Nvidia’s Secret Partner

This little-known AI startup could dominate the potential $25.6 trillion per year AI market…

Discover how you can get in today before its potential 4,735% revenue surge in 12 months.

Shah Gilani

Dear Reader,

Hi, I’m Shah Gilani, Chief Investment Strategist of Manward Press.

While Nvidia is making headlines for its record earnings…

And more and more people pile into the stock…

Most people are missing out on an even bigger story.

I’ve uncovered a Nvidia partnership that’s been quietly tucked away.

The general public knows little about it.

You won’t find much information on it in mainstream sources…

But today, we're breaking this overlooked story… and the company behind it, which I call “Nvidia’s Secret Partner.”

This company is just a fraction of Nvidia’s size … but as you’ll see, it is crucial to the success of Nvidia going forward.

Because, as I’ll show you in a moment, this company’s new technology solves THE biggest problem in the AI chip industry.

Already, demand for this technology is through the roof.

Every big player in the industry uses it, including…





And Amazon.


In fact, Amazon just invested $144 million in this startup…

And agreed to buy at least $650 million worth of its products in the not-to-distant future.

Imagine that…

One of the largest companies in the world – the 5th largest in fact – coming to you and saying…

“We like you so much that we’re willing to invest $144 million in your company. And to ensure your success, we’ll buy over $650 million worth of your product.”

It doesn’t get any better than that.

The reason why all these companies are turning to this small startup is simple…

“Nvidia’s Secret Partner” creates a product that is essential for the next-gen AI chips.

What’s more, it’s still small and unknown.

It’s the same size as Nvidia was nearly a decade ago

Before Nvidia rose over 10,700%.

Nvidia chart

But the gains in this company could happen much sooner…

In a few weeks, I believe there will be a very important announcement…

One that could catapult the company into the mainstream and send its shares soaring into the stratosphere.

That’s why I’m sharing details on this new opportunity with YOU now.

Because there is a real chance you could ride this NEW AI investment to hundreds of dollars per share in the coming years... just like early investors did with Nvidia.

So if you move quickly... this new opportunity could help hand you the kind of retirement most people only dream about.

Why I’m Speaking to You Today

But before I tell you why this company could help fund your retirement, I think it’s important for me to tell you a little bit more about who I am... and why I’m speaking to you today.

Over my long career in finance, I’ve been ahead of many of the biggest innovations in the industry.

I ran one of the very first hedge funds all the way back in 1982, when few people even knew what a hedge fund was.

And when options first began trading on the S&P 100, I was on the floor as a market maker at the Chicago Board Options Exchange making markets in this completely new asset.

Shah's news

And I was one of a handful of traders who laid the technical groundwork for what would eventually become the CBOE Volatility Index – commonly known as the VIX – which is used as the main indicator for judging the volatility of the market.

For the past decade, I’ve been on Fox Business News each week to bring my years of experience to retail investors…

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So you have the chance to profit from every kind of market event.

And I’m coming to you now to make sure you don’t miss the biggest innovation I’ve seen in decades…

One that could mint more millionaires than anything we’ve seen in the past two decades.

To me, it feels like the early stages of the internet, when companies like Microsoft and Apple were startups just like Nvidia’s Secret Partner.

I’ve NEVER Seen a Bigger Growth Story

And as I’ll show you in a moment, because of a series of coming events, I’m certain this is just the beginning of the AI boom.

McKinsey estimates that AI’s annual economic potential could reach $25.6 trillion as soon as 2030!

That’s $25.6 trillion… with a T.

Sequoia Capital – the venture capital firm behind Airbnb, Zoom, YouTube, PayPal, and Google – claims AI has…

 “The potential to generate trillions of dollars of economic value.”Sequoia Capital

PriceWaterHouseCoopers calls it…

“The biggest commercial opportunity in today’s fast changing economy.” PriceWaterHouseCoopers calls

It’s no wonder the world’s richest people are jumping on board.

Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon.com says…

“It’s hard to overstate how big of an impact AI will have on society over the next 20 years.”Jeff Bezos

JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon says that AI will be…

“As transformational as some of the major technological inventions of the past several hundred years: Think the printing press, the steam engine, electricity, computing, and the Internet, among others."Jamie Dimon

Mark Cuban, billionaire entrepreneur says…

“The world’s first trillionaire is going to come from somebody who masters AI.”Mark Cuban

And Apple CEO Tim Cook says AI will… 

“Affect every product and service we have.”Tim Cook

It’s safe to say that right now, no industry in the world has more excitement behind it... and bigger potential profits... than artificial intelligence – AI for short.

In my 40-year career as an investment expert, I’ve never seen a bigger growth story.

Virtually nobody talked about AI a decade ago... now, it seems like every tech company in America is getting in.

And AI chip companies are – by far – leading the market.

The Next Blockbuster AI Stock

I already mentioned Nvidia.

It’s returned an incredible 240% in just a single year.

Nvidia Chart

Chip manufacturer AMD soared 163% in a year…

Nvidia Chart

And Arm Holdings jumped by 120% in just seven months!

Nvidia Chart

However, this is nothing compared to what’s coming.

There’s a major shift that’s occurring right now in the AI chip market.

And I believe it will cause stocks to leap far higher from today’s levels... and lead to the biggest bull market we’ve ever seen in technology.

Many people might talk about their gains in big chip stocks like Nvidia or AMD.

If you choose to follow them, you may do well.

But they’re not the be-all, end-all.

“Nvidia’s Secret Partner” has far more potential upside.

I believe this company is massively important to the future of the AI market.

And I first discovered it while reviewing the investment portfolio of a small and unusual venture capital firm.

A Very Unusual Venture Capital Firm Quietly Put a HUGE Position in This Stock.

It’s called Sutter Hill.

And Sutter Hill has a very different approach to venture capital.

Normally, the best venture capital firms – VCs for short –invest in hundreds of startups.

They do this to hedge their bets.

Because, on average, 80% of startups fail.

So most VCs will invest in a lot of startups… and just need a few huge winners like Google or Facebook to bring in 10x returns or more.

Sutter Hill, however, does the EXACT OPPOSITE.

Instead of investing in a hundred good companies…

It invests 80% of its money in just ONE great company.

So, for example, Sutter Hill decided to back Nvidia all the way back in 1999 before anyone had ever heard of it.

But they were so confident in Nvidia’s future, that they decided to basically bet their business on its future.

Of course, that worked out perfectly for them.

And anyone who followed them into Nvidia after its IPO in 1999 would be sitting on a 100,000% return today.

Nvidia chart

So here’s what caught my eye…

I was digging into what Sutter Hill is investing in now.

And I noticed that they are BIG holders in a tiny company almost nobody has ever heard of…

“Nvidia’s Secret Partner.”

I’m talking a 12.6% stake in this company, which is massive.

My first thought when I saw this was…

Why exactly?

Why is Sutter Hill, the first company to believe flat-out in Nvidia, now betting big on a tiny startup nobody knows?

Well, that’s what I am going to share with you today.

You see, as I’ve dug into this situation, I’ve come to the realization that this company could hold the most important technology that leads AI into its next stage…

In short, Nvidia’s Secret Partner could send the entire AI movement into overdrive.

Because this company has created a game-changing technology for the AI chip industry.

The Mega-Boom Has Just Started

You probably know that Nvidia just announced its new AI chip… Blackwell.

It’s – by far – the world’s most powerful chip.

Just like Apple’s iPhone started the mobile revolution...

Nvidia’s new AI chip could ignite the next stage in the AI revolution.

Blackwell can make 20 quadrillion calculations per second.

That’s 500% faster than Nvidia’s current AI chip.

Nothing else comes close.

It’s no wonder that leaders from across the tech world have lined up to buy this chip…

Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, says…

“Blackwell offers massive performance leaps, and will accelerate our ability to deliver leading-edge models.”Sam Altman

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Meta (formerly Facebook), says…

AI already powers everything… and it's only going to get more important in the future. We're looking forward to using NVIDIA's Blackwell.”Mark Zuckerberg

Satya Nadella - executive chairman and CEO of probably one of my favorite companies, Microsoft says...

