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I have in my hand a small bag of powder.

It’s inexpensive, weighs just a couple of ounces... and I believe it could prevent cancer.

I’ll show you exactly what this powder is and how to get your hands on it today... but first I need to show you its incredible power.

Few folks (not even many of the doctors I’ve spoken to) are aware of this breakthrough – yet the evidence is clear.

You see, a secretive group of researchers from the University of Michigan recently took powder just like this, dissolved it in water and poured it onto cancer cells.

What happened next was stunning.

Let me show you...


The cancer cells dissolved. They literally killed themselves.

It is perhaps the biggest cancer breakthrough of our lifetimes. Its effect on the industry could be bigger than the advent of radiation. Bigger than chemotherapy. And bigger than even the most expensive drugs.

In fact, sources at a major international cancer institute confirm this powder is 10,000 times more effective than traditional techniques at destroying cancer cells.

Experiments showed that in every single instance where this powder was used to treat ovarian cancer cells, they all died as a result of being exposed to the compound.

And yet nobody is talking about it... because billions of dollars could suddenly be wiped out of the fourth-largest sector of America’s economy. I’ll get to that scathing story in a minute.

But first, consider this...

Through extensive research, I’ve found that there is one place on earth where people use this powder far more than anywhere else. And according to the annual Global Burden of Disease Study, the people there are virtually cancer-free.

I’ll detail exactly where they live and what they’re doing in a minute.

It could give brand-new hope to millions of cancer sufferers.

But beyond that...

You can start using this natural cancer cell buster now to potentially reduce your chances of getting cancer in the future.

Just a bit each morning as part of a three-ingredient cocktail that I consider the “Perfect Drink”...

Could effectively turn off cancer...

Could stop deadly cells from ever forming...

And could do the unthinkable – make cancer cells commit biological suicide without harmful radiation or deadly chemicals.

And if the following stories are any indication...

... this powder works.

Sheila Rollins is living proof.

At the age of 50, she was diagnosed with Stage 3-4 brain cancer.

As she detailed online, she was told that she’d be dead in six months.

But her gut told her the poison her doctors were pumping into her was doing more harm than good.

She knew she’d die if she stayed in that hospital. So she walked out and said no more chemicals.

The doctors responded just as you would expect.

“Well,” they said, “I guess you want to die, don’t you.”

That’s when she started swallowing a vitamin that contained just 10 milligrams of this powder every day.

And guess what... it’s been eight years since she was told she’d be dead in six months.

Today, she’s 58, a grandmother of three, and says, “I feel wonderful.”

I’m convinced it’s entirely because of the light, fluffy powder that’s in this tiny bag.

It’s the same with a man named Enoch Davies.

His story is online, and it’s incredible.

In 2008, he noticed a few suspicious lesions on his body: one between his eyes, another on his cheek and yet another weird one on his arm.

He avoided the doctor.

But then – a year later – the weird cuts were raw and bloody. He couldn’t ignore them anymore.

It was cancer... basal cell carcinoma.

If he didn’t follow the doctor’s orders, he was told, he’d be blind in six months...

... and dead in a year.

Understandably, he was scared. He was afraid he’d spend his entire life savings on a painful “treatment” that would ultimately buy him nothing more than an extra month or two before he’d die broke and lonely in a hospital bed.

He walked out of his doctor’s office... and prayed.

In just a few days, his prayers were answered.

He found out about the power of what’s in this bag.

He began taking a tiny bit each day, along with some capsaicin and turmeric. All he had to do was mix it with water and drink it three times daily.

That’s when the miracle occurred.

Within weeks, Enoch’s wounds stopped bleeding.

Then they started healing.

Now, he’s entirely cancer-free.

It’s all thanks to “Element Z.” That’s the shortened scientific name of this lifesaving powder.

It’s all-natural... can be found growing in remote corners of the earth... and has virtually no known side effects.

“[Element Z] tackles a diverse array of ailments both efficiently and, most important, naturally,” said David Gilmour, the famed health guru and founder of an exclusive wellness resort on a remote island in Fiji.

And, as you’re about to see, it’s the first ingredient in what I call the Perfect Drink.

And before I tell you more – let me answer a question I know you’re asking yourself.

If you’re a natural skeptic like me, you’re wondering why in the world we haven’t all heard of this research.

Q: Why is a potential lifesaver like this being kept from you?

To answer that, I need to let you in on a secret I discovered while working on my passion project with a couple of world-renowned doctors.

You see, despite what most doctors would have you believe, cancer is not the result of bad luck.

It’s not just a deadly lottery that picks people at random.

The old notion that cancer “runs in families” is bunk...

