Award-Winning Investment Expert Who Called Netflix at $6 (Up 10,000%) Presents...

The Jaw-Dropping “VPO” Investment That Made Jeff Bezos BILLIONS


2,201% in six years on DoorDash...

4,900% in four years on WhatsApp...

118,000% gain on Facebook in seven years.

233,000% on Juniper Networks in three years.

1.8 million percent in a decade on Airbnb...

For Main Street Americans who see an average of just 2.9% a year from stocks...

Astronomical gains like these may seem impossible.

But for an elite group of connected investors at the top of the food chain, they are entirely possible.

These high-level investors routinely expect to see up to 100X their money on the best companies.

And even though they aren’t right all the time... when they’ve gotten it right, the paydays have been so big... they are world-changing.

As Jeff Bezos says...


Mark Cuban has a saying...


And that certainly rings true with VPOs.

Incredibly, every American with $100 has access to “100X VPO” opportunities right now.

But like most people, you may have no idea.

You won’t find them on any exchange.

You can’t get them from a broker.

And unless you’re a mega-rich pro investor like Bezos, Cuban, Peter Thiel or Ron Conway...

Nobody’s going to tell you about them.

But I will.

Because if you have $100... or even less, in some cases...

Then you can get in on the same kinds of opportunities the ultra-elite have used to create generational wealth.

I call them VPOs.

I want to be clear...

They’re not regular IPOs. Not even close.

I’ll explain the one key difference in a moment.

But the staggering gains you saw a moment ago didn’t happen on the open market.

They were handed out to private VPO investors.

Folks who got in before headline-grabbing IPO days or major buyouts.

Like on DoorDash.

It was up 85% in its first day of trading after the regular IPO.


But VPO investors had the chance to see 25X that return.


Airbnb had an even bigger debut. It more than doubled its IPO price.


Not bad. But VPO investors captured 15,953X that.


Enough to turn every $100 into more than $1.5 million.


Now, here’s the thing... you couldn’t have gotten in on those VPOs back then.

There was no way.

But today... thanks to some major moves by the SEC... regular folks can finally get in on special VPO opportunities like these.

The best part is: You don’t have to be an elite multimillionaire investor.

Anyone with as little as $100 can do this.

And once you hear about the VPO opportunity I’m locked onto today...

Buckle up.

Because I believe it could be among the biggest unicorns in history.

If I’m right, the gains may be far bigger than anything you’ve seen so far.

And it could hold the power to create generational wealth for your family.

The BIGGEST Opportunity I’ve Ever Handed to Regular Americans


Hi, I’m Andy Snyder.

For the last two decades, I’ve made a career out of helping hundreds of thousands of regular people grow their wealth.

In 2009, I told readers that Netflix would be “the winner” in entertainment.

It traded for about $6 back then. Folks who paid attention had a shot at 116X their money when it recently hit $690.


That same year, I clued readers in to Patrick Industries. I said this manufacturing juggernaut was rebounding nicely alongside the housing market.

Back then, it traded for just over a buck. Yet it recently hit $97. That’s 81X... more than 8,000%... in a little over 12 years.


In fact, The Wall Street Journal confirms Tesla is the only stock on the market that has done better than Patrick Industries in the last decade.

I also pointed readers to Advanced Micro Devices. In April 2008, I said that smart investors had “a shot at big money.”

It was around $6 then. Yet recently it hit $150 for a 2,400% gain.

That’s 25X.

And it’s “big money.” Just as I predicted.


But here’s the thing...

Thanks to a new law with HUGE implications for Main Street Americans...

I predict VPOs will be even better – and MUCH bigger.

And you could be among the first to have a shot at what I believe will be some of the biggest wealth-building opportunities of all time.

You’re about to see how much more lucrative VPOs can be than regular stocks... and how easy it is to get started.

Plus, I’ll show you my simple but powerful “100X VPO Equation.” I created it to help spot the next big VPO unicorns, like Uber.

And speaking of unicorns...

I’ll reveal the #1 secret that allows the world’s most elite investors to spot them.

But first, I want to answer a key question...

What is a VPO... and what makes it so different from a regular IPO?

VPOs: The Most Powerful Wealth-Building Tool You AREN’T Using

A regular IPO, of course, is when a private company goes public. It’s when regular people finally have a chance to get in.

Now, as I’ve shown you... you can do fine on a regular IPO. You might make 50 or even 100%.

But as with most things in life... the “best” is NOT reserved for the public.

The biggest money is made long before the regular IPO.

It’s in what I call the Venture Private Offering, or VPO.

The VPO is when shares of an exciting new company become available to the connected, ultra-rich angel investors.

I’m talking about the world’s most elite investors, who have the best opportunities thrown at their feet. Like Mark Cuban, Peter Thiel and Jeff Bezos.

When these guys get in, the biggest gains are still all out in front.

Look at Jeff Bezos’ investment in Google.

He was able to get in at the VPO stage... six years before the public got access through the normal IPO in 2004.

He put in $250,000. And today, those shares are worth at least $3 billion.

That’s a 1.1 million percent return. And it’s 192X bigger than the gains regular folks have had the chance to see since Google’s normal IPO.


Or look at Snap.

This company created the popular Snapchat app. It’s up about 112% since the public had the chance to buy it at its regular IPO in 2017.

But VPO investors who got in two years earlier are up more than 3,700% today. That’s about 33X the normal IPO.


Now, these aren’t what you’d call “quick gains.”

And for smart investors, that’s fine.

Because as you just saw... VPOs offer returns that blow the doors off of what the general public sees.

When VPOs pay off... they can pay off BIG.

And here’s the thing...

I believe we’re about to enter the golden age of VPOs.

Because private companies are turning into unicorns – meaning, they’re topping a $1 billion valuation – at a faster rate than any other time in history.

In fact, new unicorns increased by nearly 500% from the middle of 2020 to the middle of 2021.


That means the VPO opportunities are now bigger and faster-moving than ever before.

There’s just one problem...

How in the world do you get access to the investment opportunities that elite angel investors get?

In days gone by, it was almost impossible...

You’d need to be “accredited” in order to get in on exciting opportunities like these...

