has the chance to be FIRST.


And you’re here today to give all Americans the chance to get in on this next investment revolution early.

So I can get in alongside these billionaires and claim some of this pile of money?


Only if you act quickly.

If you want to profit alongside them, you need to act now, while tokens are still almost totally unknown...

Unlike 5G, AI, cryptocurrencies or some of the other trends you’ve seen in the mainstream media...

Tokens are an earlier-stage investment where truly life-changing profits can still be made.

And the earlier you get in, the bigger the profits could be.

That’s why you want to move quickly...

Before an upcoming catalyst launches these tokens into the stratosphere.

If you miss this fast-moving trend, I believe you’ll be making the biggest financial mistake of your life.

Consulting firm Deloitte claims...

“The way we invest could be about to change with the arrival of tokenization... And those who are not prepared risk being left behind.”

Unfortunately, most people have no clue how to access this new market.

That’s why I’m here.


To everyone watching...

Today, you have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to invest in this new trend... starting with less than $5.

And in a moment, you’ll get the name of Shah’s top pick in this space and details on how to play it... free of charge.


That’s right, Bob.

And the great thing is you don’t need a lot to get started.

The closest parallel we have to this is the rise of cryptocurrencies...

When early investors had a chance to create generational wealth starting with a tiny amount.


Right, the stories out there are incredible.

There’s Peter Saddington in Atlanta, who first bought Bitcoin in 2011 for $3.

When Bitcoin jumped to $7,500, his profit on that early investment was around 250,000%.

Or consider former Marine Jared Kenna, who started buying Bitcoin when it was a mere $0.20.

Jared is now worth more than $300 million.

And there’s 21-year-old Jordan Travers.

He invested $2,000 in Ethereum and became a millionaire in just four years!


Bob, a lot of people missed out on these opportunities... or got in too late.

So if you missed out on Bitcoin before it gained more than 77 million percent in 12 years...

bitcoin chart

If you missed out on Ethereum before it gained more than 640,000% in seven years...

ethereum chart

Then you now have a rare second chance to create generational wealth by getting into the token market EARLY.


Shah, do you really think there are opportunities this big in the token market?

I mean, come on... 77,000,000%?


Bob, listen, only a very few lucky people hear about rare opportunities like Bitcoin or Ethereum early.

Our team at Manward is always on the lookout for investments outside the mainstream...

And we try to help our readers get in early... before the crowd.

That’s why I’m speaking to you now.

Even though these tokens are a new asset class, I believe they’ll grow even faster than cryptocurrencies.

You see, it took a decade for Bitcoin to go mainstream...

Growing from $3 to a peak of more than $60,000.

But unlike what happened with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the biggest names in finance are getting into tokens.

Goldman Sachs introduced a Digital Asset Platform in January 2023, which clients can use to buy tokenized securities.

For example, it partnered with the European Investment Bank to issue a 100 million euro digital bond.

KKR & Co., a private equity giant with $471 billion in assets, has created its first tokenized private equity fund to bring institutional strategies to more individual investors.

And JPMorgan Chase just launched a new platform to trade traditional assets in the form of tokens... with BlackRock, the world’s largest alternative asset manager, as a key client.

These moves could provide the scale that could launch the token revolution.

And I believe they will spark the rise that we are all anticipating. 

As you’ve learned today, we’ve already seen tokens return 27,049%... 184,720%... and even 235,614%...

token chart

Not in years... but in months... or even days!

And this is just the start...

I predict these new tokens will create a new wave of millionaires in the coming months.

But it could happen sooner...

The Wall Street Journal reports that tokens are...

“on the cusp of going mainstream.”

And there are a few tokens out there that you can invest in right now.

You don’t need much...

And you can ride this wave... for the opportunity to make millions.

Now’s your chance to truly be first in line.

This is a brand-new type of investment... and anyone can access this market.

Bain Capital estimates the value of private assets outside the financial system is around $540 trillion.

