Backed by Analysis of 5,704 Stocks Over Five Years

The #1 Stock to Buy EVERY July

Discover the Stocks That Have ALWAYS Gone Up During Certain Months... And See How to Play Them for a Shot at 95% Monthly Gains on AVERAGE!


Hi, Shah Gilani here.

I’ve been working on a unique research project for a serious amount of time... because it’s just that incredible.

And what my team and I discovered could change everything about the way you invest.

See, I’ve found a strange group of stocks...

A rare collection that rise - with near-perfect consistency - during specific months each year.

Here’s what I mean...

Looking back I found a stock that’s gone up EVERY SINGLE January without fail... for five years straight.

And another that’s gone up every February...

And another during March...

And on and on like this – for every month of the calendar.

I found quite a few of these stocks for July.

Like TQQQ...

It’s gone up every July for TEN years... which is why I suggest you check it out now.

But that’s just the beginning.

In all, it’s a full year’s worth of undefeated plays...

Specific stocks that have gone up during specific months year after year.

You can imagine the impact something like this could have on your portfolio.

Some months have just one or two “undefeated” stocks...

Other months have dozens... each producing win after win during their special month for the last 5 years or more.

I’ll give you the name and ticker symbol for many of these stocks today.

I suggest you have a pen and paper handy.

Because once you know the top stock for each month...

I can show you the best way to play them for maximum potential gains.

And if you trade these 12 stocks the way I’ll detail today...

My research shows these special plays could deliver 95% returns on average... every month of the year.

Sounds crazy I know.

And there are no guarantees in investing.

But this is what my research is showing me.

Let me give you an example.

There’s a little-known company that operates in the medical industry.

Most of the time it’s a mediocre stock to own.

Down, then up... then down again.

But every June... something weird happens that sends the stock rocketing higher.

It’s not earnings, dividend announcements, or anything else you’ve likely heard of.

But it’s gone up every single June for the last 5 years – like clockwork.

And one special play on this stock has averaged a 68% gain every June since 2019.

Medical Company Chart

That’s just one example.

I also found a video game company that’s gone up every single May for the past decade.

The rest of the year it’s just ok...

Nothing to write home about, really.

But every May it takes off.

And I’ve found an amazing way to play it...

A special play that’s delivered a 71% average gain every May for the last 5 years.

Video Game Company Chart

And November’s play is even more impressive...

This one’s a plastics manufacturer.

And it acts the exact same way.

Its average year is full of ups and downs...

But each November since 2014... it’s gone straight up, without fail.

That’s ten wins.

Not a single loss.

And over the last 5 years, the special play I’ll outline today has averaged an 87% gain each time!

Plastic Manufacturer Chart

Again, I’ve found an entire year’s worth of plays just like this.

Stocks that have jumped during one particular month every single year.

These stocks are so profitable... and so consistent year after year...

I wouldn’t be surprised if these become the ONLY stocks you ever trade again.

And maybe they should be...

Using over decades and decades and decades of data, researchers at Erasmus University in Rotterdam concluded that this type of trading outperforms ALL OTHER investment strategies.

Top Strategy Chart

So just imagine how different the next year of investing could look, trading nothing but special, “undefeated” plays on the stocks I’ll share with you today...

Starting off with July’s play that’s averaged 70% each July since 2019...

Then August’s undefeated play...

It’s averaged 38% every August for five years running.

Same thing in September...

One buy... one sell... one month hold time.

And a 73% average gain for the last four years.

Here’s the bottom line. Looking back through the last 5 years of data, I found an entire year’s worth of plays that ALWAYS went up during their special month.

And if these plays continue working, as I expect, it’s entirely possible that you could go an entire year without a single loss.

All by trading these remarkable stocks one at a time for large, single-month profits.

And today I’ll show you exactly how it works...

You’ll Never Invest the Same Way Again

But first, let me tell you a bit about me...

As I said, my name is Shah Gilani.

I’m the Chief Investment Strategist for Manward Press.

But I got my start in the early '80’s as a market maker on the Chicago Board of Options Exchange floor.

And was part of a handful of traders that laid the technical groundwork for what would eventually become the VIX – one of the most widely used indicators in the world.

That same decade, I launched my first hedge fund...

Lloyd's Bank Logo

After that, I ran the futures and options division of Lloyd’s Bank, one of the biggest banks in the UK.

Over the years, I’ve called tons of 100% or better winners...

Including quite a few in the last few months alone.

Today I regularly appear on Fox Business News, CNBC, I’ve written for Marketwatch, had my own column at Forbes...