Meaning, you’d need to make at least $200,000 a year or have a net worth of $1 million – excluding your home – just to be allowed to invest in VPOs.

Beyond that, you’d need to have the right connections with the right people to find VPO opportunities in the first place.

But in 2016, the door to VPOs finally started to open for regular people.

And just recently, it was kicked wide open.

You see, something unusual happened on March 15, 2021.

The SEC quietly announced new funding regulations.

Specifically, through filing No. S7-05-20, the SEC announced its final ruling to...

“Increase opportunities for investors by expanding access to capital for small and medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs across the United States.”

In other words... they’re making it very easy for regular people – though often for a very limited amount of time – to get in on some of the best VPOs.

Right alongside the top guys.

Now... we’re seeing normal, non-accredited Americans from all walks of life becoming VPO investors at an incredible rate.

Ashley F., a real estate lawyer in Florida, tried getting into VPOs years ago. She wanted “a chance to create generational wealth.” But it was almost impossible to get into a club reserved for elite investors.

That was then. Today, she has a portfolio of more than 200 VPO investments.

She says...

“The seeds I planted at the beginning of the journey are bearing fruit.”

Yet stories like Ashley’s are only the beginning.

In fact, in Great Britain, VPOs became accessible to the public a few years ago.

In 2016, regular investors got in on the VPO of Freetrade, an online trading app.

Six investors who got in with a minimum of $25,312... now are holding shares worth more than $1.3 million.

In fact, anyone who put in about 300 bucks is now sitting on more than $13,000.

That’s a 43-fold return in just five years.

And now, more of these types of VPO opportunities are finally coming to America as well.

Dentists. Lawyers. Small business owners. Retirees. Office workers.


Immediately after the SEC’s new rules went into effect...

VPO investing volume on just one platform skyrocketed 733%.

From about $3 million per month... to $25 million per month.


Alex Lieberman, host of Founder’s Journal, recently declared...

“Every single American will be a [VPO] investor 10 years from now.”

It’s no wonder. Because it’s so easy... so exciting... and so potentially profitable to get involved.

Look, I’ve NEVER been more excited to present an opportunity to people in my entire career.

Let me show you why you’re going to want to not just dip your toes into VPO investing...

But dive in headfirst...

Especially into my #1 new VPO deal I’m going to detail for you today...

Because VPO companies can go from under-the-radar to household names in what feels like the blink of an eye.

And they can become worth billions of dollars in the process.

Their earliest investors can become very wealthy.

How is that possible?

Facebook is a perfect example.

Normal people had the chance to grab shares at $38 a pop when it went public in 2012. It’s up 767% since then.

But smart VPO investors were on board in 2005. They believed it would be huge. And they were right.

Today, they’ve had the chance to see 919,440%.

That’s 1,198X better than the regular IPO.


Not every VPO deal turns out like Facebook, of course. Far from it.

But massive outcomes like that?

They are 100% possible with the right VPO opportunities.

Just look at Alibaba.

Since its regular IPO in 2014, shares are up 23%.

That’s just okay...

Because it’s NOTHING compared to how VPO investors have done.

In the year 2000, Masayoshi Son’s SoftBank bought into Alibaba’s VPO.

Today, his VPO investment has gone up more than 700,000%.

That’s at least 30,000 times better than the regular IPO!


That’s the unmatched power of VPOs on full display. 

It’s the kind of profit power I’ve wanted to put into your hands for years.

Today, I finally can.

The Next Billion-Dollar Startup Is Out There... But It Needs VPO Investors

Right now, you know there’s a new brilliant entrepreneur out there. He’s working on a startup that could go on to be worth billions. It could become a household name. Like Amazon, Uber or eBay.

And like these companies, it could hand VPO investors a shot at creating astonishing wealth.

In 1995, 20 VPO investors put about $50,000 each into Amazon.

You know what happened next.

Amazon became a household name and then some.

Recently those investors’ VPO stakes would’ve been worth almost $17 billion. A dumbfounding 33 million percent gain.


Every $100 could’ve become $33 million.



That’s how you create generational wealth... with VPOs.

Now, Amazon didn’t hand those massive gains out overnight. In fact, most VPOs don’t.

It can take years for VPO investors to see a big payout.

I’m sure they’d all tell you that it was well worth the wait.

But in some cases, big gains can come lightning-fast. 

That’s exactly what happened with eBay.

In 1997 it was valued at $20 million. But then it caught fire.

By 1998, eBay was worth more than $21 billion.

For lucky VPO investors, that’s 105,000% in about a year.


One. Year.

Now, you might think VPO stories like these must be one in a million... and it’s true that they don’t come around every day. I’m showing you the best of the best.

But they aren’t as rare as you’d think, either.

They’re happening right now. And they’re giving VPO investors the chance to see astonishing returns.

Coinbase is a perfect example.

This popular crypto exchange made headlines with a huge public debut in April 2021.

But the real winners were VPO investors like Garry Tan.

His 2013 VPO investment in Coinbase returned 8,000X in about eight years.

Enough to turn every $100 into nearly a million.


Or look at what happened with Zoom.

In 2017, VPO investors had the chance to get in when it was worth $1 billion.

By the end of 2020, they were up as much as 131X.

That’s a staggering amount of wealth created in about three years.


It was a similar story with Peloton.

VPO investors were able to climb aboard in 2017 when it was worth just over $1 billion. And by the end of 2020, they were up about 34X.


Without options, leverage or anything like that.

That’s how powerful these VPO opportunities can be.

But again, even if you believed these companies would become household names back then... it would’ve been virtually impossible to get in.

Unless you were an accredited investor with major connections... you didn’t have a chance.

But now you do.

Not every unicorn startup out there will open its doors. And some may want only the big headline-grabbing backers like Bezos or Cuban.

But if you can get in during the right company’s VPO... when most regular investors have been completely shut out in the past...

You can have the chance at heroic gains.

That’s exactly what I believe is at stake with my #1 VPO opportunity.

And I want to show you how to get in on it today...

Huge New VPO Opportunity Today

I predict this startup could go up 100X or more in value within the next five years.

Enough to turn every $100 into $10,000.

I believe it’s poised to be the #1 disrupter of the hottest tech sector on the planet... one that’s growing by a massive 68.4% a year.