However, current tokenized assets amount to only $77 billion, representing a market penetration of merely 0.01%.

So we’re on the ground floor of this revolution... and the opportunity is immense.


It’s clear that even though this is new, the profits in this market are happening NOW.

And today, our viewers finally get the chance to be first in line...

Because, Shah, you have a new venture to bring your research on these new investments to regular people.


That’s right.

I believe the upside is bigger than anything I’ve ever found, Bob.

And I want to show folks how to play the token market now – before it could climb to as much as $24 trillion over the next five years.

So today, I’m officially opening up access to a new service called Manward Novus.

manward novus

It’s the first of its kind.

Because it is 100% devoted to teaching you how to invest in these digital tokens that can create generational wealth.

And I’ll talk to our viewers for a second...

I am NOT selling this service at any price right now.

You cannot access it on our company website anywhere. And if you call in to our sales team, they’ll tell you it can’t be bought.

There is only one way in. And it’s through the presentation you’re watching right now.

So consider yourself lucky.

You are one of the very few people with the chance to join Manward Novus.

And when you do, I will set you up with my top token research and recommendations going forward.


Shah, you’re giving away a free recommendation shortly to everyone watching.

But I understand you’ve also found your very first recommendation for your Manward Novus model portfolio, right?


Yes. I can’t give this one away here because it’s a very inexpensive token with a limited supply...

So only a small number of people will be able to get in without the price going up artificially.

But for those who do get in, this opportunity is awfully special.


Alright, tell us a bit about it.


Okay, this is really amazing.

I’ve discovered a way that you can profit from nearly every token created... all at once.

Because just as stocks trade on the NYSE or Nasdaq...

New digital tokens need an exchange so they can be easily traded.

You’ve heard of Coinbase, right?


Of course. The crypto exchange.


Right. Early investors in Coinbase banked a fortune. They made a 190,000% gain in just eight years.

Right now, there’s one single exchange that’s dominating the token market.

It has nearly a 35% market share, making it by far the leader in this new world of digital assets.


35%. Incredible.

And let me guess... you can buy a fraction of the exchange.



This exchange has issued tokens of its own.

In the coming months, trillions of dollars could start pouring into this digital exchange.

Every time something is bought or sold on it... you’d get a share of the profits.

And here’s my favorite part...

Token holders will receive 10% of the company’s gross revenue... every single quarter.


Like a dividend payment?


Yes, it’s an annual payment on TOP of any increase in the token price.

So let’s say this exchange brings in $10 billion worth of cash this year...

That means it would distribute $1 billion to token holders.

And just a single token gets you in the door.

But as I mentioned, there’s a capped supply... of just 200 million tokens.


Once those are gone... no more will be made.


That’s it.

So investors must get in now.

the next big trade

That’s why today, I want to rush out my new report for Manward Novus subscribers. It’s called “The Next Big Trade: 10X Bigger Than Crypto.”

Bob, this is just the beginning.

I’ll be sending out a new recommendation every quarter.

So my members will receive a constant stream of my top token recommendations.


But here’s an important question, Shah.

We have so many people watching today... who are ready to take the leap...

But they’re not sure how to get started.

This is a completely new market, after all.

It’s not like you can buy these in a regular brokerage account.

How can you assure our viewers that they can get into these tokens?


Yeah, I totally understand.

Trying out something new can be overwhelming.

Luckily, it’s very easy, and I have exact paint-by-numbers instructions for everyone today.

My mission is simple: No Man Left Behind.

So I’ve put together an instruction guide telling you exactly how to buy and sell tokens.

the token trading guide

It’s called “The Token Trading Guide.”

And it’s one of the first things I’ll send out today.

In it, I walk through how to buy a token...

Step by step.

As I said earlier, anyone with a computer can make a couple of keystrokes... type in the right symbol... and have the chance to make a fortune.

It’s no harder than signing up for a Schwab account or any other trading account most people are familiar with.

It’s not complicated.

But if anyone does have questions...