It’s an outdated and antiquated theory...

According to the National Cancer Institute, genetics are responsible for only 5% to 10% of cancer cases.

The other 95%?

They’re caused by our environment and the crap we put in our bodies.

In fact, doctors now say that about 1 out of 3 new cancer diagnoses can be directly attributed to diet and lifestyle choices.

The rest hinge on things like environment, pollution and even the state we live in.

---> This single fact explains why cancer rates are soaring... at the same time as the average American’s diet is being pumped full of toxic chemicals like weed killer, fertilizer and food additives. <---

And here’s the really scary thing.

As I’ll show in a minute, I’m convinced our medical companies, doctors and government health specialists actually DO NOT WANT to cure cancer.

I know, it’s shocking to think.

But these people’s careers and livelihoods depend entirely on sick people.

That’s where all the money comes from.

A cure for cancer, after all, would instantly eliminate $100 billion worth of annual drug sales... not to mention the jobs of all the people who help create, distribute and sell them.

That figure alone explains exactly why Big Pharma doesn’t want you to know about the research I’m about to show you... and about how what I’ve uncovered shows that your chances of getting cancer could be reduced dramatically just by adding the Perfect Drink to your diet.

It’s made up of this simple, all-natural powder and two other ingredients proved to deliver a healthier, more productive life in your later years.

It’s the recipe for what I believe is the “Perfect Drink.”

The powder in my hand is the key ingredient in this potentially lifesaving recipe.

But there are two other vital ingredients... all with the power to unlock huge health benefits.

I’ve uncovered research that shows the combination of these three has been proven to not just fight cancer cells but also restore energy... and help stop memory loss.

And in recent animal and/or human trials, it’s been shown to fight...

  • Dementia
  • Alzheimer’s
  • High blood pressure
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • High cholesterol
  • Achy joints
  • Muscle pain
  • And, yes, because they tackle some of its leading causes, these ingredients are even believed to help prevent erectile dysfunction.

The recipe for the Perfect Drink is on Page 35 of my new book, Nature’s Miracles: 73 (New) Alternatives to Modern Medicine.

I’ll tell you how you can get your hands on it today – for free – in a minute.

But first I want to tell you more about myself and those three incredible but little-known ingredients.

If you’re like me, you don’t simply believe some crackpot on the internet has all the answers.

That’s why I set out to write this book. I’m an underground publisher of ideas and secrets that don’t fit into the “mainstream mentality,” and getting this book to press been a passion of mine for nearly a decade.

I spent that time reading... researching... and working with some of the world’s top doctors.

At first, I was skeptical of what I was finding. The claims are incredible.

Folks were claiming miracles... and seeming overnight cures.

But what I found is impossible to refute.

Even The Washington Post wrote that some of these natural fixes “do work.” But I don’t blame you for being skeptical, too.

Which is why I’m going to outline, with scientific proof, that these ingredients work.

Perfect Drink Ingredient No. 1

I’ve already mentioned a bit about Element Z.

It’s an all-natural spice first used in ancient Rome.

It was highly valued for its medicinal merits.

People who used it were more vital, sharper and less prone to disease.

But when the Roman Empire fell, it disappeared.

It became so rare that wealthy merchants would trade an entire sheep just for a piece of this magical root.

Today, the average diet contains hardly a pinch of this miraculous compound...

Except for in one place.

In my research regarding this cancer eliminator, I searched for irrefutable proof that it actually worked.

And what I found was shocking.

One tiny region of the planet eats more of this spice than any other place on earth, by far. In fact, the indigenous people in this mountainous area consume more Element Z than the next three countries combined.

And, guess what... this region has significantly lower cancer rates compared with what we’re dealing with here in the “modern” world...

Americans get 23 times more prostate cancer than they do...

Nine to 14 times the rate of melanoma...

As much as 11 times more colorectal cancer...

Nine times more endometrial cancer...

17 times more lung cancer... eight times more bladder cancer... five times more breast cancer... and as much as 12 times more kidney cancer.

Clearly, something is different.

And now we know what it is... Element Z.

According to best-selling author Dr. Michael Greger, because folks in this small part of the world have some of the highest consumption rates of Element Z, “Studies in this country have great potential for improving our understanding of the relationship between diet and cancer.”

Without even knowing it, the folks in this tiny corner of the world were eating a natural compound that’s just been proven to cause cancer cells to kill themselves.

And let me tell you right now, I’m not talking about turmeric or any of the other so-called “superfoods” you’ve heard about.

What I found is much bigger. The cancer-crushing results are much more staggering.

In fact, as I mentioned, the results presented at a recent session of the American Association for Cancer Research showed that when Element Z was applied to ovarian cancer cells, every single cancer cell died as a result of being exposed to the compound.