“By bringing the GB200 Grace Blackwell processor to our datacenters globally, we are building on our long-standing history of optimizing NVIDIA GPUs for our cloud, as we make the promise of AI real for organizations everywhere.”Satya Nadella

Larry Ellison, the chairman and CTO of Oracle, writes...

“In order for customers to uncover more actionable insights, an even more powerful engine like Blackwell is needed, which is purpose-built for accelerated computing and generative AI.”Larry Ellison

All amazing for Blackwell right?

You can see why Nvidia’s stock has done so well.

But there is a problem… a rather big one actually.

All of these ultra-powerful Blackwell chips must be built out in AI GPU clusters.

GPU clusters are essentially teams of AI chips working together.

AI GPU clusters function much like a brain.

Imagine each chip as a neuron in a brain.

Individually, neurons are powerful and capable of processing complex information.

However, their true potential is unlocked when they work together in networks.

These networks enable the brain to think, learn, and solve problems at incredible speeds, far surpassing what any single neuron could achieve on its own.

Just as our brain uses billions of connected neurons to efficiently manage various tasks, clusters of AI chips work together to solve big challenges in AI.

And then these clusters of AI chips must be connected to server farms, data centers, and computers all over the world.

The problem is…

Blackwell is too advanced. And too powerful.

All the technology connecting these chips together cannot handle the amazing power and speed of Blackwell.

Without the ability to send these 20 quadrillion calculations at lightning-fast speeds, it’s like driving a Lamborghini on a one-lane road in rush hour.

That’s where “Nvidia’s Secret Partner” comes in.

They’ve built new technology that connects all the chips in these AI clusters.

Their technology doubled the data transfer rates.

It cut energy usage in half.

Plus, it can clean and amplify signals, increasing the reach of connections over long distances.

In short, Nvidia’s groundbreaking Blackwell chip that the world’s largest tech companies are banking their future on...

Simply wouldn’t be possible without Nidia’s Secret Partner.

This is the reason why the biggest tech firms in the world are already lining up at their doorstep.

If these tech firms want to use Nvidia’s Blackwell chips, they need this company connection technology as well…

And that’s what’s happening right now.

Microsoft, Google Oracle, Tesla, and Amazon are all loading up on Nvidia’s secret partner’s tech as well.

company logos

That’s why sales have already gone from $34 million to $115 million in two years.

bar chart

Yet, that is nothing compared to what’s coming.

Just Amazon alone has agreed to spend $650 million with Nvidia’s Secret Partner.

And the other big guys are about to pay a fortune for this tech too.

That’s why I believe sales won’t just be big…

They could be ENORMOUS.

These firms have built up a cash hoard of over $1 TRILLION dollars.

  • Meta has $59 billion
  • Amazon has $66 billion
  • Microsoft has $121 billion
  • Alphabet has $149 billion
  • Apple has $166 billion

All this money has been sitting and waiting for the next big opportunity…

Now, it’s here with the AI revolution.

And to take advantage of it, they NEED Nvidia’s chips… and they need Nvidia’s Secret Partner just as badly.

If these 5 companies alone allocated just 1%... just 1%... of this dry powder on “Nvidia’s Secret Partner”…

It could see revenues surge from $115.8 million to over $5.6 billion.

That’s a potential 4,735% increase over the next 12 months.

Of course, that’s likely a best-case estimate. It could be lower… it’s possible it could be higher. But that just goes to show what’s in play here.

So as Nvidia continues to dominate the AI chip market… and the world’s largest companies rush to buy its products…

“Nvidia’s Secret Partner” will ride this wave of cash and could become one of the most explosive stocks in the AI market.

That’s why I predict this single stock could be THE top-performing AI stock in the coming months.

And listen, this exact scenario has played out in the past… any time a major leap in technology comes along.

It's often these little-known companies that operate behind the scenes that get the biggest returns.

