“Entire industries will reorientate around it.” – Bill Gates

Tech So Disruptive, Google Just Declared

“Code Red”

It could send stocks parabolic… Starting with one $10 play


Hi, I’m Alpesh Patel.


Take a good look at this tiny piece of metal.

It’s barely the size of a grain of rice...

Yet it powers a brand-new technology that’s on track to revolutionize nearly every industry on Earth.

Artificial intelligence.

I’m sure you’re familiar with the term...

After all, it’s the hottest topic in the news today, with a projected 20X growth rate over the next decade.

The newest iterations of AI will create countless jobs...

Push business productivity and efficiency to new levels...

Cut costs, boost profits...

Eliminate diseases...

And deliver windfall profits to businesses... and early investors.

In all, consulting firm PwC estimates that AI will make the world $15.7 trillion richer by 2030.

That’s an astounding 14% of gross world product.

And here’s the big secret.

The biggest winners in AI will not be the companies developing the AI technology itself.

Those companies will do well, of course.

But the biggest winners by far will be the companies that make AI possible.

I’m talking about chipmakers, processors, semiconductor developers and more.

Already, Nvidia is up 197% this year, and it could run up much further.


See, thousands of businesses from nearly every industry on Earth have realized that AI can add game-changing money to their bottom lines.

And they’ve quickly come to realize that without the highest-powered computer microchips in the world, AI simply doesn’t work.

And this fact has kicked off one of the greatest arms races in market history.

Companies all around the world are fighting tooth and nail for access to the most sophisticated and powerful chips in the world...

Which is why we’re going to see many stocks that develop these types of chips go parabolic in the days ahead.

And I believe THE breakout company that makes THIS tiny device will be front and center for it all.

Today, you have the chance to get in on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for as little as $10.

So I wouldn’t waste any time...

Because getting in on this breakthrough industry now could be like getting in on Intel, IBM, Cisco or Microsoft in the ’90s.

Over just 10 years, the internet boom sent these companies soaring 7,700%...






And even 100,000%.


Now, those are some of the top winners in the tech sector, to be sure...


But because of its incredible growth rate, the technology I’ll share with you today is on pace to deliver gains that blow many of those examples out of the water.

In all, thousands of companies will be impacted.

But none more than the $10 play I’ve identified.

You see, the company makes what’s known as a microcontroller...

A critical component for any AI system.

It’s used in your refrigerator, TV, laptop, washer, microwave, cellphone... and the airbags and brakes in your car.

It’s also used to control pacemakers and insulin pumps...

By NASA engineers in satellites...

And to power AI’s rapid growth...

These chips – especially the highest-powered ones – are quickly becoming the most important commodity in the world today.

And my #1 AI stock has a huge competitive advantage...

An Unbeatable Competitive Advantage

You see, until now, AI has been primarily relegated to the cloud...

Which is really just a huge data farm of connected computers and storage devices.

In the past, for your device to “learn” how to solve a new problem, it needed to communicate with this data farm, find a solution, receive the new information and take action.


This back-and-forth created lag time. And when it comes to things like steering and braking in cars, every millisecond matters.

Well, my top AI stock has found a remarkable solution...

It essentially takes the artificial intelligence from these data farms...

And puts it INSIDE the chips it designs.

This real-time processing means devices can respond without network delay.

So while older, cloud-based AI systems might take around a full second to respond, this company’s new product takes just a few milliseconds.

Can you imagine if your car took a full second to decide whether to apply the brakes to avoid a pedestrian in the street?

It’s a crucial improvement.

And it’s why this company holds a whopping 20% of the automotive microcontroller market globally.

The same percentage Netflix holds in the streaming market!

Now, microcontrollers are already in high demand.

In 2021, 31.2 billion units were shipped globally.

That’s about five devices for every person on the planet!

But as AI sweeps the nation, that number will soar far higher.

And get this... My #1 AI company is the world’s single largest supplier.

That’s why I’m predicting 2023 will be its watershed moment.

Right Place... Right Time

After all, we’ve seen this scenario play out before...

Consider the computing boom of the ’90s.

A computer is powered by its CPU, or central processing unit... essentially its brain.

Without CPUs, computers wouldn’t exist.

