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The AI Stealth Stock Private Briefing

Shah Gilani, “The Man Who Calls It All,” Makes His Biggest Prediction in Four Decades: These Three Tiny AI Companies Will Crush Nvidia, Microsoft and Alphabet... With Up to 2,100% in Upside Targeted in the Next Three Years

Hi. Shah Gilani here. If you'd turned on the news at any point in the last six months, all you'd see is AI – artificial intelligence.

Here is just a small sampling of what reporters have been saying...

Major developments in the field of artificial intelligence...

Predictive AI that a lot of people are familiar with...

The viral sensation that could completely reset how we do things...;

Artificial intelligence is doing a lot more than finishing emails...

Think about it as the new Industrial Revolution...

And speaking of AI, it could save you time and money if you're looking to buy a new home...

Look at these results. It can now ace the bar exam...

Artificial intelligence – machines that can teach themselves superhuman skills...

Like hundreds of millions of images scraped from the internet...

Deep learning – artificial intelligence now...

People like Bill Gates and Peter Thiel – the world's biggest investors – are putting millions and billions into serious AI projects.

They've got the inside track on small companies working on sensitive national security campaigns, military maneuvers, and top-secret AI chip technology with geopolitical implications.

I'll tell you this – the companies truly revolutionizing AI aren't babbling to the media or hiring PR firms to churn out press releases.

They're silently and diligently putting all their effort into their technology – tech that will create world-class businesses in markets worth tens of billions of dollars… which means these companies aren't plastered all over the headlines yet.

You won't see the CEOs of these small, amazing companies on CNBC or Bloomberg. You won't read about them in The Wall Street Journal. And even though I'm on Fox Business twice a week, I won't be talking about these companies on Stuart Varney's show or Making Money with Charles Payne.

I'm saving this information strictly for you – so that you have the potential to make a fortune on these companies first.

Eventually, everything I'm going to tell you today is going to get out. It will be all over TV, and everyone will be even more amazed about the power of AI.

But you won't be surprised because you will have known about these companies since they were tiny $5 stocks – stocks with transformative technology that will deliver profits starting today… and then over and over and over again the next 10 to 20 to 50 years.

I've seen transformative times like this before. For example – through the 1990s, I was running a trading desk on Wall Street… and a tiny company named Dell Computers went on a tear.

You see, Dell was there at the beginning of the PC revolution… and over 10 years, it continued to hand investors massive gains – 91,000% by the time the '90s came to an end… enough to turn $5,000 into more than $4.5 million.

Back in 1993, a tiny company named Gilead Sciences burst onto the scene with the most innovative biotech I think I've ever seen. Their flu treatment – Tamiflu – was the beginning of a medical transformation.

For more than 10 years, investors collected unbelievable profits – ultimately, reaching 23,000% peak gains on Gilead stock. That's over 230 times your money – enough to turn $4,000 into almost $1 million.

Then in 1997, Qualcomm came out of nowhere with cellular networks – creating the entirely new mobile phone market. Shares sold for $2.50 at the time. But then it went on an epic multiyear run, handing early investors peak gains of 3,400% – enough to turn $10,000 into $350,000.

These monumental technologies – the biotech breakthroughs, the mobile phone, and the PC revolutions – were huge moneymakers during my career. But I truly believe they will pale in comparison to what AI is capable of.

AI could be the greatest wealth creator we've ever seen. It is truly world changing.

The economic impact of AI is projected to hit $15.7 trillion by 2030. That means AI will be the biggest capital wave in history and the greatest stock-buying opportunity of our lives.

The problem is… most people are investing in the wrong companies – the blue chips: Microsoft, Google, Nvidia, or Amazon – thinking that's where the biggest AI wealth is falling. That's not what I'm after… not even close.

Not when young companies with transformative AI can deliver 10X, 20X – 30X – gains.

So let's get into it.

The first company already has signed contracts equivalent to double their market cap, and it's all because of a fact you need to understand as soon as possible.

America's military is on a secret AI-spending boom of epic proportions. The Pentagon requested $874 million for AI last year. DARPA – the innovation arm of the U.S. military – is expected to spend over $2 billion on AI tech over the next two to three years.

And most likely, that number is a fraction of the real amount being spent… because it doesn't include all the secretive black-budget money probably flowing into Homeland Security, the CIA, the NSA, and all the other intelligence agencies protecting our great country.

On top of that, the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence is calling for the U.S. military to invest $8 billion a year or risk falling behind China.

AI military contractors are already snapping up megadollar contracts. Of course, you have the usual suspects like Raytheon, General Dynamics, and Boeing.

