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Crypto’s Final Trading Frenzy: See How to Target Viral 1,000% Gains in the Coming Weeks


Hi, and welcome to the Bitcoin Mega Halving event!

I’m Shah Gilani, Chief Investment Strategist at Manward Press.

We’ll be joined in a moment by Robert Ross... one of the top crypto experts in the world today.

He founded his own fintech startup, TikStocks, which now carries a seven-figure valuation in only three years.

And he’s even got more than a million viewers who turn to him every month for investment insights.

He’s worked at some of the world’s premier financial institutions, including Merrill Lynch, and even served as the chief analyst at Mauldin Economics.

Simon & Schuster came to him to write a book on investing in high-risk, high-reward assets...

He’s personally made seed investments in tech startups that now have over $100 million in assets...

And most importantly, he’s had big success trading cryptocurrencies.

In fact, I had him create a model crypto portfolio for our readers back in February, and every position is way up.

That’s because, as you have probably noticed... crypto is red hot.

But Robert predicts that the bitcoin halving in a few days will send the market into an all-out mania.

This trading frenzy could drive some altcoins 500% to 1,000% higher in the next few weeks or months.

We’re going to see mind-blowing gains delivered at breakneck speed.

And today, Robert will reveal his strategy for targeting these fast-paced wins.

But it’s important you take immediate action.

History shows that many of the biggest moves are set to happen very quickly after the Bitcoin halving in a few days.

Which is why we’re having this event right now... to stay ahead of the mania.

So I want to go ahead and welcome Robert in.

Robert, exciting times. Thanks for being here.


Thanks for having me!

As an investor, I’m not sure there’s anything more fun than a crypto bull cycle...

Bitcoin blasts higher... altcoins blast higher... and every time... lots of people get rich.

The excitement has been building all year...

But when bitcoin halves in the next few days, this bull cycle will officially kick into overdrive.

So if you missed out on the last bull cycles in 2016 or 2020...


Or... if you’re worried that you’ve already missed the boat this time around...


Now’s your chance.


And Robert, I know many watching this might know you from your longer-term crypto recommendations in Manward Money Report...

Which are already up big in just a few months so far.

But I think it’s important that we mention that what we’re doing today is different...

In Manward Money Report you’re focused on the cryptocurrencies to own for the long haul.

But today we’re going to be talking about speed.

How to trade the halving specifically for ultra-fast short-term gains.


That’s correct.

Until now I’ve been focused exclusively on longer-term crypto plays...

Both personally and professionally.

These are the cryptocurrencies I believe will be the biggest winners over the next 18 months.

However, today we are going to be talking about how to short-term trade cryptocurrencies.

We’re talking about big moves in a period of just a few weeks... and even sometimes just a few days.

With the halving event finally here, I want to take full advantage of the trading frenzy.

That means faster plays, more action... and hopefully quicker profits!

And today I’m going to show folks how to do it effectively.


I can’t wait.

Because I looked up the previous halvings... and every single time... the gains have been incredible.

After halving in 2012, bitcoin ran from $12 to a peak of $1,046 just over a year later.

2012 Bitcoin Halving Chart

That’s nearly a 100X gain!

After 2016’s halving, it jumped from $663 to a peak of $19,118 in 18 months ...

2016 Bitcoin Halving Chart

And after 2020’s halving, it ran from $8,500 to a peak of more than $64,000 in a year!

2020 Bitcoin Halving Chart

That’s right, and bitcoin is set to make another huge move during this bull cycle.

Bitcoin halving events have led to gains ranging from 800% to more than 8,000% on bitcoin itself.

And I expect bitcoin to hit $165,000 within the next 18 months.


That’s huge!


It is.

But it’s nothing compared to the short-term gains we’ll see from little-known altcoins.

After previous halvings we’ve seen 10,000%... 20,000%...even 30,000% in just months.

And the best part is...

Many of these altcoins will pop almost overnight.

In some cases, you might see spikes of 10X in a day... or 20X in a matter of weeks.


Typically, it takes a decade or longer to see that kind of gain.

Amazon took around 10 years to deliver a 10X.

Facebook... same thing.


Right. But take a look at this list...

Each of these peak gains came from a moonshot altcoin.

Reddcoin jumped 1,922% in under a month.

Einsteinium moved 3,656% in 3 weeks.

Verge jumped 4,687% in 3 weeks.

And HuskyX lifted off for a mind-blowing 67,000% in just one day!

Altcoin Gains

One day? You’ve got to be kidding me!


I’m not.

This is what happens during the kinds of bull markets kicked off by bitcoin halving events.

You see... cryptocurrencies don’t move like stocks, bonds, gold, or even options for that matter.

Rather, cryptocurrencies “go viral.”


Go... viral?


Everyone starts piling in at once... creating meteoric gains over very short time periods.

That’s why we’re holding this Bitcoin Mega Halving Event.

Because there are going to be dozens of opportunities for massive altcoin moves in the days ahead.

And I wanted to gather our members so they could see exactly how to play it.

Because for each altcoin that goes “viral,” there’s a telltale signal before the move...

A dead giveaway that these coins could skyrocket.

I’ll show everyone how to identify this sign today.

Because the profit potential here is absolutely insane...

And since the next halving is just days away...

I believe this moment is the single most important wealth-building opportunity of the decade for investors and speculators.

In fact, I don’t think we’ll see another opportunity like this... for the rest of our lives.


And folks while these viral opportunities are more speculative than say, Bitcoin or Ethereum...

Many of the plays Robert will discuss today cost less than a dollar.

Which means you can position yourself for the shot at life-changing wealth with literally just a few cents.

So here’s what we’re going to do today...

Coming up...

  • Robert will show you how to target the altcoins best positioned to deliver huge, lightning-fast wins... along with details on 3 specific plays he believes have 1,000% potential in the months ahead.
  • He’ll reveal a battle-proven strategy for getting in and out of these plays at the perfect time to maximize your potential gains...
  • And later, he’ll give everyone watching a free altcoin recommendation – it’s his “Viral Alt of the Month.”

If you have $1, you can get a piece of the action right away.

But let’s start with the basics...

Robert, for those who may not know... what is the bitcoin halving... and why do you expect it to create crypto’s final trading frenzy?

Why the Bitcoin Halving Could Create a Viral Trading Frenzy


Well as you know, Shah... but many folks at home may not...

Bitcoin is mined using powerful computers.

Essentially, they solve complex equations that serve a purpose for the crypto network.

It’s a complicated mathematical process...

But as a reward for their efforts, miners receive bitcoin.

Now, every four years or so... this reward halves.

So in 2009, if you mined what’s known as a “block,” your reward was 50 bitcoin.

In 2012, the reward was reduced to 25 bitcoin.

Then 12 and a half in 2016, 6.25 in 2020... and in a few days... the reward will drop all the way to 3.125.

Miner Reward Chart

But why does it halve? What’s the point?


Bitcoin’s creator built this halving structure into the code to maintain scarcity.

Because as bitcoin becomes harder to obtain... the price should rise.


Supply and demand.


That’s right.