So as computers made their way into every home and business in America...

What do you think happened to the most successful early CPU developers?

Advanced Micro Devices jumped 1,000%...


Intel jumped 7,800%...


And Oracle soared 8,600%... all in a single decade.


The same thing happened with the rise of cellphones...

Without microchips, screens and audio components, cellphones would be useless.

And look at what happened to the dominant providers of these parts...

Taiwan Semiconductor traded for around $12 in 2011 before it became a direct chip supplier for Apple.

Now it’s around $100... a 733% gain.


And Cirrus Logic traded for just $4.50 when it landed a deal to provide audio parts for the iPhone in 2009.

It’s up 1,662% since.


These stocks minted countless millionaires thanks to the new tech that pushed them higher.

And the same thing is going to happen with AI.

The companies that provide the hardware needed to run AI are set to make a fortune.

That’s why I expect my #1 play to soar as it powers the artificial intelligence takeover...

And handsomely reward investors who get in early too.

It is perhaps the single most important company to the AI revolution.

Today, I’ll give you details on this company and explain why I’m so excited about its future...

But first, let me tell you a little bit about me and how I came to find this opportunity.

 “The U.K.’s Most Respected Stock Picker”

As I said earlier, my name is Alpesh Patel.

I’m the CEO of what’s been called “one of the world’s best-performing hedge funds” by The Economic Times...


One of the senior-most Dealmakers in the U.K.’s Department for Business and Trade...

And the Financial Times #1 Stock Market Forecasting Champion.

They awarded me the title after my returns bested those of other well-known fund managers and even a billionaire.

These victories helped me make a name for myself with some very important people.


For instance, I was hand-picked for an advisory position in the U.K. by former Prime Minister Tony Blair.

And I was made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth herself.

It was quite the honor.

But I don’t work solely for the government...

See, I’ve always enjoyed helping others learn how to invest effectively.

It’s why I’ve written 18 books on investing...


And why I share my insights each week with over 200,000 people through my website, newsletter and YouTube channel.

So you can build wealth in the simplest, smartest manner possible.

And that brings me back to today’s opportunity...

Because I’m convinced it’s the most important megatrend we will see for at least the next 50 years.

It will prove to be very lucrative for many.

31,024 More Patents Than Netflix!

See, we’re not talking about some “hole in the wall” operation here...

This $10 company is already the largest global supplier of these devices... and has an astounding 31,986 patents protecting its ideas.

And more importantly... its future profits! 

Compare that with Netflix’s 962 patents, and you can see how serious this company is about its technology.


In total, the company ships more than 3.5 billion units each year.

Many Honda, Lexus and Toyota models have 20 of this company’s chips in every single car!

So when these manufacturers need chips to power the AI in their newest vehicles...

Or when Google or Apple need a few million chips for the AI in their next-generation smartphones...

Who do you think they’ll call?

I think I know the answer.

And I’m not just guessing, either...

The AI Play Destined to Win Big?

All those companies already have partnerships in place with my top AI play...

And they’re far from the only ones.

In fact, the complete list of high-profile customers is about a mile long...

This company makes chips for...

  • Sony
  • Verizon
  • Ford
  • GM
  • Whirlpool
  • NASA
  • Emerson Electric
  • Bosch
  • GE Appliances
  • GE Healthcare
  • Hitachi
  • Mitsubishi Electric
  • Panasonic
  • And countless more.

Its technology is so advanced... that even Nvidia, one of its biggest rivals, has signed a partnership agreement!

The total demand is mind-boggling...

The total market size for all these companies is well into the TRILLIONS.

So you can see why I keep comparing it with the early days of the internet.

Just as Cisco’s router powered the internet revolution and drove the company’s stock 100,000% higher in a single decade...

My #1 AI stock’s next-generation chip is set to power the AI revolution...

So there’s no reason it couldn’t 10X... 100X... or even 500X your money over time.

Especially because AI will impact far more than just one industry.

For instance, consider healthcare...

AI’s Healthcare Revolution

Already, AI has wide applications in the field.


It can identify early symptoms, diagnose diseases, predict epidemics and even allow robots to assist in surgery.

And now, AI is on the verge of making the single greatest healthcare breakthrough of our lives.