Let me repeat... every single cancer cell died.



That’s incredible.

So why haven’t you heard of all this before?

For that, we turn to another doctor... Veronique Desaulniers. She’s a best-selling author and expert in natural cancer cures.

“Sadly, the ‘big three’ traditional cancer protocols – surgery, chemotherapy and radiation – are big business,” she wrote recently. It all boils down to one thing, she says... “Money and patent-based revenue dollars for pharmaceutical companies that sponsor most cancer research.”

Given the choice, most folks would ditch Big Pharma in a heartbeat... taking billions of dollars with them.

“After all,” she continues, “would you rather utilize a drug such as Taxol that produces side effects like blurred vision, ulcers, fatigue, back pain, painful urination, diarrhea, hair loss, brain fog, inflammation, impaired breathing and a compromised immune system – or a proven cancer-healing protocol that has absolutely no side effects whatsoever?”

Sounds like a no-brainer.

And while Big Pharma and the FDA would never go so far as to say that no “natural cure” for cancer exists.... given the choice, we know most folks would go for the safer – and cheaper – alternative.

Again, my research proves there is direct correlation between cancer rates and Element Z. From everything I’ve told you so far, I’m utterly convinced that regularly consuming this unique compound... drastically lowers a person’s chances of getting cancer.

It’s that simple.

That’s why it’s an essential ingredient in the Perfect Drink.

But it’s not the only ingredient you need in your diet now.

Why stop at “Element Z”... when we can add a bit of “Canaan’s Cure” to our Perfect Drink.

Canaan’s Cure is one of the most delicious organic substances on the planet. It’s sweet, with a hint of spice... like what a fine wine should taste like.

Just a spoonful will light up your senses in a way you’ve likely never experienced.

I call it Canaan’s Cure because in an early verse of Deuteronomy, the Bible tells us that God blessed a Jewish shepherd by leading him to a mountain where this powerful substance was hidden in the rocks.

God told him to consume it... that it would restore his health and his spirit.

He did... and he lived to be 147 years old.  

It’s almost like news of Canaan’s Cure was created and hidden within the text of the Bible to be a sort of secret gift to mankind... a way of healing the most complex diseases.

Take the story of Alan Partridge, for example.

He’s a powerful Olympian and one of England’s top marathoners. But back in January of 1999, he came down with flu-like symptoms. At first he didn’t think much of it. But the pain kept getting worse and worse, until...

12 hours after his first tinge of pain, he was on life support.

The pain got so bad, his doctors had no choice but to put him in a medically induced coma.

And Alan stayed that way until his doctors were able to amputate his lower legs and most of his fingers.

Even after doctors put their saws away, Alan wasn’t out of the woods. Nine months later, his wounds still refused to heal. He got one skin graft after the next.

That’s when Alan found out about some research from New Zealand’s University of Waikato... that detailed the immense healing effects of a unique variety of Canaan’s Cure.

The doctors involved in the study were stunned.

“The results have proven the existence of a formerly secret synergist,” they wrote.

As soon as he heard that renowned doctors realized they had a miracle cure on their hands, Alan went all in.

He got his hands on Canaan’s Cure and gave it a try.

The turnaround was miraculous.

“After nine months with no healing,” Alan said, “within nine weeks [I] had completely healed. Just like that.”

Just like that... Canaan’s Cure attacked and killed the superbugs that were threatening to send a young man to his grave.

And even though the Bible clearly tells us of the power of Canaan’s Cure (it mentions it 61 times)... modern medicine thought it could do better. It pushed the natural healer to the side while it promoted its high-margin, high-dollar drugs.

“It was a bit of a joke at first because we had tried just about everything else,” Alan said. “Then a woman called Cheryl turned up and mentioned [Canaan’s Cure]... it did the job.”

It saved his life.

But killing superbugs isn’t the only thing this miracle substance from the Bible is known for.

Far from it.

The Ultimate Cure-All

Recent research from top academic sources shows that Canaan’s Cure can...

  • Fight inflammation
  • Boost your immune system
  • Fight infection
  • Tackle respiratory ailments
  • Help tame diabetes
  • Accelerate weight loss
  • Fight chronic insomnia
  • And even fight certain types of cancer cells.

Julie Jarden would certainly agree that Canaan’s Cure is a miracle sent from heaven.

Her Crohn’s disease made her life miserable. The 34-year-old Brit told the online world that she could hardly drink a sip of water without having to dash off to the bathroom... praying she didn’t have another accident before she got there.

After trying nearly every modern therapy, somebody told her about Canaan’s Cure.