Shah on Fox Business

And it’s why more than a quarter of a million people signed up to receive my investment newsletters and research.

I don’t say this to brag, rather to make it clear to you that I’ve discovered and shared all sorts of big investment ideas and recommendations throughout the years...

None of them compared to what I’m going to show you today.

Because this isn’t like traditional investing at all.

Normally, when you invest in stocks... it requires intense research of the fundamentals.

You’re looking for companies with steady growth... so shares will go up over the long term.

That’s NOT what I’m talking about today.

I don’t care what these stocks do over the long haul.

All that matters is that they’re proven to rise during one specific month each year.

This kind of thing is almost unheard of.

What you’ll discover today won’t be found in any investing book, journal, or online publication.

This is all true, groundbreaking new research.

Frankly, I hesitated to share this information publicly.

If the secret gets out, these plays could get overwhelmed with buyers that drive prices higher.

That would be bad for all of us.

So I have one request before we move forward...

Please don’t share what you’re about to see with anyone.

For now, let’s keep this secret to ourselves.

Ok, let’s get right into it...

My Discovery Kept Getting Better...

Most people understand the concept of seasonality.

Certain stocks perform best during specific times of the year.

For example, retail stocks do best in the fourth quarter... when the holidays drive sales up every year.

Energy stocks tend to do best over the winter... when demand for heating drives profits higher.

And airline and cruise stocks do best during the summer... when people are traveling.

These seasonal trends have been studied many times.

However, when I started my latest research project... I wanted to narrow it down even further.

I wanted to find if there were certain stocks that always seemed to produce blockbuster results in specific months each year.

My goal was to create a calendar for my subscribers to use.

They could jump from each month’s best performing stock to the next.

Would this work?

I had no idea.

But I wanted to try... so I began digging into the research.

The first thing I did was an analysis of all 5,704 stocks in the US markets... looking for the rare stocks that performed best in each month of the year.

I wanted stocks that were perfect...

If the stock had dropped – even a tenth of a percent – during its specific month in any of the last five years, I threw it out.

And what did I find?

The perfect stocks were indeed rare.

Sometimes only one stock was perfect in a single month like in February... other times it was 25 or more like in July.

But soon I had a strong list.

I had identified the undeniably best stocks for each month.

The next step was identifying what kind of returns were possible by playing this phenomenon.

Would these plays deliver 5% returns per month? 10? 20?

I started with January.

My research took months... and a whole lot of computing power.

But when the dust had settled, I’d boiled the list of publicly traded stocks down to a small handful.

And two stood head and shoulders above the rest.

The first is Suburban Propane Partners...

It’s gone up every January since 2014.

That’s 10 years straight.

But get this...

I found a special play on the second stock that’s delivered 103%, on average over the last 5 years.

It’s these special plays I’ve found that really generate the biggest profits.

103% every January on average for five years straight is world class.

And this play rose that much despite the market averaging just 0.25% in January.

Undefeated January Play vs. S&P 500 Bar Chart

This type of opportunity was exactly what I was looking for.

So I moved on to February.

Again, I found a stock that had risen every February for ten straight years.

It has never gone down during that month!

And over the last five years, a special play on that stock – which I’ll show you how to make – has delivered a 37% average gain.

That’s every February.

Meanwhile, over those same five Februarys... the S&P 500 fell an average of 1.2%.

Undefeated February Play vs. S&P 500 Bar Chart

So you can see how these plays could come in handy.

And March’s undefeated stock is even better.

It’s gone up every single March for ten years straight.

And over the last five years... my special plays would’ve paid out 140% on average.

Meanwhile, the S&P averaged just 0.4%.

Undefeated March Play vs. S&P 500 Bar Chart

This is exactly the type of edge everyone’s searching for.

Huge market outperformance...

And years of proven consistency.

It’s the kind of thing that could dramatically supersize your wealth...

And today I’ll show you exactly how to play these opportunities going forward.

But first, you’re probably wondering...

How Come You’ve Never Heard of this Phenomenon?

How has something this potentially profitable managed to stay a secret for this long?

After all, you’d think a group of stocks that ALWAYS go up during certain months would be a big news item.

And the secret lies in the size of the plays.

Many of these companies are very small.

And they’re not companies you’ve probably ever heard of, either.

Builder's FirstSource Logo

One of the November stocks is Builders FirstSource... its ticker is BLDR.

Ever heard of it?

I bet the answer for 99% of people watching is a resounding NO.

But every November for the last five years, it has moved steadily higher.