See, in order to create life-saving drugs, scientists must first identify molecules with the correct formula to combat the disease.

It’s a long and difficult process.

The number of molecules scientists must sift through is written as 10 to the 60th power.

That’s around six times the number of stars in the Milky Way.

Using the best technology available, the process has often taken a decade or more...

But now, MIT researchers have developed an AI model that’s 1,200 times faster.

In other words, it could decrease the drug discovery time from 10 years to just three days.

It could lead to faster treatments and quicker cures... and save countless lives.

And it should also dramatically decrease the cost of drugs.

In fact, it’s been estimated that new AI applications could save up to $150 billion annually in medical expenses in the U.S. alone.

And the first-ever AI-developed drug for chronic lung disease was just administered to the first human patient.

We’re on the verge of some of the fastest and most important medical advances in history... all thanks to AI.

The $10 stock I’ve uncovered is helping to facilitate this gigantic benefit for all of humanity. 

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

AI is also transforming the $2.3 trillion manufacturing industry.

This is crucial for America’s economy.

Transforming the $2.3 Trillion Manufacturing Industry

See, there’s a severe labor shortage in the manufacturing sector.

Forbes reports that...

“Even if every skilled worker in America was employed, there would still be 35% more unfilled job openings in the manufacturing sector than there would be skilled workers to fill them.”

And it’s only going to get worse...

There are currently around 40 million baby boomers still in the workforce... many in manufacturing jobs.

When they retire, we’ll instantly lose 25% of the workforce.

And young folks aren’t exactly rushing to take over these manual-labor jobs.

According to Deloitte, it could wind up costing America as much as $1 trillion per year.

That’s where AI comes in...

AI-powered robots could fill many of these jobs that we don’t have the workers to fill, reducing labor costs by at least 75%.

At the same time, robots can provide 24-hour, continuous production...

Leading to higher yields and fewer errors.

McKinsey confirms these innovations could create up to $3.7 trillion in value by 2025.

And since my #1 AI play creates the exact type of chip that many of these robots need to operate...

This should be very good for the company’s share price!

Now, personally, I’m most excited about the way AI is changing the automotive industry...

Reinventing the $2.9 Trillion Auto Industry

Fully autonomous cars may still be a ways off, but that’s not slowing down AI’s growth.

Nearly 93% of new vehicles in the U.S. have at least one AI-powered driver assistance feature, like lane assist...

And 90% of new cars are expected to have voice assistants by 2028.

They’re great features, but here’s what’s more important for investors...

The automotive AI market was worth just $6 billion in 2022...

And it’s projected to reach $600 billion by 2032.

That’s an INSANE 100X growth in 10 years.

That would be more growth than Microsoft, Meta Platforms or Amazon saw during their recent, remarkable 10-year stretches.


The top gains from AI could make those extraordinary examples PALE in comparison.

Remember, my $10 stock ships out 3.5 BILLION of its special chips each year...

Including to Toyota, Lexus, Honda and more.

That’s roughly 9 million chips DAILY...

400,000 per hour...

6,600 per minute...

Or 110... every single second.

This company has an absolute stranglehold on the auto market...

Which experts say will rise 100-FOLD in value.

That means, for once, you can get in early on a gigantic investing trend.

This Huge Disruption Is Just the Beginning

Think about when the internet first came around...

We had NO idea just how much it would change the world.

Look at Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel. This was The Today Show in ’94.

The “What is the internet anyway?” question is so laughable because the internet is now in every single corner of our lives.

And trying to imagine life without the internet feels like going back to the Stone Age.

That’s exactly how we’re going to feel about AI a few years from now.

We’ll barely be able to remember a time when it wasn’t a part of our daily lives.

And just like with the internet’s explosion, AI’s sudden takeover will send a whole new crop of stocks soaring.

It’s why Mark Cuban says...

“The world’s first trillionaires are going to come from somebody who masters AI.”

That’s why there’s no doubt in my mind that AI is the single greatest investment opportunity since the dawn of the internet.

And while soon you’ll be able to make a few bucks on just about any company touting AI in its business model...

I believe the MAJOR wealth creation will come from the companies that make the technology possible...

And my research confirms the $10 company I’ve been telling you about today is the single greatest AI opportunity of all.