We’ve set up a Manward Novus concierge team. They’re available whenever the markets are open.

My team will help in any way they can.

We’ve got a direct phone number for you to contact our brilliant, specially trained team. No automated messages.

You can consider the Manward Novus concierge team to be your teammates moving forward.

They’re just a phone call away.


Okay, let’s recap everything new members of Manward Novus will get...

manward novus bundle
  1. Access to the Manward Novus Model Portfolio: This will include instructions on when to trade and how to set up each trade.
  2. “The Next Big Trade: 10X Bigger Than Crypto”: Inside, you’ll see exactly how to invest in the leading token exchange... and get 10% of its revenue... which could be huge as tokens rocket toward a $24 trillion market size by 2027.
  3. “The Token Trading Guide”: This walkthrough will show you exactly how to buy and sell tokens. It’s super simple, and you can refresh yourself by watching anytime you want.
  4. The Manward Novus Direct Line: You’ll get direct phone access to Manward’s team of REAL PEOPLE... available to answer any questions you have about your subscription.

With all of these benefits, Manward Novus subscribers will have everything they need to profit from the token revolution.


I can’t wait to help our viewers get into this new market early...

And give them chances to create generational wealth.

But as I said...

This service is not for sale at any price.


So how do you get in?


Membership is reserved strictly for those who join the biggest initiative in Manward history...

It’s called...

Manward Executive.

manward executive

This is our most elite level, and it’s intended only for our most loyal, dedicated readers...

Those who want to actively participate in building their wealth...

And to all my readers watching...

As an Executive Member, you’ll no longer be just a regular newsletter subscriber.

You’ll gain unlimited access to ALL of Manward’s VIP research services... for free, for life!

You’ll get instant access to every single special investment report... all our video training series...

And you’ll no longer have to decide which services you want to pay for.

Because as an Executive Member, you’re entitled to everything we publish, forever.

This is by far the biggest breakthrough in Manward history.

In other words, there will be no more time-consuming offers for more newsletters or investment research flooding your inbox...

Instead, you’ll be automatically enrolled in all of our current and future VIP publications and research at no charge.

You’ll get every new investment report... every new VIP investment idea we share... every benefit...

Everything that’s being developed now and everything we publish in the future – without ever paying an individual subscription fee again.

I believe that upgrading your membership to our Executive level could help you achieve the ultimate financial goal at Manward...

Total and complete financial freedom.


Wow, Shah, this is big.

Manward has never offered anything like this before.


It’s completely new.

And by becoming an Executive Member today, you’ll get immediate access to Manward Novus.

It’s the only way to get a membership.

Because this top-tier VIP research service is available EXCLUSIVELY to Manward Executive Members.

Once you’re in, you’ll get access to every token recommendation going forward.


Shah... I understand that exclusive access to Manward Novus is just the beginning of what Executive Members will get. Can you take us through it all?


We’re holding nothing back!

First, I’ll set you up with FREE lifetime subscriptions to our other VIP trading research services, starting with Alpha Money Flow.

alpha money flow

Alpha Money Flow is a research service set up to specifically profit from a market like the one we’re in now.

You see, I’ve managed two hedge funds over my career.

And hedge fund managers like me LOVE a volatile market like this.

Because this is when hedge funds generate HUGE alpha.


Shah, what is alpha? I know I’ve heard the term, but can you explain it?


Sure, alpha refers to returns that are much higher than a benchmark index.


So when you beat the market... you generate alpha?


Exactly. And that’s the No. 1 goal of hedge funds: to generate a profit no matter what the market is doing.

For example, Jim Simons works with an army of rocket scientists to spot patterns others can’t see. They spend their lives mining reams of data to pick stocks.

Bloomberg Businessweek has called his quant system “a money printing press.”

It’s easy to see why...

Since 1988, his Medallion Fund has generated average annual returns of 66% before fees.

His company, Renaissance Technologies, has generated more than $100 billion in trading profits!