“I read that a footballer who had a similar condition to mine had used [Canaan’s Cure] to ease his symptoms. But I didn’t have much hope,” she said.

With nothing to lose, Julie started taking two teaspoons of Canaan’s Cure before breakfast each day.

Within a week, she was better.

“I’d gone from spending my days sitting on the loo and resting in bed to having energy for the first time in years,” she said.

Tests confirmed that the same young, vibrant girl who was close to getting her bowels removed and replaced with a colostomy bag was back to normal.

Her prayers were answered... thanks to ingredient No. 2 in our all-natural drink... Canaan’s Cure.

Perfect Drink Ingredient No. 3

The final ingredient in our Perfect Drink was recently found to be one of the first prescriptions ever written in the modern world. Proof of its many health benefits can be traced all the way back to the eighth century B.C... and yet modern medicine wants nothing to do with it.

It’s too cheap and too easy to get your hands on it. There’s no money in it for Big Pharma.

But don’t tell that to Don Wilders. When he had a heart attack at age 46, he though his life was over.

The clock was ticking. The next one could kill him. And it could come any day.

That was way back in the 1950s. And according to a piece detailing his incredible story, Don ended up living quite a long life. He recently passed away at the ripe old age of 96.

And until the day he died, he swore his late-life health came thanks to just one thing... his daily routine of drinking two tablespoons of “Pearl’s Milk.”

Here’s why Pearl’s Milk is the final ingredient in the Perfect Drink... especially if you’re worried about heart health.

Recent animal studies have quietly shown that a small daily dose of Pearl’s Milk can lower blood pressure, slash cholesterol and reduce triglycerides – the fats from our liver that are a leading culprit in deadly heart disease.

The crazy thing is that virtually nobody is studying this miraculous natural compound.

I had to go all the way to Japan to find a study. But I’m glad I did.

That’s because the folks at the Central Research Group in Aichi, Japan, used lab animals to prove that Pearl’s Milk was able to reduce systolic blood pressure by an amazing 20 points over the course of just six weeks.

The same group also fed a group of test subjects a diet loaded with cholesterol. Half of the group was given a daily allotment of Pearl’s Milk. The other half received none.

And just as we’d expect... the group given Pearl’s Milk came out far healthier – with greatly reduced cholesterol and triacylglycerol levels.

Put in the most basic of terms, Pearl’s Milk acts as a sort of magic wand that stops turning sugar into fat.

Imagine that... telling your body to stop making fat.

With just a bit of “Pearl’s Milk” as part of the Perfect Drink each morning, your blood could be flowing free and easy like it did when you were just 18 years old... before decades of stress and strain took their toll.

But here’s the thing you must know.  

While virtually ALL Americans are missing these natural health compounds like Pearl’s Milk, Canaan’s Cure, and Element Z from their diets, you can change all that very quickly.

None of these ingredients are exotic, high-priced or even hard to find... or come with nasty side effects.

If you know where to look and exactly what to look for, you can go to your local grocery store and pick up a month’s supply of all three of the ingredients in my Perfect Drink for less than $9.68.

Ingredient No. 1, Element Z: $3.97

Ingredient No. 2, Canaan’s Cure: $3.76

Ingredient No. 3, Pearl’s Milk: $1.95

And here’s the kicker, the drink is delicious.

“It Tastes GREAT!”

Here’s what a few of the folks I asked to try it had to say...

“It’s sweet like a good glass of iced tea, with just a hint of spice to freshen things up and excite your taste buds.”
“I had one glass and I’m hooked. It’s better – and healthier – than any drink you can buy at the store. Plus, I’ve never felt so energetic and ready to go.”
“This drink is just... wow. I can’t believe three ingredients come together to make something so refreshing (and honestly tasty). I feel healthier after every glass.”
“The most useful piece you have written is about your Perfect Drink. Since reading it, I have been using it and it is more refreshing and invigorating than anything else.”

Imagine for a minute waking up each day with one of the most delicious drinks you’ve ever tasted... and then feeling your body pulse with energy.

Your taste buds come to life as the three ingredients combine to create a smooth, satisfying delight. A hint of spice lingers to let you know you’ve just drunk something special, while your body quickly digests the treat and sends a surge of calm energy through every part of your body.

With just one glass, your mind and body are convinced they can tackle anything.

“I can’t imagine a day without it,” my wife told me recently at breakfast.

I want you to feel the same way. That’s why I will give you my recipe today so you can make the drink each day.

It’s very simple.

And all of the details are in my brand-new book, Nature’s Miracles: 73 (New) Alternatives to Modern Medicine.

To celebrate its release, I’m giving it away for free today... to the first 150 folks who claim a copy.