If you hurry, you can get in while it’s still an incredible bargain...

My #1 AI Play Is Practically a Secret... for Now

See, most folks have never even heard of this company.

And that’s for good reason.

You won’t find it on any of the major exchanges.

And even if you could, it’s too “behind the scenes” to get headlines...

Those go to companies like Microsoft and Google.

That’s great for us... because it’s helped keep the stock price low... for now...

But there’s no way it can hold at these undervalued levels for much longer.

As ChatGPT just demonstrated, AI is rocketing higher in popularity.


And as more and more companies adopt this technology, my #1 AI play should skyrocket too.

Remember what happened to Microsoft and Amazon when the internet hit early adoption?


Folks made fortunes.

By 2005, more than 10,000 investors had already become millionaires on Microsoft alone. And undoubtedly, thousands more have become millionaires on it since.

The same thing is about to happen here.

So if you missed the massive tech wins of the ’90s and early 2000s...

This could be your chance to essentially go back in time.

Imagine Going Back in Time to Buy Apple...

Imagine if you had invested in Apple when the iPhone transformed the telecom industry.


 Or in Cisco when the internet disrupted entire economies...


$10,000 in Cisco would’ve turned into $670,000 in just 10 years.

$50,000 would’ve become nearly $3.4 million.

Imagine how it could’ve changed your life...

Would you have retired early?

Taken more vacations?

Sent your kids to private school?

Now, I don’t bring this up to make you feel bad...

In ’93, very few folks could’ve anticipated just how big the internet would become.

In fact, many dismissed the internet outright as a fad... the same way some people underestimate the impact of AI today.

And while it’s true that plenty of the early internet companies failed outright…

The folks fortunate enough to get in on the biggest winners made a killing.

But if you did miss out on Apple... or Cisco...

Or IBM...

Or Tesla...


Now is your chance to get in at the forefront of the last major tech revolution of our lives.

Remember, AI tech is already CRUSHING Moore’s Law.

It’s growing 5X faster than the internet or computers or just about any other tech we’ve ever seen...

Which is why I’m convinced this new tech megatrend will push certain stocks higher in the decades to come...

Starting with the company I’ve been telling you about today.

Now, look...

There’s so much more I could tell you about this stock.

For instance, its most recent sales numbers and profit margins were both record highs, and its management team is incredible...

Its CEO is a verifiable genius with an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Before he took the reins of this company, he was the youngest managing director on Merrill Lynch’s global team...

And he sat on the boards of six different companies.

He’s just a really smart guy, and I’m a big fan of smart management.

But here’s what has me most excited...

The company’s latest contract could finally get it the kind of mainstream recognition that drives prices skyward.

It means the folks that get in now may not have to wait very long to see big profits.

But it also means there’s no time to waste.

So my team at Manward and I have rushed to put together a special report about this $10 company... with instructions on how to easily buy it outside of the major stock exchanges.

I’ll show you how you can get your hands on shares from your normal brokerage.

I’ll be sure to include the company name and ticker symbol as well.


That way you can get in on the play as soon as possible.

The report is called “CODE RED: Discover the Secret Stock Powering AI’s Global Takeover.”

I’d like to rush you a FREE copy right now.

All I ask in return is that you take a risk-free trial of our publication Manward Letter.

With Manward Letter, you’ll get much more than just one AI pick today.

With so many industries set to revolutionize by AI, a handful of important stocks could be on the verge of blasting higher.

We’ll see AI drive share prices up everywhere... from healthcare to farming to finance.

And our team will be targeting these great investment opportunities going forward in Manward Letter

So while you should RUSH to get the pure $10 AI play I’ve outlined so far today...


I’d also like to send you another special report – absolutely FREE – with three additional ways to play the AI revolution.

It’s called “AI Everywhere: Huge Profits in Every Industry.”


The Future of American Agriculture

The first bonus pick in my report is disguised as an agricultural company, but don’t be fooled...

It’s quickly become one of the world’s most important AI pioneers.

Here’s what I mean...

It’s no secret that American farmers are struggling to find labor.

A 2019 study showed that as much as 33% of edible produce remains unharvested in fields.