“Nvidia’s Secret Partner” Is Repeating Cisco’s Model That Lead to 100,600% Gains.

Like Cisco.

Cisco created the technology that became the backbone of the early web.

The internet, like AI today, was in its infancy.

And most advanced computers were mainly for academic and government use.

Before Cisco, computers couldn’t easily connect and “talk” to each other.

Even if they did, data transmission speeds were very slow.

Just like with Nvidia’s new chips, the connections weren’t powerful enough to keep up with the technology.

But Cisco changed all that.

It created the routers that allowed data to travel efficiently between computers, local networks, and across the entire internet.

This enabled faster and more reliable data transmission across expanding networks…

It created the dot-com boom we saw in the 1990s… as regular people could access this new technology called the Internet.

And Cisco quickly dominated this new market.

Companies like Microsoft began using Cisco’s hardware to let people connect to the internet and the world wide web.

And by 1999, Cisco held the number one market share position in 16 of the 20 key markets they were in. 

It’s no surprise, then, that investors made a fortune with Cisco.

If you had bought Cisco after it went public in 1990, you would’ve seen a 6,000% gain in 5 years…

Cisco chart

And in 10 years…

You could’ve banked an incredible 100,600% gain.

Cisco chart

That’s enough to turn a small $1,000 investment into over $1,000,000…

Cisco chart

Or $5,000 into $5,000,000…

In just a decade.

Cisco chart

Or look at Akamai Technologies.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, the Internet experienced performance bottlenecks due to the volume of data being sent.

This made the internet slow. And computers crashed all the time because of it.

Then Akamai Technologies developed a technology that made streaming data faster, more reliable, and more efficient.

This company partnered with Netflix in 2009…

And gave Netflix the ability to stream shows and movies directly to your TV.

And Akamai Technologies’ stock has skyrocketed 13,000% since 2002.

Akamai chart

Enough to turn a meager $1,000 into $130,000!

Akamai chart

The same situation happened with a company called Broadcom.

Apple partnered with Broadcom to develop the iPhone….

And every iPhone today still uses Broadcom’s technology to connect to wireless networks and to communicate with other devices via Bluetooth.

Had you bought Broadcom when it went public in 2009, you’d be sitting on a 7,145% gain today!

Broadcom Chart

With every one of the examples I just shared with you, a smaller, lesser known company got rich… because they delivered a component that made the bigger, more important technology possibly.

cisco chart Akamai chart Broadcom chart

These are some of the biggest success stories in the history of tech. And now, I believe you have a similar opportunity…

A rare second chance if you missed out on Cisco, Akamai, and Broadcom.

Company logos

Cisco made it possible to connect to the internet...

Akamai made it possible to stream videos instantly on the TV…

Broadcom made it possible to turn your phone into a computer…

Now, Nvidia’s Secret Partner is making it possible for anyone to tap into game-changing AI technology.

It’s solving the ONE issue that’s holding AI chips back…

So it’s no wonder why the leaders in the AI industry are all turning to this newly public startup company, including…





And Amazon.

Company logos

And as a result…

Sales are positively exploding.

From 2021 to 2023, revenues grew from $34.8 million to $115.8 million… that’s a 232% rise.


As I said, Amazon has committed to buy at least $650 million worth of its products in the coming years.

But that’s just the start...

I believe this company's sales could go parabolic in just days ahead… if more deals are announced.

However, to lock in the biggest gains, I believe you must act now.

Let me explain…

You Need to Act Now!

Right now, the partnership between this company and Nvidia has been kept under wraps.

Few people outside the industry know about it.

But I’ve been able to get my hands on their IPO documents…

And found something very interesting.

The IPO documents say that ONE large company is the main reason why their revenues have surged 232%...

But they don’t actually say who it is.

And while they won’t confirm anything…

The writing is on the wall.

Nvidia is listed FIRST on their IPO as their premier partner.

And I discovered that Nvidia Chief Executive Jensen Huang personally endorsed this company during its roadshow.