It’s a simple concept... literally Economics 101.

Think of it like this, folks...

When OPEC cuts even a million barrels of daily oil production, the price of oil tends to rise significantly.

Less supply with high demand equals higher prices...

Now imagine what would happen if they cut oil production not just by a million barrels... but in half!

Prices would go through the roof!


Makes total sense.

And the bitcoin halving seems to follow that exact pattern.

Each time bitcoin halves... its price skyrockets.

And the entire crypto market follows.


That’s why this upcoming halving is such a big opportunity.

The market is about to go even more ballistic...

Way beyond anything we’ve seen yet.

And this frenzy starts mere days from now.

I expect to see some altcoins jump 1,000% or more within a few weeks or months.

Ultimately some could see moonshot gains of 10,000% or more.

And that’s why today I’d like to show folks how to target these alts for big, fast profits.

1,000% Gains in just 21 days!?


That sounds great.

Folks, imagine grabbing a 1,000% gain in just the next few weeks...

What would that mean to you?

Even just $100 would become $1,000.

And $1,000 would become $10,000.

But honestly, it could be a lot bigger.

Robert mentioned HuskyX a few moments ago.

It was a cryptocurrency that went viral after the last halving.

In just a day, it gained 67,000%.

That would turn $1,000 into $670,000!

$10,000 would turn into $6.7 million!

Of course, you’d have needed perfect timing to capture this peak gain.

And we don’t suggest putting that much into any one altcoin.

But it’s mind-blowing that a lottery-type win like that is even possible.

So Robert, what can you tell us about how you intend to find these great opportunities?


Well Shah, most people these days are probably familiar with the phrase “going viral,” right?

Like when a video on social media gets wildly popular and you start to see it everywhere.

But what folks may not know is... the same thing sometimes happens in investing.

Like with Gamestop a while back.


I remember that well.

The company was basically dead in the water...

Then suddenly, it was the most popular stock around.

It jumped 1,800% in three weeks.

And some folks made a lot of money very fast.


You can make some really great profits when stocks go viral.

But when crypto goes viral, it’s a whole different ball game.

Shiba Inu is the classic example.

During the last crypto bull cycle... it went viral... and jumped over 304,000% in just two months.


Ok, it clearly pays to find viral altcoins.

How do we do that?


Well, I’ve found that three specific indicators are very good at predicting these viral breakouts.

So I’d like to briefly go through each one.

But I want to be clear about one thing...

I don’t consider any of this to be “investing.”

We aren’t buying and selling these cryptocurrencies because they have long-term inherent value.

What we are talking about here is short-term speculative trading... by riding the crypto frenzy to big potential profits.

So let me show you what I’m talking about.

The first viral indicator is...

A dramatic increase in social media mentions.

Viral Indicator #1: Increased Social Media Mentions

Let’s look at Shiba Inu, the coin that jumped 304,000% in two months.

During the last bull cycle in 2021, social media was buzzing with crypto excitement.

Everyone was looking for the next viral coin... but they didn’t realize that by posting...

They were helping create the next viral coin.

This poster claimed they were holding 30 million Shiba Inu coins... and were aiming for 100 million total.

Shiba Inu Post

The post set off a frenzy of replies... each person bragging about how they’d bought more than the last person.

Shiba Inu Replies

And each convinced that the coin was headed to the moon.

One poster claimed he’d bought 3.4 billion Shiba coins!

Shiba Inu Post Big Buy

3.4 billion?! That’s wild.


Well, each coin cost just a tiny fraction of a penny.

But that’s why the hype around these can build so fast.

If the coin made it to even one-tenth of a cent... this guy would’ve had $3 million.

Now, it’s important to remember he could have lost his investment too.

These types of plays are high risk, high reward.

But this type of reward potential – and the excitement around it – is contagious.

So this is the first thing I look for when targeting short-term trades on altcoins.

I want to see a big increase in social media chatter surrounding the coin.

In the case of Shiba Inu... the more that people posted, the more the hype grew.

Until suddenly...

Shiba jumped as high as 304,000% in just two months!

Shiba Inu Chart

It’s a huge move... but that’s what happens when a coin goes viral.

Binance is another great example...

For a few months after 2020’s halving, it stayed mostly flat...

But then folks started posting like crazy about it on social media.

Binance Social Media Posts

The posts centered around how high people believed it would go...

And bear in mind – at the time the coin was trading between $30 and $40.

One person said it would run to $300 in a few years.

Another said $100 or more.

Another said as high as $1,500.

Excitement grew...

Posts started to appear more rapidly...

And all of a sudden... BOOM.

Binance jumped 17-fold in under 4 months.

Binance Chart

Wow, look at that chart. Practically straight up.

This guy said BNB doubled in a matter of days since his first post.

Binance Post

And this one said it paid for his tuition... in a single day!


And here’s what happens...

As some people start to make money... and post about it... the FOMO or “fear of missing out” builds among everyone else.

They start buying and posting...

Which drives excitement higher still...

It turns into a total mania.


...and pushes the price up even faster.




And you’ve got over a million viewers on your social media page where you discuss cryptocurrencies, right?

So I imagine you’ve got a good idea of sentiment toward crypto at any given time.


Yeah, I get real-time data that nobody else can.

So again, that’s the first step I take in identifying viral altcoins... I watch for big increases in social media mentions.

The second step is to watch for jumps in Google search traffic.

When a particular term starts getting searched way more often... that’s my second “viral indicator.”

It Pays to Track “Peak Popularity” on Google

And Google makes it easy...

You can look up any term and see how often it’s being searched.

Zero means it’s barely being searched at all.

On the other hand, 100 represents what I call “peak popularity.”

And when a crypto hits peak popularity, there’s a good chance that it’s about to go viral.

For instance, take a look at Telcoin during crypto’s last bull run...

Telcoin Chart Flat

It had been flat for months...

But suddenly in early May, “telcoin” began trending on Google.

Telcoin Google Chart

It went from almost no searches to peak popularity in a single week.

TONS of people were looking it up all at once.

The crypto was about to go viral.

And sure enough, look what happened next...

It jumped 751% in just two weeks.

Telcoin Gain Chart


Folks, once you discover how to recognize these telltale viral signs, it feels like a cheat code...

Like you’ve got inside information or something.

But of course, it’s totally legal.


When a crypto goes viral, it’s almost like a snowball rolling down a hill... getting bigger and bigger as it goes.

A bunch of people look it up... see the price rising fast... and then they buy in.

Then websites report the price move... and more people look it up.

Then they buy in, and the price runs even higher.

The profit potential here is bigger than anything I’ve ever seen in my career.

But it’s important to remember... altcoins are highly volatile and you’d need perfect timing to hit peak gains. Some coins will skyrocket, but others will collapse.

So no matter how exciting this mania gets, never invest more than you can afford to lose.


Wise advice, Robert. Now I have to say... a lot of strategies feel overly technical or difficult to understand, but this one just makes sense.

Can you show us another example?



Look at the token Axie Infinity.

It hadn’t done anything since the bitcoin halving, and almost no one was Googling the project.