And the Medallion Fund has outperformed Warren Buffett by 200X over the past 30 years.

In 2008 – when the market was devastating regular investors – his fund generated a 98% gain.


A 98% gain... while the overall market lost nearly half its value?


That’s right.

Unfortunately, most people never see these types of returns.

Because they simply don’t have the right tools to profit in a market like this.

That’s why I’m giving everyone the chance to get hedge fund-level research with Alpha Money Flow.

With this speculative service, my goal is to trade predictable patterns to collect massive profits in very short periods of time.

And I’m aiming to make those profits in ANY market... whether stocks go UP or DOWN.

The regional bank crisis in early 2023 is a perfect example.

When Silicon Valley Bank collapsed after customers withdrew $42 billion in a single day, the stock plummeted.

This is the perfect type of macro event I’m looking for...

Because it can cause a chain reaction in the market that you can bank on... and get the chance to collect a series of peak gains.

Sure enough, First Republic Bank was the next to fall...

It collapsed in April, serving up a $1.2 billion profit to savvy traders who played the fall.

In fact, I determined that a downside trade in February on First Republic would have delivered a staggering 3,525% gain...

Good enough to turn $1,000 into $36,250 in a month’s time.

New York Community Bank was next.

It could have shown a potential 2,525% gain in just 27 days.

That’s good enough to turn $1,000 into $26,250 in a single trade.

Bank United followed...

In March, a single downside trade could have delivered a massive gain of 1,037% in 23 days.

That’s good enough to turn $1,000 into $11,370.


So are you shorting these stocks?


Absolutely not.

Shorting stocks is too risky.

When you short a stock, you lose money every time the stock goes up. The upside of any stock is unlimited. That means when you short a stock, your loss potential is also unlimited.

I don’t like that kind of risk.

Instead, there’s a better and safer way to bet against stocks...

It’s a type of option that few people use... but it allows you to risk as little as a few hundred dollars at a time while exponentially increasing your potential gains.

So I’m constantly scanning the markets, looking for big macro events we can play.

Then, I’ll recommend trades to profit from these events... whether we’re playing the upside... or the downside.


So your Alpha Money Flow service is set up just like a hedge fund... where you can profit during ANY market.

And folks, as an Executive Member, you’ll have LIFETIME access to every one of Shah’s Alpha Money Flow recommendations...

And you’ll NEVER be charged a penny in subscription fees.

But Shah, you’re going to give our viewers even more.

Your influence gives you insider knowledge about early-stage technologies few others hear about – from semiconductors and artificial intelligence to cutting-edge opportunities like this token market.

And when something new hits the scene, you find out about it long before anyone else.

One of your specialties is finding small, under-the-radar companies that are about to strike it big.

And you’ve done this in the worst markets.

For example, you found a tiny oil and gas company named Sandridge Energy in December 2021 – before the energy market skyrocketed in 2022.

In just four months, your trade recommendation gained 448%!

And you found another small company, Photronics, before the semiconductor boom.

Your trade recommendation jumped 309% in just three months!

So I’m excited to hear about this next VIP service you’re offering Executive Members.


You’re right, this is exciting.

With my next VIP Trading Research Service, I target the most exciting early-stage companies and new IPOs in the markets.

It’s called Launch Investor.

launch investor

This service is one of a kind.

It’s geared to find fast-moving companies as they launch higher.

If you look back over recent top gainers in the market, many of the top movers were new companies that had just recently gone public.

Like Symbotic... which jumped 369% in nine months...

symbotic chart

C3.ai... which went up 291% in eight months...

c3 chart

Upstart Holdings... which went up 445% in four months...

upstart chart

And MoonLake Immunotherapeutics... which went up 559% in 11 months...

moonlake chart

My goal with this service is simple: I want to show ordinary Americans how to make extraordinary profits in new, innovative companies.

To do this, I use an advanced, $20,000-a-year quant system to scan 1,700 stocks that trade for under $20 in the markets.