So I predict, in the coming weeks, when this startup releases their earnings… Their full partnership with Nvidia will come out to the public.

Mainstream America will find out that their technology is crucial to the new Blackwell chips…

And the stock could go ballistic.

Remember, Nvidia controls 80% of the AI chip market.

And with companies like Microsoft, OpenAI, Amazon, Google and Meta all upgrading to the new Blackwell chips…

It could create a gigantic revenue, earnings, and cash windfall for “Nvidia’s Secret Partner.”

That’s why I believe this is probably the most important company you could add to your portfolio right now.

This AI Company Has Everything You Want to See In a Stock

This young company meets everything you could want in a stock on the cusp of a massive breakout:

  1. It has a breakthrough product used by the largest AI companies in the world

Its technology is crucial to the future growth of chip companies in the AI space. It’s why Intel, Nvidia, AMD and Amazon partnered with it.

  1. It has huge growth potential.

Already, Nvidia’s Secret Partner is achieving a staggering growth rate.

From 2021 to 2023, revenues increased 232%. Just two years!

But future growth could blow the doors off of these numbers.

  1. And 3, it’s flying under the radar for now.

Even though it’s based here in the USA, few Americans have heard about this company.

I estimate there’s not a 1-in-1,000 chance that you know its name... let alone own its stock...

Despite the fact it could be the next blockbuster AI investment.

The company is a little-known startup that just went public.

And it’s backed by the exact same venture capital firm that took Nvidia public over two decades ago.

Imagine that…

This single VC firm saw the potential in Nvidia before anyone else.

Now, they see that same potential in this small, new IPO.

That’s why you need to get in before mainstream America discovers this company and it goes to the moon.

But the unfortunate truth is...

Most people will miss out.

They’ll learn about this company in the coming months... when the stock could be trading for hundreds of dollars per share.

But because you’re watching this, YOU have the chance to be ahead of the curve.

As it unfolds, people across America will be buzzing with excitement as they discover the identity of this breakthrough company…

And this once-secret company will be mainstream.

What’s more, I believe it will all come out to the public in a few weeks.

So please: Do not miss this.

I want you to be set up BEFORE the stock price potentially soars.

This is your chance to make one move and be on the ground floor of the AI revolution – starting today.

If you’re looking to create a future of financial success for yourself and your family...

Then this is your moment to get in on a game-changing technological advancement. 

And all it takes is a few clicks of a mouse to take advantage of it.

It’s a way to ride Nvidia’s incredible ride… but with the potential for exponentially bigger returns.

Because when you find a truly special, undiscovered investment BEFORE it goes mainstream, it could help fund your retirement.

The best investors in the world agree...

Warren Buffett points out...

“Most people get interested in stocks when everyone else is. The time to get interested is when no one else is.”Warren Buffett

And that’s why I’m very excited about the next AI company we’re talking about today.

Right now, most AI stocks are well-established players like Nvidia, AMD, Google, and Microsoft.

These are all great companies.

And I’m sure they’ll do well.

But if you look back at many of the best-performing companies... the ones that make truly life-changing returns…

They all succeeded because of TWO factors…

  1. They were at the forefront of a big technological leap.
  2. They were young, fast-growing companies.

Traditionally, that’s where investors have the biggest success.

“An Army of Millionaires”

Consider Nvidia.

It IPO’d back in 1999.

Most people had never heard of the company... Now, you hear about it everywhere.

If you’d bought Nvidia then, you’d be sitting on a more than a 100,000% gain today...

Enough to turn $1,000 into over a $1 million fortune.

The Wall Street Journal says...

“Nvidia’s blockbuster growth has created a crop of millionaires inside and outside the company.”

It’s a fact: If you find one great company like this, you can help build a retirement faster than you ever could have imagined.

It’s what you ought to be looking for every day as an investor.

Or look at Amazon.

Amazon took on Walmart in the early 2000s...

And went from having a tiny market share...

To dominating the market in just a few years.

And if you had gotten in on Amazon’s IPO, you could’ve seen an incredible 182,900% return.