Axie Infinity Chart Flat

But suddenly at the end of June, interest took off.

Within a few weeks, it was at peak popularity.

Axie Infinity Google Chart

And what happened to Axie Infinity’s price?


It ran from around $4.61 to a peak gain of $160 in under 5 months.

Axie Infinity Gain Chart

That’s nearly, what... a 3,400% gain, I believe.


It is.

And I know I said I’m targeting fast wins during this bull cycle... but if a crypto takes off and keeps on going...

I have no problem holding for longer.


I don’t think any of the people watching would have a problem with that either!

Especially if the end result is a 3,400% gain.

That turns $1,000 into $35,000. Pretty wild.

Doing it in a couple months is unbelievable.


It’s incredible... and it’s entirely possible during a crypto trading frenzy like the one about to hit starting with the bitcoin halving next week.


Ok, so you’ve shown us the role social media posts and Google searches play in sending altcoins viral...

What’s the third indicator you like to track?

Big Daily Trading Volume Spikes Could Mean HUGE Wins


Trading volume.

And this one will be our buy trigger.

Think of the other stuff... social media and google searches... like loading the weapon.

With every post and search... a little more gunpowder gets added...

But its when people actually start buying that the frenzy ignites.

So my third step is to watch for a sudden spike in trading volume... preferably 10-fold.

And the good thing about trading volume is... it’s super easy to track.

You can literally see when the spike occurs on the chart.

Let’s look at some historical examples that show this spike perfectly...

Here’s the Sandbox, a gaming coin, during crypto’s last bull cycle.

Its average trading volume was right around 100 million.


That means $100 million worth of coins traded hands each day.



But then look what happened on October 29...

The trading volume suddenly spiked to 5 billion!

You can see it jump at the bottom of the chart there.

That lets you know that traders are starting to pile into the play.

And it could be about to go viral.

In this case, the altcoin ran from $1.16 to $7.46 in 5 weeks...

A 543% gain.

Sandbox Price + Volume Chart

Or look at the altcoin Anyswap after the last bitcoin halving...

Trading volume was very low...

As low as just $14,000 daily.

But then on February 4, volume suddenly rocketed higher.

It jumped more than 10X.

And that indicated that a big move might be coming.


Looks like Anyswap took off.


It jumped from $1.41 to $10.13 in just three months.

Anyswap Price + Volume Chart

That’s over 600%.

Wow, so a big spike in trading volume seems to be a good indicator for these altcoins.

Just as it can be for stocks.

But I’ve got a question...

How much of a spike do you like to see before taking action?


Good question.

In general, I like to see a 10-fold increase before I recommend any altcoin.


So if normal volume is $100,000 a day... you want it to hit $1 million a day before you jump in.


Exactly. And if it’s a million, I want to see $10 million.

But growing interest online is just as important.

Now, before we move on, I want to reiterate...

A bunch of folks watching are Manward Money Report subscribers.

And while my crypto strategy there is similar, it has a longer-term focus...


Yeah, but that’s not what we’re talking about today.

Today’s strategy is all about speed.


Right, we want to get into viral coins as they start to move higher... then get out fast with our profits.

Because when bitcoin halves in a few days, the entire market is going to blast into overdrive... and send altcoins soaring.

The reason I’m so confident is simple...

It’s happened after literally every bitcoin halving event!

$1,000 to $62,000 in Four Months!? Anything’s Possible When Altcoins Go Viral

For instance, look at the altcoin CEEK after bitcoin’s last halving...

It was flat for months...

Ceek Flat Price Chart

Then suddenly it went viral.

Social media mentions took off...

Ceek Social Media Mentions

Google searches spiked...

Ceek Google Chart

And trading volume blasted over 10X higher...

Sure enough... look what happened to the coin.

It jumped from 3 cents to $1.02 in just 6 weeks.

A 3,300% gain.

Ceek Price + Volume Chart

Or look at Polygon Matic.

Same story.

It was flat for months.

But then viral signs started to appear.

There was a social media frenzy...

Google searches hit peak popularity...

And daily trading volume jumped over 10X...

All the signs for a viral breakout.

And sure enough, the coin blasted higher.

It ran from 3 cents to $2.03 in just 4 months.

Polygon Matic Price + Volume Chart

Roughly a 6,100% gain.

Now these are some of the best examples we found from previous halving events... so they really show the power of these viral plays.

This one could have turned $1,000 into $62,000... and once again, it took only a few months.

This is why we have you at Manward Money Report, Robert.

Because crypto is the only place you can grab wins like these.


100%. There’s just nothing like crypto after a halving.

Because it’s not just the potential profits...

It’s how cheap the plays are.

You can get into many of them for well under a dollar!

And that’s why it’s so important for folks to get positioned ahead of time... before the halving hits and alts start to go viral.

Because if you get into the right altcoin before it takes off... even just one win could change your life.

Look at Terra Luna Classic.

It was trading under a dollar following bitcoin’s 2020 halving event.

And it had stayed there for months.

Terra Luna Classic Flat Price Chart

Totally ordinary... nothing special about this particular alt.

But then all the viral signs hit.

Everyone starting posting about it online...

Terra Luna Classic Social Media Mentions

The number of Google searches peaked...

Terra Luna Classic Google Chart

And trading volume took off...


And how high did this coin run?


Well, it was up 738% after 3 weeks...

Terra Luna Classic Price Chart 3 Weeks

2,300% after two months...

Terra Luna Classic Price Chart 2 Months

And 13,278% 14 months later.

Terra Luna Classic Price Chart 14 Months

So this sounds like a coin you’d probably hold for longer than a few weeks.


Well, I’m glad you said that.

Because as we’ve discussed, my goal with this service is to trade very quickly during this halving trading frenzy.

I want to get in and out of viral plays as fast as possible.

Then I want to take those profits... put some aside... and move right into the next play.

But if I don’t see a clear sell signal... I have no problem holding for longer if it means potential returns like 10,000%, 20,000%... even 50,000%.


That brings up an important question...

We’ve seen what your strategy will be for getting into these plays...

Watching trading volume, social media mentions, and Google searches. Makes perfect sense to me.

But how do you know when to get out?

Do you just watch for all those indicators to reverse?

Don’t Forget to Have an Exit Strategy (Here’s the Best One)


Great question.

And yes, for viral plays, that’s exactly what I’m looking out for.

When trading volume starts to fall...

When social media posts dwindle...

When Google searches start to dry up...

It’s time to get out.

Because the truth is... crypto can blast higher in an instant...

But fall just as quickly.

So it’s key to have a plan for when to get in and get out.


You might be the first crypto expert I’ve heard admit that.

To me, Each time crypto gets hot, suddenly everyone’s an expert.

They pitch crypto almost like a get rich quick scheme...

But I’ve never heard any of them mention that crypto is cyclical – or that it can quickly fall.


I don’t want to scare anyone, but pretending like crypto only goes up is ridiculous.

The fact is, every bull cycle lasts roughly 18 months... and then we enter a period of crypto winter.

You want to get in, ride the wave during the bull cycle... and then get out before winter hits.