On average, it jumps 16.5%.

Not bad for a single month stock gain.

However, it’s the special plays we’ve been discussing where the biggest gains come in.

For Builders FirstSource, this play has averaged 181% – every November!

But most people have no clue you can trade this stock this way.

And since the media tends to focus on the big names like Tesla, Nvidia, and Apple...

Stocks like these tend to fly under the radar.

That’s good news for us.

As I mentioned, the fewer people that know about these plays the better...

Because once thousands of people start piling in, the best profit opportunities start to dwindle. Quickly.

It’s why I didn’t mention a thing about this last week when I was on Fox Business.

Nor will I ever.

This is for you.

I knew I wanted to save this for my readers.

The truth is, I think it could wind up being the most valuable thing I’ve ever shared publicly.

But you may be wondering...

Is this just luck?

Or is there an actual common sense reason specific stocks rise during one month each year?

Well, I’m happy to tell you...

There is a very easy-to-understand reason behind this.

Let me show you why it works...

Huge, Consistent Gains

It’s related to seasonal trading which I mentioned earlier...

Where certain companies perform better during specific times of the year.

Let’s look at retail companies, which I mentioned do best during the holidays... when lots of folks are buying gifts... and spending their bonuses.

Look at Macy’s.

See how every 4th column is much bigger than the others?

Macy's Revenue Bar Chart

That’s a clear revenue spike at the end of each year.

And it directly relates to the stock price.

Macy's Stock Price Chart

And once you know when to get in and out, you can trade this time period for big gains every year.

Kohl’s is another one.

Revenue during the first 3 quarters each year are nothing to write home about...

But Q4 is always off the charts.

Kohl's Revenue Bar Chart

This revenue spike is directly tied to the share price.

From the end of the year through early January, the stock tends to do very well.

Just look at the end of 2020, where the stock doubled in value despite being extra volatile the rest of the year.

Kohl's Stock Price Chart

Or how about Abercrombie & Fitch...

Just like the last two, the big spike every fourth quarter is the holiday bump.

Macy's Revenue Bar Chart

But here’s the thing that’s interesting with Abercrombie.

The market knows it always has a great fourth quarter... which is why investors tend to load up right before the holiday season begins.

As a result, Abercrombie has proven to rise each September for the past 5 years.

In fact, my special trade on Abercrombie would have delivered a 73% average gain...

Every September for the last 4 years.

I’m confident this September will make it 5 years in a row.

This is essentially the big breakthrough I’ve come to through my research.

In order to get the best shot at huge wins, you can’t simply identify the quarters where stocks do best.

That’s too broad...

Instead, you have to identify the individual months when they do best.

So what I’ve done is gone throughout the year to identify when specific stocks receive big annual boosts from investor money flowing in.

And here’s the best part...

These gains only take one month.

And that’s critical at a time like this... when many folks are worried about keeping money in the stock market for a long time.

Introducing... Seasonal Trading 2.0

That’s why I think of this strategy as a better version of seasonal trading.

See, I like the seasonal trading concept.

It’s logical.

It makes sense that when a company makes more revenue...

Its stock price tends to rise.

But I’ve always looked for a more specific investing window than seasonality provides.

After all, why keep my money tied up in the market for an entire quarter if I can get in and out with profits in a single month?

That’s why I wanted to find stocks that have always gone up during specific months... with years and years of evidence.

And that’s why I was thrilled to find exactly that – stocks that have money pour into them during the same months each year.

By looking at these money flows, I was able to improve upon the seasonality idea.

Now, instead of knowing a stock is likely to rise sometime in the next three months – or quarter...

You can know it’s likely to rise in the next 30 days.

And each of the plays I’ve found have gone up during their special month for 5-10 years straight!

No volatility...

No ups and downs...

Just one month of consistent gains... over and over.

Now of course, all investing carries risks.

So no matter how much supporting data exists... don’t bet the farm on any one play.

But here’s what’s exciting...

This phenomenon doesn’t just work on retail stocks.

It could be tech...

Food and beverage...

Manufacturing... or anything else.

Most people don’t know it, but all sorts of companies have a “super month” where they consistently outperform.

And once you know how to play them, you could grab big wins every month of the year.

For instance, I discovered that December is a very good month for gold stocks.

Gold, Healthcare, and More!

I found six that have gone up every December for at least seven years straight.


Maybe folks worry about what might happen to the stock market come January.

Maybe they’re rebalancing their portfolios...

Or maybe it’s related to tax savings.

It could be any number of reasons.

All I care about is whether these December stocks are consistently profitable.