Turning a $1,000 investment into $1.8 million today.

Or look at Tesla.

The automotive business is one of the most competitive in the world.

It went against heavyweights like Toyota, GM, Ford, and BMW… the traditional manufacturers.

When it launched, most people had never heard of a Tesla car... Now we see them everywhere.

And we certainly know what its stock has done!

If you’d bought Tesla after its IPO in 2010, you’d be sitting on a  13,354% gain today...

Enough to turn $10,000 into a $ 1.3 million fortune.

In 2020, the BBC said that Tesla’s wildly profitable stock “created an army of millionaires.”

For them, one stock did it all.

Now, it’s obvious that not every startup will be a winner and that all investments carry risk. As always, you should never invest more than you can afford to lose.

But it’s a fact…

If you find one great company, you can help fund your retirement faster than you ever could have imagined.

That’s why...

My #1 goal for my followers is to find the under-the-radar companies today that become the market leaders of tomorrow.

And I believe that’s what I’ve found with “Nvidia’s Secret Partner.”

I’m convinced it is the next great breakthrough AI company.

But I’m not the only one…

Many of the world’s top firms are backing the company with hundreds of millions of dollars, including…

  • Amazon
  • Fidelity
  • Intel Capital
  • And Sutter Hill Ventures, the first backers of Nvidia.

They are moving in fast because they see what I do…

A staggering growth in AI that will create unstoppable demands for higher speeds and better connections.

The investors in companies – like Nvidia and its partner – that solve these problems will become massively wealthy.

“Nvidia’s Secret Partner” Solves AI’s Biggest Problem

That’s because the computing power and data needed to run these systems is off the charts.

Whenever you ask AI like ChatGPT a question…

Or Amazon’s algorithm gives you a recommendation…

What happens behind the scenes is that hundreds of thousands of computers come into action…

These computers talk to each other and answer your question… or create an image.

It requires a vast amount of computing power and generates huge quantities of data in the process.

The sheer amount of data created by AI is simply staggering.

For example, in one year alone… AI created more images than all the photographers in the entire world created in 150 years.

People are creating more than 34 million images per day!

And AI is processing all this data as much as 40,000 times faster than normal computer speeds.

And these calculations simply are not possible without “Nvidia’s Secret Partner” and its special technology.

With this startup’s technology, Nvidia’s chips can communicate at unimaginable speeds, processing and analyzing more data faster than ever before.

In short…

I believe this is the breakthrough we've been waiting for, for AI to be used in real-world applications like…

  • Smart assistants
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Smart factories
  • Robotics
  • Remote surgery
  • Drug discovery

The list goes on…

And “Nvidia’s Secret Partner” has the ONE keystone technology that’s crucial for the next phase in AI… where we’ll see AI make leaps in real use cases outside of ChatGPT.

But because you’ve watched this presentation, you can be ahead of the curve.

And if you want to maximize your profit potential on this play, you need to make your move now.

Not tomorrow...


Because gains in the AI space are happening NOW.

Consider Super Micro Computer.

In 2022, it had a market cap of just $2 billion.

Most people didn’t know about it.

But then, people found it made Nvidia servers for artificial intelligence.

And in just two years, the stock skyrocketed 2,577%!

Super Mirco Computer chart

I believe we could see a repeat of this success for Nvidia’s Secret Partner.

Remember, Sutter Hill, one of the country’s most successful VC firms, just made a big, bold move into this company’s stock.

They’re the ones who found Nvidia in 1999.

And here they are in 2024, investing big in Nvidia’s Secret Partner.

I believe this little company is the key to unlocking immense wealth during this $25 trillion AI revolution.

Yet the stock is completely undiscovered – few regular investors know about it.

And as it grows, revenue could shoot sky-high... blowing AI competitors out of the water.

The company just went public…

So I predict this company will start getting major attention in the days ahead.

Magazine features... news site headlines... stock upgrades... the works.

It’s my #1 way to play the $25 trillion artificial intelligence revolution as it goes mainstream.