Similarly, in individual cryptocurrencies, you want to get in when they get hot and go viral.

But then you want to get out when people move on.

The fact is... buying crypto is easy.

Knowing the perfect time to get out is what messes people up.


Give me an example, Robert. I know you’ve got a few. So fire some at me.


There’s the story of Peter M, who put $32,000 into Ethereum in 2016...

He became a millionaire from that investment in 2017...

Then Peter watched his winnings shrink to almost nothing in 2018. He said...

Of course I wish I’d sold at the peak, of course I regret that.”

There are stories upon stories of people making fortunes, then losing it all by not having an exit strategy.

And that’s why I’m obsessed with a signal with a funny name.

A Crypto Sell Signal That ACTUALLY WORKS

It’s called NUPL.

Anyone who’s followed me for a while has probably heard me talk about it before.

But it’s worth mentioning again... because it could help you maximize your crypto wins.


And for the folks at home, can you explain what NUPL stands for?


Of course. It’s Net Unrealized Profit or Loss.

NUPL Definition

It’s the only technical indicator I’ve seen that actually works for crypto.

It basically lets you know if most folks are sitting on a paper gain or a paper loss right now.

If most are sitting on a huge gain... it’s probably time to sell before everyone cashes out and the price collapses.

In my opinion, NUPL is one of the best timing mechanisms in any asset class.

It’s correctly called bitcoin’s rise and fall multiple times.

And I’ve used it personally with great results.


You actually used it to get out of some of your bitcoin near the top in 2021, isn’t that right?


I did. And I couldn’t be happier with the timing.

By following NUPL, I was able to lock in big profits... before bitcoin turned and collapsed 75%.


That’s great!


Folks, this is why NUPL is so important.

I know a bunch of people who didn’t have an exit strategy during crypto’s last bull run...

And they ended up with zero profits... even after crypto rocketed to record highs.


Nothing worse than holding too long and watching all your profits disappear. Nothing.


Definitely. And looking back we can see how accurate NUPL has been...

It peaked in Feb. 2021 when BTC was at $58k... and bottomed in Nov. 2022, days after the FTX collapse.

Same story in the previous cycle.

NUPL peaked in Dec. 2017 when BTC was at $18k and bottomed in Dec. 2018 when BTC was $3k.

NUPL Chart

It looks like every time NUPL hits the Greed section, bitcoin reverses.

Is that your sell point?


It is.

That’s right at 75% unrealized profit, meaning most folks are sitting on big gains.

As you can see, it’s the smartest time to sell.

And here’s the best part...

You can use NUPL’s principals as a sell indicator for every altcoin in existence.


Well that’s great...

But how do we know when most folks have big unrealized profits?


It’s actually simple.

When I see an altcoin go viral, I keep a close eye on its market cap.

Market cap, of course, is the number of shares, or in this case – number of coins in circulation – multiplied by the coin’s value.

So if the coin is worth $2 and there are 1 million coins in existence... the market cap is $2 million.

Market Cap Definition

As folks pile in and the coin’s value rises, the market cap soars.

Sometimes it can jump 5 times... 10 times... or 20 times in total value.

When that happens quickly, it means almost everyone is sitting on huge unrealized profits.

We sell when we hit the point where 75% to 90% of the market cap has been created SINCE our buy.


Ok, I think I understand. But can you give me and the folks a home an example?


Of course.

I know it sounds confusing, but it’s actually quite simple.

If we bought a coin when its market cap was $1 million...

And then it grew to $10 million...

That means 90% of its total market cap was added AFTER we bought it.

Market Cap Example

That’s a tremendous amount of growth, and it all but guarantees that most folks have HUGE unrealized gains.

So we’d better take our profits and get out before everyone starts selling.

Does that make sense?


It does, thanks.


So let’s say we got into COTI right as it started showing viral signals back in late 2020.

Its market cap was just $30 million.

But as the coin grew in value, the market cap rocketed higher.

And if we look up here right near the peak on March 22... you’ll see the market cap reached $333 million.

COTI Market Cap Chart

Just about 90% of that would’ve come AFTER we bought in...

Meaning that would’ve been our signal to exit the position.


It looks like perfect timing to me...

The coin really fell after that.


That’s why this signal is so important.

If you get greedy and wait too long... the coin could reverse and collapse.

It’s probably the biggest fear of any crypto investor... especially anyone new to crypto.

But if you follow this signal...

This crypto trading frenzy could easily produce the biggest gains of your life.

Sell at the Top Every Time!? You Won’t Believe How Precise This Sell Signal Is


Yeah, these types of gains can come a lot faster than they do with most stocks.


You’re not kidding. And look at Avalanche.

Just before the coin went viral, its market cap was at $3.3 billion.

Three months later, it was at $30.2 BILLION.

Avalanche Market Cap Chart

Approximately 90% of that was added after the coin went viral.


And that would trigger your sell signal.


Right, and once again, look how accurate it was...


Wow, that’s the exact peak.

So how much would folks have made if they sold right when the signal told them to?


In this case, they could’ve made a quick 606%.

And more importantly... they would’ve taken profits before the coin turned and fell.

Remember, these coins are extremely volatile.

We’re not going to hold them for long.

This is all about getting in and out quickly with profits.

And we do that by sticking to our strategy... even when it looks like this crypto will never stop going up... we follow when all of our signals tell us to sell.


And if I may interject, remember, past performance does not guarantee future success.


Of course. And we would never suggest otherwise. But based on my historical research...

And my own personal experience...

I believe NUPL is the most effective sell signal out there for crypto.


Let’s see one more, if you don’t mind.


Okay, here’s Polkadot...

Another small altcoin that saw insane growth after bitcoin’s last halving.

Just before it went viral, the market cap was around $4.6 billion.

Then the coin headed for the moon, taking the market cap with it.

It would’ve hit our 90% sell signal when the market cap hit $45 billion...

Avalanche Market Cap Chart

Once again... right on the exact peak.

This signal removes the uncertainty out of one of the hardest parts of trading altcoins – knowing when to sell.

As I mentioned earlier, it worked perfectly for me during the last bull run.

That’s why I’m such a big fan, and why I wanted to share it with folks today.


Thank you for doing that.

I can’t tell you how many stories I read during crypto’s last bull run where folks were sitting on unbelievable gains... but didn’t have an exit strategy and watched their profits disappear.

This solves that problem.

Which means you can be extra prepared when the bitcoin halving occurs in the coming days.

Robert says it’s going to unleash a huge new wave of viral altcoins that we want to be a part of.


And it’s going to happen faster than you think.

So here’s what we’re going to do...

First, I’ll monitor the social media mentions to see which cryptocurrencies are starting to get attention.

Then, I’ll watch for the Google searches to shoot up to 100 – or peak popularity.

After that, we look for the money.

When trading volume spikes... we buy.

And when crypto shoots up, we wait until we see between 75% and 90% of the market cap created since our buy.

Then we look to ring the cash register and exit with our profits.

We are going to see dozens of altcoins go through this cycle.

And I think this will end up being perhaps the biggest wealth-building opportunity of the next 50 years.