But the Department of Defense knows the breakthrough AI is coming from new, innovative companies most people have never heard of – including this first AI company I want to tell you about who just vaulted to prime contractor status with their instant battle plan AI technology I call WarWise.

Now, I have to tell you – much of the WarWise program is highly classified. So I'm not privy to all the case studies and uses. But what I do know about it is absolutely jarring.

Say we've got a Marine captain on the battlefield. He and his men just got orders to destroy an enemy communication compound. Now, the first thing the captain has to do is figure out how to attack and destroy the compound without losing his own men.

Well… using this new, miraculous AI from this tiny company, the captain could simply tap a few buttons – and within nanoseconds, create the absolute best possible attack plan to render that enemy communications compound obsolete.

You see, this military AI would already have all the intel about the enemy – its estimated size, weapons on hand, its strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies.

It would also know the full topography, the exact location of the enemy position, the best points of attack… it would be in active contact with surveillance from satellites, spy planes, drones – even scouts laying under camouflage.

And all of this information would be given to our Marine captain in a nanosecond. Yes, the AI would act as the de facto general in the field… with more knowledge in its – quote, unquote – brain than even the smartest human could possibly retain.

You see… amazingly, this AI would have in its databank every last detail ever recorded about military history – every battle, every operation, every plan, every success, every failure – and could use that information to provide a specific Plan A, B and even C to our Marine captain in the blink of an eye.

It's also capable of making instant adjustments if necessary. Let's say our captain and his men get pinned down by sniper fire while attacking the enemy compound. All he has to do is ask WarWise for help getting him out of the crossfire.

In real time – fractions of a second – WarWise analyzes his situation, gets real-time data from a drone… a scout… a high-altitude surveillance jet… even gives the captain the exact position of the sniper.

Just imagine how this new AI will change warfare forever… and the huge advantage American armed forces will have with this AI technology. Imagine the thousands upon thousands of American lives it could save.

This kind of AI can make decisions a million times faster than humans can.

That's why it's being called the U.S. military's triple-threat system… because one: It visualizes, details, and maps out an entire battlefield in ways humans can't – with millions of data points that can be used to supercharge decision making.

Two: It uncovers new developments from aerial reconnaissance and makes exceptionally accurate predictions.

And three: It responds to changing conditions to update battle plans with new tactics. And it does all this in one-billionth of the time MacArthur, Patton, Eisenhower, or the most brilliant military tactician could ever dream of.

The AI from this little company is so remarkable it could tell our armed forces how and where to eliminate the enemy almost instantaneously. So you can see why an organization like DARPA would spend years trying to develop this.

Now… in case you didn't know, DARPA invented some of the most important technologies in history – GPS, the computer mouse, and no… Al Gore didn't create the internet.

DARPA did. And even though DARPA has been working on their own version of WarWise, this little company beat them to the punch.

In fact, it already has near $1 billion in Pentagon contracts, which is a complete game changer for this tiny, tiny firm – a firm that is less than 2% of the value of Howitzer artillery maker BAE Systems… less than 1% as big as military behemoth General Dynamics… and less than 0.04% of Lockheed Martin's equity valuation.

Their AI is so advanced they're already working with virtually every part of our military. In fact… after winning the Advanced Naval Technology Exercise AI Prize Challenge, they won a sole-source multimillion-dollar contract with the U.S. Army.

They have a five-year contract with the NSA to develop and support strategic priorities and operations. Their AI tools were selected by DARPA for an intersatellite laser communications terminal… and earlier this year, they were awarded a 10-year near billion-dollar contract by the U.S. Air Force.

Listen – U.S. military spending on AI is expected to more than double to $22.6 billion a year by 2032. And this tiny company is set to gain a major portion of that.

The best part for you is the company's stock sells for only a few bucks. But I don't expect that to last for long.

Their CEO is a 15-year IBM exec steeped in AI experience – including building Watson AI into a billion-dollar-a-year revenue machine… and now she is fully expected to do the same thing with this tiny company.

The fact is… since she's been in place, it's already pulling in some very nice revenue.

ChatGPT made a measly $80 million last year, but the company behind WarWise generated $255 million.

She's expected to soon drive annual revenue to a billion dollars or more. But that's just the beginning.

Because decision-making AI isn't just for the military. All kinds of industries need it. In fact, the possibilities are endless for this little company's WarWise AI.

It could potentially be used by border patrol to put the hammer down on drug cartels… it could be used by police to hunt down serial killers… it could be used to find missing persons… any law enforcement decision-making you could think of.

And the plan is to use industry-specific versions of it for dozens of other verticals – especially the $800 billion health-care market… a market the new CEO of this tiny company has a ton of experience in.

In fact, she spent over a decade in health care – including about four years with IBM's Watson health-care unit. And everyone knows AI will be integral to the health-care market over the coming years.