And I’m happy to say... yes, they very much are.

For the last 7 years, come December...

They’re always positive!

And my favorite special play on the bunch has delivered a 49% average gain each December since 2019.

It’s about as consistent as you can get.

All you have to do is make the trade I recommend on December 1. And close it out on December 31.

That’s it.

No guessing about when to get in or out.

We just follow the historical data.

 And you can do this all year.

There’s the play I found for June...

AMN Healthcare.

I suggest you write it down.

Because my special play on that stock has averaged a 95% gain every June for the last 5 years.

AMN Healthcare Graphic

That’s nearly a double in a single month!

Imagine doubling your investment in one month...

Better yet, imagine doubling it with a play that’s worked consistently for five years straight!

As great as that would be...

It’s still nothing compared to the stock I found for March...

FTI Consulting Logo

FTI Consulting. The ticker is FCN.

I believe it consistently rises in March because the beginning of the year is when most companies hire consulting services firms.

So in March, the big investor money tends to flood in... trying to get in front of the strong first quarter results that come out in April.

This works perfect for us.

We can just get in on March 1st and ride that money wave all month long.

The special play I found on FCN has gone up an average of 140% every March for the last 5 years!

This year, it rose 74%... compared to the S&P 500’s 1.6% gain.

Last year, it rose 183%... compared to the S&P’s 6%.

And in 2022... it rose 85%... while the S&P LOST 5%.

FTI Consulting vs. S&P 500 Bar Chart

So you can see how this trading strategy could be quite valuable.

Especially since I’ve found stocks that act like this for every single month of the year.

And many haven’t lost during their special month in a full 10 years.

Imagine What this Could Do for Your Portfolio

Now, some months only have one or two “undefeated” stocks.

Other months have a dozen or more.

Like July...

It’s got 35 stocks... that have ALWAYS gone up in July.

Collectively, not one of these 35 stocks have had a negative July since 2014.

One is a real estate company.

Last July the stock alone rose 10.7% on the month.

Already a great single month return... but I’m confident I could’ve shown a special way to play it to really juice those profits.

Another is an investment management group.

In July of 2022, the stock rose 26%.

But I almost certainly could’ve shown how to grab 100% or more on that move.

And another undefeated July stock is a clinical laboratory.

In 2022, it soared 24% in July alone.

But again, my preferred type of play could’ve likely returned 100%...

And here’s what’s really interesting...

The super-month strategy we’re discussing would’ve been FAR more profitable than traditional buy and hold...

Despite the hold time being just one month.

Let me show you what I mean...

Buy and Hold is DEAD. Use this New Strategy Instead!

Look at my undefeated stock for May.

Buy and hold investors over the last 5 years would’ve grabbed roughly 45% total.

Not bad...

But a special trade with my “undefeated” strategy instead could’ve averaged a 71% gain – every single May for the past 5 years.

May's Undefeated Stock Chart

And for the rest of the year, investors would’ve had their money – and profits – back safe and sound...

With no need to keep their money tied up in the market the rest of the year.

Now look at AMN Healthcare again - my stock for June...

Over the last 5 years, buy and hold investors are up a measly 8% a share.

But by simply making my special trade each year in June...

Getting in June 1 and out on the 30th...

They could have made 95% per year!

Added up over 5 years, that’s a total gain of 475%...

AMN Healthcare Stock Chart

You simply get in during the best month...

Then out with profits.

And you never have to worry about what the stock does in between.

So you can see how the wins from this strategy can really add up fast.

But believe it or not, November’s undefeated stock is even more impressive...

If investors had bought the stock 5 years ago and held through today, they’d be up around $8 per share, or 16%.

But if they’d used my strategy instead...

And ONLY used a special play on the stock each November for the past 5 years...

They could have averaged a 310% gain.

November's Undefeated Stock Chart

310%, folks!

You could have simply put some cash in every November 1st, then pulled it out at the end of the month and started fresh the next November.

It’s incredibly simple, but the returns can be dramatic.

Look How Fast it Adds Up

In November of 2019, this play would’ve delivered 80%.

So whatever amount you typically put into a play... picture that plus 80% at the end of the month.

Then in November of 2020, the play returned 91%.

Boom. Another huge single month boost.

In November of 2021, the play produced a 70% return...

At this point my buy and hold friends would probably be asking how I get these returns with just one month of exposure each year.

Then in 2022, the play had an incredible 1,000% return.

Those same friends would be begging to know my secret.

And finally, the undefeated November play returned 308% in 2023.

That would be a fantastic few years.