Get Your FREE Book Today: Nature’s Miracles...

In the book, I detail everything you need to know about “Element Z” and its miraculous and natural way of beating cancer cells. Again, it causes cancer cells to literally kill themselves.

I’ll tell you where to find this natural miracle... how much of it you’ll need... and how it fits into the Perfect Drink.

The book also reveals all you must know about “Canaan’s Cure” – including the unique lifesaving variety that kept Alan Partridge out of an early grave. I’ll tell you exactly how much you need to add to the Perfect Drink so you can take full advantage of its ability to...

  • Eradicate infections
  • Fight inflammation
  • Boost your immune system
  • Ward off diabetes
  • Accelerate weight loss
  • Fight chronic insomnia
  • And even fight certain types of cancer cells.

And of course, the book reveals all the critical details of “Pearl’s Milk”... including where to get it... how much to use... and when to use this proven heart-booster.

It all starts on Page 13 of Nature’s Miracles: 73 (New) Alternatives to Modern Medicine.

But “Element Z” and the recipe for the Perfect Drink are only one small part of my new book published through Manward Press.

I’ve compiled what I think is...

The Most In-Depth Encyclopedia of Natural Cures and Remedies Ever Published.

It’s 206 pages of tips, remedies, cures, ideas and advice that are aimed at anybody who’s fed up with, doesn’t trust or simply can’t afford modern medicine.

The book is perfect for folks worried about their heart health...

  • Chronic inflammation
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Joint pain
  • Migraines
  • And much, much more.

For example...

On Page 125, I detail a simple nighttime trick to improve your memory.

This one is incredible. It will change your life.

The Secret Way to Turbocharge Your Brain

Scientists at Northwestern University recently told us that they now believe the human brain has the incredible power to store 2.5 million gigabytes of information.

That’s enough to download some 300 years’ worth of TV.

But most folks have no idea how to tap into that deep memory well.

That’s where my “Samos Mind Trick” comes in. It’s entirely natural and involves none of the mind-altering drugs that are so popular these days... and its effects can be seen nearly immediately.

Take Kyle Bordon, for example.

After hearing about the Samos Mind Trick, he gave it a try each night before bed. It takes just a few minutes as you lie down each night.

After four weeks, he said that his memory had improved greatly.

“Not only can I remember more of what happened throughout the day, it is a lot easier to retain information like people’s names or birthdays.”

He now has no problem recalling the name of the restaurant he went to four months back... or who won the Super Bowl three years ago.

Thanks to this simple trick, it’s all coming to him faster and easier than ever.

And as an added bonus, Kyle says he’s now sleeping better at night.

“Before using the technique,” he wrote, “it would often take me an hour or more to fall asleep. With it, I’m out in no more than ten minutes.”

Again, all the details of the Samos Mind Trick start on Page 125 of my new book.

But it’s just one of the 73 natural alternatives to modern medicine that I reveal.

On Page 52, for instance, I detail one of the most powerful (and 100% natural!) healing substances on Earth.

And I guarantee you’ve never eaten it.

The “Forgotten” Herb

Because the Pilgrims are reported to be the first to have brought this little-understood plant to North America, I call this ultra-healthy diet supplement “Pilgrim’s Herb.”

It seems the more we get scientists to study the health effects of Pilgrim’s Herb, the more they realize just how powerful it is.

A recent animal study showed it has a similar effect on the body as the popular prescription weight-loss drug Orlistat. Both work to slow or stop the release of pancreatic lipase, an enzyme our bodies use to break down fat.

Pilgrim’s Herb is best before a meal. When consumed with food, it’s been shown to help reduce cholesterol and eliminate fat. Plus, just a bit of it between meals works as an ideal snack... that tricks your stomach into thinking it’s full.

“Not only can [Pilgrim’s Herb] stimulate the liver to burn fat,” says Dr. Michelle Cook, “it can also help reset our hormone balance so we stop storing as much fat, heal our cells to increase our energy levels, and speed up our metabolism so that weight melts off.”

But she warns folks... to be careful. It’s powerful stuff.

“People with diabetes should work with a physician to monitor their blood sugar levels,” she says, “because [Pilgrim’s Herb] is so effective that it frequently helps people reduce their medications.”

That’s the kind of warning from a doctor I like. ---> And remember... all of this with none of the side effects so common to today’s prescription drugs.

Again, it’s all in the new book I’m giving away for free today, Nature’s Miracles: 73 (New) Alternatives to Modern Medicine.

When you get it, turn to Page 52. Everything you need to know will be right there... including where and how to get your hands on this health-boosting substance for less than $4.72.