It whittles down the list to the top 2%, and using my 40 years of experience, I select the very best from this exclusive group.


Normally, Launch Investor costs $5,000 per year.

But anyone who joins Manward Executive today will get it free for life.


Free. For. Life.


There’s one more big VIP benefit that comes with Manward Executive.


Yes, it’s run by a fellow hedge fund manager, Alpesh Patel.


Alpesh is an absolute legend in the financial world.

The Investor magazine calls him...

“the U.K.’s most respected stock picker.”

And Money Inc says he’s...

“one of the leading authorities on trading and investment... constantly in demand all over the world.”

He founded one of the world’s top-performing hedge funds, with more than $100 million under management.

And as a senior-most Dealmaker in the U.K.’s Department for International Trade, he leads a team that’s delivered $1 billion of investments to the U.K. since 2005.

He’s been named Financial Times’ No. 1 Stock Market Forecasting Champion...

Beating out other hedge fund managers and titans of investing. 

He was one of the final people honored as an Officer of the Order of the British Empire by the late Queen Elizabeth herself for his services to the economy.


Alpesh is an incredible talent.

You can see why I’m personally thrilled to have him on the team.

His new service is based on a powerful investment strategy he’s used in his own trading to beat the market by 580% over the past five years...


The service is called Alpesh Patel’s GVI Investor.

gvi investor

I’ve asked Alpesh to join us from London so he can speak to our audience directly...


Okay... let’s get him online.


Alpesh Patel

Hello! Great to see you again, Bob. And hello to everyone watching.


Alpesh, we were just talking about your new service, GVI Investor. Can you explain what it does?


Absolutely. But first, I want to say how excited I am about Manward Executive.

I think it’s brilliant we’re giving our readers the chance to receive everything we offer for life.


So GVI Investor.


That stands for... Growth. Value. Income.

growth value income

Using this strategy in the past, I’ve managed to pinpoint some incredible gains...

Like Water Intelligence...

It shot up 212%...

water chart

Or Capri Holdings, a stock that I projected for a triple-digit increase... 

It shot past my price target and just kept climbing from $12 and change...

To more than $50 a year later.

A 331% gain.

capri chart

One of my loyal readers, Peter Avril, captured a 264% gain in three months.

That would have turned every $10K investment into $36,400.


Alpesh, Peter is just one of many who’ve followed you to great success following your picks across your services...

Charles Conner, another subscriber, says...

“Why do you keep doing this to me, making me money! Got my first three-bagger today after seven months invested in PDCE – a 214% increase – and took the profits.”

Craig Prufant says...

“So far I have seen 100% returns on: Meggitt (300%), Oil (+300%), Restaurant Group (+120%), Cineworld (105%), S&P500 3X (182%) and Rockrose Energy (115%).”

And Brent Abrams pocketed six triple-digit winners. He says...

My over 100% gain list: Generac, Volex, Medpace, Intuit, Synopsys and 2GOO.”

All these profits within a year. Those are just a few of the best stories I found.


I love hearing when my subscribers make big gains.

And I can’t wait to share my ideas and recommendations with our new Executive Members.


Alpesh Patel, everyone.

Alpesh, thank you for joining us.


My pleasure.

To everyone watching, I look forward to seeing you as an Executive Member.


Folks, with a man like Alpesh at the helm, you can see why GVI Investor carries a list price of $4,900 per year.

But as an Executive Member, you’ll get it free for life, along with Alpesh’s monthly penny stock recommendations.


It’s great having Alpesh on the team here at Manward. He and I plan on having video calls together for Manward Executive members, so you’ll get two points of view... one from both sides of the pond.


That’s great, Shah. Between you and Alpesh... Manward Executive Members get insights from some of the world’s premier financial minds.


But Bob, there’s one more benefit Executive Members get... and it’s a big one.

Every member will get our newest service... Breakout Fortunes.

breakout fortunes
robert ross

This service is run by Robert Ross, an investing superstar with over 1 MILLION followers.