We're talking about new drug discoveries that could treat or even cure the most deadly diseases like cancer, Alzheimer's, kidney disease, or using AI-assisted robotics to enhance surgical precision and reduce recovery times… extending human life with gene editing by turning your genetic markers on or off even before someone is born.

The AI health-care market is projected to grow more than 10X over the next decade. Penetrating the health-care market by just a half of a percent by 2030 would mean almost $1 billion in revenue – meaning this little company's AI could be the game changer in health care.

They're off to a very quick start. The company's AI for hospitals has already helped hundreds of health-care organizations get an edge. It's a massive growth opportunity.

Like I said… right now, this company's stock is under $5. I've crunched the numbers. Based on just potential future Pentagon contracts alone…

If the company only captures a mere 5% of the air defense market, the stock has the potential to skyrocket near 1,100% in the next three years.

Again, that doesn't even factor in what they could make in health care. That's why I believe this little rocket is on the launchpad.

Of course, it's speculative. Small-cap stocks always involve more risk.

But as this company potentially becomes the go-to military option for advanced AI, it could turn a tiny stake into the biggest gain of your life in the next few years.

I have reason to believe it could start moving higher right away. You see, my research shows big players on Wall Street just discovered this little company.

In fact, the guys at Goldman Sachs just picked up a sizable stake. I'm betting they'll soon start recommending it to all their clients.

Just the military market could boost this little stock 1,100%. In a $22.6 billion market, that's impressive – no doubt. But when you look at the total addressable market – including health care – we're looking at upwards of $310 billion by 2026.

Listen. This technology is transforming the most important sectors of the U.S. economy. This kind of breakthrough from a tiny company comes around only once in a decade or two.

Look – everyone knows Amazon now… Google now… Facebook now… but years ago, they were no-names – like this company is today.

Same with Everyone knows them now. But 15 years ago, you had to call your travel agent to book a trip. revolutionized the travel industry online and rocketed to a 5,500% peak gain.

Whoever heard of Shopify in 2015? Not many. It was an unknown then. Yet it revolutionized e-commerce and soared to a peak 8,700% gain in a little over six years.

I believe history is about to repeat itself with this AI military and health-care firm – a moonshot into the biggest tech revolution of our lifetimes.

That's AI firm number one. Let's move on.

Ever wonder why it takes so long to get through security checks at airports around the world?

Metal detectors and X-ray machines – that's why. They're slow. They're invasive. They're completely outdated. The fact is… they're just downright frustrating for the average person to deal with.

But worst of all… they're not accurate and cause all kinds of false positives.

Fortunately, we now have an alternative – an AI alternative that could make you rich. It's one of the biggest breakthrough AI devices I've ever seen.

Picture being at O'Hare airport. You're in the security line to enter your terminal. You go through the metal detector – arms up over your head.

The technology that's currently in those metal detectors is called Advanced Imaging Technology – AIT. And it's over a dozen years old – 12 years old is flat-out ancient for such critical security technology.

And it's dangerous. In fact, the Department of Homeland Security and the TSA recently conducted an internal investigation. It revealed that undercover investigators were able to smuggle bombs and banned weapons through the security systems at dozens of America's busiest airports.

These undercover investigators reported 67 out of 70 tests failed to detect the weapons. That's a 95% failure rate. That's absolutely frightening.

It's why I believe this new AI technology is on the cusp of replacing every TSA screener in every airport in America. It's 1,000 times more advanced at detecting illegal and dangerous weapons.

And it's fast. In fact, it's 10 times faster than ordinary metal detectors. That means no more delays as security guards run you through a machine or wave a wand all over your body or – for crying out loud – have to pat you down.

This AI device scans everyone with speed, safety, and gives ultimate security. Here's how it works.

You walk through their device at a normal speed. Their detector is infused with artificial intelligence so highly sensitive that even a trace amount of metal can be found.

But the magic isn't in just detecting metal. It's interpreting what that metal is using artificial intelligence. This AI's magic ignores your watch, your sunglasses – even your car keys. It knows the difference between a cufflink and a gun… a belt buckle and a knife.

Once these devices are in airports across America, you can bring in your water… leave your shoes on… and pass through quickly – without worry. For law-abiding citizens, it's going to make getting through airport security a breeze – not to mention make flying on a plane so much safer.

And it's not just airports. This AI is also being used to protect law-abiding American citizens from random gun violence.

Listen – I hate saying this… but every single day, we lose a dozen children to gun violence. It's tragic. And I know we all want to stop it. But how?

A start would be foolproof security for over 130,000 schools in the United States. This little company is going to do just that.