That’s why I’ve put together a report with all the information you need so you can get into the stock today… before all this happens.

But only those who move now will have the chance to enjoy the ride.

I’m ready to send you a report with all the information you need to jump on board so you can get in right away.

The report is titled “Nvidia’s Secret Partner: This Single AI Stock Could Help Fund Your Retirement.”

Nvidia’s Secret Partner Report Cover

I’ll show you how to get a copy in just a moment.

  • Inside the report you’ll get the ticker symbol, of course...
  • You’ll also get my full breakdown of the company... and its technology.
  • In short: You’ll get EVERYTHING you need to play this company for maximum profit potential immediately.

But there’s one more important thing I want to send you…

As you probably realize, if things go as I expect, a trend as big as the AI revolution will create a lot of huge stock market winners.

And as Nvidia rolls out its new Blackwell chips, I believe a select few companies will make huge profits from it.

As Elon Musk says…

“The chip rush is bigger than any gold rush that's ever existed. I think we really are on the edge of probably the biggest technology revolution that has ever existed.

Yeah, that’s Elon Musk.

So, I want to give you the details on my top AI chip companies that could explode higher during this revolution.

  • One company is working with Nvidia to create the world’s most advanced AI industrial robots. These robots will be up to 80 times faster than the current ones used in manufacturing. So as the U.S. brings back manufacturing to our shores, this company could be a huge winner.
  • Another is an under-the-radar AI play. As AI chips get more and more advanced, they use up more and more electricity. An AI datacenter uses same amount of energy as a nuclear power station! I’ve found the company that provides power circuits for Nvidia to handle all this energy.
  • The last stock is a company that enhances the efficiency of chip production. As the demand for chips rises, this company will benefit across the board. Its technology is being used to produce ALL of Nvidia’s chips, including the brand-new Blackwell.

The report is titled “How to Profit from the Great American AI Chip Rush.”

And it’s yours today FREE if I hear from you.

Report Cover

That makes two bonus reports at no extra cost.

All you need to do to get these FREE reports rushed to you is take a RISK-FREE trial subscription to my newsletter...

Manward Money Report

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Back in 2021, we sent out a special report highlighting Nvidia as our top AI play.

It said…

The company’s AI technology is used in...

  • Cryptocurrency mining
  • Robotics
  • 5G
  • Cloud computing
  • Many more new and exciting industries.

And anyone who got in then could’ve been well ahead of its massive surge.

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Each stock fits with my proprietary Modern Asset Portfolio (MAP), which is the core of our investment system.

With the Modern Asset Portfolio, I no longer use the same old mix of bonds, stocks, gold, and cash.

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I believe new ideas can have a bigger impact on future wealth than virtually anything else.

I’m talking about new technology, cryptocurrencies and alternative asset classes.

I simply go where the profit potential is biggest.

In fact, I look at the entire universe of investable assets each month to locate the hottest sectors in the market.

This is based on current interest rates, macroeconomic conditions, trend momentum and dozens of other factors.

It all boils down to one simple idea: putting your money where it will be treated BEST.

I focus on sectors that could explode WAY higher over the days, months, and years ahead...

Yet I don’t stop there.

My research team and I select the single best investment each month.

Once I’ve picked this investment, I send the details straight to your inbox.

You’ll see exactly how to invest in it if you choose, along with detailed research and analysis.

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In short: our team at Manward does all the heavy lifting...

And YOU get all the benefits.

And those benefits can be phenomenal… and some of our happiest readers have seen that rewards can come quickly.

Like for Manward subscriber Emmit G.

He followed one of our recommendations… And in just six days, he already had a 113% gain.

Just two months later…

He put $1,000 in two of our recommendations, and in two weeks he was up 270% and 215%.

That’s a total profit of $4,850 in just 14 days!

Or Robert J., who says...

Up 101% in just one month! Manward is very informative. Keep up the good work!

People are realizing it’s time for a new way to make money in the stock market.

Fact is, Standard & Poor’s found that 92% of mutual funds underperform the S&P 500.

With Manward Money Report, you now have a different option.