And as soon as you’re done reading that section, I urge you to flip over to Page 162... especially if you’re a man.

That’s where I reveal some of the scariest research in the entire 206-page book – why cancer rates in men are surging.

This is insane. And I bet you’ve never heard any of it before.

I’m Eating WHAT?!

It’s a fact that men are less manly today than they were a generation ago.

Did you know that testosterone rates in men have fallen by more than 22%? Of course not. The folks responsible for that disgusting fact don’t want you to know what’s happening. It’ll be bad for their business.

But the news gets worse...

For the last 40 years, scientists have quietly worried about declining sperm counts. Study after study showed trouble was brewing.

But it’s research released just recently that shows the truly awful conclusion.

Sperm counts in men across the globe plunged by 59% in the span of just two generations.

The research overwhelmingly shows that it’s because of something called xenoestrogens. Once they find their way into our body through our food or water, they attack our body from the inside out. They trigger the same sort of response that natural estrogen would.

Obviously, that can cause some problems... especially for men.

Put simply, it confuses our bodies.

It can lead to an overgrown prostate, inflammation, and a subject too many men are quickly learning about these days – prostate cancer.

Research released last year showed that metastatic prostate cancer climbed 72% in the span of just a decade. For men between the critical ages of 55 and 69... instances of the deadly disease rose 92%.

That’s insane.

You must avoid this killer trend at all costs.

I’ll show you exactly how to do it in my new book.

All the must-know details are in it... including everything you need to know about xenoestrogens... where they come from... how they get in our bodies... the foods to avoid... and even scary details about the government’s response to the problem.

It’s all on Page 162.

Your Voice of Reason... and Truth

Now, you may be wondering why I’m doing this... why I’ve joined forces with some of the best minds in medicine to publish the most comprehensive encyclopedia of natural health solutions ever published...

And why I’m giving away my new book entirely for free – even though I could easily sell this encyclopedia of natural cures for its full $199 value.

The answer is simple.

I’m on a mission to change lives.

You see, I founded Manward Press with a single purpose... to serve as a platform for alternative voices.

And now more than 200,000 readers turn to us each day for the unvarnished truth.

I started this project because I recognized the chokehold the mainstream mentality has on our health and on our lives.

I’ve seen firsthand how what we know about health is manipulated by just a few powerful forces that control who wins and who loses... and, worse, who lives and who dies.

Take the opioid crisis, for example. It’s one of the biggest threats to otherwise healthy Americans today.

But this whole mess was entirely avoidable.

The medical community now admits that what it said was flat-out wrong when it came to opioids and their addiction-forming nature.

And because of that bad research, doctors treated the dangerous little pills no differently than the lollipops in their lobbies. They gave them out to anybody who would ask.

But it turns out – as you can piece together – that the early research was flawed and even flat-out deceptive. Drugs like OxyContin are addictive – highly addictive – and the folks behind them hid the research that proved it.

They lied to us.

And here’s the worst thing about all of this. It’s what I reveal on Page 2 of my new book... it’s the fact that this whole thing could have been avoided.

Did you know an easy (and safe!) combination of two dirt-cheap over-the-counter pills works just as well for oral pain as the strongest opioid painkillers?

And that they do it without the addictive qualities?

Of course not. But it’s all on Page 3 of my new book.

Most doctors would never tell you about this simple and cheap pain-busting remedy.

If their patients knew everything I reveal in my new book, their business would dry up.

That’s why I started Manward Press.

I’m entirely focused on bringing my readers the truth... the truth about their money, their health and everything they can’t get from the outlets that are censoring alternative voices at an alarming pace.

The main way I do it is through books like this one and Manward’s monthly, members-only underground newsletter called, simply, Manward Letter.

It’s your gateway to a richer, healthier and happier life.

Manward Letter is unlike anything else you’ve ever read.

It focuses on revealing the truth... the truth that the mainstream media, the government and the healthcare industry refuse to tell you about.

Just look at what I’ve written about in recent months...

If you were captivated by what I’ve told you so far today, you can bet you’ll like each jam-packed issue of Manward Letter.

That’s because every issue that I publish and send to you is loaded with information and ideas that you won’t find anywhere else.

Just look at what reader Neil Howard wrote...

“I really enjoy reading your newsletter and sharing it with my friends. You have good insight and are not afraid to tell it like it is. Keep on sharing the good stuff.”

Or Ben Burton, who wrote in to say...

“I believe I was one of your earliest subscribers, and I have very much enjoyed the adventure and journey with you. I very much intend to be with you for much time in the future.”

Larry C. writes...

“I’ve been enjoying your Manward Letter since you first began... thank you for what you’re doing!”