This supply shortage led to huge losses for farmers and record-high price inflation for consumers.

At the same time, global food demand is expected to surge 50% by 2050.

Without a solution, prices will continue to rise for people like you and me... and poorer nations could see widespread famines.

That’s why this company is using AI to reduce the need for field labor...

And to increase our agricultural industry’s productivity by up to 70%.

For instance, the average tractor in 1950 could plant 30 acres per day...


The company’s newest version can plant more than 100 acres... per hour!

Its self-driving tractors, mowers and planters allow farmers to get more done with less help....

And save big-time on their bottom lines.

In fact, just one of this company’s AI-powered technologies is expected to save farmers $1 billion annually, according to its chief technology officer.

That means better prices at the store for you and me.

But here’s the best part for investors...

This company has a proven track record of success.

Even if AI disappeared tomorrow, this company would still be a cornerstone stock for any great portfolio.

But if AI continues to grow at its record pace... as Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and I fully expect...

This AI leader’s share price could head to the moon.

Could its price double... triple... more?

Of course, I can’t predict the future... but the potential upside on this play is incredible.


A Software Play for the Ages

The second bonus play in the report is a software company that uses AI to help its clients increase revenue.

It identifies patterns of customer behavior that are far too obscure for a human to detect... and uses that data to maximize sales.

A study by the International Data Corporation showed that by 2026, this company will create...

9.3 million new jobs...

And $1.6 trillion in new business revenue for its partners.

$1.6 trillion in new revenue!

So it’s no wonder 150,000 companies from around the world are already using the company’s services.

This company achieved record-high revenue last year...

And I expect that number to continue growing as thousands more businesses discover how much this company’s AI could boost their bottom lines.

I expect this company to be the biggest winner in the software space... and folks who get in now could see the windfall profits.

But I’m even more excited for my third bonus play.


A $50 Billion Opportunity in a $10 Package

Because while Chat GPT is grabbing all the headlines...

One of the biggest AI opportunities of all can be found somewhere you may have never even considered looking... medicine.

A Transparency Market Research study expects AI use in the drug discovery market to grow at a rate faster than Netflix... Facebook... or Amazon.

And according to Morgan Stanley, it’s a $50 billion opportunity.

Already, hundreds of small biotechs are using AI to reduce costs, decrease health hazards and develop new treatments.

These companies could soon develop improved treatments for heart disease, obesity and cancer.

One of them may even find a cure.

Now, I could easily pick out a dozen of these companies that would make great investments...

But many of them are tiny startups that aren’t publicly traded... so the average investor can’t touch them.

That’s where my third bonus play come in.

It’s a way to get in on AI’s explosive growth via off-market biotech plays.

In other words, it allows you to play the hottest AI biotechs around... even those that are unavailable to 99% of investors.


And a stake as small as $10 could get you in on an opportunity that could soon be worth a fortune.

I’ve put all the details in my report “AI Everywhere: Huge Profits in Any Industry.”

You can receive all the details on these three opportunities, plus the stock that’s helping power AI’s global takeover...

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Right now I – along with my entire team – am watching everything related to AI like a hawk.

A lot of the big winners in 2023 will be AI-related.

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In the past, we’ve won big on everything from real estate to finance to biotech.

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Tech stocks had a rough 2022... but thanks to AI, they’re roaring back.


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Tech analyst Dan Ives says...

“[A] huge rebound [is] underway.”

The Observer writes...

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Please don’t put this off.

Bill Gates says...

“Entire industries will reorient around [AI].”

And the disruption has already begun.

The biggest gains are still on the table for now, but they won’t last long.

Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella says...

“I think [AI] is going to be a revolution. [It will happen fast.] We’re talking months.”

So you don’t want to drag your feet.

Just imagine if you’d gotten in on Microsoft in the ’90s...

You’d be up as much as 14,600%.


That turns $1,000 into $147,000.

And I believe we’re seeing the same kind of opportunity right now with AI stocks.

This could be your last best chance to cash in on a life-changing megatrend.

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This is your best chance to get in on what many are calling the most transformative new technology since the internet.

There’s no doubt… artificial Intelligence will absolutely transform our world… and our way of life. Just like computers did in the ’90s… AI is about to disrupt EVERYTHING.

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