Experts predict it’ll add $1.5 TRILLION to the global GDP by the end of this decade.

The co-founder of Nvidia, Jensen Huang, says it’s eventually “going to be a new economy [that] is larger than our current economy.”

In other words, it’ll surpass our current GDP of $84.7 trillion.

I’m talking about “meta-AR-VR” technology, which includes augmented reality and virtual reality.

Big Tech giants – like Microsoft, Facebook, Apple and Google – are pouring billions into it.

Facebook recently changed its name to Meta.

Think about that...

Facebook believes so much in this meta-AR-VR technology that it’s changing its name to promote it.

The company is going to spend at least $10 billion on it this year. And it plans to keep pumping billions more into this megatrend for years to come.

Mark Zuckerberg calls it...

“the next computing platform.”

He says it will “redefine our relationship with technology.”

Apple is in on it, too.

Insiders expect it will release its debut product in this “meta-AR-VR” space by the end of this year.

But this tech dominator isn’t stopping there.

This is HUGE...

Apple’s goal is reportedly for this exciting new tech to replace the iPhone in the next decade.

Yes, REPLACE the iPhone...

Which today accounts for more than HALF of Apple’s $365 billion in annual revenue.

It’s why Apple CEO Tim Cook calls it “the next big thing.”

“It will pervade our entire lives,” he says. “It’s going to change everything.”

The market for meta-AR-VR is gigantic. It’s projected to hit $300 BILLION by 2024... 

Add $1.5 TRILLION to the global GDP by the end of the decade...


And according to Nvidia’s co-founder, it’s going to be worth more than our current economy – some $84.5 trillion.

That’s why goliaths like Zuckerberg and Cook are going all in. They can’t afford to miss out.

Now, even though this is the hottest sector in all of tech... and growing fast... it still hasn’t reached mass adoption.

That’s exactly where my 100X VPO opportunity comes in... and why it’s taking meta-AR-VR technology by storm.

In short, it created a breakthrough solution to the single biggest problem holding this industry back from explosive global adoption.

I’ll reveal exactly what it does shortly...

But first, it’s important that you understand that my 100X VPO company isn’t just some fly-by-night company that’s promising the moon and the stars.

This company was co-founded by a brilliant electrical engineer... an award-winning serial entrepreneur with more than 100 patents to his name.

He took his last company public on the Nasdaq in less than five years. Then he oversaw its $1.9 billion merger with a major global medical device company.

VPO investors in his company had a shot at extraordinary returns on their investments.

And his co-founder is even more impressive.

She invented the technology used in every cellphone camera on the planet... while working as an actual rocket scientist for NASA.

Not only is she in the Space Technology Hall of Fame...

She also negotiated partnerships with companies like Hitachi, Kodak and Intel. And that was before selling her previous company to Micron Technology for an undisclosed but likely MASSIVE price.

These two co-founders have proven to deliver the chance at big windfalls to early VPO investors.

And yet their brand-new venture, which is my top 100X VPO opportunity, could blow the doors off their accomplishments of the past.

I’ll reveal exactly how their breakthrough technology will help transform meta-AR-VR into a $1.5 TRILLION market by 2030.


Now, in the past, you would have been left in the cold. Only elite investors could’ve had a chance to get in this huge VPO opportunity.

But today that’s changed.

And regular people just like you have the chance to get in before the most explosive growth hits.

Start Putting Staggering VPO Profits Within Reach TODAY

You see...

For years, VPO opportunities were for only the rich and powerful.

If you didn’t have an impressive enough net worth... you weren’t invited to the club.


But in 2016, all of that changed.

Title III of the JOBS Act allowed regular Americans to invest in private companies during their VPOs.

Yet there were a lot of roadblocks still in place.

For instance, a company could raise only $1 million a year from non-accredited VPO investors.

That might be great for a guy starting a company in his garage... but it’s hardly worth the effort for the best private companies. Especially ones that may already have the backing of mega-investors or huge venture capital firms.

Another problem was that if too many VPO investors rushed into the company, it could be forced to go public.

This likely scared companies away from accepting non-accredited VPO investors. They’d rather get millions from a small handful of big-time investors.

But thanks to the SEC’s big move on March 15, 2021...

These roadblocks are finally gone.

Here’s why I’m so excited...

Private companies can now open their VPO doors to regular, non-accredited Americans... for a very short window... and raise up to $5 million a year from them. That’s a huge 400% increase from what it used to be.

And companies can now list all of their non-accredited VPO investors as one single entity rather than individuals. So there’s significantly less risk of being forced to go public.

Business Insider called these moves “game-changing.”

But if you ask me, even THAT is an understatement.

It’s never been easier for private companies to benefit from VPO listings.

They can raise more money with less risk.

And there have never been more platforms that allow them to be seen by millions of prospective VPO investors.

At the same time, it’s never been a more exciting time for everyday investors.

In short... after years of being hamstrung by big government regulations...

Just about anyone over the age of 18 is finally free to invest as little as $100 into a startup that could change their life forever.

Now, not every unicorn company will follow this VPO path.

Some founders may want to deal with only accredited A-list mega-investors. But...

For the first time ever, I’m able to put my BEST 100X VPO opportunities in front of you.

Finally, you too have a chance to get in on select VPOs alongside the top investors in the world.

Like Chris Sacca, who started with “pretty much nothing” in 2006, according to Forbes.

He invested in Twitter and Uber during their VPOs.

He made more than 700,000% on Twitter and 1.8 million percent on Uber.

That’s how he built an estimated $1.2 billion net worth in less than a decade.

From an unknown underdog...

To #3 on Forbes’ top 100 investors list before he turned 40.

This is what I love about VPOs.

Yes, the gains can be out of this world.

But more important than the staggering numbers?

They can help people like YOU create generational wealth.

Imagine if you could’ve gotten in on Tesla at its VPO?

Sure, its regular stock has done quite well since the IPO. It’s been up more than 29,000% since it went public in 2010. And that’s one heck of a return.

But VPO investors?

They’ve had the chance at 181,718% in a little over a decade.


Every $100 in Tesla’s VPO would’ve turned into more than $180,000 today.


$1,000 would’ve turned into as much as $1.8 million.