And it’s 100% focused on small cap stocks.

Tiny stocks... with massive runways for growth.

These stocks can be some of the most lucrative in the market.

Small caps are the ONLY asset class that’s beaten inflation in every decade over the past 100 years.

small caps vs inflation

Small caps even beat every traditional inflation hedge between 1973 and 1982... when we saw massive inflation and an economic downturn.

During that time, small caps outperformed commodities by 266%...

And real estate by 450%...

And even doubled the performance of gold.

A study by Ariel Investments shows that these stocks outperform large cap stocks 98% of the time.

Going back to 1930, $1,000 in large cap stocks would’ve returned $12 million.

A great return.

But $1,000 in these smallest of small stocks... would have turned every $1,000 into $67 million today.

small caps vs large caps


Now, remember, all investment strategies – including ours – carry risk, but it takes only one big win to change your life.

And looking back over the past two decades, Robert found that 28 stocks returned 10,000% or more.

I’m talking about companies like Middleby, up 13,400% since 2001...

middleby chart

DXP Enterprises, up 21,838% since 2003...

dxp chart

And Tractor Supply, up 42,841% since 2001...

tractor chart

And Robert’s Breakout Fortunes service is devoted to finding rare and exceptional gains like these.


In total, then, you’ll get a lifetime membership in all of Manward’s research services: the new Manward Novus... Alpha Money Flow... Launch Investor... GVI Investor... and Breakout Fortunes.

all services

If you were to purchase every one of these VIP services individually, it would come to a value of $25,900 per year!

Over three years, it would be over $77,000.

And remember, Manward Novus cannot be bought anywhere.

It’s available to Executive Members only.

So if you want to receive Shah’s new token recommendations, then you must join Manward Executive.

And Shah, if someone accepts your invitation today, they’ll never pay a penny in individual subscription fees for any of these VIP services?


That’s right.

Not to mention, these VIP services are just some of the many benefits we’ve set up for Executive Members.

Every Member will have a direct line to our Executive Liaison team, who can help them get the most out of their membership.

And as an Executive Member, you’ll also get unrestricted lifetime access to Manward Money Report... for free.

manward money report

Manward Money Report is our flagship publication.

manward money report newsletters

Every month, I’ll send you one of my top investment ideas.

In fact, in Manward Money Report, I look at the entire universe of investable assets to locate the hottest sectors on the market.

This is based on current interest rates, macroeconomic conditions, trend momentum and dozens of other factors.

My monthly pick for you all boils down to one simple idea: putting your money where it will be treated BEST.


That’s great.

And everyone who joins Manward Executive today will get free lifetime access to Manward Money Report.

But Shah, Executive Members get benefits that aren’t available to anybody else.

Tell me about those.


Bob, we created Manward Executive to be a one-stop solution for members to maximize their wealth.

That’s why we’re reserving exclusive benefits for Executive Members only.

One exclusive bonus you’ll get special access to: quarterly Executive Board Calls.

executive calls

Once a quarter, members are invited to Executive Board Calls with me to discuss emerging trends, hot stocks, updates on current holdings and moneymaking opportunities.

It’s our way of rewarding our very best, most active members.

I’m also giving Manward Executive Members an exclusive invitation to our annual Executive Meetings.

We plan on holding these meetings at five-star resorts across the United States.

At these fantastic events, you’ll have the chance to get to know our editors, spend time with like-minded people and make powerful business connections.

Again, these benefits are not available at any other membership level.

That’s on top of my new service, Manward Novus, which is available ONLY to those who have a Manward Executive Membership.


Sounds like you’re giving Manward Executive Members everything under the sun...

So let me quickly review everything you’ve talked about today...