But while I’m the founder of this highly popular publishing business... I’m certainly not the only voice you’ll hear from.

In fact, I recently hired a world-class doctor to join our team. As a doc who’s seen it all in the emergency room, Dr. Phil Roberts has given me and my Manward readers a unique insider’s view of the mess that is our nation’s healthcare system.

After decades in the trenches, Dr. Roberts has a thing or two to say about the state of modern medicine.

In fact, the first time I heard him talk about what he calls “functional” medicine, I knew I had to get him in front of my hundreds of thousands of readers. And that’s why you’ll hear from him on Page 198 in my new book.

Dr. Roberts was trained in both conventional and functional medicine.  

He has fought against the Band-Aid approach to medicine for years.

Conventional medicine, you see, often does not understand the necessity of focusing on the root cause of the illness, or how to reverse it. A patient simply shows up three months later for the same or a similar prescription.

That’s why Dr. Roberts took to functional medicine... where he could attack the root cause of the illness – the etiology, as he put it to me.

With the right kinds of foods, supplements and liquids (like those I outline in my free new book) going into our body, we have a much better shot at not just pushing our symptoms aside... but actually eradicating the disease.

Manward readers agree.

They love Dr. Roberts and his essays.

Here’s what one reader had to say...

“Please let Dr. Roberts speak loudly and widely about the many benefits of functional medicine. I believe many of us are looking for a more natural way to maintain or improve our health than just taking pills. Thank you.”

And another...

“I concur, Andy! I believe the good doctor is right in saying we should NOT have to choose between ‘conventional’ and ‘functional’ medicine, but take the best of both!... I just wish I could find a doctor who shares Dr. Roberts’s approach. I for one would appreciate hearing more of his wisdom on achieving optimal health in the future!

Adding him to the Manward team of renowned writers was an absolute no-brainer.

It’s one of the best (and healthiest) decisions I ever made.

In fact, let me tell you about a couple of interesting research reports my team has helped me recently publish.

This first one is a game changer.

I consider it a must-read report for anybody who’s worried about soaring healthcare costs.

If you are on Medicare...

If you receive Social Security (or ever will)...

Or if you get your health insurance through your job or even on your own... please pay attention to what I tell you in the next brief moment.

You see, when it comes to the price of healthcare, there are three classes of citizens these days.

The rich, who don’t care what they pay for their healthcare...

The poor, who get it all for free...

And the middle class... who get no handouts, no breaks... and certainly have no choice in the matter.

In fact, what’s happening right now in America represents the biggest, most sinister wealth distribution in the history of our country.

You see, despite working hard all their life, and despite living in one of the richest, most successful nations on Earth... 73% of Americans die not only broke, but also in debt.

They go into the grave an average of $60,000 in the hole.

It’s all because of the scam we know as healthcare.

But as I reveal in my new report, “Healthcare Hope: Four Ways to Beat the ACA,” there is a solution.

It’s a way to start putting an estimated extra $2,565 into your pocket every month – starting this month.

You’ve no doubt felt the pain of soaring healthcare costs.

Between 2013 and 2017, the average premium for an individual surged by 99%, while a family was forced to pay a whopping 140% more.

So much for “affordable.”

But we’re not done...

Even those pocket-emptying numbers don’t tell the whole story.

They say nothing of deductibles. After all, at the same time the cost to buy a plan was on the rise... the value of that plan was falling.

That’s because insurers – with the blessing of their pals in Washington – found another way to suck money out of our pockets... rising deductibles.

Get this... when Obama was elected, the average family plan came with a $2,760 deductible.

When he left office, it was $8,352.

And guess what... thanks to a law passed last year, all of those figures are likely to rise exponentially in 2019.

Now, I know what a lot of folks are thinking here...

“These numbers are bad, but they don’t affect me.

I’m on Medicare.

If that’s you... pay attention.

I recently uncovered something utterly tragic.

I found an insurer systematically denying drugs to the patients who needed them. It wasn’t the doc who was deciding who gets what... it was the bean counters behind the nation’s Medicare system.

“I would say it's horrifying,” said the research director for Consumer Watchdog. “They're preying for profit.”

And of course, it’s not just one insurer committing this heinous act. These sorts of “death panels” are built into the system.

And as costs rise even higher... they’re going to gain even more control of your healthcare.

It’s vital that you protect yourself from this racket.

Fortunately, there’s an alternative... a better way.

Like I said, there’s a way out that would put an extra $2,565 in your pocket, month after month after month.

All the details are in my new report, “Healthcare Hope: Four Ways to Beat the ACA.”

It’s yours today for free, along with my 206-page new book, if you claim it now.