Look, if you’re happy with mediocre gains...

And if you’re fine with the idea of an average nest egg... and a “good enough” life...

Then by all means, keep getting in with Joe Public at the regular IPO.

But if you want a shot at the chance to transform your wealth in every sense of the word...

VPOs CRUSH Regular IPOs!

Here, let me show you...

Airbnb has handed out 165% gains since its IPO. But VPO investors have had a shot at 1.8 million percent in a decade.

That’s more than 10,900X better.


Every $100 would’ve turned into $1.8 million for VPO investors.


DoorDash has been down since its IPO. But VPO investors had a chance at 12,700% in seven years.

That’s infinitely better than the IPO. It’s enough to turn every $100 into $12,000.

Juniper Networks had an outstanding IPO day back in 1999.

But today the stock is up only 153%.

Yet over a three-year span, VPO investors were up by as much as 233,000%.

Let me repeat that in case you misheard me.



Every $100 would’ve turned into $233,000.

Now do you see why I’ve been chomping at the bit for YEARS to put VPO opportunities in front of you?

I believe VPOs are the best opportunities regular Americans have when it comes to building generational wealth.

Look at Alibaba. It had the biggest IPO in history. But it’s up only 23% since then.

Yet VPO investors are up more than 700,000% in the last two decades.

That’s at least 30,000X what IPO investors had a shot at.


It would’ve turned every $100 into $700,000...

And every $1,000 into more than $7 million.


What about Google?

Regular IPO investors have had a shot at a phenomenal 5,600%.

But our old pal Jeff Bezos? His special VPO investment from 1998 would be up an obscene 2.6 MILLION percent today.

A more than 467X bigger return.


And enough to turn every $100 into $2.6 million.


Every dollar would’ve turned into $26,000!

If that doesn’t get your heart racing... then check for a pulse.

Because those are some of the most insane gains you’ll ever see anywhere.

But I’m not done yet.

eBay was another huge IPO name. Those investors are up 7,900% since then.

But it doesn’t come close to the 208,600% VPO investors have seen since 1997.


That would’ve turned every $100 into $208,000.


That brings us back to Tesla...

Tesla’s gains since IPO have been legendary. Regular IPO investors have had a chance at 29,811%.

But remember, that’s small compared to the 181,718% VPO investors had a shot at in the last decade.

Let me repeat that...

181,718% gains.

I’m talking about six times bigger than the gains since Tesla’s regular IPO.


Again, that’s enough to turn every $100 into $180,000...

And every $1,000 into $1.8 million.


But here’s the REAL power of VPOs...

VPOs: Bigger Gains... and Protection From Post-IPO Volatility?!

Even if a stock falls on its face after its regular IPO...

It can still make VPO investors rich.

Lyft is a perfect example. It’s down 45% since its IPO.

But VPO investors are up by as much as 115,000% since 2008.


Every $100 would’ve turned into $115,000 for VPO investors. But regular folks who got in at the IPO are down $45.

Or what about Uber?

Regular IPO investors have done a little bit better with it. They’re down only 2%.

But VPO investors are up an incredible 1.3 million percent since 2010.


Every $100 at Uber’s VPO would’ve turned into $1.3 million.


I‘m talking about the difference between losing two bucks since IPO... and having the shot at $1.3 million since VPO.

No wonder Uber turned even modest VPO investments into fortunes.

Like Mike Walsh. He had invested in VPOs only one other time in his entire life. His cautious $5,000 investment became almost $25 million. A nice 496,000% gain in a little over a decade.


He’s set for life thanks to a very modest VPO investment. And he didn’t need to bet the farm. Or anything close to it.

That’s one of my favorite things about VPOs...

Because you can get in so cheap, they offer tremendous profit potential with very little downside.

It was a similar story with Robinhood.

Regular IPO investors are down 47%. I hope you’re not one of them.

But VPO investors are up more than 1,100% in the last five years.


Or how about ContextLogic, the parent company of IPO investors who rushed into this e-commerce play are down 85%. Brutal.

But it’s a much different story for VPO investors. They’re up as much as 1,900% since 2012.


Look, it isn’t exactly surprising...

An article in Inc. confirmed that folks who invest in regular stocks – specifically hot tech stocks – are missing 95% of the gains.

In short, many of these startups are waiting longer to go public. This allows them to raise more money from accredited private investors and big venture capital firms.

That’s good for them. But it’s bad for regular investors.

Because by the time these companies go public, you’ve missed your chance to get in at the VPO. It means you’ve missed out on the most explosive growth...

And your shot at the biggest possible gains.

So if you’re a traditional investor who relies on stocks for your 401(k) or IRA... sorry, but you are getting a shot at only 5% of potential gains out there in the market.

The other 95% – the VPO gains – are GONE before most even know it.

That’s what happened with Dropbox.

It was a real headline-grabber before its IPO.

But by the time it went public, it was already worth more than $9 billion.

When a company is worth THAT much right before its IPO, you have to ask yourself...

Can it really continue to multiply in value?

Probably not.

It just doesn’t have much more room to run.

Dropbox certainly didn’t.

It’s barely grown in value. And it’s down 17% since its IPO.

Yet once again... VPO investors had a shot at a legendary win.

They’re up by 34,654% since 2008.

So, while IPO investors lost money...

Every $100 has turned into $34,000 for VPO investors.

Now, do I really have to ask which team YOU would rather be on?

The IPO investors who chased the headlines and got burned...

Or the smart VPO investors who limited their downside with very modest investments... and had the chance at HUGE returns even as the regular stock price fell?

It’s a no-brainer.

And I’m going to show you how YOU can start adding explosive VPOs to your portfolio... right now.

How to Collect EXPLOSIVE VPO Payouts

This is the fun part.

There are two major ways VPOs can deliver investors fortunes.

I call them “VPO payouts.”

The first VPO payout is pretty straightforward.

  1. You put some money into a VPO startup... and profit when it IPOs.

Roku is a perfect example of the type of company I look for with my 100X VPO Equation.

This streaming video company came out of nowhere.

In just a few short years, it went from obscurity to the hottest name in streaming content.

Some of the most popular TVs now run on Roku’s proprietary operating system. Today it has about 55 million active users.