2024: Your Last Chance at Life-Changing Crypto Gains! Plays Have Gone as High as 1,581,942% in a Single Year!


Now with Bitcoin ETFs finally bringing institutional money and mainstream retail investors into the picture... aren’t your viral moves going to be even more explosive?


100%. As this institutional money begins to pour into the crypto space, I expect the viral moves we see to become even stronger.

Because now, when a crypto goes viral, there is even more money in the system to push prices up.

So I think this could end up being the biggest bull market in crypto of all time.


And that’s saying something.


Look at 2016, the second time bitcoin halved.

A $100 investment in each of the top 10 coins that January would have been worth $312,000 just two years later.

In 2021 – the year after the third halving – $100 in each one of these top 10 top coins would’ve yielded $165,000.

But I expect the action after this halving to be bigger than both of those combined.

We could see dozens of big, 1,000% or better wins.

Take a look at these top performing altcoins from 2017 and 2021... all coming on the heels of a halving event...

And ALL in a single year – OR LESS.

Top Performing Altcoins

Verge: 1,581,942% peak gain

Einsteinium: 262,195% peak gain

Reddcoin: 132,712% peak gain


Whoa, 132,000%...?

1.5 million percent!?

Am I reading these right?


Your eyes are not deceiving you here, Shah.

The altcoin gains that come from a crypto bull run are unlike anything you can achieve elsewhere.

Big Tech can’t do this...

AI stocks can’t do this.

In fact, here’s a fun comparison.

If you had bought Facebook – or Meta – back when it IPO’d in 2012...

Today you’d be up around 1,100%...

Facebook Chart

All but 7 of the altcoins I just showed you outperformed it... and they did it in under a year!


I can see why you call this a trading frenzy...

Who wouldn’t want a shot at those gains?

Even just $100 into that first one would’ve become $1.5 million.


Look, these numbers are based on perfect timing. Nobody will ever buy at the exact bottom and sell at the exact top. That’s not how it works.

These are high-risk, high reward trades and aren’t to be taken lightly.

But lucky for you, I wrote a book on this exact topic.


That’s right. The Beginner’s Guide to High Risk, High Reward Investing.

Can we throw the cover up on the screen?

The Beginner's Guide to High Risk, High Reward Investing Book

That’s why I love your strategy.

You’re not trying to catch the top. You’re looking for your 75% to 90% increase in market cap.


Exactly. Identifying when to sell is crucial to success in this market.

And while we won’t get everything perfect...

Imagine how happy we’ll be if we do even half that well!


$100 into $750,000 in under a year? I’d be OK with that.

I mean... even if I did 10% as well as all the gains we just looked at, that’s still 100% or better on every play.


And you’re not going to see that anywhere else in the market.

And the best part is...

Some altcoins are already starting to heat up in anticipation of the halving.

Look at these gains over the last few months...

Altcoin Gains Over Last Few Months

And the run is just getting started.

That means there’s still plenty of upside... but only if you get in before the halving.

Now’s the PERFECT Time to Get Positioned in Altcoins. Here’s Why...

In fact, now is the perfect time to get positioned in alts.


Why is that?


Because right now we’re at roughly 60% in the NUPL cycle.

Once we reach 65%, my research indicates that something exciting happens: the start of “alt season.”

And this is when the mania phase of the bull run begins.

Alt season describes a period when cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin significantly outperform bitcoin.

It usually comes after bitcoin has had a major bull run – like it’s doing now – and starts to stabilize or consolidate.

So we’ve only got a very small window of opportunity before “alt season” kicks into high gear.

During alt season, investors diversify their portfolios away from bitcoin... and into altcoins.

That leads to a surge in the prices of these altcoins.


That makes sense – the idea of diversifying when bitcoin has already gone up. That makes perfect sense.

Which means if you want to get in at the very best prices, you can’t afford to wait much longer.


So it sounds like there are two major catalysts about to converge for altcoins...

The bitcoin halving event... and the upcoming alt season.



Starting immediately, I’ll look to grab quick wins as alts begin to go viral.

Then when alt season officially kicks off, the wins should get even bigger and faster.

Like during previous alt seasons when Verge catapulted 6,319% in just over a month.

Verge Chart

We’ll look to get in as coins go viral... then get out when our sell signal reaches 75% to 90%.


You mentioned that after a halving event, the bull cycle typically lasts 18 months.

So that’s plenty of time to target big, fast opportunities.


Exactly. It’s going to be a very fun 18 months... and it’s already starting.

I’m sure you’ve noticed the crypto market heating up already...

It’s suddenly front-page news again!

Crypto News Collage

Bitcoin hit an all-time high...

Ethereum had a major event...

Bitcoin ETFs were finally approved...

And get this...

At the start of the year, Coinbase was 489th in the app store.

By the first week of March, it was 49th as folks poured into the crypto exchange.

Folks are absolutely rushing to get prepared for the halving.

Because history shows us that if you wait... you could be leaving tens of thousands – or more – on the table.

If You Wait... It Could Cost You Dearly


Robert, why don’t you give us, if you don’t mind, another example.


Let me show you what I mean with Terra Classic, one of our examples from earlier...

Signs that it could go viral popped up around January of 2021.

And sure enough, if you’d gotten in right then...

You could’ve pulled in a two-month peak gain of 2,300% ...

Terra Luna Classic Full Gain

But if you’d waited even 3 weeks...

You’d have missed out on a full 738% worth of gains!

Terra Luna Classic Partial Gain

So instead of grabbing $22,000 profit on a $1,000 investment...

You’d have only seen $1,870 in profit. Which is still pretty good.

But it just goes to show... simply waiting too long to get in can cost you.


Folks, this is important.

You can be right about the industry... right about the investment... right about the upward trend...

And then ruin it all by dragging your feet.


Right. It pays to act fast in this space.

Let’s look at Ceek again...

Viral signs first popped up right here on October 18, 2021.

That’s when social media posts and Google searches really took off...

And it’s the day trading volume jumped 10-fold.

If you’d bought right then, you could’ve gotten coins for just 3 cents each.

And your peak return could’ve been 3,300%.

Ceek Partial Gain

But this time if you’d waited even two weeks...

You would’ve had to pay 25 cents per coin...

And your potential gains would’ve capped out at just 311%.

Ceek Partial Gain

On a $1,000 stake, that would be like leaving $28,000 on the table...

All because you waited two weeks to act.


That would hurt. Manward readers know I hate leaving money on the table.


Me too. Now look at Gala.

You can see very clearly where daily trading volume jumped.

It went from $3 million to $691 million in two days!

That was a clear sign that the coin could be going viral.

If you’d bought right then, you would have been up 3,280% at the peak just 2.5 months later.

Gala Partial Gain

But let’s say you’d waited even just one week to buy in.

Instead of 3,200%, your potential gain would have shrunk to 545%.

Gala Partial Gain

Not bad... but on a $1,000 investment, that’s more than a $27,000 difference!

So you can see why it pays to get in early.


I certainly can.

So the goal with each of these coins is to get in and out as quickly as possible with big wins.