In fact, schools in Atlanta have just started using their technology. You can bet the students, teachers, and administrators at those schools are breathing a sigh of relief. It's 10 times faster than metal detectors.

And because this problem is so critical… you can bet most of America's school districts will follow suit. The government has allocated $150 billion in federal money to improve school safety. This little AI company is in prime position to grab a huge chunk of that.

This is exactly why it's attracting so many big-time investors. I'm talking about former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, tool conglomerate Stanley Black & Decker, Super Bowl-winning quarterback Peyton Manning, and Bill Gates too.

My research shows Gates recently purchased 2.5 million shares. Why would Bill Gates buy shares in a tiny AI company most people have never heard of? Because right now, this company is growing like a weed.

In the fourth quarter of 2022, revenue shot up 217% year over year. Sales rocketed 222%.

Plus, they're sporting $465 million worth of backlog, and they're just scratching the surface… a shot at completely overhauling America's entire airline security – a $20 billion market… and another potential $150 billion from America's schools.

But it gets even better. This tiny company is already making great strides in the very lucrative health-care market.

Listen to this. There are 6,000 hospitals in the United States alone right now. 70 of those hospitals are security screening using this amazing AI device.

It's proving itself big-time. In fact, one large urban hospital detected seven handguns and nine knives in the first 40 days of using it.

And implementing the system rapidly was a snap – including training. It's fast, it's accurate, and it's going to save a ton of time.

And it's not just schools and hospitals. It's the $50 billion concert and event promotion industry where this AI security can be used in venues all over America.

There are also billions of dollars more protecting churches, synagogues and mosques, political events, public gatherings, government buildings, courthouses, business conferences, and more.

And how about the $15 billion sporting event security industry for baseball, basketball, hockey and – of course – football?

In fact, this company's AI security technology is already being used at First Energy Stadium – home of the NFL's Cleveland Browns.

In their first year as a customer, they shrank their security footprint from 100 metal detectors down to 12 AI-enabled systems. And in their first test, they screened a whopping 18,000 guests in a mere 45 minutes.

Let me cut to the chase. This AI company is already taking the $119 billion public safety market by storm.

Its customer list is rapidly expanding: Gillette Stadium, the Met, Butler University, Hard Rock, and almost 1,700 hospitals, schools, stadiums, and all kinds of other businesses. It's stopped more than 100,000 weapons from coming into various venues last year.

And here's the part I love as a stock picker. What is the ideal revenue stream for any company? A recurring revenue stream is hands down my favorite.

Why do you think Microsoft started selling its most popular software – Microsoft Office – by subscription only? Why do you think Netflix grew so fast? Why do you think Amazon made Subscribe & Save its default option for shoppers?

Because a recurring revenue stream gives the business three huge advantages.

First, it provides a steady, expected stream of income that helps a business predict future cash flows and manage expenses better. Second, a recurring revenue stream is more predictable than others – meaning it reduces risks and boosts growth potential. Finally, it's the kind of income that attracts investment to fuel growth.

And what I really love about their recurring revenue stream is it's not annual. It's a four-year deal. That locks customers into long-term commitments. Here's what that could mean.

By 2025, the total addressable market they're selling into is expected to reach $100 billion. I believe if everything continues going right, they could 10X their revenue by then. That would mean close to a 1,200% pop.

And with their recurring revenue model, this stock could pay you several times over for years.

Listen – these two AI companies I've told you about so far prove that we are witnessing massive digital destruction right now. This is what happens when a new, innovative digital technology disrupts old businesses.

It destroys static technology and replaces it with new, more advanced technology that learns. It happened when the computer replaced the typewriter… the smartphone replaced the BlackBerry… when digital music replaced CDs.

When this happens, it's not just the technology that gets replaced. Entire companies fall off a cliff. In fact… according to the Harvard Business Review: Since 2000, 52% of companies in the Fortune 500 have been replaced as a result of digital destruction. AI is set to be the newest form of digital destruction.

Make no mistake – it's going to burn dozens of old-guard companies to the ground over the next 10 years. In their place will be a whole slew of new companies like the ones you're learning about today – companies 99% of people don't even know exist yet.

Remember, shares of tiny companies that cause digital destruction are usually a few bucks – meaning they have more room to grow and can give you the absolute biggest returns.

Take for example Riot Blockchain – a tiny company that soared after innovating the blockchain business just a few years ago. In just a year, it produced massive gains of 10,700% – enough to turn a $5,000 investment into $540,000.

I expect the two companies we already covered to do the same thing. Same goes with this next AI play – a very special situation.

It's an American company designing new technology that is solely responsible for making AI see. What do I mean?