Roku was worth $2 billion when it went public in 2017. Shares traded for around $14. But they recently hit $479. That’s a 3,321% gain in about five years.


That’s more than 34 times your money. Every $100 into Roku could’ve handed out about $3,400.

Incredible, right?

But here’s what’s really incredible...

VPO investors had the chance to get in on Roku in 2008.

And they’ve gone on an astounding 50,000% VPO rocket ride since then.

Now, 3,000% in five years is a great gain for the IPO crowd.

But VPO investors had a shot to 16X that.


Capture a win like that, and you’d become an absolute legend among your friends and family. And they’d be begging to know how you pulled it off.

So, that’s the first way you can collect a massive VPO payout. When it goes public through a regular IPO, you have a chance to see staggering gains. Even as most regular investors are just getting started.

But remember, there’s more than one way to profit here.

The second is a more explosive – and often faster – type of VPO payout. 

  1. The startup you invest in gets taken over through a merger or acquisition – an M&A for short.

M&As can treat VPO investors even better.

Big firms are paying hefty premiums for startups left and right. It’s happening all the time, all over the world.

These turbocharged deals went from $286 billion in 1992 to a record $6 trillion today.


And companies I target with my 100X VPO Equation could be top M&A candidates.

Here’s a perfect example of the type of company my equation targets...

In March 2010, a couple of Stanford grads pitch their photo-sharing app to VPO investors. When it launches on October 6, they get 25,000 users on the first day.

Not bad.

But by December they’re up to a million.

In less than a year, they hit 10 million users.

That company was Instagram. And in just over two years, it went from $0 to getting acquired by Facebook for $1 billion.

Crazy. But here’s something even crazier...

Some smart VPO investors got in when Instagram was valued at $2.6 million. They had a shot at 38,000% in about two years.


Instagram didn’t need to go public for its VPO investors to see an avalanche of money.

And it didn’t take long, either.

Just two years.

Facebook, Microsoft, Google... these tech giants have the cash to buy just about anything they want.

And that can lead to a very quick – and very big – payday for VPO investors.

Look at Amazon.

You know Jeff Bezos is a big VPO guy.

So it shouldn’t surprise you that Amazon has a $2 billion fund just for clean energy tech startups. And that’s on top of $200 million for startups that could help improve their Alexa platform’s voice tech.

My 100X VPO Equation could help you spot the kinds of opportunities that might get Big Tech’s attention.

You’re going to love how simple it is.

But before I show it to you... I want you to understand that VPOs are very different from regular stocks.

Not just because they can hand out infinitely bigger payouts...

The main difference is that you can’t just sell your VPO shares whenever you want.

You must wait until one of these VPO payouts happens.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that one of these payouts will happen.

But remember, my goal is to target only the best VPO opportunities.

That’s where my 100X VPO Equation comes in. It points me to VPOs I believe will not only succeed – but reward investors handsomely.

And here’s one of my favorite things about VPOs that I want to be crystal-clear about...

You DON’T Have to Bet the Farm

Look, all investing carries risk. Everybody knows that.

VPO investing is speculative.

I’m showing you the absolute best of the best examples today so that you can see exactly what’s possible in this space.

Harvard Business School professors will tell you 75% of startups fail.

So it’s possible that you could lose your investment.

Even a good VPO can go belly-up before it ever goes public or gets acquired.

So I can assure you, you won’t win on every play in this market.

However, the great thing about VPOs is that the gains can be so big, you truly need to win only once.

That’s what makes it so exciting.

A small stake in a single great VPO can be life-changing.

You don’t need to be rich to build a diverse portfolio. And you don’t have to drop $50,000 or more into every opportunity.

There’s no need to bet the farm.

One of my favorite things about VPOs is that you can never lose more than you put in.

If you have $1,000 to play with, you could throw $250 into four exciting VPOs.

And if you strike gold and just one of your VPOs becomes a unicorn...

Then all bets are off.

Like Square.

This fintech company was way ahead of its time. In 2009, VPO investors were able to get in when it was worth just $10 million. This year it reached a value of about $95 billion.

That’s 9,400X in a little over a decade.


$250 would’ve turned into more than $2.2 MILLION!



Knowing that gains like these are possible... yet NOT being able to help people like you have a shot at them?

It’s been one of the biggest frustrations of my 20-year career.

But that ends today.

Look, there are thousands of exciting VPO deals out there. More are popping up every day.

That’s good. But here’s the thing...

With access to all of these deals, you need a way to determine which could be big winners – and which are just hype.

And that’s exactly why I’m going to show you how to position yourself in the smartest way possible...

REVEALED: My 100X VPO Equation

My 100X VPO Equation points me to ONLY the very best VPO opportunities... the ones I believe could have the potential to pay out 100X. Perhaps even more.

You don’t need to be a math whiz. I’m sure the average sixth-grader would get it.

And it fits on a cocktail napkin. 

Here, take a look:


Leadership + Massive Market + Problem + Simple Solution = 100X VPO Profit Potential

A company MUST have all four traits in order for me to consider recommending it as a “BUY.”

  • Leadership is the first factor, and a no-brainer.

You don’t want founders trying to get by with a wink and a smile. You want the next Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk or Bill Gates. People who eat, sleep and breathe their startup.

They need a clear vision. And a perfect plan for executing it.

Finding leadership like this takes incredibly in-depth research. And it’s where a lot of VPO investors fail.

  • Massive market is critical.

You want to see a wide net for potential customers. You want something that could go global. Just as Apple put a phone in every pocket and Microsoft put a computer on every desk.

Having a hot new item is great. But the REAL money is made when that hot new item ends up in every house on the block.

  • Problem is what the company or its product will fix for people.

What is the widespread problem that causes consumers frustration?

I always say the best products solve a problem that most folks don’t even know they have. Like a phone without a camera. This wasn’t a problem just a few years ago. But today? You’d be lost without one.

There are problems like these across every industry. But you have to dig deep to find them.

  • Finally, you need a simple solution.

Your solution should make life easier or better for millions or even billions of people. Once you have the other three traits, this one falls into place. Sadly, it’s where many folks start. They’ll see a sleek new product and jump at it. Don’t start with this one... end with it.