But if there aren’t sell signals and the coin is still going up after a few months, will you let it ride?


Absolutely. I’m not going to cut our profits short unless there’s a reason to.

Just look at XRP...

It shows how far some of these can run if you get in early and let ‘em ride...

The first thing you’ll notice is probably the big spike...

XRP Chart

But the first sign of viral activity was way earlier... just two months after the halving.

You can’t even see it on this chart, but let’s zoom way in...

Volume spiked 12-fold.

XRP Volume Chart

And if you’d gotten in then, you could’ve grabbed peak gains of over 36,000% when NUPL said to sell.

XRP Chart

Now that’s impressive.


Yeah, and it would’ve taken 15 months in total... So it paid to hold a little bit longer.

But a $1,000 investment would’ve produced nearly $360,000 in profit.

So I don’t think anyone would mind the extra wait.


Yeah I don’t think anyone would mind that.

Folks, the key here is... you want to be prepared to take action the moment an alt shows signs of blasting higher.

If you’re thinking to yourself – and I’m guilty of this sometimes – but if you’re thinking... “I’ll just wait and see how it goes for the next few months...”


This isn’t something you want to wait on.


It’s a familiar cycle.

We’ve seen it over and over, each time a halving takes place.

Alts are going to really pick up speed in the next few days.

And the moment I see the viral signals we’ve discussed, I’ll start sending out my top recommendations.

I’m also going to give away one altcoin today, completely FREE of charge.

I can’t wait.


Robert, why don’t you tell the folks at home how they can receive your recommendations going forward.

Introducing Breakout Fortunes: The ONLY Place You Can Access Robert’s 10X Altcoin Recommendations


Okay, I’d like to introduce everyone to Breakout Fortunes...

Breakout Fortunes Logo

It’s a small, private group of like-minded readers.

And it boasts the top track record of all our services.

In Breakout Fortunes, I give out both crypto and stock recommendations.

As we discussed, crypto is cyclical in nature.

So when crypto is in a downward period, we’ll focus on stocks.

And when it’s in an upward period, we’ll focus on crypto.

With the bitcoin halving set to hit just days from now, this is the perfect time to focus on crypto.

And I expect that our average gain in 2024 is going to blow away what we’ve done up until now.

Now... I want to be clear that we won’t be perfect going forward.

We will see some losses to go with our wins.

But the number I’m most proud of in Breakout Fortunes is how many of our recommended trades are up – sitting at 70% today.

Each week, this service is where I share my latest research, ideas, and of course, my recommendations...

And it’s where I’ll share all my fastest-paced crypto plays going forward.

It’s much faster and more action-packed than Manward Money Report, which most folks watching are probably familiar with.


Whoa, whoa. Manward Money Report is my baby... but these crypto trades are much faster, I’ll give you that.


Hey, you love when I contribute crypto trades to Manward Money Report.

And I know our members do too, but my Breakout Fortunes service just takes crypto trades to the next level.

It’s for people who want to quickly capitalize on the cryptocurrencies that go viral in a matter of days or weeks.

This trading frenzy is all about finding alts before they go viral, riding the wave up... then getting out with profits.

While it’s hot – likely for the next 18 months – I’ll be laser-focused on crypto.

But I’ll also give stock trades when the right opportunity appears.


That sounds great.

And again, I appreciate you acknowledging that crypto won’t stay hot forever.

It’s an honest approach, and the additional stock plays will make this next year even more exciting.

Now let’s go through what folks can expect to receive when they join Breakout Fortunes...

Everything You Get as a New Member of Breakout Fortunes

Breakout Fortunes Bundle

You’ll get one full year of access to Breakout Fortunes, including...

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  • Weekly Updates: Any time a play is recommended... bought... or sold, you’ll get an email with all the details. Simply give it a look and decide whether you want to take action.
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  • Our VIP Support Team: For any assistance with your subscription
  • Exclusive, Password Protected Access to the Breakout Fortunes Website: Here’s where you can access everything, including the model portfolio, as well as archives of every article, update, and special report.
  • And if you sign up today – I’ll even throw in a free copy of Robert’s book, because I can do that.

And to get you prepared for bitcoin’s halving just days from now... Robert has put together two brand-new reports with specific altcoins he recommends getting into right away.

The first is called "Three Alts With 1,000%+ Potential.”

Three Alts with 1,000% Potential Report

Robert, you’ve told me how excited you are about the coins in this report.

Why did you choose these three in particular?


Well, it’s actually really simple. It’s because I believe they have the best chance at dramatic gains in the days ahead.


Simple enough.


Remember, we’re not buying these coins based on fundamentals.

We’re buying them based on one thing: their potential to go viral.

If they’re showing signs that they might go viral and quickly blast higher, they’ll be on my list.

And right now, these three coins are as close to going viral as anything I’ve seen before...

For instance, the first is going wild on social media...

With one poster even saying they expect this coin to be the next Solana, which jumped over 9,000% in 2021.

Better yet, it’s backed by prominent investors including Mark Cuban, Binance, and Pantera Capital.

Investor Logos

Which tells me it’s not just a flash in the pan.


You might be surprised to learn that bigtime investors like Mark Cuban back some of these projects.

But think about what he does on Shark Tank...

He’s all about getting into big opportunities early.

And that’s what altcoin investing is all about.



We get in early, bag some quick potential wins... and get out.

And I think the three in this report are a great way to get started.


Ok, what can you tell me about the next two coins?


The second trades under $10 – and its daily trading volume just recently jumped 10X.

And you know if you’ve been watching, that’s our buy signal...

Now, I wouldn’t waste any time here...

Some analysts predict this coin could trade up to nearly $32 before the end of the month.


That’s a huge potential move.

And fast, too.


Exactly the type of potential we’re looking for.

And the third coin in this report is the same way...

Right now it trades for well under a dollar.

And its market cap is a tiny $102 million.


That means it has tons of room to grow.


And this growth could come fast.

One crypto price prediction site has this coin’s MINIMUM growth in 2024 at 198%.

Again, that’s the minimum.

So it could go much higher.

But I like this coin’s potential for another reason, too...

It’s a gaming coin, which can do very well during crypto bull markets.


Robert... gaming? As in... online games?


Exactly. In 2021, four of the top six cryptocurrencies were gaming coins, with an average peak gain of 23,402%!

Top 6 Cryptos Table

That’s what I hope to see from the final coin in this report.

So it’s important that you don’t sit on your hands here.

I could see any of these coins quickly rising 1,000% or more in the next couple months.

As always, the earlier you get in, the more you could make.


Folks, this sort of opportunity doesn’t come around often.

Stocks don’t do this.

Bonds don’t do this.

So the second you get this report in your hands, I suggest reading through it.

But until then...

Robert, I understand that you removed a 4th altcoin from that report... just so you could give it away for free here today?


That’s right. It’s my way of thanking folks for spending this time with us.

And while I’ll be honored if you chose to spend the next 18-month trading frenzy with me in Breakout Fortunes, I don’t want anyone to leave empty-handed.

So I’ll give that away in just a few minutes.