Simply from playing November’s special trade each year.

Now as we know... past performance doesn’t guarantee future results, so let me be perfectly clear...

There are many factors that can affect a stock’s performance, which could lead to a loss even during historically promising months.

Just because this play has been incredible for 5 years straight doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll continue to be incredible forever.

So I’ll say it again... you should never invest more than you can afford to lose.

But with gain potential like that... this strategy is impossible to ignore.

Especially when you consider...

It has some major advantages over how most people invest.

STOP “Over-Investing...” and START Doing This

For instance, a friend recently told me that he has over 100 stock positions in his portfolio at any given time...

And he spends hours each day researching them.

Now, if you enjoy that sort of thing... more power to you.

But the truth is... there’s no need to spread yourself thin across dozens of stock positions.

I call that “over-investing.”

And it can be really problematic.

Warren Buffett, who’s famous for owning very few stocks says...

“Diversification is a protection against ignorance. It makes very little sense for those who know what they’re doing.”

I agree. 1000%.

Especially when a strategy like this – with just one play a month – could deliver better returns than you’ve ever seen.

In his classic book How To Make Money In Stocks, William J. O’Neil wrote...

“The winning investor’s objective should be to have one or two big winners rather than dozens of very small profits.”

That’s exactly where this strategy excels...

And it works even better when stocks fall.

It Works Even When Stocks Fall!

Look at the clinical laboratory company Neogenomics.

Over the last 5 years, it’s lost around 40% of its value...

Buy and hold investors would’ve been crushed!

But folks who bought the stock each year ONLY during its “super month” of July could’ve averaged a 15% gain each July over the last 10 years.

Neogenomics Stock Chart

And they never would’ve seen a loss.

By the way, you should write that down...

Neogenomics is the company name, and NEO is the ticker symbol.

Neogenomics Graphic

Or look at Kohl’s... my “super stock” play for October...

Over the last 5 years, Kohl’s has nearly halved, falling from around $50 to roughly $25 today.

But if you only held the stock during October...

A special play could have returned 75% on average... each October for the last five years.

Kohl's Stock Chart

Then there’s April’s “super stock.”

It’s fallen around 40% in the last 5 years.

Again... brutal for buy and hold investors.

But what if they’d used this strategy... and ONLY held during April?

They could’ve averaged a 76% gain... every April since 2019.

April's Super Stock Chart

Incredible right?

That’s why this strategy is something I think every investor should take advantage of...

And it’s so simple.

Just one trade a month...

Each with a 100% success rate over the past 5 years.

And they’re all preselected and backed by years of data, so there’s no guesswork.

While most stocks leave you wondering if you bought at the right time...

This might be the single most dependable trading strategy I’ve ever seen.

You buy at the start of the month... and sell at the end of the month.

Then you move on to the next month’s proven “super stock”.

After all, we know that it’s worked for years and years... in many cases for a decade straight without a single loss.

The ONLY Place You’ll Find a 99.2% Win Rate

Now again... I’ll be the first to remind you...

I can’t predict the future.

Years of data and extensive research revealed that the plays we’re discussing today have done incredibly well over the last five to ten years.

These plays are basically undefeated during their special months.

But could this anomaly quit working?

It’s possible.

The stock market will always have risk.

But I don’t think this strategy will stop working.

And here’s why...

There are a total of 117 “undefeated stocks” in my list.

Over the last ten years, these stocks have produced a negative return during their specific months only 9 times.

Which puts the success rate of these stocks over the past decade at 99.2%.

You won’t find that level of consistency anywhere else in investing.

So you can see why I’ve been so eager to get this information out to those closest to me.

In fact, while testing this, I recently told one colleague about it, and he went right out and bought May’s stock of the month. Just three weeks later, he was up 10% on the stock itself.

Not bad!

But let me show you how he could’ve potentially supersized that gain...

And pulled in maybe 10X more profit.

How a 310% Gain in a Single Month is Possible (Over and Over Again!)

I’ve talked throughout this presentation about my “special trades.

These are the trades that’ve delivered a 103% average win over the last 5 Januarys...

A 140% average gain over the last 5 Marchs...

And a 310% average gain over the last 5 Novembers.

These types of gains are typically impossible for a regular stock.

Shares alone rarely climb that much in a single month.

However, if you are a confident a stock is going to head up in any given month, you can take advantage of that knowledge by playing very basic options.

Options can supercharge your returns – all while reducing the amount of capital you have at risk.

Now, some folks don’t like options because they think they’re more volatile than normal stock trades.