I estimate about 99% of startups will NOT fit this equation.

But those that do?

They could take a person’s wealth to staggering new heights.

WhatsApp is a perfect example:

  • Leadership: Started by two of Yahoo’s earliest and most brilliant employees.
  • Massive Market: Millions, if not billions, of potential customers.
  • Problem: People didn’t have a fast, free and easy way to stay in touch with friends and family around the world.
  • Simple Solution: WhatsApp launched with free text and photo messaging in July 2009. And it spread like wildfire.

By the end of its first year, WhatsApp had 1 million users. A year later it recorded 1 billion messages sent in a single day.

Just a few years later, Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19 billion.

It would’ve fit my 100X VPO Equation perfectly. And it allowed Sequoia Capital to turn a $60 million VPO investment into a $3 billion windfall.


Sequoia saw 50 times its money – a 4,900% return – in three years.

Uber would’ve lined up perfectly with my VPO equation, too.

  • Leadership: Tech entrepreneur who’d sold his last startup to eBay for $75 million.
  • Massive Market: 93 million customers worldwide – and growing fast.
  • Problem: Taxis were expensive and inefficient, and they offered a terrible customer experience.
  • Simple Solution: Provide cheap, efficient, on-demand rides and excellent customer experience.

Uber all but killed the taxi.

And as you saw, it handed VPO investors a shot at 1.8 million percent in about a decade.


Airbnb would’ve gotten top marks with my VPO equation, too. And those VPO investors also had a chance at 1,800,000%.


The problem is, regular folks had no chance at these opportunities.

But now that more companies are opening the VPO doors to Main Street Americans... all bets are off.

Look, nothing is guaranteed in investing. Everybody knows that. But my simple equation could be the difference between spotting the next 100X unicorn... and falling for a total flop.

But as powerful as my equation is...

There’s one more thing you need in order to unlock its FULL potential.

And this ingredient is 100% critical for long-term VPO success.

The Most CRITICAL Ingredient for Finding 100X VPOs

This factor separates legends from losers...


I’m talking about the sheer number of VPO deals you have a shot at.

It’s not hard when you’re a famous mega-investor. Deals get thrown at your feet.

Same goes for big firms. In fact, they’re making more huge deals now than ever before.


Up until a few years ago, only the most powerful investors could hand-pick the very best deals. Their elite status gave them access that regular people simply couldn’t match.

But now, all of that changes.

We’re at an amazing moment in time.

The walls have FINALLY come down for VPO investing.

People just like you are pouring into VPOs.

They’ve put about $3.6 billion into VPOs this year. That’s up more than $1 billion from last year.

A 44% increase.

People like us are in the game.

And I’m seeing strong deal flow across the board.

Which is great, because you never want to bet the farm on any one play.

Let’s say you had only $1,000 to invest. I believe you’d be better off putting $100 into 10 outstanding VPOs with 100X potential than throwing all of it into one... and hoping for the best.

Nine of those 10 could fail.

But if just ONE of them becomes a unicorn?

It could be a complete game changer.

Think 25X, 50X, 100X, even 3,000,000X.

Like Mark Cuban says...

“You only have to be right once.”Mark Cuban

Look, you don’t have to be rich, famous or powerful to have great access to VPOs.

But if you want the chance to transform your wealth with VPOs, you need someone to help you find them.

Someone who will open the door to the best 100X opportunities out there.

And I’m here to open that door for you.

Introducing My EXPLOSIVE New Venture

You see, I’ve made a career out of handing regular Americans the chance to grow their wealth.

It goes way beyond pointing readers to big opportunities like Netflix, Advanced Micro Devices and Patrick Industries.

I save my best research and recommendations for a small group of dedicated readers.

The folks who are committed to building serious wealth.

Take a look at some of my most explosive plays they’ve had access to across my services over the years. Like...

  • 150% in less than a month on Slack
  • 137% in seven days on ProShares UltraShort Euro
  • 439% in 41 days on Wondr Gaming
  • 690% in 118 days on SailPoint Technologies.

These are the kinds of gains I strive to put within reach of my readers.

And I’d say it’s working out nicely for many of them.

Gene saw FAST gains on options plays for Oracle.

I’m talking about 105% in four days...

304% in 14 days...

And 511% in 18 days.

He writes...

“Still learning and having a tremendous time. Keep up the great work. I appreciate the guidance.”

Or what about Elaine?

This nurse spent her summer diving into my best research. It allowed her to see a 300% gain on Axon Enterprise and a massive 816% gain on Oracle in just 30 days.

She wrote me a great note:

“I took the summer off and have been studying your reports. This has been fun. Can’t wait for your next set of recommendations. I couldn’t be happier that I joined your tribe.”

Now, these are among the very best recommendations I’ve made. I don’t want you to think that every play will pan out like these did. But I had to share them with you... because these are the kinds of things I love to hear.

And man... just wait until these folks see what I’ve got in store for them with VPOs...

I believe these opportunities are going to take my readers to brand-new levels of wealth. And I hope you’re one of them.

Just imagine if I had the ability to recommend VPO trades on Oracle or Axon...

Gene and Elaine could have made at LEAST 100X what they made.

And frankly, that’s a VERY conservative estimate.

It kills me.

That’s why I’m so excited to launch an initiative to help people like Gene, Elaine and YOU find the best VPO deals.

To claim YOUR slice of those 95% of gains once reserved for the ultra-elite.

I’m about to open the door to VPOs through a unique new offer.

And you’ll be getting extremely favorable terms.

Here’s how it’ll work:

Each quarter, I’ll publish my latest 100X VPO opportunity through my research service Venture Fortunes.


Venture Fortunes: Featuring 100X VPO Opportunities for the First Time Ever!

Why quarterly?

Because 99% of the VPOs out there won’t pass my 100X VPO Equation.

I throw those away immediately.

I’m interested only in the very best VPOs, the ones I believe could hand out returns of 100X or more in five years or less.

When I find the absolute best of the best... that’s when I dig deep to deliver my brand-new #1 VPO opportunity to readers.

One new opportunity each quarter. That means four per year.

Now, there are SEC limits on how much non-accredited investors can put in. And every VPO sets a different minimum investment.