Well, take a look at this – at five nanometers, this technology is so small and thin it's microscopic. You could fit 200,000 of these things across the head of a pin.

And yet they're so powerful they can make machines actually see the world around them. They're AI vision chips.

The AI chip war is happening right now. And it's centered around these miraculous chips because they can process visual data at lightning-fast speeds for AI to interpret.

We're talking about trillions of operations every second. Stack that up against today's top PC processor – which can do about 4 billion a second.

They're also the tiniest chips ever created. And at $10,000 a pop, they are going to make this company a fortune. They're vital in an AI market because AI needs superfast chips that can see in order to process so much data.

Think of it as the eyes of AI, and companies are scrambling like mad to get these chips to fuel their own AI projects. I'm talking about electric vehicles and autonomous cars – a market forecast to be more than $127 billion by 2027.

This tiny company is already partnering with Mercedes Benz, Ford, Rivian, Renault, and Toyota. And they're being used in China – where the EV market is expected to hit $323 billion in sales by 2027. I believe these AI vision chips could dominate the world's EV market in the next five years.

They're also being used for traffic flow analysis to eliminate backups, road condition monitoring to get rid of potholes, and the automotive industry is just the beginning for this company's AI vision chips.

They're also being used in X-ray analysis, cancer detection, self-checkout at grocery stores, automated product assembly, livestock health monitoring… the list goes on and on.

It's not a fantasy. It's happening now. They'll be huge in the military market for these kinds of chips. These AI vision chips can be used in everything from autonomous drones and armored vehicles to hypersonic missiles.

And of course, they'll also be huge in the $22 billion robotics market. It includes robots for manufacturing, robots for assembly, robots for oil drilling and gold extraction – even robotic surgeries to replace knees and hips are going to be commonplace in the next few years.

And they all need AI vision chips.

Even the NYPD is rolling out its first-responder robot. Starting this summer, they can be used in fire, radiation, chemical spills…

They call them Digidogs. They're remote-controlled four-legged units that can climb stairs. They'll be investigating sites with possible hazardous materials or approaching barricaded suspects.

No doubt police all over the country will be using them in the very near future. Soon, we could see them in Chicago, San Francisco, Detroit, Baltimore – all the hot spots where crime is way too high.

And this little-known company is the brains behind the AI vision chips. Nobody can touch them. In fact, they've practically cornered the market with 299 patents. These patents on their AI vision chips could be the most valuable asset they own.

If Elon Musk wants to use them for Tesla cars or his Optimus robot, he will have to pay. If Ford or GM want to use them… if Mercedes, BMW, Volvo – any car company who wants to use their intellectual property – the cash register could just keep ringing and ringing and ringing.

Now… in addition to the patents and the AI revolution happening before our eyes, there's one more huge catalyst occurring right now for this company.

You see… right now, the United States is going full force into securing global economic dominance in AI – and there's one thing driving it all… chips. That's why Congress passed the CHIPs Act.

Finally, we have a home-grown supply of chips – especially the most advanced… like AI vision chips. We're talking about an investment of $280 billion over 10 years.

For the first time in history, the money will be used to create high-tech hubs not in China… not in Taiwan… but right here in America. It's already rolling out.

For example, Texas Instruments is set to build an $11 billion semiconductor plant in Utah. ENP Shield has plans for a $1.9 billion chip plant in Burlington, Kansas. Taiwan Semiconductor – the world's biggest and most advanced chipmaker – committed to a $40 billion investment in Arizona.

But that's only the beginning. Hundreds of billions of dollars more could pour into U.S. chip manufacturing. This AI vision chip company stands to be a huge benefactor. It's as sure a bet as selling picks and shovels during the Gold Rush.

Right now, this little company is dwarfed by Micron, AMD, and NVIDIA. Its market cap is a measly 2% of Intel. But look what happened when those semiconductor companies developed their most advanced chips.

This was the first generation of chips – transformative technology that created an entire new market and decades of profits for investors. Look at Intel and NVIDIA and AMD.

But they remind me most of Micron Technology. I'm talking about when Micron took the chip industry by storm with their innovative random access memory chip just when the PC revolution was getting started.

In a little over two years, it jumped to a peak 2,100% gain. That's 21 times your money. That's what a stock like this AI vision chip company can do for you.

It can take over an industry with something brand new, then take over the world in a couple of years. I believe this stock could be one of the top 10 biggest chip companies in the world.

90% of people will be kicking themselves – wondering why they didn't get a stake when it was still cheap. But you can get in now and have a front-row seat to the biggest profits.

Look, AI is what I call a superinnovation wave. With AI technology, we're going to see a revolution unlike anything in history – because artificial intelligence is a huge game changer for every industry on earth. It's potentially worth as much as $200 trillion to the global economy.