And that’s fine, sometimes they are.

Now you could ignore the options... trade just these monthly stocks... and still do well.

One of July’s undefeated stocks has gone up an average of 14.5%...

And it hasn’t gone down during July in over a decade.

So that’s a nice, dependable stock that typically beats the market by a long shot.

In fact, this stock averages a greater return every July than the S&P generally delivers in a full year.

But let me show you why I like the options on these plays...

First off, we know for a fact that we’re playing a dependable trend ...

Because each of the monthly plays I’ve found have delivered consistent returns for 5 years or more.

And second, options can really supersize your gains each month.

Here’s what I mean...

The option play I like on July’s stock has averaged nearly a 70% win – every year since 2019.

Which means you could nearly 5X your profits compared to the 14.5% return on just the stock.

And over the last five years, the monthly stock trade would’ve returned 72.5% total gains...

While the option plays would’ve returned 349%.

Stock vs. Options Bar Chart

Better yet, you’d have only held your position for a single month each time.

Imagine what you could do trading every month’s top performing stock all year long!

Now, however you want to play these is fine with me.

Just remember that, in general, options carry a higher degree of risk.

That’s because if the stock only moves up slightly... the option can actually fall in value.

So I’ll always send both a stock and an options play when I make an official recommendation for my readers.

And to help you feel confident, I’ll only send you options plays that have won during their special month for at least five years straight.

Speaking of which...

Since July is upon us... you can still get positioned in this stock, option, or both – before it starts to move.

I suggest you do.

Because once you start to profit from these monthly stocks, the gains can really add up fast.

Let me show you what I mean...

What an Entire Year Trading These Monthly Superstocks Could Deliver

Here’s 2022.

2022 Calendar Graphic

Let’s pretend I got into my top plays at the start of each month... and out at the end of each month.

And let’s assume I nabbed each special play’s actual gain – nothing more, nothing less.

The same way we’ve been discussing today.

At the end of January, I would’ve already been sitting on an 85% gain.

The next month, I’d have nabbed a 29% gain...

Then March... 92%.

April... 119%...

And on and on.

I mean, these are seriously big gains each month.

I won’t read them all.

But look at November... 1,000%!

Can you imagine a year where you make just 12 trades... one per month... yet nab returns like these?

People, this is groundbreaking stuff.

Of course, this is still investing.

Without a crystal ball or psychic powers...

You can never know for sure if your investment will go up.

But you can improve your chances of being right – and of making a lot of money – by ONLY trading stocks during their best performing months.

That’s what this strategy is all about.

And as soon as the calendar flips... next month’s stock should start moving.

That’s why I’ve put my top 12 monthly stocks into a special report, called “Shah’s Undefeated Stocks”.

Shah's Undefeated Stocks Report

I’d like to share them with you today.

You Can Access Shah’s Entire List of Undefeated Stocks... For Each Month of the Year!

Over the last 5 years, special options plays on the exact stocks in this report have delivered 95% monthly gains, on average!

And there’s only been one negative monthly return out of 60.

In my report, you’ll discover the names and ticker symbols of all my top stocks, along with more details on each recommendation.

You’ll see how much they tend to outperform during their special months, how they compare to the market, and most importantly...

I’ll reveal the exact type of play I plan to make on each for a shot at the biggest gains.

You’ll see how they can turn 10% and 15% stock gains into 95% single-month wins, on average.

In short, the report has everything you need to know about these opportunities.

So you’ll know exactly how to get positioned before the first of each month going forward.

And I’d like to send this report to you straight away.

The only problem is... I can’t share all of the information inside with a large group.

And based on the size of my email list, I’d bet 100,000 or more will see this video.

Frankly, letting that many people in on the secret would ruin it for all of us.

The plays would get oversaturated... the prices would start to rise before most of us got in... and the type of returns I’ve shown you today would be compromised.

Worse still, having thousands of people jump in at once could move the needle on many of these small plays, and I won’t risk that.

It’s unethical, and I can’t allow it.

So as much as I’d love to... I can’t reveal ALL the undefeated plays here.

Instead, I’ve reserved that information for my inner circle...

Those who are a part of my VIP Research Service called Alpha Money Flow.


Alpha Money Flow

It’s a service where I share investment ideas, research, and trade recommendations like we discussed today.

Before each month starts, I’ll always give you the stock of the month so you can play it for big potential profits.

For instance, right now we’re at the end of June, so I’ll be sending members my top undefeated play for July in the next few hours.

Remember, it’s averaged 70% every July for the past 5 years.