A BETTER option.

You can see my top insights, including my model portfolio and trade alerts. YOU take control of YOUR investments. I’m simply a guide.

If you join Manward Money Report today, you’ll get access to all this:

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  • 12 months of Manward Money Report with in-depth research and commentary on stocks, options and the cryptocurrency market ($249 value)
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  • My BONUS report: “How to Profit From the Great American AI Chip Rush” ($399 value)
  • Access to the entire library of premium investment research and training videos, including dozens of reports with bonus picks and ideas to build your wealth (new benefits are added all the time!)
  • Weekly private alerts with position updates, plus additional commentary on the markets and what moves them
  • Invitations to live video calls and online “town hall” meetings with me – events designed to keep Manward Money Report subscribers informed on what’s happening... and how it affects their wealth
  • And more!

And in addition to those standard member benefits, when you take a 100% RISK-FREE trial subscription today, there’s one more gift I’d like to add...

Bonus Gift No. 3: The AI Handbook (A $199 Value)

The AI Handbook Report Cover

In seconds, you’ll get my new AI Handbook on the screen in front of you...

This exclusive report reveals EVERYTHING you need to understand, use, and profit from AI...

You’ll learn:

  • The No. 1 thing that drives AI stocks higher
  • My favorite AI prompts to analyze ANY stock almost instantly
  • The different types of AI and how they work
  • How to use AI to find the next hot tech investments
  • And much more.

Consider it an “AI 101 Course.”

Now, this handbook is valued at nearly $200.

Even at that price, it’s a great deal.

Yet you won’t pay anywhere near that for it.

Or, in fact, anything at all!

The class can be yours today for FREE when you take a risk-free trial of my newsletter Manward Money Report.

This makes three bonuses I want to send you today.

And while the special reports I’m giving you are valued at nearly $1,000 alone...

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That said, I’m 100% confident you’ll be eager to stay on.

Especially once you’ve received your Welcome Kit with all the reports, and had the chance to put them into action.

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It all comes down to this...

The opportunities I’m giving you today could become, I believe, the cornerstone of your portfolio going forward.

I promise my Manward Money Report research service will help you discover how to protect and grow your nest egg for years to come.

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But don’t do nothing.

This is too big a moment to pass up.

I truly believe this AI stock has the potential to create “a new crop of millionaires” just like Nvidia did.

And if that scenario plays out, it could be life changing.


I believe this is like investing in Cisco after it IPO’d…

Where just a $1,000 investment could be worth more than $1 million in under a decade.

It’s a fact: If you find one great company, you can help build your retirement.

But let me be frank…

This opportunity is moving FAST.

You’ve seen how quickly AI stocks surge once they hit headlines.

So don’t put this aside.

This is your chance to get on the ground floor of the biggest opportunity I’ve seen in decades…

And with just a few clicks of your mouse, potentially set up your financial future,

An opportunity like this just doesn’t come often.

But most people simply fail to act.

They’ll decide to wait and see…

Or go back to eat dinner or play golf.

And that could be the biggest mistake anyone can make.

Don’t let that be you.

Because I’m certain we won’t see anything like this again in our lifetimes.

Listen, you have two paths in front of you:

  1. You can ignore this opportunity.And if you hear about the stock on CNBC, you’ll cringe at how you missed out – again – on a single stock that is fueling the AI revolution.
  1. Or you can take a position now while the stock is still new and cheap.And every time you see the company in the news, you can smile, knowing you’re on the path to achieve true wealth.

And when a truly rare and exceptional opportunity like this comes along, it doesn’t take much.

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Remember, when you accept your risk-free trial today, I’m giving you three FREE bonuses (valued at $900), including my special report... “Nvidia’s Secret Partner: This Single AI Stock Could Help Fund Your Retirement.”

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Plus everything you get as a new Manward Money Report subscriber…

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TOTAL: $1,146 Yours for just $129!

Simply click the button to review everything that comes with your subscription to Manward Money Report today.

I can’t wait for you to join me.


Shah Gilani
April 2024


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