And you have a second report, don’t you?


I do. I’m especially excited for this one, called, “Play the Crypto Lotto: 5 Moonshots Under $1.”

Play the Crypto Lotto: 5 Moonshots Under $1 Report

It’s made up of five more altcoin recommendations... all more speculative but very high upside plays.

Throw a few bucks into each.

And watch what happens next.

The idea here is that you don’t have to risk a lot for the shot at big wins.

And I’ve already researched these coins.

I chose five that I think have a real shot at blowing up, but I want to be very clear...

These are particularly small and volatile.

Do NOT put more into these plays than you can afford to lose.

And as you’ve seen... with the type of gain potential I’ve shown you...

You don’t HAVE to risk a lot to make life-changing returns!

Personally, I might put just $20 into each.


And if one hits, you’re off to the races!


Exactly. It’s already happened for some people. For instance, I’m sure you’ve heard of Dogecoin.

Well, no one cared about it before the halving in 2020...

But if you’d bought it as a lotto play, you could’ve gotten in for just $0.0025.


A quarter of a penny?


Right. The price of many cryptocurrencies can be less than a dollar... or even less a penny!

Exactly one year later, the coin peaked at $0.6878.


Wait. 68 and 3/4 cents?


That’s a max gain of 27,215%...

Dogecoin Chart

Enough to turn $20 into $5,400... or $100 into $27,000!

After each halving, dozens of totally unknown coins suddenly catch fire and head to the moon.

So you can see why I think it’s worth taking a shot on a few of them.


I absolutely love this second report.

It’s like the famous John Templeton approach, but applied to altcoins...

Buy the low-priced opportunities and try to hit a home run.

Folks, you can put just $20 into each altcoin...

Just $100 total.

If you lose, no big deal.

But if even one goes viral, you could make a killing.

Remember the list we pulled up earlier with all the 1,000%+ gains?

There were 71 of them!

You could hit one of those and make a couple hundred bucks.

Or if you hit one of the 10,000% gains...

A $20 investment would turn into $2,000.

And $100 would turn into $10,000!

I think it’s a smart way to take a shot at some really big wins.

And again, with $20 into each play, your max loss is just $100!


I know a bunch of folks will try this...

And if you do, write to me and let me know how well this worked for you.

But the big opportunity is going to be actively targeting the cryptocurrencies that go viral in the weeks ahead.

That’s what I’m most excited about with my Breakout Fortunes service.

When we see social media mentions and Google searches rise... followed by a big increase in trading volume... that’s when you know the big viral move is set to begin.


Ok everyone... Until now, Robert has never shared his crypto strategy publicly.

But through Breakout Fortunes, you can now gain special access to his strategy that he used to grab huge, fast crypto gains, including the biggest individual win of his life.

He’s looking for 1,000%+ winners in as fast as a month.

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So, Robert I think it’s safe to assume we’re all wondering...

How much is this going to cost?


Breakout Fortunes retails for $4,000.

And I truly believe it’s a steal at that price.

After all, 70% of our trades are in the green.

And we recently closed our biggest stock winner yet, a Coinbase option for a 165% gain in one month.

That’s a big win for a stock or an option...

But I expect the halving event to produce crypto wins at least 10X that high.

I’d hate for anyone to miss it.

So because this opportunity is so urgent, I’m going to offer you an incredible deal.

Instead of $4,000... for a very short time we’re dropping the price to just $1,997.

But that’s not all...

For anyone who buys today, I’m also going to gift you an additional three months... completely FREE.

Since the crypto bull cycles that follow bitcoin halving events tend to last 18 months...

The last thing I want to do is have you sign up for one year of access... and then be left in the cold before it’s time to sell. That’s why I’m giving the second year free.


That’s smart.

This way folks will have your guidance all the way through the bull cycle.

So instead of one year for $4,000... that’s 15 months for just $1,997.

I did the math and that’s just $4.38 a day.


That’s right.

I want to make it as easy as possible for anyone who wants to be a part of this.

Because every day that you wait could wind up costing you big time.


No kidding, we saw earlier how sometimes even one week can mean the difference of tens of thousands of dollars.


Yeah, so everyone watching from home, I hope you’ll carefully consider taking action today...

So I can share the best crypto plays with you all year long.

To help you feel comfortable with your decision, I’m going to add a special bonus to today’s offer...

A 1,000% guarantee.

As a new member, you’re guaranteed to see the shot at at least one 1,000% winner in your first year.

SPECIAL BONUS! Act Now and Receive a 1,000% Guarantee!

Robert Headshot Guarantee

So I expect at least one of our crypto recommendations to go up by 1,000% or more.

Personally, I’d be shocked if we don’t see several.

But if I don’t deliver at least one 1,000% win per our model portfolio, we’ll credit you back every penny for use on another of our VIP Research Services at Manward Press.

Now, my publisher fought me on this.

They said guaranteeing 1,000% was, well, a bit crazy.

But I’m not worried.

I’ve shown you the proof of past trades after halving events.

I have no doubt that this new cycle will be even more profitable... especially with institutions projected to push volume up to extreme levels that we’ve never seen before.


It’s a strong guarantee, to be sure.

So just to be clear... if the highest we see is 999% in the next year... someone can call you up?


They can call us for full credit that they can apply to any other Manward VIP product.

But I should mention...

We can’t give refunds for today’s Breakout Fortunes offer.

And here’s why...

This service is all about getting in and out of trades as quickly and profitably as possible.

And I’m giving you access to my entire strategy.

I couldn’t give complete access unless I had protection against some people who sign up, take everything we offer, and then immediately cancel.

So please... only sign up if you are all in and ready to profit using this strategy.

I’ve shown you our complete track record and how we are going to attack this crypto bull market.

You know what you are getting with Breakout Fortunes.

So if you’re ready, then let’s get started right now.

I’m all in if you are.

And remember... with Breakout Fortunes, you’ll get far more crypto trades...

Each with the potential to rocket 1,000% (or more) in as little as a few weeks.

Remember what happened to countless altcoins after bitcoin halved in 2016...

Mona jumped 1,740% in two months...

Mona Chart

PIVX blasted 3,683% higher in 4 months...

PIVX Chart

And NEM ran 2,311% in 2.5 months.

NEM Chart

Then there’s Ethereum – 9,162%...

Litecoin – 5,045%...

Dash – 13,900%...

Crypto Gains

And there were a lot more that posted those kind of gains in a year or less...


Precisely. Now I have to say, these peak gains would’ve taken perfect timing and a lot of luck...

But that’s what’s so great about crypto bull runs...

Even if you miss the best entry and exit points, chances are good that you’ll still make a lot of money.

The most important thing, then, is to take action today.

I expect this to be the FINAL “wild west” style crypto cycle of our lives.

And as you’ve seen, waiting could literally cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

So I hope you’ll join me in Breakout Fortunes today.

We’ll rush you those special reports so you can get positioned right away.

And then we’ll hit the ground running with fresh altcoin opportunities as soon as the halving occurs.


Remember, Robert played the last crypto bull cycle with great success.