Then, a month from now, you can expect the next play.

Plus, as a member of Alpha Money Flow, you’ll always get the monthly plays’ historical performance data...

As well as my option trade recommendation to maximize your potential gains.

I’ll make it very simple for you.

You’ll get an email the week before each new month with all the instructions.

Email Alerts

That way you know exactly when and what to buy... and how much to pay.

And you’ll also get 3-4 additional money flow plays I find each month beyond that.

By “money flow,” I simply mean when lots of money flows into a stock from investors, ultimately forcing its price higher.

In Alpha Money Flow, I track those money movements for every advantage.

For instance, AI and tech stocks have seen a heap of increased volume lately.

This provided us nice opportunities on Microsoft, Alphabet, and Affirm Holdings...

Which I recently closed out for gains of 21%, 138%, and 113%, respectively all in under five months.

Then there’s Tesla, which has been giving us all sorts of opportunities lately.

We recently closed out two positions in under 40 days for returns of 140% and 126%... on downward stock moves!

So that’s something else you can look forward to in Alpha Money Flow.

I don’t like to sit on my hands when stocks fall...

I’ll show you strategies to help you profit no matter WHAT happens.

I don’t focus entirely on tech stocks, either...

In late April we grabbed a 102% profit on VanEck Gold Miners ETF in 50 days.

And in May we grabbed a 150% gain in just 20 days at Starbucks.

Gains Graphic

So, there are all sorts of profit opportunities for members.

And while not every play will return 100% or more...

My average recommendations closed in 2024 have delivered a 25.84% return in 95 days.

Compare that to the S&P’s 5.59% average over the same time periods... and you get a better than four to one outperformance.

My Recommendations vs S&P 500 Bar Chart

In other words, you’re likely to do 4 times better than the market by following my Alpha Money Flow recommendations.

And I expect my average to rocket even higher once we start mixing in the undefeated monthly plays we discussed today.

In fact, I’m concerned these monthly plays might wind up being so profitable...

You won’t need me anymore.

If These Plays Win Big... Don’t Be a Stranger!

After all, if they continue to average the kind of returns even close to what they’ve done the last five years...

Why would you trade anything else?

Over the last five years these stocks have proven to be the most consistent, dependable opportunities in the entire market...

Remember what I said earlier about a 99.2%-win rate...?

Better yet, these plays limit your exposure to the market’s ups and downs by keeping your hold times to strictly one month...

And when you utilize the options, you could potentially grab a 95% average win every single month... all year long.

So... yeah, the fact that I’m making them available to members for the first time ever makes me a little nervous.

You could just refer to your reports, make the trades, and never open my emails again.

But that’s a risk I’m willing to take.

My job is to get you the very best opportunities around... and these might just be the best I’ve ever seen.

Besides, nothing would make me happier than to help all my readers get incredibly rich.

So will you consider joining me in Alpha Money Flow... so I can start helping you today?

In total, I’ll send you 5-6 new opportunities each month.

But before you commit to anything, we need to talk about what it costs...

And I have some good news.

My Job is to Help You Target HUGE Gains

See, for groundbreaking research like this...

I could charge a fortune.

Back when I ran a hedge fund, we charged 2% to manage folks’ money and another 20%... up to 40% of profits.

So if you had $100k under management with and we earned you 25%, we’d get $2,000 up front, and another $5,000 at the end of the year.

That’s $7,000 in fees on a 25% annual gain... and investors couldn’t wait to pay me.

And by the way... my minimum wasn’t $100k. It was a million!

But what I’ve got for you here is potentially way more valuable.

Remember, these top 12 plays have returned 95% EACH MONTH on average... for 5 years straight.

Given that level of potential... I don’t think it would be crazy to charge as much as $25,000 for this strategy.

But I’m not here to price gouge.

I want as many of my readers as possible to have access to this strategy.

So today I’m not going to charge $25,000... or $10,000... or even $5,000.

Instead, we’ve set the retail price for access to Alpha Money Flow at $4,000.

It’s a steal at that price.

But again, since this is the first time I’ve ever publicly shared this information, I want to reward you with a first-movers’ advantage.

Here’s what I’m going to do...

Those who join today will pay just $1,995 for an entire year of access.

That’s just a little more than $150 per month.

And I’m convinced you’ll be able to pull in AT LEAST $500 per month doing this... even if you’re starting with as little as $1,000 to play with.

My expectation is that in the next year you could make five times the cost to join at minimum.

And I’ve set up all the tools to help you succeed here.

Now I do need to mention, there are no refunds on today’s offer.