Like I said, there’s no need to bet the farm.

In fact, my goal is to target four VPOs a year that you can get into for as little as $100.

But if I spot any huge opportunities in the $500 or even $1,000 range... I’ll tell you about those, too.

Here’s the thing...

I’m not going to just give you a name and wish you luck.

Every VPO recommendation will come with its own in-depth 100X VPO Alert.


It’ll include all of the important information, like business plans, projections and how the company fits my 100X VPO Equation.

That’s in addition to my high-level independent analysis and research on the company, the opportunity... everything.

I’ll detail the deal.

I’ll assess all of the risks.

I’ll tell you exactly what I like. And anything I don’t.

I’ll even tell you whether it’s a startup I believe could IPO or get acquired.

And I’ll give you my best estimate as to when we could see it happen.

In other words, I do all of the hard work. You decide whether it’s right for you.

If it is, just follow my simple instructions.

Before you know it, you could be on your way to a shot at the biggest gains of your life.

It couldn’t be any easier.

And to help get you started...

I’ve locked onto a potential 100X VPO opportunity that you can get into TODAY.

This Is It! The Details on My #1 100X VPO Opportunity

I believe it could be among the biggest unicorns ever. It could join the ranks of other legendary tech startups like Uber and Facebook. And VPO investors could have a shot at similar, staggering gains.

Right now it’s valued at barely more than $51 million.

Because so few folks know about this space... and even fewer know how to sneak their way into it... I believe my 100X VPO is way underpriced. And that’s great news for smart VPO investors.

Because if this company becomes a billion-dollar unicorn, that would be more than a 19X gain.

If it hits $5 billion, you’d be looking at 100X. But I believe it could go even higher than that.

I don’t need to remind you that Apple is a nearly $3 trillion company... and Facebook is sitting on almost a trillion-dollar valuation of its own.

So, it’s not how high this one can go... the sky is the limit in the tech world nowadays.

It’s “How soon could it happen?”

We’re seeing companies become unicorns faster than ever before.

Uber hit $1 billion in a little more than three years.

WeWork, Airbnb and Pinterest reached a billion in about two years.

Snap did it in less than that.

But it took just 258 days for Magic Leap, another meta-AR-VR tech startup, to become a unicorn.

Less than a year!

And with Big Tech behemoths like Apple, Microsoft, Google and Facebook circling metaverse wagons with massive amounts of cash...

I wouldn’t be surprised if my 100X VPO follows a similar path.

Remember, Facebook paid $2 billion for Oculus when it was still in its very early stages.

And that was in 2014, when the metaverse was barely a thought in anyone’s head.

Cathie Wood, CEO of Ark Invest, expects meta-AR-VR to be worth trillions. She says it will...

“Infiltrate every sector in ways we cannot even imagine right now.”

Mark Zuckerberg says that in the next decade... it will...

“Reach 1 billion people, host hundreds of billions of dollars of digital commerce and support jobs for millions of creators and developers.”

So just imagine what the man with a $62 billion cash stockpile might pay to acquire a company with patented, PROVEN tech that solves his biggest metaverse headache?

Or what Tim Cook might pay to keep that company out of Zuckerberg’s hands?

My 100X VPO has the potential to become a unicorn several times over with the stroke of a pen.

It could hand early VPO investors a shot at gains few will ever see.

And NOT just because a couple of billionaires don’t want the other guy to have it...

Here’s why I’m so confident... and so excited...

The metaverse has one main roadblock keeping it from explosive mass adoption.

You see, up until now, users have never been able to easily enter text or navigate menus in AR or VR.

It’s the constant complaint.

A huge frustration.

But my 100X VPO company’s breakthrough wearable technology allows you to type and navigate in meta-AR-VR as easily as you would on your smartphone.

Engadget’s Rachel England says my 100X VPO company’s wearable tech “makes typing in AR-VR a breeze.” And The Wall Street Journal gave the company praise, too.

As I mentioned earlier, my 100X VPO company was created by two brilliant co-founders... 

One who revolutionized an entire field of digital radiology...

And another who co-invented the technology behind smartphone cameras used by virtually every camera on Earth.

Their simple solution to the biggest problem in meta-AR-VR... could be what makes the promise of the metaverse a reality for hundreds of millions – if not billions – of people.

So this 100X VPO company clearly fits my 100X VPO Equation.

  • Leadership: It has brilliant co-founders who’ve delivered the chance at massive windfalls for VPO investors in the past.
  • Massive Market: The industry is growing to $300 billion by 2024 and $1.5 TRILLION by 2030.
  • Problem: It’s attacking the major roadblock that plagues the industry today... usability.
  • Simple Solution: It’s developed a patent-protected technology that makes typing and navigating menus easy.

Now, there’s no such thing as a sure thing when it comes to investing. And that’s true for VPOs, too.

But I believe this is going to be a BIG winner. And there are two ways you can make a bundle on this opportunity.

You can invest now... as little as $100... and wait for the company to IPO.

Or, the company can get taken over in a merger or acquisition.

Either of these two could happen in the near future... 

My 100X VPO is already gaining traction, having been featured by Fox News, Bloomberg, CNN and The Wall Street Journal.

This could lead to a world of momentum before an eventual IPO.

I also expect it will be a prime takeover target for Big Tech companies like Apple, Google, Facebook or Microsoft.

And I wouldn’t be shocked if the U.S. Army had an eye on this company’s tech, too. It recently paid $22 billion for access to meta-AR-VR tech.

There are exciting catalysts on the horizon...

The company plans to launch its brand-new wearable device by Q3 of this year.

When it does... don’t be surprised if it takes a massive step toward becoming the next tech unicorn.

The latest iteration of its patented technology is going to be even easier to use. I expect to see it everywhere from Fortune 500 boardrooms to classrooms.

And here’s something I really like...

My 100X VPO just secured backing from one of the biggest VPO investors in the world.

His recently acquired hedge fund oversaw almost $2 billion in investments last year. Before that, he spent seven years with Hillhouse. That’s the asset manager that made a name for itself with big bets on companies like Tencent and Inc.

And he calls my 100X VPO’s product...

“Proprietary tech in a strong, potentially massive, world-changing market.”