As an Executive Member, you’ll gain lifetime access to all the premier benefits we’ve talked about today:

manward executive bundle
  • Manward Novus, Shah’s newest and most exclusive service, focused on the booming token market (Value: $8,000 per Year)
  • Shah’s flagship investment newsletter, Manward Money Report (Value: $249 per Year)
  • Alpha Money Flow, which aims to profit in any market, bull or bear (Value: $4,000 per Year)
  • Launch Investor, Shah’s service dedicated to early-stage opportunities (Value: $5,000 per Year)
  • Alpesh Patel’s GVI Investor, which sends hedge fund-level trading research directly to your inbox (Value: $4,900 per Year)
  • Robert Ross’ Breakout Fortunes, which is focused on the smallest but potentially biggest breakout stocks in the market (Value: $4,000 per Year)
  • Your exclusive seat on Manward’s Executive Board Calls (Value: $500 per Year)
  • Invitations to Manward’s annual Executive Meetings (Value: $400 per Year).

Total Value: $27,049 per Year

In total, that’s over $27,000 in benefits in your first year alone!


And there’s one last thing I haven’t mentioned...

I believe it’s the most valuable perk we offer, so I’m going to talk to our viewers directly.

Folks, as I’ve said throughout this summit, I’m focused on helping our members create generational wealth.

My goal is to help you and your family enjoy true and lasting financial freedom.

I want your Executive Membership to be a lasting legacy carried on by your family for generations.

That’s why...

You can pass your Executive Membership on to your heirs FREE of charge.

You can bequeath your membership to your spouse or children... even your grandchildren.

That way your lifetime of benefits truly never ends.

It’s just one of the many privileges associated with your elite status.

Plus... we’re always adding new services and benefits.

And you’ll automatically have full access to everything we offer.

Every service. Every report. Every special recommendation.

It’s my hope that the Executive Membership will help you grow not only your wealth... but the wealth of future generations.

After all, imagine being able to set your kids and grandkids up... not just for a few years, but for life.

Now you can.

And there’s one more benefit for anyone who joins...

Today, when you claim your Executive Membership, we’ll extend its IMMEDIATE benefits and access to your spouse or another family member of your choice!

That’s an additional Executive Membership worth over $27,000... 


All the benefits I’ve mentioned...

Access to all our VIP services...

Every triple- and quadruple-digit winning recommendation...

And access to my new Manward Novus service... for you AND a loved one!


Now, Shah, you and your team spent millions setting up this opportunity...

Which is why it’s not cheap to join.

In the future, Executive Membership will be offered for a premium price of $12,000.

But I should remind our viewers...

Once you’ve paid the fee, you’ll never have to pay a single subscription fee again for anything Manward offers.

Even if you continue as an Executive Member for the next 50 years, you’ll get everything we’ve talked about, plus unrestricted access to any new benefits and VIP services Manward adds in the future.

And your children and heirs will be entitled to this same privilege.

Shah, considering you’re giving away more than $54,000 worth of value in the first year alone...

I think $12,000 is a great deal.


Bob, it is.

But I want to reward our viewers who make the move to become Executive Members.

That’s why I’m offering a one-time, more than HALF OFF discount right now.

That means you can secure a LIFETIME membership in Manward Executive – including all the benefits we’ve discussed today...

For just a one-time-only payment of $5,250.


Folks, this is a no-brainer.

You’ll get unrestricted lifetime access to all of Manward’s VIP services... for less than the retail cost of just two services.

Plus, you’ll automatically get any new research services Manward adds in the future. No charge. No restrictions.

You’ll also get an extra FREE membership when you join.

But the best part?

Even though this two-for-one bonus gives you a total value of more than $50,000 in just the first year of your Executive Membership...

You won’t pay anywhere near that much for your Executive Membership today.

You’ll get in for the deeply discounted fee... and you won’t ever have to pay an individual subscription fee again.

The only cost going forward is a small $149 annual maintenance fee to cover Manward’s increasing costs for customer service and expanding technologies.

When I look at all the benefits and take into account that this one-time fee gets you access for life, I think it becomes clear Manward Executive is an incredible value.

But Shah, you’re making the offer better still...


Yes, I am.