And let me make a very big prediction. This superinnovation AI wave is going to shuffle the entire list of Fortune 500 companies. It happened before.

Take a look at the 10 largest companies in America 40 years ago – during the computer boom… 30 years ago – during the internet boom… 20 years ago – during the smartphone boom… and now we have AI.

Time and time again, we witnessed major rotations caused by new technology. The computer… the internet… the smartphone… all created new companies that replaced old companies and created massive global wealth.

And I firmly believe the AI companies I've revealed to you today will be leading this massive new wealth cycle. How can I be so sure? I've been doing this for over 40 years.

I started as a trader at the CBOE – the Chicago Board of Options Exchange. I ran the futures and options division at Lloyds Bank – one of Britain's largest banks. I spent over a decade running two hedge funds.

After all these years, there are two things I know for sure. Number one: The tiniest companies produce the largest gains. And two: Investing in small, early-stage businesses has to be strategic…

Which is why I've distilled all my experience, knowledge, and successes into a straightforward framework that I use myself to evaluate every early-stage investment opportunity that comes my way.

I call it L.A.U.N.C.H. It's a six-part stock-evaluation system that targets and evaluates the best small companies in the world.

Right now, there are more than 1,800 early-stage publicly traded stocks around $5 a share – but most are worthless. Only around 20 to 30 are worth investing in at any given time. My L.A.U.N.C.H. system whittles it down to only the best.

Let me show you how it works – starting with L: leaders. Steve Jobs is the epitome of what I'm looking for. Not every company will have a genius like Jobs running their company… but for it to be worth my money, they better be close.

Listen – Steve Jobs built the Mac, the iPod, the iPad, and the iPhone. Over 26 years of innovation, he guided shareholders to a ridiculous 133,000% return – enough to grow money 1,300 times over… turning a $3,000 stake into $3.4 million.

Those are exactly the kinds of spectacular gains I'm looking for – tiny stocks with top leaders across all industries.

All three AI companies we talked about today fit my leader criteria perfectly – like the WarWise company whose CEO helped build Watson. That's why I believe they could have the same price trajectory as Apple.

Next, A: acceleration. I need to know if the company is targeting a fast-growing market. Do they have a high compound annual growth rate? Does the industry have tailwinds?

Permian Resources is a great example. During the pandemic – when the price of oil plummeted – everyone knew prices had nowhere to go but up.

The market accelerated fast – and so did this company. Shareholders who got in for a measly $0.53 managed a peak 2,133% return. That's 21 times your money.

Right now, AI is in hyperacceleration mode – just like oil was when Permian Resources took off. That's why I believe the gains could be in the same ballpark.

Next is U: for a unique edge. I'm looking for unique edges that give companies competitive advantages like high market share, fast scalability, or higher profit margins and earnings.

Take Salesforce. It started as a tiny company that nobody heard of, but they had a unique edge with their best-in-class product suite.

It was soon used by 90% of all Fortune 500 companies, and it sent Salesforce's stock into orbit – with the stock soaring a peak 13,000% in 17 years. That's 131 times more money for shareholders.

Again, all three of the AI stocks I told you about today have a distinctive unique edge.

The military AI beat DARPA to the punch and locked in almost $1 billion in contracts.

The public safety AI has the ability to tell the difference between a cufflink and a gun – even if it's buried deep in a suitcase.

The AI computer vision chip company has 29 patents that Elon Musk would need to pay for.

So chalk up a unique edge for all three.

Next, N: for numbers. The health of any company is dependent on its operating numbers. I'm looking for price-to-sales numbers, quarterly revenue growth figures, gross margins, net margins…

I want to see plenty of cash on hand, cash flow, manageable debt loads, and good current ratios that show a company can easily pay their bills. Plus, I'm looking at the stock price history, insider and institutional ownership, short interest, and 40 other critical numbers.

Netflix is a great example. You may forget – Netflix was once a tiny company trading for pennies on the dollar. But take a look at how the numbers sent Netflix on a rocket ride.

Netflix stock soared to peak gains of more than 26,000% in 14 years – 267 times the money for shareholders. Look – it's numbers that make the business… and I'm doing the hard work – grinding through all the math.

Next, C: for capitalization. Capitalization refers to the equity and debt structure that a company uses to run and – more importantly – grow its business. A company's capitalization is its foundation. And it shows me their building blocks.

I evaluated Facebook years ago – excellent capitalization structure, plenty of cash, very low debt. That's how they acquired some 94 companies for a price tag of around $23 billion – leading to windfall profits for investors. We're talking about 1,900% in less than a decade – almost 20 times the money for shareholders.