This strategy is far too valuable to risk giving it away for free.

And that’s exactly what would happen.

The tire-kickers would sign up, get all the picks in my report, and then ask for a refund.

It wouldn’t be fair to my current subscribers.

But I want you to feel comfortable moving forward, so I’ll make you a guarantee.

If you aren’t 100% satisfied with Alpha Money Flow during the next year, simply let us know.

I’ll transfer you over to a different VIP Trading Service of your choosing, free of charge.

We have something for everyone.

When you join today, you’ll get...

Everything You’ll Get As a New Member of Alpha Money Flow

Alpha Money Flow Bundle
  • 1 year of access to Alpha Money Flow
  • 5-6 new recommendations each month
  • You’ll get each month’s top undefeated stock AND option plays, along with any other big opportunities I uncover.
  • Joining is the ONLY way to receive my exact options plays on each undefeated stock... for the chance to supersize your gains each month.

Of course, you’ll also receive...

  • My newest report: “Shah’s Undefeated Stocks”

This is the perfect time to claim your copy.

July’s undefeated stock has averaged a 14.5% gain... every July for ten years.

And the option has averaged a 70% gain over the last 5 years.

Without a single negative return in July since 2013, this is about as sure a thing as you can get.

August’s stock is the same way... with a 100% win rate for ten years.

So it’s likely you’ll start your Alpha Money Flow membership with the shot at a couple big winners.

When you join today, I’m also going to include...

  • Shah Gilani’s Options Buying Guide.”

Whether you’ve never traded an option in your life, or you’re a seasoned pro...

This guide has something for everyone.

I’ll break down the basics on call options – a common type of options trade that I recommend alongside most stock plays.

But I’ll also walk you through some more advanced techniques I like to use...

Things like call spreads, calendar spreads, and put buying and selling.

Each one provides a unique advantage over basic strategies.

For instance, puts can allow us to profit on a stock’s downward move... so we don’t just have to sit on our hands when the market has a bad week. Or month.

This is how we grabbed our recent 140% and 126% wins in a single month as Tesla fell.

You’ll also get...

  • Buy and Sell Alerts

You’ll get an email any time I make a new recommendation...

And when it’s time to sell for max profits, I’ll let you know.

The sell alerts with big wins attached are my favorite type to send.

But if you miss anything in real time, don’t worry...

You’ll always have...

  • Complete access to the Alpha Money Flow model portfolio

This is where all my recommended trades go – both the stocks and the options.

Simply glance at the portfolio on our password-protected website at any time for buy instructions, recommended “buy up to” pricing, and a lot more.

Another benefit you’ll receive is...

  • Portfolio Updates

These are designed to keep you up to speed and ensure you don’t miss anything important.

You’ll also get...

  • Live Weekly Calls

Each week I hop on a private Zoom call to discuss the state of the market with you and other members.

This might be my favorite part of each week.

The calls are fun and, if I’m doing my job... informative.

You’re always encouraged to send questions my way...

And I try to answer the best questions each week.

Next, you’ll gain access to...

  • My complete archive of reports, recommendations, and research.

In other words, anything members have ever paid to access... you’ll get for free starting immediately.

You’ll simply use your password to login to our secure, private website.

And if you ever need help with your subscription, you can reach out to our VIP Concierge team, who will be happy to assist.

There’s No Time To Waste... Next Month’s Play has Averaged a HUGE Gain!

With July right around the corner, there’s no time to waste.

Remember, July’s stock has gone up 100% of the time – every single July since 2014.

It’s never gone down!

The stock has averaged a 14.5% win...

And the options play I’ll share with everyone who joins today has gone up an average of 70%... every July for five years straight.

Just like the stock, it’s NEVER LOST.

So you could potentially recoup your entire subscription cost on this one play.

And you’ll have August’s 38% average gain coming next...

Followed by September’s 74%... October’s 75%...

And November’s 310%.

So don’t delay.

If you have any outstanding questions about this offer... you can reach our team at 844.201.1980 or 443.541.4636.

We are available to take your call Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET.

But if you’re ready to get moving right away...

Click the button you see on your screen to access our secure order form.

When you’re done, I’ll rush you everything we’ve discussed today.

I can’t wait to get started.

You won’t hear about these undefeated stocks anywhere else...

But they are truly the most exciting opportunities I’ve ever seen.

I can’t wait to capitalize right away.

Will you join me?

Click below or call now to lock in your subscription.

Thanks for your time.

I can’t wait to welcome you as the newest member of Alpha Money Flow.




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