His ability to identify big winners before they blast higher has earned him over half a million followers.

And now he wants to help you cash in too.

But time is running out.

Folks, you’ve already seen the overwhelming proof that crypto is about to get scorching hot.

You’ve seen that each time bitcoin halves, the altcoin market takes off as coin after coin goes viral.

So there’s no time to waste.

Simply click the button below or call our team at 844.201.1980 or 443.541.4636 to secure your spot in Breakout Fortunes.

Call Our VIP Services Team to Order by Phone: 844.201.1980 or 443.541.4636

When you click, you’ll be taken to a secure order form where you can review everything before placing your order.

Remember, everyone who buys today will get the special discounted rate of $1,997...

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That way you can rest easy knowing you’ll have access to Robert’s buy and sell recommendations through the entire bull cycle.

You’ll also get Robert’s 1,000% guarantee.

If you don’t see at least one 1,000% gain from his recommendations in the next year... he’ll credit you back your full cost for use on a different Manward service that more closely fits your needs.

I think it’s a great offer. Plus, I’m giving you his book.


I did my best to keep today’s offer affordable and fair.

But I understand this is a big decision, so think it over.

Take as much time as you have to, but no more than you need.

I hope you’ll join me.


Now we’re going to go ahead and move into a Q&A session...

But don’t worry... clicking the button will open a new tab.

So you’ll still be able to listen in while you place your order.

Question and Answer Session

Robert, the first and most important question is...

What’s your free altcoin recommendation?

Robert’s FREE Altcoin Recommendation!


Ok, let’s talk about it.

It’s called SingularityNET.

Free Pick

The symbol is AGIX, and you can buy it on Coinbase, which is super convenient.

Last I saw, it was in the $1 to $2 range.

But crypto prices are moving so fast, whatever I tell you today will be different in an hour.

I’m a fan of Singularity because it’s doing something very different from most other crypto projects.

Now, if I were to read you their own description of what they do, your mind would melt.

But essentially, they’re building a decentralized marketplace for AI services...

It allows anyone to create, share, and monetize AI services at scale.

And with AI in such high demand, I expect this coin’s price to rise quickly.


Wait, you’re telling me this is basically an AI... crypto... crossover?


I am.


Well I’m sure I don’t have to tell the folks at home...

But AI has been smoking hot.

So an opportunity that blends the two hottest markets on the planet sounds like a smart play to me.


And it’s already showing signs of going viral ... which means you should get in as quickly as possible.

Again, just log into Coinbase and look up A-G-I-X.


Thanks for that, Robert.

Ok the next question is...

How are you so confident that crypto is about to enter a bullish period?


Good question.

And the answer is quite simply... history tells us it’s very, very likely.

Bitcoin has halved 3 times before, right?

2012... 2016... and 2020.

And each time, that event has kicked off a HUGE bull run in bitcoin and crypto as a whole.

After the first halving, bitcoin ran from $12 to a peak of $1,046 in 11 months.

After the second, it ran from $663 to a peak of $19,118 in 16 months.

And after the third, it ran from $8,500 to a peak of more than $64,000 in 18 months.

So while nothing in investing is guaranteed...

All signs point toward 2024 being very good for crypto.


Ok, great. Here’s another.

Should I own Bitcoin and Ethereum too, or just stick with altcoins?


I definitely encourage everyone to own some bitcoin and Ethereum.

They’re the biggest and most stable cryptocurrencies out there... and the whole market tends to follow their movements.

Because they’re already so pricey, during a crypto bull market, bitcoin and Ethereum are likely to see the biggest DOLLAR gains...

Like if bitcoin runs all the way to $165,000 this cycle like I think it will.

That would be well over a $100,000 gain from the start of the year.

But it won’t be able to compete with the 10,000%, 20,000%, 50,000% moves of tiny alts.

Let’s say you put $1,000 into bitcoin right now.

For you to 10X your money, it would have to run to over a half million dollars per coin.

Doesn’t seem likely, does it?

But spread that same $1,000 around in a few tiny altcoins – like the ones in my “Play the Crypto Lotto” report...

Play the Crypto Lotto Report

And you may only need the coin to run from 10 cents to a dollar!

So long story short...

Yes, you should own some bitcoin and some Ethereum for some “safer” potential gains.

But don’t ignore the altcoins, because when they go viral, they could literally change your life overnight.


Speaking of viral... how many altcoins do you expect to go viral each month?


Well, I wish there was a schedule so I could give you a specific answer.

There’s really no way of knowing.

But I will say that the crypto bull cycle tends to build momentum as it goes.

So if we get 1 or two viral alts this month... we might get 3 or 4 the next month... then suddenly you’ll notice everyone talking about crypto.

Websites, Twitter (or “X”)... conversations around the office... everyone is going to be looking to cash in.

And we might see 10 or 20 go viral at once.

So stay ready...

Because the moment I see these viral indicators on a coin... I’ll send it your way.


Sounds good. Ok I’ve got a couple more for you.

Do you recommend avoiding any particular altcoin?


If this were a buy and hold strategy, I would absolutely tell you to avoid any of the meme coins.

Meme coins are projects that started out basically as jokes with no real utility.

Their entire purpose was... to exist so people could trade them.

Coins like Doge... Pepe... or Shiba Inu.

But remember... this strategy... this entire cycle...

Isn’t about finding crypto with utility and long-term value – that’s what we do in Manward Money Report.


You’re trading these alt coins... not investing.


Right. It’s about finding viral coins before they blast higher and deliver life-changing wins.

And meme coins have proven to be some of the very best at that.

For instance...

We mentioned Shiba Inu earlier.

From the day it launched in August 2020...

To Oct 31, 2021... the coin rose 14 MILLION percent.


That’s insane.


It would turn a very fortunate, perfectly timed $100 investment into $14 million!

So while I certainly don’t believe that these meme coins serve any purpose outside of speculation...

Hey, if you’ve got a few bucks burning a hole in your pocket... feel free to speculate.

You might wind up a bigtime winner!


That would be incredible.

Ok, I’ve got just one more for you.

And folks, remember, you can click the button below this video at any time to move to the next page and secure your order.

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OK Robert, if you’re up really big on a crypto... do you like to sell half? Or do you hold until NUPL says to sell?


Personally, I like to take some gains off the table when I go up big.

If one of our plays really takes off... I might suggest taking half your profits along the way.

That way, we’re playing with house money the rest of the way.

And there’s nothing better than winning with house money.


Robert, thanks for answering all these questions.

And thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule for this event today.

After seeing everything you’ve shown us today, I couldn’t be more excited for the halving.

I can’t wait to see just how far crypto runs this time.


Thanks for having me!

And folks, if you only take one thing away from this event, it should be this...

Do NOT sit on the sidelines during this crypto cycle.

I can promise that if you do... you’ll be kicking yourself 18 months from now.

I believe it’s going to produce bigger wins than we’ve ever seen.

So take action today.

And if you’d like my help identifying viral coins all year long... simply click the button below.

I look forward to seeing you in Breakout Fortunes.


Thanks, Robert!

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