Now, a lot of companies have all those attributes… but unless they have all six, I'm not interested. And the sixth is critical.

That's H: for Heat Factor. Heat Factor is sentiment. It's zeitgeist – the one thing everyone's talking about at the same time… the ideas that are most exciting.

Take chipmaker Nvidia: A few years ago, you couldn't tune into Fox Business or CNBC without hearing about their revolutionary graphics chips for video gaming and crypto.

And look at how the stock absolutely skyrocketed. Heat Factor sent NVIDIA into hyperspace – peaking up over 30,000% in less than two decades. That's more than 300 times an investor's money – enough to turn $3,500 into more than $1 million.

And let's face it – the Heat Factor has never been turned up as hot as it is right now for artificial intelligence. The three AI companies I told you about today have a Heat Factor that's off the charts. All three could produce the biggest gains of your lifetime.

After more than 40 years of investing, I've never seen anything that comes close to this… which is why I'm doing something exciting today. For the first time ever, I'm sharing L.A.U.N.C.H. with you.

I've started a new research and recommendation service called Launch Investor.

My goal is simple. I'm going to show you how to play the most exciting and potentially lucrative stocks in America for under $5.

These are the young and exciting stocks that are primed to be the biggest winners over the next few years – stocks that can give you extraordinary gains like you've seen today. Just look at some of the best-performing historical examples of companies that met my L.A.U.N.C.H. criteria. It's astounding.

Are these peak gains hard to capture without perfect timing? Of course they are. But there's no doubt that simply by targeting companies like these – companies that can produce rare and exceptional gains – you could do very well for yourself and your family.

And within minutes of joining me, you're going to get immediate access to dossiers with the three breakthrough AI stocks that we covered today.

They include L.A.U.N.C.H. AI breakthrough stock number one: The Military "WarWise" AI that has already locked down Pentagon contracts worth almost $1 billion.

L.A.U.N.C.H. AI breakthrough stock number two: The Public Safety AI company with contracts in major schools, hospitals, and stadiums who's just skyrocketed by 217%.

L.A.U.N.C.H. AI breakthrough stock number three: The AI Vision Chip Company with 29 patents set to create massive revenue through the EV car boom and robotics.

Each stock recommendation contains my complete six-point analysis.

You'll get a full briefing on the company's leaders; the accelerators – tailwinds sending their stocks soaring; the unique edge – an engine of hypergrowth; the numbers – profits, margins, cash flow, liabilities; the capitalization – the capital structure that guides their growth; and all the Heat Factors I believe will launch the stocks into the stratosphere.

You'll get all three dossiers the moment you come on board, but that's just the beginning. This $15.7 trillion AI revolution is going to create massive opportunities for many, many years to come.

And I'll be using my six-point L.A.U.N.C.H. system to find the best, most exciting AI opportunities for you well into the future. We'll be looking at AI big data firms, AI chipmakers, AI robotic companies, AI quantum computers… the list goes on and on.

In fact, get excited – because I have two more tiny but brilliant AI companies I'm close to pulling the trigger on right now. As a member of my Launch Investor, you'll be the first to get them.

Each is trading for under $5, but I believe they could soon soar. So I'm going to get them to you as soon as they're ready.

And that's not all. You're going to have a chance to profit from dozens of companies in other industries as well. All of these stocks will be around $5 but will give you a chance for extraordinary gains.

For example, I love the oil and energy space right now. I'm using L.A.U.N.C.H. to drill down tiny American oil and natural resources stocks on the verge of exploding with new innovations.

These companies are using breakthrough drilling technologies like extended-reach drilling and advanced seismic imaging, which reduces the risks and costs associated with exploration.

There's a ton of tiny companies in the Permian right now pulling in huge revenue from oil – companies that remind me of Pioneer Natural Resources… a fracking leader that met my six-point L.A.U.N.C.H. criteria. It rocketed up to a peak of 1,670% in about four and a half years with their superinnovation.

Well, the next Pioneer is coming fast… and it's in the Permian oil field. I'm looking at every single company there trading under $5. I'm going to send these plays to my subscribers as soon as they're ready to go.

Remember, we'll be targeting massive gains from tiny companies selling around $5.

I've got several more I love right now in biotech companies like Exact Sciences – which fit my L.A.U.N.C.H. criteria to a T. It revolutionized detection of early-stage cancers and soared to a peak of almost 3,000% in less than five years.

There are several biotech firms I'm putting through L.A.U.N.C.H. right now. I'm talking about biotech firms working on human longevity. The market there is projected to be worth trillions of dollars.

This was the number-one topic of conversation at the latest Davos Summit with the world's biggest investors and dozens of global leaders. We're talking about personalized stem cell therapies; telomere extension – slowing down the aging process; and the big one – age reversal.