It’s vital you understand that the folks inside the system aren’t going to tell you how to get out of it. They’d lose a well-paying customer.

But the truth is, there is a way out. There is a private form of healthcare that has quietly become available to America’s oldest generations.

And it could save you 60% or more on your monthly health bills.

Enrollment is open year-round... is available to anybody regardless of age or income... and get this... you can get your money back if you stay healthy.

Try that using any other insurance plan.

Best of all... all of this is totally outside the reach of the government.

That means you can have a doctor on call 24 hours a day... seven days a week... without having to worry about who’s going to pay for it and how much it will cost.

It’s all taken care of for you.

All the details of this incredible – and virtually unknown – healthcare opportunity are in my report “Healthcare Hope: Four Ways to Beat the ACA.”

It’s free today for anybody who claims it.

In addition to my new book Nature’s Miracles: 73 (New) Alternatives to Modern Medicine, and this crucial, money-saving report... I also want to send you my latest exposé on the nation’s broken food system.

It’s called “Filthy Food: What to Eat, What Not to Eat and How to Tell the Difference.”

I have no doubt that you heard all the bad news surrounding Monsanto and its popular weed killer, Roundup. A court in California recently awarded a man a whopping $289 million because the jury found that Roundup likely caused his deadly cancer – Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

But here’s the thing CNN and NBC aren’t telling you.

It’s what I just told my Manward Letter subscribers. I had to dig deep to get my hands on secretive government emails... but I recently released evidence that the FDA found the killer poison in nearly everything we eat.

“I have brought wheat crackers, granola cereal and corn meal from home and there’s a fair amount in all of them,” said one of the government’s chemists in an internal email.

In fact, it’s easier to list everything the agency didn’t find with weed killer in it.

So that’s precisely what I did in my latest report.

In the pages of “Filthy Food: What to Eat, What Not to Eat and How to Tell the Difference,” I detail exactly what’s gone wrong with the nation’s industrialized food system.

But more importantly, I outline a very specific way to go “off the grid” with your food. It’s a simple way to opt out of Big Ag and, instead, eat only healthy, safe – and cancer-free – foods.

It’s all in my latest must-read Manward report, “Filthy Food: What to Eat, What Not to Eat and How to Tell the Difference.”

But not everything Manward publishes comes in the form of written text.

No, I’m a big fan of the power of video.

That’s why I recently filmed a three-part video series with Dr. Roberts.

It’s called Functional vs. Conventional Medicine: What’s Right for You. It contains everything you need to know about the key differences between our so-called “modern” world of medicine versus an emerging new format known as functional medicine.

In this three-part series, we discuss a wide range of topics... all related to today’s most common ailments.

We discuss the new and novel treatments for...

  • Cancer
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Joint pain
  • Insomnia
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Eye health
  • Prostate issues
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • And even erectile dysfunction.

Although it cost me more than $150,000 to produce, this one-of-kind video series is entirely free for anybody who claims it today. I’ll include it with my new book and all the other reports I just mentioned.

All I ask is that you try out my Manward Letter for an entire year.

That’s 12 full issues of content penned by me and my award-winning team. We cover topics like health, nutrition, retirement, income generation, real estate, and – since it’s where I made my living for the better part of two decades – investing.

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In fact, many readers have told me that our portfolios are one of the best-kept secrets of Manward.

So if you decide to get my new book and try out Manward Letter today, here’s a quick reminder of everything I’ll put in the mail for you right away.

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Inside, you’ll also find the full recipe and mixing instructions for what I’ve dubbed the “Perfect Drink.”

That means you’ll have all you need to know about “Canaan’s Cure” – the superbug-killing superfood – and “Pearl’s Milk” – the liquid cleanser for your blood system.

It’s all in the pages of Nature’s Miracles: 73 (New) Alternatives to Modern Medicine – the most in-depth encyclopedia of natural cures and remedies ever published.

It’s 206 pages of tips, remedies, cures, ideas and advice that’s aimed at anybody that’s fed up with... doesn’t trust... or simply can’t afford modern medicine.

The book is perfect for folks worried about their heart health...

  • Chronic inflammation
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Read it, share it, give it as a gift. I’m convinced the more folks we can get this book in front of, the more lives we can save.

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This tell-all details why our food is covered in weed killer... why Big Ag and Big Gov aren’t doing anything about it... and how folks are dying because of it.

But even more importantly, it lists  which foods are safe... which are deadly... whom to trust... and who is flat-out complicit in one of the biggest food-safety scandals our country has ever seen.

Manward’s Brand-New Three-Part Video Series: Functional vs. Conventional Medicine: What’s Right for You (Value: $499)

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Andy Snyder
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