He’s right...

I don’t just expect revenue to soar...

I believe Big Tech companies will take notice... and come swooping in.

Like I said, I’m predicting this to be a 100X opportunity for VPO investors within the next five years.

Or perhaps sooner.

Things are moving fast.

And this opportunity is only accepting new VPO investors until April 30. So, the timing here is absolutely critical.

And if you want to get in with my complete how-to-buy instructions... 

Then you’ll need to move fast, too.

Unlock the Chance at Building a VPO Fortune Today

When you join Venture Fortunes today, you’ll get instant access to all of the urgent details on my #1 100X VPO opportunity.

It’s all in your first 100X VPO Alert, “The 100X Tech Disrupter of the Decade.”


But it doesn’t stop there.

I want you to be totally set up for massive VPO success.

That’s why I’m also going to give you my “100X VPO Quick-Start Guide.”

It puts all of the most critical info on getting started with VPOs right at your fingertips.


You’ll discover...

  • The little-known law that recently blasted open the floodgates for VPO investors... and why I predict we’re about to see bigger, better VPO opportunities than EVER before
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You’re going to have everything you need to hit the ground running.

But don’t worry. You will NOT be on your own.

With VPOs, I have a simple motto.

I call it “A, B, C, D.”

Always Be Counting Down.


So instead of just dropping a new VPO Alert into your lap each quarter...

I’m going to go live every week with a brand-new video update on the state of the VPO market.


I’ll fill you in on hot new VPO opportunities and exciting new trends.

I’ll also give you updates on my personal VPO watchlist.

These are some of the best opportunities that I’m keeping a close eye on – the kind I usually discuss only with my trusted inner circle.

But there’s only ONE that perfectly fits my 100X VPO Equation right now.

And I want you to unlock all of the details on it TODAY. 

Yes, startup investing is risky.

But the right VPO opportunity could change everything.

My mission is to show you the absolute BEST VPO opportunities available.

The ones I believe could give you the chance at 100X gains or more.

But even the best VPO opportunities can take some time to hand out returns.

Yes, there are exceptions like Instagram and WhatsApp. But most professional VPO investors expect to wait five years or so for the biggest gains.

That’s why VPOs are just some of the investments I target in Venture Fortunes.

If I find really exciting ones, I’ll also recommend red-hot SPACs, IPOs and other early-stage opportunities.

And regular IPOs let you get in on the best startups even after the VPO window has closed to the public.

That’s important.

Because even though the VPO may be in the rearview... the right companies could still offer tremendous profit opportunities for smart investors.

For instance...

  • Li Auto went up about 260% less than six months after its IPO.
  • Xpeng went up 209% in four months.
  • Snowflake exploded 273% in three months.
  • Unity Software handed out 192% gains in three months.
  • Palantir delivered 270% gains in three months.

Even if you missed the VPO... the right company could still give you a chance at big, fast profits.

And I want to put these kinds of opportunities right at your fingertips.

As for SPACs, which trade just like any other normal stocks... once they announce their mergers, the gains can come quick:

  • Live Oak Acquisition gained 171% in seven months.
  • Kensington Capital Acquisition went up 162% in three months.
  • Longview Acquisition handed out 110% gains in just a month.
  • TPG Pace Beneficial Finance saw 154% gains in a matter of weeks.

In fact, there are several killer SPAC plays open in the Venture Fortunes portfolio right now.

When you join Venture Fortunes, you’ll have access to one to three new opportunities like the ones you just saw per month.

That’s up to 36 potentially explosive profit opportunities per year.

Remember, that’s on top of a brand-new 100X VPO opportunity every single quarter.

I’ll even show you how to take advantage of a little-known asset with massive wealth-building potential.

They’re called SPAC warrants.

Many investors have no idea they exist.

But they can be even more explosive than the SPACs they’re linked to.

I’m sure you’ve heard about Digital World Acquisition. This SPAC is tied to Donald Trump’s social media platform. And it sent SHOCKWAVES through the market.

It closed just under $10 on October 20, 2021. Less than 48 hours later, it had soared to a high of $175 a share... a 1,657% gain in about two days.


Enough to turn every $1,000 into $17,500.

That’s a great gain.

But the warrant did even better.

It closed at $0.51 on October 20. And just like the SPAC... less than 48 hours later... it was headed for the moon.

It reached a high of $79. That’s a 15,390% gain in two days.

Nearly 10X the normal SPAC gains.


And enough to turn every $1,000 into more than $154,000.


This kind of profit potential is at your fingertips with high-risk, high-reward SPAC warrants.

I want to show you exactly how to play them... and show you five of the best available right now.

The details are in my special report, “How to 10X Your Gains With SPAC Warrants.”


I’ll send it to you at no extra charge when you join Venture Fortunes today.

Again, that’s in addition to my exclusive, quarterly 100X VPO Alerts.

But to make it a total no-brainer for you...

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Guarantee Part 1: I GUARANTEE Four New VPO Opportunities With 100X Potential

First, I personally guarantee that Venture Fortunes members will have the chance at no less than four of my best hand-picked 100X VPO opportunities in the next year.

Now, I can’t promise any of them will see a 100X gain... Nobody has a crystal ball.

But I can promise you that when it comes to VPOs, I’m only interested in swinging for the fences.

Plus, I expect the VPO market will only get hotter. So don’t be surprised to see some bonus recommendations in the coming months.

Look, smart VPO investors know that the best opportunities take time. And that’s a good thing. Because the sooner you can get in... and the longer a VPO can stay private...

The higher its valuation can soar.

By the time a big exit comes along, your stake could be through the roof.

I’m talking 100X territory. Sometimes higher.

I’m sure you’d agree that any of the jaw-dropping gains I’ve shown you today were well worth the wait.

You will get at least four new VPO opportunities with 100X potential this year.


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I also guarantee that, starting the moment you join, you’ll have FIVE chances to triple your money in the next year with Venture Fortunes.

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I’ll work for you for free.

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And here’s a THIRD ironclad guarantee for you...

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I’m giving you three unbeatable guarantees.

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You’ve been down that road many times before.

Everyone’s first instinct is to take the safer route. It’s human nature.

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Andy Snyder
January 2022


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