Yes, the fountain of youth.

I put several of these companies through my L.A.U.N.C.H. system already. And as a member of Launch Investor, you'll be the first to get them. I'm also targeting opportunities in quantum computing, Web3, robotics, gold miners, digital assets, virtual reality – stocks in all these areas are being vetted by L.A.U.N.C.H.

Let me put it this way. These will be opportunities with 10X potential. And as a member of Launch Investor, you'll have priority access.

In fact… twice a month, you're going to get a new play directly from me – hopefully more, if they meet the L.A.U.N.C.H. criteria. That's 24 opportunities to make a fortune every year.

Every recommendation will go through L.A.U.N.C.H. That means you'll get a steady flow of stocks trading around $5 that are primed to double, triple, or quadruple over the next 12 to 36 months.

Of course, these are tiny companies – and that means you should never put all your eggs in one basket. You should never invest more than you can afford to lose.

That's why every recommendation comes with an urgent Buy Alert with the exact buy-up-to price that I recommend for each play.

These stocks can move quite a bit, but I want you to be disciplined in your approach. My goal is for you to follow my lead and have the same discipline I used for years as a hedge fund manager.

When it's time to take profits, I'll send you an urgent Sell Alert. It'll tell you exactly how much of your position to cash out.

Listen – you will never be in the dark. I'm going to be by your side – showing you how to play every one of these opportunities.

In fact… every week, we'll get together for a private video meeting through my personal Zoom account. I'll share with you my current research, new stock ideas, our Model Portfolio, expected price movements… we'll game plan all our positions together. I'll be 100% transparent on each of them.

Don't worry if you miss one. All my members will have access to a full recording on a password-protected website.

There, you'll also have full access to all my research, exclusive trading videos, all my investor stock reports, and – of course – our Model Portfolio, so you can track your progress. 

Of course, our VIP team services is ready to answer any subscription questions you have. Just send them an email or call them during business hours, and one of our team members will take care of you.

If you're with me, you're going to be with me and my whole team. After all, we're on an epic quest together.

L.A.U.N.C.H. does all the hard work – screening the 1,800 stocks under $5 in the markets, whittling down the list to the top 2%, and using my hedge fund and investing experience – even my finely honed trading intuition that I've developed over 40 years in the markets.

And let me tell you… it's a lot of work – work I will never share with my viewers on Fox Business.

So if you're looking for some of the biggest potential winners in the markets over the next few years, this is your landing spot. It doesn't get any better.

As long as you're willing to follow my rules, I'm inviting you to join me today as a VIP member.

After my 40-year career in the markets, it's my way of giving back to regular folks – instead of serving the richest of us like I did in my hedge funds.

When I was in the hedge fund world, we charged very wealthy clients 2% of their portfolio as a management fee and took up to 50% of the profits. I made ridiculous amounts of money – and so did my clients.

So if I wanted to, I could just do this for free – especially since all I want is a small group with me on this journey.

But you know what? Here's one thing I've learned about people.

No one values free advice… but when they have skin in the game, they pay attention and do the right thing for themselves.

In other words, they invest in themselves. That's why there's going to be a small membership fee to join. Believe me – it's a steal when you consider the value I'm giving.

Not only will you get all three of the dossiers I told you about… you're going to get up to 24 meticulously researched recommendations over the next 12 months – so you can build a rock-solid portfolio of small, explosive companies with off-the-charts potential. If the stock passes L.A.U.N.C.H., we'll get ready for action.

But there's one more caveat. Remember – these stocks are small and way off the beaten path. So I'm only going to let 150 new charter members in today.

That's because I want you to get in on these stocks on the ground floor. I want to sneak into these stocks under the radar – before people on Wall Street start noticing them.

I've got a reputation for beating Wall Street to the punch – and now that can be your ace in the hole. I know I'm going to crush the Street with these three stocks that I'm ready to deliver to you right now.

So are you ready to join me in Launch Investor? All you have to do is click the button below. It takes you to a secure page where you'll see everything you get and secure your one-in-150 spot.

And if you'd rather talk to a real human being on my team, you can do that too.

If you have any questions about the service and how it'll work for you, please contact my very knowledgeable Customer Service team at the number on your screen.

It's been my pleasure to share this breakthrough artificial intelligence stock briefing with you all today.

We've never had an opportunity staring us in the face like this – a $217 trillion AI boom. The fact is… we're about to see more changes in the next couple of years than we've ever seen in the history of mankind – change you have the opportunity to profit from.

Just click the link below and make the best of this historic opportunity and these little-known stocks.

I'm Shah Gilani. Thank you for joining me today. I'll see you guys soon.
August, 2023


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