I want to make sure you are completely happy as a new Manward Executive Member.

manward executive guarantee

So should you decide at any time over the next 90 days that your Executive Membership isn’t absolutely perfect for you, you can collect a refund directly from our Support Team. Just send back your Welcome Kit, and we will refund your fee, minus a 10% service fee.

I think you’re going to really enjoy being part of our inner circle, and I look forward to welcoming you as a new Executive Member soon.

However, there’s something you need to consider as you make your decision.

We’ve created Manward Executive for our most loyal subscribers.

That’s why my new token service – Manward Novus – is exclusive to Executive Members.

These tokens are small... they’re fast-moving... and they often have a capped supply.

So I MUST keep membership in Manward Novus limited.

And the only way in right now is to join Manward Executive.

Therefore, we will be accepting only the first 50 people who respond to this invitation today.

These invitations are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and once the spots are filled, there won’t be any second chances.


I’m sure these spots will go fast.

So I encourage you not to wait until the last minute to respond.

Just click “Claim Your Spot Now.”

Or, better yet, call Manward’s Support Team at 844.201.1980 or 443.541.4636. That’s the best way to ensure you’re able to get in and can take advantage of this offer.

Once you decide to join, Manward will immediately send you our full Executive Welcome Kit right away.

Shah, you said you have one more special gift for anyone who accepts your invitation to Manward Executive today.


Yes, Bob.

You see, I believe this Executive Membership is an asset of real value that will pay off handsomely for life. 

That’s why I’m sending our first 50 Executive Members a 1-ounce silver bar to represent the commitment we have to helping them build generational wealth.

silver bar

Well, I’m sure those 50 spots are filling up as we speak...

So folks, just click on the “Claim Your Spot Now” button below to start the process before it’s too late.

It will take you to a secure site where you can review everything before making your final decision.

Then you’ll begin receiving every one of Manward’s VIP services, including the new Manward Novus.

manward executive bundle

Okay, Shah, one last thing before we sign off.

You promised that you’re giving away a recommendation today.

I think after seeing how well many of these tokens have performed, our viewers want to hear what it is.


This is one of my favorite tokens, Bob.

And it’s one I mentioned earlier that’s addressing Netflix’s big streaming problem.

It’s called Theta Network... and its symbol is THETA.

theta networks

Theta Network provides an infrastructure for video streaming services...

But unlike the old, centralized servers, Theta Network is 100% decentralized.

That means it works by spreading out data across computers on Theta’s peer-to-peer network.

This gives companies using Theta two huge benefits...

  1. It makes storing data much cheaper.
  2. It makes sending data much faster.

So it’s a win-win for these streaming services.

Already, Theta is partnering with companies like Google, Sony and Samsung.

And as more and more big names sign on and pay for the service, token holders – who own a fraction of the network – could see huge profits.


Sounds like a great opportunity for our viewers.

But it’s just a taste of what you’ll be recommending in Manward Novus.

Remember, the only way to get into Manward Novus is to become an Executive Member through this invitation.

There are only 50 spots available to those who respond to this invitation today.

These are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and once the spots are filled, there won’t be any second chances. So I encourage you to NOT wait until the last minute to respond.

Shah, anything you want to add?


Yes, I want to remind our viewers that these new tokens could deliver some of the fastest profits ever seen in the markets.

We’ve seen tokens gain as much as 27,049% in just 19 days...

Which means that a $5,000 investment can hand you profits of more than $1 million in less than a month!

And I’ve just released our very first VIP token recommendation in Manward Novus.

I look forward to welcoming you personally.


Folks, this is it.

Remember, membership in Manward Executive is capped.

The available seats could be filled in the next few hours. 

Or sooner.

And if all of the memberships fill up...

The order form won’t be there for you.

That’s why I urge you to click the button on your screen now.

If a spot is available... then act decisively!

This is your opportunity to create true generational wealth.

And another one may not come up again in your lifetime.

For Shah Gilani and the Manward team... I’m Bob Paff.

Thank you for joining us.


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